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Gamo TS-22 .22 Cal, 22 gr - 200 ct

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The round nose design that works well for both field hunters and target shooters. It will group with the best of the best. The TS pellet is accurate, has quality features and extremely accurate at any distance.
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber.22
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight22 grains
  • Pellet Shape-1
  • Pellet Quantity200 ct
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By GlennFebruary 27, 2018

The original design has changed now. The inner skirt has no inner and makes them less accurate. Try and get hold of the orange tins.

Hard hitting. Original (orange tin) very accurate up to and beyond 50m with Gunpower SSS ( condor). Has the edge over H&N.

They have changed the design . Less accurate. Easier to deform.

By ANTHONYUSAJanuary 20, 2018

Was looking for a mid weight pellet for my Urban and Bullboss. Saw these and some of the reviews were decent. So I decided to give them a try. I should have kept my money. First off the tin was full of damaged pellets. Went through about 50 and could only find 6 decent ones. Next the skirts were bent with lead shavings in them. may have just gotten a bad tin, but his is the worst one I have ever purchased. The only positive thing I have to offer is that I did get to shoot 10. They were very accurate at 25 yards.

If Gamo is going to be in the pellet business they need a lot better quality control.

By JGNovember 26, 2017

Like most I started cheap and worked up when I started shooting airguns. I shoot a TX 200, a Terrus, and a pellet finicky Benjamin Titan. This is one of the two pellets the titan shoots well and they group the best. 3/4 inch groups at 30 yards and with a good rest on a calm day I can hit a Pepsi can 7 out of 10 times at 82 yards with them. Heavy pellet with great down range energy. Doesn't mushroom as much as others and is great for head shots. Keeps the crock pot full when small gaming with the Titan.

If your gun likes them they are an excellent hunting round

By Derrick G.August 25, 2016

Ive used the .177 cal pellet and this is by far the most accurate at long range. Not only does it carry enough force to continue through its target but has a very straight flight path at distance's of over 100 yards.

Excellent accuracy at long distance Great Penetration Great weight for longer shots Looks awesome

Not enough per tin

By KenMarch 15, 2016

I had been using a cheap pellet, with good results and tight grouping, I had read the reviews on the gamo TS-22 so thought I would give them a try, very bad I had hits 2 + inches off center in all directions, no consistency at all, went back to the cheap pellets and got grouping back tight again.


very good if you want to give your target a sporting chance, as they are so inaccurate chances are you wont hit the target

By Von b.January 29, 2015

I shoot them out of a stoeger atac suppressor gas ram and these pellets in this gun are unfair they are deadly accurate and when I shoot raccoons they put them down immediately with awesome penetration and huge knock down DRT they get hit they are done so if u want the best hunting pellet u can buy cause I've tried over 18 kinds in 22 caliber these are the only ones I use now cause I know how they work and nothing out of my gun works that good so if u having a problem with vermine these are the problem solvers straight out best hunting pellet made

By RaymondUSANovember 4, 2013

group of 4" @30yrd can't get them to group well out of anything

look ok??

By DavidUSAMay 16, 2013

These Gamo 22 cal pellets are accurate and have a great range. Shooting from my Extreme Rifle at 25 yards and they produce very tight groups.

Tight groups

By Capt P.December 29, 2011

Next to the premium alloy pellets these are the most accurate.

Accuarcy and Penetration


By codyMarch 7, 2011

I want to start off by saying that these pellets definately carry more energy, but in my benjamin discovery, they had very poor accuracy. I purchased these pellets from a local store that carries them to try them out, looking forward to more down range energy on starlings and cotton tail rabbits. Well, they certainly have alot of energy, i had my father stand behind a baracade downrange at our target range and listen, and at 50 yards he could hear a distinct difference in impact of these compared to 14.3 grain pellets, i stood down range and could hear the same thing, much louder 'whack' on the 2x6 wall for our target hanger. Also, they had a deeper penetration at 50 yards than the 14.3 grain round nose and pointed pellets, nearly twice the penetration. But, the accuracy in my benjamin was horrible. I was getting around 2 inch groups, while the benjamin diablo 14.3 grain round nose pellet consistantly shoots .5" - .75" groups at 50 yards. as expected, they hit about 3 inches lower than the other pellets. all in all, they do carry alot of energy, and you need a powerful air rifle to propel this 22 grain pellet down range. I would not recommend this for a benjamin discovery, but if you have a different magnum air rifle and want a high energy pellet, give them a try.

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I bought a Crosman Titan Nitro Air Rifle .22 Caliber and also the Gamo TS-22 200 ct Pellets- .22 Cal Round Nose. What I was wondering is, is that the right type for my gun? I heard that a .22 cal gun should have at least no more then 15 grains only in order to prevent it from damaging the gun. Is that true? Or is it only on a spring barrel that will be damage if the pellet are more than 15 grains? Does the weight of the grain on a nitro air rifle have no effect on the gun? What is the most accurate pellet for a .22?

asked mong

Not true at all, its not real good on springers.Changing pellet weight will change your zero. I would try multiple brands/style, and different weights to find the one it likes. I cleaned the barrel before I tried each different one. I shot 10 rounds of 7 different kinds and gamo redfire in my gamo is deadly. You will find shooting style as far as postion and technique make alot of diffence in ones own accuracy. My gun is a breakbarrel and likes to be rested in front of trigger guard as resting on the barrel affected my groups and accuracy.

Chad Patton

Lighter weight causes the Piston to slam harder wearing the seal much faster. First clean your Barrel then try some 16 18 and 20 grain pellets @ 25 yards or so. Take 3 shots with each pallet and then Mark where they hit, and repeat for each pellet type you have. Each will hit probably slightly different spot but give an idea of how they group. A crony is a good thing to have also but they have free apps to run on a smartphone that work okay. Pick the pellet that has the highest velocity and the highest accuracy along with the greatest weight and there is with what you hunt with.

Brian from USA
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