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Gamo Silent Stalker IGT Air Rifle Review

This is a review of the Gamo Silent Stalker IGT with synthetic stock by the staff at Airgun Depot.

Earlier this week Norvin from Gamo stopped by for a visit. He brought with him the new Gamo Silent Stalker IGT. IGT stands for Inert Gas Technology. Gamo developed the IGT air rifles to compete with the nitro piston air rifles from Crosman. This is a first reaction review, more details are soon to come along with some pictures and maybe even a video. The Silent Stalker also comes in a soon to be released Whisper version that should hit our shelves in June. The standard Silent Stalker IGT is in stock now. You can get the Silent Stalker in either.

Upon first inspection the Silent Stalker feels very similar to the Whisper. It's has a molded synthetic stock and is very comfortable to shoot. Weighing in at just over 7 lbs the Silent Stalker won't wear you out. We spent about a half hour out on our range blasting away the new splatter zombie Darkotic targets from Birchwood Casey. One of the first things I noticed was how much smoother this rifle is to shoot than the regular Whisper. The benefits of gas piston technology are many but one of the more noticebale ones is that it eliminates vibrations and twang. This rifle has about 32 lbs of cocking effort and was easy to cock. This rifle also touts a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel. We really liked the look this fluted barrel gave to the rifle. One downside is that this rifle doesn't have any open sights so you must shoot it with a scope.

The Silent Stalker comes with a basic Gamo 4X32 scope. It was fine for shooting close range targets in our range but for longer distance hunting you may want to upgrade to a variable power scope from BSA, Leapers, or Centerpoint.

Gamo has always been critized for its triggers by airgun enthusiasts. Last year they introduced a new trigger with less creep and for most consumers they will find the trigger suitable. After spending 30 minutes with the air rifle I found the trigger to be comfortable to shoot with. Airgun enthusiasts and pure shooters probably won't be happy with the trigger but for the average Joe we think the trigger is fine. Gamo lists the trigger pull at 3.74 lbs.

Overall our first impressions of the new Gamo Silent Stalker are positive.

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