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Definitive Guide to Glock 19

One of the most requested guns for years, the Umarex Glock 19 is a non-blowback, 16 shot, CO2 BB pistol built to the specs of the original and made according to the most exacting standards of quality and accuracy.

Considered by many to be the "Goldilocks" gun because everything about it is ‘just right’, the Glock 19 is compact enough for concealed carry, large enough to shoot easily, has a high capacity magazine, and is reliable and accurate. It is one of the most popular guns in America, being carried by two-thirds of law-enforcement officers, and tons of civilians. It shows up in innumerable TV shows and Hollywood films including Die Hard 2, in which John McClane says "That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me. You know what that is? It's a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn't show up on your airport X-ray machines here and it costs more than what you make in a month!" Nothing in that quote is true, including the name, but it shows the mystique of the Glock.

It is no surprise then that a CO2 replica of the Glock 19 has been anticipated for so long, and it is finally here! And it is accurate both in the smallest details and on the range. To learn more about it, read on!
Detailed Review
As soon as you pick up the Umarex Glock 19 you will be blown away by the evident quality of the gun, and it's top-notch fit and finish. We expect Umarex replicas to be very good, and with the Glock 19 they have excelled even themselves!

It is built to the specs of the original and at first sight it is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing—it is only when you look very closely that you notice the 4.5 mm (.177) tucked under the rail by the serial number plate, the "Officially Licensed Product of Glock" on the side, and the presence of non-functional features such as a slide release. The BB version of the gun doesn't have blowback, but the pellet version will and the slide release will work on that model.

Something that we dislike on other replicas is the white fine print on the side, so we were extremely pleased to find that on the Glock there are no white letters on the slide to detract from the verisimilitude and the sleek, clean look of the gun.

Like the original, the frame is primarily made of high grade polymer (not porcelain!) that feels very durable and very good in the hand. Like the original, the slide is metal, as is the magazine, CO2 housing, and the barrel.

Glock quickly replaced Smith and Wesson and other revolvers among law-enforcement officers and one of the reasons was the much lighter trigger that broke at about 5 lbs. In this detail, as in so many others, the Umarex Glock 19 is spot on with an average trigger pull weight of 5 lbs 3 oz. It is a single stage trigger that gives the feel of second stage and it does have a fairly long pull, however, the break is predictable and consistent.

Like the original, the Umarex Glock 19 lacks any external safety or decocking mechanism and relies solely on the trigger safety, so it is always ready to go. Just like with the real thing, proper gun safety habits need to be practiced to avoid accidentally firing the pistol at an unintended target. "Glock leg" won't be as serious with the BB gun, but still be careful.

The notch and post sights with a single white dot on the front post are not adjustable, but are spot on, at least on our test gun. At typical BB range, 5-7 yards, they are set up for a six o'clock, or pumpkin on a post, hold.

The 16 rd drop-down magazine is similar to what Umarex has used on other guns and it is robust and easy to load. Just pull the follower down, lock it into place, and drop 16 BBs into the funnel shaped hole and then release the follower.

To load the CO2, first drop the magazine and remove the backstrap. Put a drop of Pellgunoil on the tip of the CO2 cartridge (standard practice for all CO2 guns), and drop it into the CO2 well. You may need to back the piercing screw out a little for it to go in, and you can use the allen wrench that is built into the backstrap. What an absolutely brilliant little feature! Once the CO2 is in, tighten it up with the wrench until you hear it pierce, go another half turn or so and you are ready to go. There isn't any need to overtighten the CO2, and, as with most CO2 guns, remove the cartridge when you are done for the day.

How Accurate is the Glock 19 BB Pistol?
Umarex claims this is a 3 joule gun, which with a 5.1gr BB means it is shooting around 430fps and our test model reached this with a top velocity of 428 fps shooting standard BBs. This was on our air conditioned range—on a warm summer day it will shoot even hotter.

Not only did it shoot nice and fast but we got well over 100 shots out of one CO2 cartridge—in fact we refilled the magazine 11 times, which comes out to 176 shots! That is remarkable! Granted, the last mag or two shot noticeable slower, but still, that is an incredible shot count. A big part of the reason why it gets so many shots is the lack of blowback, so expect considerably fewer shots with blowback versions.

We tested a number of BBs including H&N Smart Shot BBs, and the new Air Venturi Dust Devil frangible BBs, and they all shot fine without any loading or jamming problems. The most accurate BBs were the standard Daisy Premium Grade BBs and the Hornady Black Diamond BBs. We highly recommend the Black Diamond BBs because you have to shoot black BBs in a Glock!

We're not a great shot with a pistol, but we were pretty pleased with groups we got. We shot a full magazine of 16 BBs at 20 feet and the Daisy's grouped just under two inches, with most of them under an inch and a half. The Hornady Black Diamonds measured just over two and a half inches, but half of them were in a cluster well under an inch in diameter. A better finger on the trigger or more practice would shrink those groups down more, but in any case the Glock 19 has accuracy in spades for training and plinking.

(Remember that unless you are using the Smart Shot or Dust Devils, BBs ricochet like crazy, so always use eye protection.)

What Accessories Should I get for the Glock 19?
In addition to your airgun, the two main things you are going to need are BBs and CO2. The BBs we recommend are the Hornady Black Diamonds because they are black and accurate also, but mainly because they're black. Any twelve gram CO2 cartridge will work, but the Crosman forty packs are a great value.

Don't forget a pair of safety glasses, and you may want to consider this holster that comes in black, gray, green, or tan and will fit the Glock very nicely.

The Umarex Glock 19 has been a long time coming but it has been worth the wait! The quality of the gun has to be seen to be believed. If you already have a Glock then you are going to love this, and if you are considering buying a Glock but aren't sure if you are going to like it or not, this is an affordable way to give one a spin. If you then decide to buy the real thing you will have a trainer that you can shoot for pennies in the basement or backyard. Or maybe you just want an accurate and high quality CO2 pistol for those feral soda pop cans in the backyard. Whatever your reason for buying it, once you've put some rounds through it leave a review or drop some comments below!
Glock 19
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By Adam
Newark, Delaware
December 29, 2018
Great replica for the cost
This is the. 177 version of the G19, but with some differences. First off, this pistol has a great realistic weight and feel to it, the Glock trades are a plus. Out of it's ugly packaging,this model is stunning in every detail just like the G19. However, this model is slightly taller and the stock as well as the slide width is like that of a
.45. The safety doesn't make sense and it's an eye sore. Firing it it feels good in the hands, trigger pull is almost spot on to the real deal. I believe the Glock firearm's trigger pull takes slightly more effort, yet you cannot go wrong for the price. This pistol has amazing accuracy out of the package for a DAO bb gun, again for the price, you can't go wrong. The safety makes it a little difficult when shooting, other than that, you can't go wrong.
ProsGreat weight, feel, accuracy and detail. Perfect for a low cost trainer. Well number of shots per canter.
ConsModel isn't quite as specific in size to the G19. The safety isn't exactly ideal. No blowback action.
Best UsesTarget practice, small pests, training
By Peter
December 28, 2018
Won't be disappointed. Real life replica for the real thing. Looks good and shoots good.
By William Ritchie
South Boston Mass 02127
November 27, 2018
Great replica. I thought mine was broken. I just could not figure ware the safety was. It’s a little button on the trigger. After I figured it out and being on hold with Airgun Depot I’m glad they didn’t answer.
ProsSights are right on. It?s a great replica.
ConsNone at this time
Best UsesTarget practice and handgun proficiency. It?s great for training
By Dave
Groveton, TX
November 27, 2018
Lives of to the Glock name
Very well constructed; solid and balanced; accurate!
By Rick
Weed, ca
November 6, 2018
Realistic and very realistic
Almost exact weight and trigger is like the glock, except it does have a safety.
ProsWeight and feels like my real glock 19. Sights and shoots in an accuracy like the real thing. Magazine is fairly easy to load. With a speed loader you can load the magazine in seconds.
ConsMagazine pops out easy by barely pressing the magazine release. So don?t set and umarex type guns down on the magazine release side.
Best UsesTarget practice. It?s has some power behind it. Has potential to kill critters.
October 31, 2018
Glock 19 BB pistol
I ended up buying two of these pistols, I liked the first one so much.Very true 1:1 replica, virtually identical to my real Glock 19. A few minor differences, but I would'nt wave it around in public. Great tigger pull, very accurate at 30 ft, got about 180 shots out of the CO2.
ConsClam shell packaging, no blow-back, could recess the barrel a tad more. Other than these minor things, I absolutely love it.
Best UsesPlinkinking, display!
By Owen L.
October 22, 2018
Love the realism...
I have a real g19 and the weight and visual between the two are the same. Great for backyard aiming practice and cheaper then going to the gun range. Highly recommended!
ProsWeight, accuracy, and consistency.
ConsNothing I can think of.
By B. Kahuna
Va Bch VA
September 17, 2018
Great replicia but with one very noticable problem
I was very excite to get this gun as I am a Glock fan and own several in 9mm. However range time is rare and this looked to be a good alternative to improve shooting skills on a budget.
The gun is powerful and accurate and worked flawlessly with one glaring exception. The oddly placed safety button on the trigger is so "soft" and without any discernable detent, it moves with just a brush of a finger.
It's very annoying as it puts the gun in safe mode with the simple action of placing one's finger on the trigger. If you are right handed it makes it worse as it constantly need to be corrected before
you can shoot.
ProsVery realistic feel and look, albeit without blowback. High shot count per canister
ConsCrappy safety button placement
Best Usesplinking and practice
By Josh
Coeur D Alene, ID
September 11, 2018
I love my Umarex Glock 19! The trigger is great. The weight is great. I use it for non lethal self defense and deturance weapon. This Glock is perfect for it. Right FPS, very reliable. The best part is for me it is a perfect fit.
Best UsesPlinking, target practice, training
By Mark Colina
San Diego ca
September 7, 2018
Awesome pistol!!!
Looks every similar with the real thing the material is not cheap and it shoots well verry accurate even my hands shakes a little bit. It's good buy I recommend this pistol to the bb guns lover out there!!!
ProsGreat accuracy
ConsWish it was a blowback?
Best UsesFun/plinking/small insects
By Diego
August 15, 2018
I like this replica
I am not a big fan of bb guns because I'm always wanting something that can reach out 100 feet everytime and relliably hit the target. But within the normal target range of 7-10 yards, maybe even a little farther, this bb gun is more precise and accurate than my airsoft replicas that come with hop up devices. Weight is realistic and probably the best thing about this replica is the trigger. Until I bought this replica, I have never had a double action trigger as smooth as what I have on this gun. Usually double action triggers are very clunky or choppy; well not this one, this one is smooth. Take up, and staging very predictable.
ProsGlock finally started licensing replicas Trigger is the best double action I have played with Realistic weight Realistic feeling grip
ConsSafety mounted into the side of the trigger can easily be activated for the right handed person (i dont mean that in a good way) Slide could incorporate a little crisper detail To be modeled off the gen 3 glock, I would have liked to have seen more of a graphite color for the slide
Best UsesReasonable range target practice Plinking fun Collection item (very usable)
New York
August 7, 2018
good gun
shoot good acurite ,well made good value ,,buy one tb buf ny
Prosvery similar to real glock
Conssights could be better
Best Usesplinking
By Ron
Wareham, MA
August 7, 2018
1Co2,140+ Shots
No blowback but that makes for a very nice 140+ round little BB pistol. Can't buy a real Glock in good old MA but this thing is just great for target practice. Purchaced 3 extra mags and I still have to reload them to use up Co2 cartridge. Very close to actual gun weight and feels like a the real thing in your hand. Pretty accurate shooter for the first 120 rounds at 7 and 10 yards as well. Now if I could only get the real thing.
ProsWeight and feel of the real thing.
Best UsesTarget practice,practice,practice.
By Dee
Fort Worth, Texas
July 20, 2018
Great Gun
It is very accurate and it feels like the real thing
By Tad
July 15, 2018
Fun and Surprisingly Accurate
I don’t like the safety would rather have it all GLOCK. But weight and accuracy and fun factor is there. Well worth the money spent.
ProsRealalistic feel
ConsSafety not needed to keep more as Glock is.
Best UsesTraining
By DeanO
Northern, Mn.
July 12, 2018
Glock 19 Review
In my review I'm going to list both positives and negatives of this pistol. First off.... huge negative on the plastic blister pack packaging. Should have been a box. Positive: Weight, feel and visual badging looks great.(looks almost like the real 19) Negative: Doesn't fit in molded holster. (larger than a real Glock 19). Positive: Good trigger pull and no jambs yet. Negative: Should of been a drop free Co2 magazine. Positive: Excellent Co2 key storage in handle. Huge negative of course it isn't a blow back model as of yet?? Positive: Accuracy is 8 out of a 10 at 30ft. and shoots a ton of bb's on one Co2. For the price you can't go wrong buying this one.
By Craig Carvalho
July 12, 2018
For the money it's a nice replica. No way would I pay $170 for the airsoft version just to get the blow back feature. To be brutally honest, I picked up a WE GBB G19 a few years back for just about what I paid for this BB gun. I'm sorry I ever sold it. Guess I'll have to wait for prices to settle down once they've flooded the market with enough of them.
ProsThis gun is accurate right out of the box even with the fixed sights. Trigger is crisp, but not heavy. Weight-wise it feels like a loaded Glock 19. Mag release feels just like the real thing. Nice balance as well.
ConsComes in a clam shell case... YUK! Finish on the slide is acceptable, but not stellar. Sights aren't as bright and well defined as the airsoft version. Umarex put a manual safety in the trigger on the right side. Find myself accidentally engaging it... a lot. If they had installed it on the left side it probably would be as bad... unless you're a lefty.
Best UsesTarget shooting.
By Glen K
July 12, 2018
Great little gun
I'm very pleased with it because it is rather accurate and hard hitting. It looks exactly like my Glock 19 and 32 which is the only reason I bought it. I have 4 other BB/pellet guns. I'm so pleased with it that I'm surprised that I didn't have to pay considerably more for it and would have.
ProsIt is a very accurate copy of a Glock 19 with one noticeable but not obvious exception. That exception is its width.
ConsIf you plan on using a holster be sure to check the fit before you buy it. It is wider that a Glock 19. It's about as wide as my Glock 20 and 21. That's only a problem if using a holster. It will not fit in most of my holsters for my real Glocks, I have a couple dozen holsters for Glocks. It will fit in a few of the leather ones. It will also fit in some of the holsters for my 20 and 21. I like to holster it while loading the magazine. That beats just sitting it on whatever is available.
Best UsesTo me the best uses are plinking and target shooting in my back yard which has nothing but woods behind it.
By Ralph
Long Island NY
July 12, 2018
Super Glock 19
Realistic,accurate,easy to load........what else can I say???????
Best Usesplinking
By Paul
July 12, 2018
Great Replica BB Pistol
I was excited to see the Glock 19 BB Pistol become available. I own many firearms, both air and traditional, and I enjoy shooting very much. I own several Glock handguns and they are my choice for personal carry and home protection. I use air guns for general shooting practice as a cheap alternative to actual gunpowder ammo and have always thought it would be great to have a Glock bb pistol for a more authentic experience. This BB pistol is everything I had hoped it would be. It is almost completely identical in size, weight, and appearence. It's a little wider than a real Glock but otherwise it is hard to tell the difference between an actual Glock 19 and this replica. The system to load CO2 cartridges with a build in hex key is genius and works very well. The bb magazine functions better than other magazine fed pistols I own. I just wish extra mags were available. The pistol I received is INCREDIBLY accurate shooting at short range (under 20 yards) At longer distance, the bb begins to drop slightly, but you can consitantly get great groups from under 20 yards, if you bench rest the pistol. Shooting freehand at tin cans is an absolute joy with this pistol. The only drawback or complaint I have is that the safety, which is placed on the trigger, is a little odd and you feel it dig into your trigger finger a littel with every shot. It also has a little bit longer trigger pull than a real Glock, but not so much that it detracts from the shooting experience. If you are a fan of Glock firearms, you just can't go wrong with this bb pistol. I have been getting 70 to 80 reliable shots per co2 cartridge. It will shoot a few more, but they are pretty weak out of the barrel. The pistol is relatively quiet. Certainly safe for indoor use and I doubt it would raise the ire of many neighbors in the back yard, unless they are easily annoyed.
Prosauthentic feel to a real Glock accurate inexpensive
Conscurrent lack of extra magazines won't fit in some Glock holsters
Best UsesTarget practice Plinking Training
July 12, 2018
Glock BB pistol
i am very happy with my purchase great collectors piece and fun too shoot
Best Usesi like it for target etc
By Wil Bowers
July 12, 2018
It's Ok.
Don't like the ideal that it's not a blow back.
By Harry Chu
June 30, 2018
Good gun.
Umarex produce a good pistol, I am happy with the gun, even though it is not blow back.
Best Uses.
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