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Gamo Roundball .177 Cal, 8.2 gr - 250 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-78 · $4.49 · .177 · 8.2 grains · 250 ct
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Gamo Round Pellets. You have to try these in your .177 single shot rifle or pistol! Deep penetration and so easy to load! The Gamo Round is designed for penetration and use in repeating airguns like the Gamo P-23 and EAA Drozd. If you are having trouble with pellets jamming in your airgun magazine, give these pellets a try. Especially easy to load when timing and repeat shots count. It was especially developed for field use, when you can't always take the time to align a direction sensitive pellet.

Note: Round ball ammo should only be used in PELLET rifles & pistols, significant damage may result if used as an alternative for BB's
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Round Balls
  • Ammo Weight 8.2 grains
  • Pellet Shape Round ball
  • Pellet Quantity 250 ct
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By Miller May 6, 2024

Ive been using steel BBs for a bit now for my rifle before this so I can see where some bad reviews are coming from. And I know how to fix their problem. If you are finding that the irregularities may be caused empty spaces and therefore spring damage then I suggest patching the ball with a small piece of paper towel before shooting. This may require you to start mussel loading but it makes these things work and makes them arguably more accurate than the fancier rounds because they get a much tighter fit with the rifling. Please note that I have only done this with bounty paper towels and that other kinds may not work as well. For visual examples of how I do this watch people load muskets. Its basically the same

Theyre serviceable

By RyanUSAApril 24, 2018

These are actually a lot better than I thought they would be! Quite accurate out of my silent cat 1200, and subsonic too, so that the neighborhood doesn't hate me. I bought them on a whim, along with a bunch of nice hunting pellets I planned to hunt squirrels with. Just something cheap to plink with, I thought. Well, wouldn't you know that twice now I have been out in the back 40 shooting tin cans and only had these round balls with me, and had big Fox squirrels show up. At 25 yards, these round balls hit hard and clean killed them. Very little meat damage and an insti-kill.

Dirty, dirty, dirty. If it wasn't for this, would have been a 5 stat review

By JeanneUSADecember 6, 2017

Varry hard to find Varry happt

By anthonyUSAJanuary 26, 2016

I ran a tin of these through my break barrel air rifle.The result after maybe 50 bbs,was a broke main spring.I noticed an inconsistent shape in the round ball ammo.They also made a louder bang when shot.I think this irregular shape of the ammo allowed more air through the barrel,thus adding to much force on my main spring.I wouldn't ever run these through an pellet rifle again.

By MichaelUSAJune 25, 2015

I like them for small pest shooting and there is a less of a chance of coming back at you. Some expansion in small game,a little heavier than steel bb's

Lead,less chance of bouncing back at you,hits small pests hard,they don't penetrate or go right through the pests.

Not all of the lead bb's are uniform and a few are different sizes if you have the time you can separate them before you go a field, Wash up good they leave lots of residue after use on fingers I just bought them to try them and their not too bad .Don't expect target grade accuracy.

By BertJuly 21, 2014

I use these in .177 & .22 cal. and have found in both cal's. the same problem some are to lge. some to small .This make's some confusion if in a hurry to load because some will not load and some will fall out.Would much rather have H&N but i get 250 more for same price in Gamo.Pattern ok but not real good.


Size & shape not very good.

By nikolaosUSAMay 31, 2014

these almost destroyed my air gun other lead balls are available from H&N and those mic out to proper size but these are tiny and will fall out of your barrel

none for 2 packs that will go to waste

too small not round at all badly molded and they look like shotgun shot more than either pellets or bb

By AntonioUSADecember 4, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised with this item. Shoots really well and fits right into the gun with no slippage.

I like the way it fits in to the gun nice and tight.

no dislikes

By bird s.April 11, 2011

they are just like bbs i put in my childhood little daisy red ryder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By carloawsomeJanuary 27, 2009


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has anyone ever tried feeding these into a 760 crosman or 2100 daisy through bb reservoir

asked nikolaos from USA

I've tried them in a 66 Powermaster which is mostly the same as the 760. They don't work because that gun relies on a magnet for loading BBs. Using the crosman pellet clips would be better. I have a crosman 2100. These pellets work alright through the BB magazine but do not feed as well as steel BBs, and can roll out the barrel or fall out of the loading chamber due to the same magnetic problem. The different chamber in the 2100 does make it workable though, if you are careful.

Graham from USA

These are made of lead and would roll out the end of your barrel if you held the rifle less than level. Further, they are much heavier than a BB and would probably not feed well if you tried to load them in your reservoir. They are not as accurate as a pellet. Use a standard flat or domed pellet for any application you would consider these round shot. I have shot them in my 2100 and have to always be at an angle that holds the ball against the breech. The standard pellet will give you more fps and more accuracy. I experimented and will probably not be buying anymore of the round balls.

Joey from USA

I have a Crosman Fury rifle that shoots at 1200 fps. Will these increase the velocity?

asked Gary

The crosman fury says it shoots UP TO 1200fps it is really around 1050fps, in addition these will not increase speed at all i would recommend domed pellets they are around the same price and are more accurate and kill easier

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