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Gamo Rocker Pellet Trap

Resets With Center Shot
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The Gamo Rocker Pellet Trap can be reset without getting up from your firing position. When a round target is hit, it locks in the up position. The target can be reset by simply hitting the large square center target. This causes all of the round targets to drop and reset for more shooting. Recommended for use with lead airgun pellet and lead shot only. This trap is best suited for airguns with muzzle velocity of less than 750 fps. Always use appropriate ear and eye protection and make sure your range has a secure and reliable backstop. Size = 6.5 x 6.5 x 8 Weight = 5 lbs
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Targets, Pellet & BB Traps, Ranges
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 2.40
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By NelbasrekUSANovember 15, 2023 Verified Purchase

Compact, solid, simple, easy to use. Saves me a ton of paper target. I do 10m air rifle with a Daisy 753 and RWS R10 Match 7.0gr pellets. Works perfectly. I can practice my fundamentals of marksmanship in a matter of second, because this trap is always ready. No time wasted setting up paper targets, which adds up. I practice every single day, so time management matters. Great when you want to have people over for an impromptu fun challenge around the bbq :)

These are small improvements that do not change the fact that this is overall a great little product. - Need a sliding door for the shot pellet evacuation holes on the sides. When you lift the trap, the pellets fall out either side through the holes and make a mess that is annoying to cleanup. Simply adding a trap door would prevent the pellets from sliding out. I understand this would slightly increase the cost of the trap it would turn it into a perfect product. - pellets will stick to the individual targets, making them heavier overtime and less likely to flip up. Need pliers to pry them out of the metal targets, which is annoying and wasting time for the operator. Maybe use a different metal alloy or coating? I don't know what the right solution is for this problem. - a slightly wider overall trap would spread the targets apart, making it easier to not accidentally shoot the wrong target. This most annoying when dealing with the smaller ones which are right next to the reset.

By EricUSAJuly 30, 2022

Probably good for a lighter pellet, I would say 500 FPS max

Just not solid enough. The rods lost the end cap so many of the targets no longer stay up. I was shooting max at 740 FPS according to my FX chronograph. Fired about 30 rounds at it with my 22 cal 18.13 gr pellet gun. Its so broken, I will just have to toss it. I hit the face of the upper lip, and it bent it pretty good.

By ScottUSANovember 3, 2018

Challenging at a distance but the flips and resets never get old.

Relatively sturdy. Fun action.

Knock five bucks off and you've got a deal. Otherwise, a bit of a splurge.

By WilliamUSAMay 30, 2018

The targets are small which makes them a challang at 50' with open sights. Back stop works good.

By TedUSAJanuary 10, 2018

Nice little target trap. Small targets mean you don't need a bunch of distance to get great practice. Easy to use. Buy it!!

Easy, fun, great practice.


By Glenn B.October 27, 2017

I use mine at about 10 meters with a Diana 5G pistol. That's all I use it for and in that application it is perfect. The 5G is not an overly powerful pistol so the target basically laughs at it. I've have no issues in a couple of thousand shots. I have a Diana 34P Pro Compact rifle that I took a shot or two with at 25 yards and I could tell it wouldn't last long, it just isn't built to withstand that kind of heavy abuse. It's more of an HW30 kind of target if you're using a rifle. Price is great and for close range pistol it is perfect. Highly recommended.

Simple design works well. It's priced right. Well built to withstand low to moderate powered guns.

Can't take heavy magnum rifle abuse. Make it a little bigger with heavier metal and they would fly off the shelves.

By EdwardUSANovember 23, 2016

It does what it intended to do. You can place this in your backyard or garage - as long as you have some plywood in th3e back. Pretty sturdy for it's size - I wish it's a little bigger for longer distance practice shooting.


on the small side.

By Jair Nepthali FloresMexicoAugust 29, 2016

its well constructed and will work well for target practice, but i recommend 35+ yards, because some magnum rifles will trash it if the rockers its behind the 35 ft mark, ill will dent very easily and end up useless.

nice design automatic reset all in one system very cool for practice

not heavily constructed magnum rifles will trash it some pellets will ricochet easily

By AnthonyUSAAugust 5, 2016

I have about 200 pellets of experience on this box, and I'm very impressed with it. It's very strong. I smeared some high temp clear grease on the target plates and it keeps them shiny and the pellets don't stick to them. I also put some WD on the bearing points to make it run smoother and prevent rust. I've shot at it with a Buckmark pistol, a Beretta px4, a S&W M&P 45, a Winchester M4, and an Explorer rifle. All .17 pellets. The box looks brand new after many hits and misses too. Great item, you will have fun with it. Should last a long time with care.

Strong construction, good fun, worth the money.

Bigger would be better, but no issues so far.

By ALINUSAAugust 4, 2015

don't use bigger pellets than 177 - it will bend it is fun only for .177 caliber heavier caliber will destroy it.

don't use bigger pellets than 177 you need a scope for some distance

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Can you use lead free pellets like the Gamo PBA Platinum 5.1 or 5.4 ?

asked Dracula from USA


Mark from USA

Will this work with a 30 cal at ~550 fps (hatsan 130 vortex qe).

asked Adam from USA

Probably not. The 30 cal will destroy the trap .

Mark from USA

will this unit handle 22 caliber pellets at 1300 fps and 40 feet

asked Alex

I have a Beeman P1 and A Silver Streak Sheridan, at 4 pumps with the Sheridan and the P1 make the back of mine look like the moon, on mine a 22 cal at 1300 fps would punch holes into it, My guns are shooting around 450 to 600 fps, hard to believe by some of the other reviews, that say it's really heavy duty...........not by my standards, now if you have a 177 at 400 to 500 fps it would probably last forever, Also the larger size pellets really wop in there, and it's hard on the spoons.

Denny from USA


Anthony from USA

the size says 6.5 x that inches, feet, yards, miles, light years,,,,,,,

asked Bernie from USA

The size is 6.5H x 6.5D x 8W, all in inches.

John from USA

Inches... Great little device, but not for high power pellet rifles...other than that, I love the thing.

Pablo from USA

I haven't bought this but I have a browning 22. leverage shoots about 800-1000 fps. my question is will that dent the back?

asked bob

It might dent it. It is very strong. You might put a small piece of rubber backed carpeting in it to absorb the impact. Another good idea is to put some Vaseline on the target plates. The pellets slide right off and stay shiny.

Anthony from USA

Its a "pellet" trap....not for powder no "bullets"......

Russell Aughinbaugh

what happens if you do use it with a higher zelocity rifle at a certain distance

asked kade from USA

This trap is a pretty sturdy piece which should accommodate any .22 and .177 caliber shots. If you have .357 or .45 caliber, it may break the trap after too many shots.

Scott from USA

This trap is a pretty sturdy piece which should accommodate any .22 and .177 caliber shots. If you have .357 or .45 caliber, it may break the trap after too many shots.

Scott from USA

Is a bb gun strong enough for this target?

asked Mike

I would not recommend this type of target for a bb gun as bbs can bounce back at you, You may want to take a look at our daisy shatter blast targets.

Steve from USA
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