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Gamo Tomahawk .177 Cal, 7.8 gr - 750 ct

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Gamo is the leading producer of precision lead ammunition for air rifles. The New Pointed Hollow Point has been specifically designed to give maximum shock and expansion while having the accuracy of a Match pellet. The PHP forms a perfect 'mushroom' shape that will flatten out on impact, distributing all of it's energy into the target at short range.
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber.177
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight7.8 grains
  • Pellet Shape-1
  • Pellet Quantity750 ct
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By Marc

Short version: these pellets performed very well on the range. I did a controlled test of these pellets along with several others over the weekend. The rifle was a Crossman Storm XT air rifle with a RWS 3-9X44 Night Pro Air Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle, both available on this site. It is rated at 1000 fps - which I haven't verified. The rifle was rested on sandbags under the handgrip and stock, with nothing touching the barrel. With a break barrel, obviously I had to reset and aim the rifle for each shot. The weather was 60 degrees, 50% humidity, no wind. In short, these pellets performed much better than any other. They were the best performer of the 10 pellets I shot at 13 yards, 25 yards, and 50 yards. The most reliable data was at 13 yards - everything else was similar, but the groups got larger in pretty much a linear way (as you would expect from a light pellet). In general, doubling the distance increased CEP by double - except for the Gamo Rocket which performed the same at 25 yards, and only about 20% larger CEP at 50 yards. The Hypermax extreme missed a 10" target entirely 50% of the time at 50 yards. Best performer - Gamo Rocket. I ranked them in order of the Circular Error Probable- that is, the circle in which 50% of the pellets hit. I also listed the maximum miss distance of each pellet. In order: 1 - Gamo Rocket 2- RWS Meisterkugeln Pellet Professional Line 3 - Gamo Tomahawk 4 - Gamo Red Fire 5 - Gamo Match 6 - Avanti Diable Match 7 - Gamo Hunter 8 - Gamo Magnum 9 - Gamo Masterpoint 10 - Hypermax Extreme Results are below: Pellet | CEP (50% Of pellets) | max. dispersion 1 .25" .5" 2 .27" .75" 3 .28" .75" 4 .35" .80" 5 .40" 4" 6 .45" 3" 7 .45" 4" 8 .50 2" 9 .60 3" 10 1.125" 2.75"

By mrk396ss

I tried this pellet in my new Crossman Venom Dusk. I was able to make 15 shot groups that averaged 3/4 inch at 20 yds.

By AlbertUSAAugust 7, 2017

These are great pellets for the my hornet. The hornet really loves these pellets out of all the pellets I tried these are the most accurate. It is a great pellet for squirrels.

All the pellets are in good shape no deformed skirts

The see thru plastic top will some times come loose from the band

By AndrewUSANovember 15, 2015

They were great for barrel break-in, but that was about it. They did hit hard but the accuracy was a major issue.

Lots of ammo for a little money

Just would not perform in my rifle.

By JarenUSASeptember 8, 2015

These pellets hit hard for , 177 and do do quite some damage. I would highly reccomended trying them. They are a cheap and effective pellet.

By DanSeptember 7, 2015

Great pellets and can't beat the price.

By MikeJuly 14, 2015

I've tried tons of different hollow points, but these are easily the most effective pellets I've ever used. Any headshots I've gotten leave barely anything left but maybe an eye hanging, and I've blown out quarter sized cavities with body shots in small game

Total destruction and no accuracy issues out of my 30+ year old Diana Mod 48

Haven't found any yet

By DennyJune 2, 2015

I Love these Gamo Tomahawk Pellets!!! GREAT CONSISTANT GROUPS and Goes Through 7/16 Chip Board and 5 gallon buckets doubled up inside each other at 25 YDS!!!! Best Pellet for my 2 Gamo .177 Bone Collectors Bull Whisper Refurbished Air Rifles I bought from AGD!!!

Penetration and Accuracy with Tight Groups at 25 & 50 YDS with same ZERO at 25 YDS!!!!!!!!!!!

NONE as these are the best Pellet for Me for the Price for 750 RDS for ENDLESS Shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By JamesUSAJune 12, 2014

Based on reading here and elsewhere I bought these pellets to go with my Gamo Bull Whisper BC as raters said they were getting the best accuracy with these. Otherwise I'd have left the gimmicky silly pointed HP things alone. They just don't deliver as expected getting 2 1/4 inch groups at 25 yards. these were the first pellets tried and zeroed with them and fired 2 or 3 hundred to give a little break in before my real accuracy testing. There are several that group far better and four (check my other reviews) that give sub one inch.

a lot in the tin decent pricing, seem to load and chamber consistently, good pricing large quantity in tin. They do seem to work OK on large rodents plaguing my garden.

poor accuracy, sloppy lidded screw tin with weak plastic center on lid

By lorinUSAJanuary 28, 2014

Fairly good accuracy. Great amount for the price.

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