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Hatsan AT44-S10 Long, .25 cal

  • Code: HGAT44S10LONG-25 · .177 · 1170 fps
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If you love guns with synthetic stocks then the AT44-S10 PCP .25 caliber air rifle is what your looking for. PCP or Pre Charged Pneumatic uses high presure air to propel the pellet. You can get 60 shots per fill with this PCP, which will give you more time for shooting and less time hassling with cocking a break barrel rilfe. This is a longer version of the AT44 which will give you more accuracy if you like to target shoot or enjoy shooting in competitions. If you love shooting targets, plinking and just having fun, this rilfe won't let you down. The .25 cal version is what you need if you are going to use it for pest control. The pellet size is much larger than .177 or .22 cal and will deliever more knock down power.

Hatsan Unique Features:

TruGlo® Fiber Optics: Microadjustable rear sight and front sight to lend more accuracy to every shot
Quattro Trigger This 2-stage, fully adjustable match trigger is only available from Hatsan.
Adjustable Rubber Butt Pad An easy adjustment of elevation and fit angle for proper fit and added comfort.
Detachable Air Cylinder Flexibility to use spare cylinders as needed.
Built-In Pressure Gauge Straightforward monitoring of cylinder pressure.


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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1170 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 8.60
  • Overall Length 48.90
  • Barrel Length 22.80
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 10
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Adjustable for elevation
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 45
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By DonUSASeptember 22, 2015

What a great air rifle! I've enjoyed a Marauder for about a year, but after reading Air Gun Depot's head-to-head comparison with the Hatsan AT44, I took their challenge. The AT44-S10 is everything they claim and more: Solid, accurate, powerful, versatile, and LOUD. The two-stage trigger and fiber-optic sights are nice features, but I love the removable/exchangeable fill cylinders and low amount of effort required to refill them. Using the same Benjamin hand pump I use for the Marauder and the Air Venturi adapter, the AT44 fills easier and with fewer strokes, which is a huge advantage for an old guy with COPD. It's zeroed-in for 2" groups out to 100' at present, which is all that's needed to thin our squirrel herd, but it has plenty of juice to handle longer throws downrange. Did I mention loud? It will definitely startle the neighbors. All-in-all, it's a definite step up from the Marauder.

Power, accuracy, trigger, exchangeable air cylinder, low-effort refill with hand pump

Loud. Like subsonic .22 loud.

By MarkUSAJanuary 20, 2015

Powerful very accurate worth every penny wish this would have been first air-rife that I purchased don't waist your money on any other brand hatsen is number one in business. ( PS ) now have 30cal. & .357cal. What is next hatsen ! I will be watching ! Big thanks to air gun depot sales rep very helpful fast delivery.

Power accuracy.


By Gary USAJanuary 11, 2015

This rifle in .25 cal arrived and what can I say... its as advertised! Hard hitting, hardly any recoil and well made. Ive only shot it at 50 yards. The scope is pretty decent but the rings had to go. They stripped out right away. I put $19 Leupold high rings on. Back to the accuracy..... dead on after sighted in. Shots right on top of each other. Ive seen Rick Eutslers videos of this rifle shooting half inch groups at 100 yards. I know it will do it. Youll have to clean the barrel right away before shooting it. Comes very dirty. Be careful not to get real aggressive with the bore brush theres an O ring in the end where the breech is. Anyway youll love this rifle!

You will easily kill anything smaller than a whitetail deer. Head shot will kill a deer in .25 caliber. Very powerful and accurate!

The only complaint is the rings for the scope have to be switched. A $20 fix. You will also have to put plumbers tape on the adapter that goes into the fill cylinder. No big deal.

By LuciusUSADecember 28, 2014

I can't imagine paying more for a different PCP. I was leery of the scope that comes with this gun at first but after shooting a couple hundred shots through it I think it is great and actually think that the 3-9X is probably ideal. I just keep it dialed in on 9X and whether you're shooting sparrows at 5 yards or a target out to 100 it's easy to find your target and that way you can also dial in the mil dots (yes this is a mil dot scope) and always know which one to use at the various ranges (which you could not do if you were, for example switching between 4 and 16X)....but that's just my preference. The gun itself is phenomenal!!! No quality issues whatsoever. At first I thought the synthetic stock was blotchy but a lightly oiled rag made the black finish very uniform and looking real nice (and that was over a month ago). I found that the Hatsan Vortex pellets are junk in this rifle...I could not even get a group to approach half dollar size at 30 yards. Switched to JSB Diabolo Exact Kings (25.39 gr.) and I shot a 9 shot group (one magazine) at 30 yards that could be covered by a dime. A few weeks later, I shot 8 sparrow in 8 shots out of my parents back door ranging from 20 to 40 yards....all shots were instant kills and a couple literally tore the birds in two. This gun is amazingly accurate!! Zeroed in at 30 yards I can put the bottom mil dot on a target at 100 yards and nail it (shot a burr oak acorn at that range and dusted it!!). I also found that pumping it to a max of 2700 psi seemed ideal....more than that and the first few shots seemed to fly a bit higher than the next 20. Starting at 2700 psi allowed very uniform shots all the way through both magazines (18 shots) with no noticeable variance (the 8 sparrows I shot were on shots 11 through 18 of that particular charge) and I did not adjust my aimpoint at all. After 18 shots the pressure is down to about 2000 psi so I go ahead and pump it up again but in a hunting situation you could probably pull as many as 30 reliable shots out of it (just guessing)....however, if using a handpump you won't want to do that....with this larger reservoir it takes about 70+ pumps to recharge the gun after 18 shots. I have a Cabela's Visa and was able to use my points to get the Benjamin handpump for "free" through Cabelas and then just purchased a pump adapter and it works like a charm to charge this gun ( The all metal bipod is very well made as well and easily mounts/dismounts to the underrail on the forearm of the gun (some pics don't show this underrail on the gun but it is there....most websites don't mention that the scope is a mil dot either). The gun also comes with a very nice sling with adjustable leather straps. The only thing I would add is that it is LOUD. Not quite as loud as a .22 but not much quieter. I purchased an air stripper/suppressor for $60 from Wolf Airguns ( and now it only makes a "ping" noise when fired. Probably not as quiet as a Marauder but maybe like the 1st gen Marauder's before they added the depinging technology but for the price I would take this over a Marauder any day. With a larger air reservoir, more power, a bipod, and a lot cheaper (even after the paying for an add-on suppressor) it was a no-brainer. I got my AT-44-s10 long barrel when it was on sale and AirgunDepot also allowed me to use the 10% off special at the time so I got the gun, suppressor, and pump adapter all shipped to my door for less than $440!!! This gun will also knock squirrels right out of the tree. Like others have said, it's a real hammer!! Awesome gun!!

Accuracy, multishot speed, has it all!


By kennyNovember 28, 2014

I would have saved a lot of monies if this was my first gun. this is the only gun I like to shoot, now. I have sixteen air guns in varieties, and this is the only one that is powerful and accurate. must get the air stripper muzzle to be more accurate, I wish hatsan include it. don't forget to get the adaptor if you are using the Benjamin discovery handpump and I also wish hatsan include it also. I love this gun, pcp large caliber is the way to shoot. the dry stock can be wipe down with amor-all.



By martinUSAJuly 19, 2014

received this .25 cal rifle yesterday. it was packaged very well. took rifle out of plastic, stock had that white dry look to it but nothin a silicone cloth couldn't fix and it was a beaut.. put the rifle in gun vise and cleaned barrel out. wasn't too bad but was dirty mopped it out till dry and clean. went on to mount my leapers 3-12x44 swat mil dot optics. and bore sight her in. h&N pellets showed up today, so set up shooting bench and target 30 yds and was amazed at the power this rifle has and the trigger OMG very nice with no adj.. adjusted scope. and shot again. WOW! amazed again, adjust scope, shot DANG ! amazed dead on. shot 3 and wow all three holes touching. WOW!!!moved target to 50 yd mark and aimed with next mil dot down wow a little low left but 6:00 7 o'clock on the bull.reason i bought this rifle was for pest on our property from coyotes to ferrel cats to dove and squirrels and gophers... and what do ya know a dove(not the kind thats good to eat, but the ones that are almost pigeon like) takes a break on my chicken coop, to spend some more of my money. estimate about 35 yds. and POW!!!!!!!! feathers went everywhere. i would have no hesitation taking a coyote with this rifle i know it would do the job and do it well. anxious for more action with this critter getter. if you are thinking about it get it you won't be disappointed.... would recommend to anyone. out of the box accuracy and power AAAAA++++++++++++++++++

Power, scope mounting options and definitely the trigger. sling mounts will come in handy and small rail for accessories on fore end... i got mine at a great price from AGD. via amazon and am very happy with money i spent( and my wife is too)

heavy. loud, but all i have to compare is a benji NP big 5 rifle and my wives ear and she says its a little louder than it but i am on some acreage. so its not that big of a factor for me

By BrianUSAMarch 27, 2014

Shoots straight and looks good

on sale :)


By kerryUSAMarch 22, 2014

One shot kill on pests . two and a half inch groups at 75 yards with JSB pellets, gun will shoot better but I was using a 35 dollar scope, average velocity 875 fps with 25.4 grain pellets.

Price,accurate ,fun.

A little loud , can easily be fixed.

By JohnUSAMarch 6, 2014

Just owned the rifle for two weeks. Out of the box impressive. Bigger than anticipated. Fit to finish very nice. A little heavy but manageable. Pulls up very nice. Accuracy is great! Likes heavier pellets. I've shot five different pellets some shoot better than others as always. Only shot 30 feet indoors, to cold out. Can stack the pellets hole in hole if one takes the time. Mounted a BSA Essential 3x9 and increased accuracy. Overall very pleased and impressed with this rifle. Power is more than ample. Would have been nice to have an adjustable power wheel of some sort. Lighter pellets disintegrated in pellet trap and some pieces make their way out of the trap. For the price this is a great deal in my opinion for whatever that's worth. Highly recommend it.

Power, ease of use, price, shot count, fit to finish

Loud but has a threaded barrel.

By DarrenUSAJanuary 2, 2014

This air rifle packs a punch and also likes to stack the pellets. I have not had a chance to really stretch this one out since it has been at or below zero since I have had this rifle, but at my 20 yard indoor range it makes one ragged hole. I have only tried 5 different pellets, but it seams to really like the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Kings. I will add that you will want to buy the Hatsan Air Stripper with this rifle, it makes a big difference.(check out my review of the Air Stripper). I am attaching 2 pictures first one is 5 shots at 20 yards and the second one is 9 shots at 15 yards.

Powerful and Accurate

Front heavy and loud.

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Can the gun be charged with co2 or dry nitrogen? Do these gases change velocity and can you store gun fully charged?

asked Paul clarizia



I cant speak to anything but HPA. I store mine charged without issue.


I very much doubt the gun can be charged with co2. Why would you even want to use co2? It's more expensive than hpa and it is far less efficient. As for dry nitrogen, you would have to ask hatsan to know for sure. I've never heard of using dry nitrogen in a pcp before so I can't give my opinion. I will tell you that helium would likely work. It really gives your gun an extra kick. You'll get 100-300 fps more on helium than hpa, depending on caliber. The problem with helium however, is that it tends to leak. Your best bet is hpa. I'm curious, if or why you don't want to use hpa?


I very much doubt the gun can be charged with co2. Why would you even want to use co2? It's more expensive than hpa and it is far less efficient. As for dry nitrogen, you would have to ask hatsan to know for sure. I've never heard of using dry nitrogen in a pcp before so I can't give my opinion. I will tell you that helium would likely work. It really gives your gun an extra kick. You'll get 100-300 fps more on helium than hpa, depending on caliber. The problem with helium however, is that it tends to leak. Your best bet is hpa. I'm curious, if or why you don't want to use hpa?


can I use my Benjamin discovery hand pump for this gun.? does it fit without adaptor?

asked ken

I don't own a Discovery hand pump but I'm sure it will work with fill adaptor that comes with the Hatsan. I have an Air Venturi G4 hand pump and use it with the Hatsan, Benjamin, Hammerli, Shin Sun, and other PCP air rifles I own. Just have to switch fill adaptor according to gun. Hope this helps.

John from USA

You can make a adapter with the parts that they sell , you will need a british standard npt for the threads on the Hatsan fill probe and the other end will fit the hand pump part number Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... .

kerry from USA

Yes you can. I have filled the AT44 several times with this hand pump. You will need a male foster fitting for the Hatsan fill probe, as the fill probe comes without any fitting on the end. If you do purchases this rifle I would suggest getting the Hatsan Air stripper with it. It greatly improves the accuracy of this rifle.

Darren from USA

Yes I use the Benjamin just need this $10 adapter and then it works like a charm:

Lucius from USA

What is the fps for this rifle? What accessories are needed to get it going? What warranty comes with it? How has it performed? Thanks

asked Rich

Manufacture states 970fps.With lighter pellets I got over 1000fps but lost alittle accuracy. Heavier to medium pellets works the best in mine. Averaging mid 900 with 24 to 26 grains pellets and accuracy is phenomenal. Power is outrageous. Comes precharge to 200bar so it's ready to shoot. Comes with a fill adapter, spare orings, and two mags. I have a scuba tank set up and a hand pump. It's a beast to pump. When the scuba tank gets low and only fills it to 150 bar pumping that extra 50 bar is a work out. I get about 50-60 good shots. I don't like the tank to get to low takes forever to pump manually. Great gun. I have the Sumatra in .25 cal and on full power that thing is an air hog.

John from USA
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