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Glock 17 Gen. 4 BB Pistol

Available in .177, Full Blowback Action & Authentic Replica
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  • Code: AGD-48069606 · $154.99 · .177 · 320 fps
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Arguably the most well recognized name in pistols, the Glock 17 is known the world over for it's reliability, shoot-ability and ruggedness.The Gen4 variant is one of the most popular versions, featuring different grip texturing and a larger magazine release.Umarex unleashes this blowback replica, giving Gen4 fans everywhere something to cheer about.With authentic controls and a full metal, drop free, magazine, the Gen4 17 handles just like the real steel version. This version comes with three different interchangeable backstraps, allowing for a more custom fit based on your hand size.

Glock 17 Gen 4 Features:
  • Blowback Action
  • Authentic Replica with realistic controls
  • Traditional fixed Glock sights
  • Full Metal Slide
  • Metal 18 round drop free magazine
  • Runs on one 12 gram CO2 capsule
  • Fits most aftermarket duty holsters
  • Includes small, medium, and large backstraps
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  • ManufacturerGlock
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 320 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Smooth bore
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 1.70
  • Overall Length 7.75
  • Barrel Length 3.60
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
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4.018 Reviews
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By BradleyOctober 7, 2023 Verified Purchase

Shipping was fast I had a total knee replacement and my friend boy had one and we were plinking with his so I bought one while I recover from knee surgery fun gun to plink with and it looks and feels and operates like the real gun I ordered bbs and co2 with it all was shipped fast

Not very accurate or powerful

By ParkerOctober 1, 2023

Pros: The gun is really realistic and feels real. The craftsmanship of the gun is well done and had no hardware issues yet.

Cons: I noticed when it cam it had blemishes on the front of the gun. After while the paint was chipped in the corners. I do not do anything ruff with it so it is probably just not coated well. For the money you spend on this gun I would think there would be a good coating that does not chip.

By CraigJanuary 20, 2023 Verified Purchase

Wasnt sure if this would clear Canadian customs but did with no issues.

Great feel very realistic

By TheLegend27January 4, 2022

absolutely worth the money!

Extremely realistic to the real Gen 4 Glock 17 when it comes to weight, looks and functionality exactly what I wanted and I'm very happy with it!

The only con is the barrel is loose and has a lot of play when the slide is locked back.

By CharlieDecember 26, 2021

Make sure you add a dab of oil on the top of the co2 canister before screwing it in. Make sure you take the co2Z(even if it is still full) out after shooting because you can screw up the gas valve.

1 inch shot group when I do rapid fire. Only time I have had jams is when the co2 is running low. I have been lucky because I have never encountered any major issues after a month of shooting.

Would have liked a 2nd magazine. Other people I know have had issues after firing less than a mag and had to send it back for a new one.

By WilliamUSADecember 6, 2021

The breach cover gets scratched after only first few rounds.

Realistic details and weight. Works well with Gamo rounds (lead) bbs.

Doesn't feed standard steel BBs very well, as far as I can tell. I tried Umarex (Hornady) precision steel bbs with poor results. The frangible lead (air Venturi) was terrible as well.

By BrianNovember 10, 2021

Overall: This Glock is phenomenal and definitely the most realistic c02 gun I own and I own quite a few. This Glock is absolutely worth the money.

I absolutely was blown away when I opened the package. The obvious level and attention to detail is spot on. This is a FULL blowback not just a few cm or so but absolutely realistic. I guess I was one of the lucky few who got one of these Glocks that DO NOT rattle one bit!!!

The only thing that I would change is the way the c02 is loaded. It’s challenging to get the tightening cap screwed back on.

By PasinduSri LankaOctober 15, 2021

I am highly recommend this Pistol. Because it's My favor.

It's rapidly. It's incredible.

By KentUSASeptember 17, 2021

An advertisement it states that you get a free holster with the purchase of the Glock 19 X this I did not get unhappy with this

I Just got my new Glock 19 X it has a good feel replica is awesome not happy with the Dropout clip prefer to have the real one as a Gen 4

Would like clip 2 Gen 4 is more realistic

By KennethUSAJune 10, 2021

Trigger pill is too light and easy to fire when you are just taking up the free play in the trigger . This pistol is an over priced rattletrap !

Like nothing about this pistol

Increase trigger pull weight and tighten slide

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Can you remove iron sight to add a plate for a red dot?

asked Erik from USA

Does the slide move my glock 19 gen 3 doesn't

asked kaleb from USA

This is a blowback pistol.

Adam from USA

Can I shoot airsoft bbs with it

asked Lucas from USA

No. This is designed to shoot .177 steel BBs.

Adam from USA

Hi, do you ship to Australia?

asked Adam from Australia


Lucas from USA

Can you field strip it ?

asked Alex from USA

I believe so

Lucas from USA

Do you Deliver in India

asked Sahil from India

can you deliver Glock 17 gen.4 to India?

asked Kodanda ram from USA

Do you ship to australia?

asked Adam from Australia


Adam from USA

peux ont mettre des billes de plastique a la place de ceux de métal. Merci.

asked Stéphanie from Canada

Where is the Glock 17 Gen 4 BB made? Which country? Thanks.

asked Joseph from Canada


Adam from USA

Can this be repeatedly/continually fired without BB's? "Dry Fire" practice

asked Phil from USA

Yes, But I do not recommend it as it can ruin the gun. Its safest to use safety Glasses and BBs with targets outside in an open and safe area while using this gun. There are other guns specifically for dry firing I believe, but its not this one.

Logie from USA

Is it a co2 tank or green gas

asked Trevor from USA

This Glock uses a C02 Mechanism

Cristian from USA

This version comes in carton box or plastic blister?

asked Cristian from USA

Can I put a extended clip on this gun?

asked Terrence from USA

If you somehow build one to fit this, Then yes. Probably would need to double its size so you could fit two co2's in. If you do then you will make so much money off of it.

Logie from USA

Are they in stock as of now? 5/30/21

asked Kyle from USA

can you get bigger mags for it

asked skitzx from USA


Landon from USA

Do you put the co2 in the bottom of the mag and does it take gas

asked Jordon from USA

No its co2

Raiden from USA


asked JOSHUA from USA

This is not full auto. Semi auto only. The Barra 009 might be what you are thinking of.

Benjamin from USA

Does it hold a cal. 4,5mm (.177) metal pellets? And also can this be equipped with a flashlight/laser sight?

asked Josiah from USA

BB's only. No pellets. Yes this has a picatinny rail for a light.

Benjamin from USA

Does the slide lock. (once mag is empty, and manually)

asked Sean from USA

Yes, it does

Benjamin from USA

My Glock 17 arrived today and the inner barrel connected to the slide (the little visible piece under the slide) is loose and makes a rattling noise when I shake the gun. Is this normal?

asked Feras from USA

Yeah mine does that.

Benjamin from USA

Are y'all shipping right now ?

asked Angel from USA

The Glock is out of stock until late Sept.

Mark from USA

Is it full blowback like it says? I need to make sure

asked Vince from USA


Mark from USA

Can it be fired unloaded and still have the slide blowback?

asked Justn from USA


Mark from USA

Do you deliver to Texas ?

asked Mark from USA


Mark from USA

do you deliver to montreal canada

asked adem from Canada

Ships to Canada!

Mark from USA

does getting shot by this product hurt

asked adem from Canada

The Glock 17 shoots steel BB's at 350 FPS. This is not safe to shoot other people with. It is not powerful enough to use for hunting. You need at least 600-700 FPS to be an effective hunting gun.

Mark from USA

description says it shoots .177 cal pellets, is it pellets or bb's or both?

asked Taegan from USA

Need to change description, as it only shoots BBs NOT Pellets as described above.

Don from USA

BB's only. BB's are .177 cal.

Mark from USA

Will this have an orange tip on it for the USA?

asked Dalton from USA

No. The orange tip is only on airsoft guns (6mm). This is Steel BB's.(4.5mm)

Mark from USA

Can you put a laser sight on it

asked Trevor from USA

Yes . On the underside of the muzzle. A picatinny/weaver mount.

Mark from USA

Do you ship to California

asked Chris from USA


Mark from USA

Can i put the rmr reddot on this glock 17 gen 4 sir ?

asked L??ng from USA

After some serious planning and lots of problems, i managed to mount an rmr securely. it required milling of the slide and modification of the firing mechanism but was totally worth it. full project results: Vortex Viper 6 MOA, Olight PL-Pro, basket weave stippling on the grip, and custom milled ports on the front of the slide.

Joseph from USA

Have not found a way. Yet...

shunda from USA

No . There is no scope rail on the slide.

Mark from USA

I'm a leftie: is it possible to switch the mag release button and make it leftie-friendly, like the real-steel version?

asked Jd from USA

Field Strip the pistol like Usual, then watch a video on how to remove the mag release for a glock on YT. They are built the same way in that aspect. However note that it requires some dextrous hands to remove the spring

Joseph from USA

I have not found how to do it but if you do let me know

shunda from USA


Mark from USA

does it come with an orange tip?

asked joshua from USA

Yes mark is right

shunda from USA

No. This is a .177 cal BB gun. Only Airsoft guns have orange tips on the barrels. 6mm.

Mark from USA

Does the slide lock back?

asked Julio from USA

Yes just like the real thing

shunda from USA


Mark from USA

Will this shoot Airsoft pellets?

asked Charles from USA

I heard you can shoot plastic BBs but if you put a Big 6mm to a tiny .177mm your not going to have a good day jamming it in

shunda from USA

No. steel BB's only.

Mark from USA

Will this shoot Airsoft pellets?

asked Charles from USA

BTW pellets and BB are two different things

shunda from USA

No. Steel BB's .177 cal only.

Mark from USA

Is the packaging still the plastic clam shell?, or did umarex upgrade the the nice box?

asked Todd from USA

Yeah you get the great clam shell packaging (hate it)

shunda from USA


Mark from USA

Hi, i have two questions regarding this BB pistol. In the specs it says it takes "pellets". Is it BB only or BB and pellet? If the latter, which weight pellets? Also can you attack a laser or light to this gun?

asked Josh from USA

Hey josh, it will take only steel .177 BBs and weight does not matter really but recommend using Hornady black diamond, if you can find plastic ones tell me. And yes you can attach a flashlight I got a surefirex300 have not tried laser.

shunda from USA

The Glock is BB's only. CO2 Blowback .177 BB Gun

Mark from USA

Is the gun metal or plastic

asked Ian from USA

Hey whats the fps on the Glock 17 gen 4?

asked Korosh

My gun shoots about three inches up and to the right from my point of aim. Anyone else sights don�€™t line up right?

asked Gregory from USA


asked Pipop from USA

Extra Mags?

asked James from USA

Does this have a trigger rail so a BSA laser can be mounted?

asked James from USA

Did you have problems with he safety on the frame hard to operate

asked Bob

Glock 17; Gen 4 obviously shoots BB’s. Can you also shoot pallets with this gun?

asked Mitchell Jones,

can this shoot pellets?

asked keen

does the mag have the round numbers?

asked fernando

does it cock back all the way or half way, does it have writing under the trigger, and does the slide make a rackety sound when you shake it

asked fernardo

Why doesn’t the main safety work on the frame. I can’t get it to move

asked Bob

This is my second one and the frame safety has the same problem as the first one. It takes a medal pin to move it to safe and a medal pin to move it to fire. Gun can only be put in either position cocked. What’s up with this manger fault? I lost another finger nail!

asked Bob

Is this model field stripable? Will it come apart like my real deal Glock 17?

asked Ryan from USA

where can you get magizines for this?

asked cade

does this item in US have the 9x19 on slide and does it have glock cover on base of magazine?

asked chas

Where can you find extra mags?

asked cade

Does the slide lock back after last bb?

asked Matthew from USA

Is this better then the Glock 19 non blowback?

asked Ryan

Is the bb's steel or airsoft ?

asked Terrance Roberts

Can I put a red dot on this

asked Ronnie Massimiani

when will it be in stock? the date keeps changing

asked Cameron Haraschak

How much fps?

asked Mike

Which of these Glock models shoot pellets? I am looking for this specific model and I know there is one....

asked Marcos Louzada

The listing said it would be in stock today now it says the 29th? WTF

asked cameron haraschak

when will the gun release ?

asked Jack

Do you ship this item to West Chicago il 60185 ?

asked Jerry

How good of a practice gun is this?

asked Nzinga Bambaata

What's the fps? I'm really hoping for 425/450fps. One would think for a higher price and a supposed 'newer' generation that it would be improved over the Gen 3 and the Glock 17.

asked Tyler

Does this gun take pellets?

asked John

Is there a threaded barrel for this new gen 4 pistol?

asked chris

does this air gun have a notch in the rail for a laser?

asked chris

What is the pellet velocity of the Glock17 Gen 4 pistol?


Are the pellets air soft or metal?

asked Gladys Diaz

What velocity does this gun shoot? Since it has the blowback feature but is made some kind of polymer that might be lighter than the blowback metal guns does it shoot faster than 350 ft/sec.?

asked Jose from USA

What is the velocity ?

asked Bill Waldroop

Where is the bb pellet version that comes in a glock plastic case. Not the clam shell

asked John from USA

Whats a blowback action?

asked John from USA


asked J

Did I miss how many fps the Glock move per BB?

asked Mose

Is this gun feel strippable Glock 17 Gen 4

asked Herbert from USA


asked John
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