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Hatsan Striker 1000X Vortex, Wood

Includes 3-9x32 Scope
  • Code: HC1000VORT25W · .25 · 650 fps
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The Hatsan 1000x Striker Vortex air rifle is tested with lead pellets (not super-light alloys)- so the quoted velocities are what you can expect from your rifle. The 1000x is wood stock version of the Striker 1000s. Magnum power without the twang and vibration common to guns with a coiled metal mainspring. Hatsan states that their gas piston also delivers steadier and more consistent power and velocities than a metal mainspring.

Hatsan Striker 1000X Vortex Air Rifle Features
  • Gas piston
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger (adj. for trigger-pull weight and travel)
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight (red- 0.060")
  • Fully adjustable TruGlo fiber optic rear sight (green- 0.035")
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Monte Carlo buttstock
  • Hardwood stock with twin raised cheekpieces
  • Checkered pistol grip and forearm
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 6.40 lbs. (gun only)
  • Includes unmounted 3-9x32 Optima scope and mount

Here are the benefits of a Vortex gas piston
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .25
  • Velocity 650 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 6.40
  • Overall Length 43.00
  • Barrel Length 17.70
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By DanielUSAFebruary 5, 2017

I purchased the Edge Vortex .25 (same power-plant) and this stock from Hatsan so essentially I do own a 1000x and I really like it's power and energy. After shooting a MOD95 QE for a few weeks I was not impressed with the SAS system or the Quattro trigger enough to justify the additional cost. Both shot with the same excellent accuracy and with .25, 600+fps authority. I did polish the essentially single stage trigger to make it predictable and lighter. (you tube or GTA) For the money I have to give it 5 stars. It's that good looking and shoots that well.

.25 power and accuracy out to 30 yards. Beautiful stock. 560fps with JSB 25.3g's 625fps from the RWS 20g You will learn and practice the artillery hold.

Throw away the scope and you must buy a good 4 screw dovetail to weaver mount with stop pin. or similar and get a decent scope. You must be willing to put some work into this little Gem, it will pay off. If your not willing then simply save up for a $400+ buy and shoot gun.

By KienUSADecember 1, 2015

noice noice noice

it is very noice

shipping took too long

By DaveOctober 7, 2014

Shipping was as stated. Received it Friday, zeroed it in Saturday morning and was nailing squirrels Saturday evening. First few shots were loud, but it got quieter as it broke in. Would be nice if it had sling mounts. Was disappointed that it didn't come with a bipod, as is pictured.

Accurate. Nice iron sights. Scope is decent for the price.

No bipod. No sling mounts.

By BillUSAAugust 4, 2014

The rifle is everything it should be. I head shoot squirels with it. The scope that came with it is junk it did not last long enough to complete the sight in process. The click stop mechanism failed so there was no way to know what I was doing. It is detracting from the value of the gun and every ones reputation to include the inferior scope. After replacing the scope with a quality product it does what is expected "caveat emptor".

Shoots well.

Scope is junk.

By sammyUSAJuly 13, 2014

I like the gun, but for the excessive barrel droop....see below for my fix...Contact me if you need details...they only allow one posting per product. Bought a RWS Diana elevation mod base UTG #DN034 for 20.7-inch droop compensation at 30 yards. I cut off the front bottom obstruction so it would fit onto my dovetail. Ten minute job with hacksaw and vice. Removed about 0.25 x 0.10-inch piece. $13 into it plus weaver rings....also, worked on my Titan which has the same excessive droop.

Great looking, hard hitting with a kick....I actually like the scope after I manually adjusted the AO for can be adjusted for a specific range...I suggest between 10 to 20 yards for this rifle.

This one has excessive barrel droop. Suggest offering droop compensation mounts that will work right out of the box for each gun purchase for your customers.

By Jason C.May 26, 2014

Got this for a friend since I saw it was fairly affordable and we wanted to break into .25 caliber. He raved about it, so I went and tried out his gun. Needless to say, I own one as well. You have to pick one of these up in .25. Trust me, even if you don't use it as your primary, when you need to really put away larger pests (raccoon sized) in a humane manner, you need this bad boy. I don't think there's a stronger gun unless you jump up to PCP for significantly more money.

1. Amazing power, the chrony didn't lie and it was getting over 600 fps on Benjamin hollow points 2. Trigger actually is decent! Especially for the price. It's got a pretty short 2nd stage, but you can sort of adjust it. Compare this with a Benjamin Trail NP trigger, and this thing might as well be an Air Arms TX200 3. The stock is pretty sturdy and has a good feel to it 4. Scope isn't bad 5. Bi-Pod kicks ass 6. The price... OMG, try to find anything as powerful for this much money... I couldn't.

1. Loud. I'm currently looking for a muzzle break, because this things scares the neighborhood kids. If you shoot anything in the woods, I guarantee the forest will go silent after you blast a pellet ouf of this beast 2. Trigger - I know, I said it was decent, but it's also not the greatest (but can you really complain for the price?) 3. It's on the heavier side (or I'm just really weak) 4. Heard the stock scope comes undone without some loctite... Haven't had this happen to me, probably because I use loctite, but just in case, use loctite

By DavidUSAJanuary 12, 2014

This is my second air rifle that I have purchased this year. The first being a Beeman Silver Kodiak dual. I like this Hatsan! The thing shoots quarter size groups at 25 yards with Gamo Rocket's. I am ordering some H&N Barracuda Extremes this week just to see what they will do. I have given my Beeman to my youngest daughter and have decided to keep this one for myself. I don't know what speed it is shooting but it went through a 1/4 inch sheet of plywood at 15 yards like it was styrofoam. Couldn't be happier with the performance. I plan on buying 2 more over the next two months and thinking about adding a.Hatsan 1000x 25 cal. to the pile.

Shoots fast, hard and accurate.

The trigger truly does suck! It is a long pull that takes around five pounds of pressure to set it off. I eventually got use to it and pulled my groups together. Still, it needs a better trigger.

By KenUSANovember 30, 2013

I found it to be very helpful when I was reading reviews of 8 guns I was researching, to know the experience of the review writer. In short, I have been engaged in the shooting and reloading world for 64 years. I shoot with experts and hold my own. I have 7 BB or pellet guns. Scope on 3 of them. My new Hatsan is more consistently accurate than the others after 400 rounds. It took a while to get use to the trigger. Still haven't mastered that. The scope should come as an option for it is not adequate for me. I knew that before I bought. I was very pleased with the workmanship of this gun over all and don't think it can be beat for the price. Airgun Depot was very dependable to work with. I will order another gun from them for I thought I was getting the Quatro trigger with this one but that was deceiving in the add. I feel they will get it right with my next order.

Top quality workmanship and steel in the moving parts. With the right grain pellets at 820 to 880 fps at 30 ft. and 5 to 9 shots you can have one 3/8" hole or less.

As with all guns in this category, you must have a substantially built gun to start with then a lot of patience to get a good zero. I gave a 4 star for the scope and trigger was the only thing I had to change or try to get use to. This gun with the wood stock is not the best to take to the field, you may consider the composite for that use.

By MikeUSANovember 11, 2013

I recently purchased a Hatsan "Edge" from Air Gun Depot and I love it so I was really looking forward to it's big brother. On paper it looked like everything I wanted in an air rifle but it was DOA. You could cock it with just two fingers and when fired you could hear a tiny puff of air come out and the gas ram slowly move forward. Must of been a bad gas piston but what makes me mad was that if the factory fired one test shot they would of found that out. Makes me believe poor quality inspection at the factory. AGD was great in letting me return it but from now on I'll stick with springers.

A nice looking rifle. The scope is decent because it's the same one I got with the Hatsan "Edge".

Dead On Arrival !!!

By Chris knowles USAOctober 8, 2013

Ok I got this and had to sit on it about a week because of weather, Finally got a chance to get it out late one evening, I have a target lane with lights so night shooting is possible. Was sighting in scope when I felt I was chasing my tail on the scope settings what I found was the screws were coming out of the stock that hold in the piston and barrel in the stock. (suggest lock-tite to hold the screws in) clean them with some thinner or brake cleaner will work; shot well, good power hits hard other than the first problem. Next I had a trigger problem gun went off when closing the barrel the sear was not holding the piston. Didn't really care for the trigger on this is that two stage, it is not at all like the Quattro trigger on the Mod 85 I have now. I didn't use the scope that come with it, put a UTG 4x32 on it and it worked great. I would hope that Hatsan can get this issue resolved I would recommend they put the Quattro trigger in all there rifles.

liked the feel of the rifle and the weight wasn't bad either the Turkish wood stock is nice seems a bit soft though. shots straight, hits hard, overall I did like it for the most part.

Scope is sub par but what stock scope that comes on a sub $200 rifle or any combo really any good.

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how many bounds of cooking efferent does the .177 have

asked John from USA

Can this rifle be retrofitted with a Quattro trigger assembly (or another after market trigger) ? If it can be, where can one look for a replacement ? P.S. I love this rifle!!

asked Arnold from USA

What is the loading method?

asked lou from USA

It's "break barrel", google or youtube will show how they work.


The free shipping does not apply to Puerto Rico

asked Edgar J. Sánchez Marín

Edgar, Unfortunately, the free shipping only applies in the state. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

what kind of animals can I kill and from what distant

asked Joseph Shokov

What is the advantage of the piston and should I be concerned about the new tech wearing out verses the spring that last forever?

asked ken

No, the gas piston technology should outlast the spring. I have 6 air rifles, all purchased from Airgun Depot. The Hatsan is my favorite all around pellet rifle. Beautiful wood, quality workmanship. Aside from the scope and rings being garbage, it's hard to beat in my opinion. The gas piston makes it easier to cock and I think it adds to shot to shot consistency.

Warren from USA

I can not answer that question because the very first time I tried to cock my rifle upon receiveing it the barrel opened so easy any four year old kid could cock it. I then loaded a pellet, released the safety, fired and a little puff of air came out and you could hear the gas ram SLOWLY advance. I returned my rifle the same day I received it. Gas rams may be the future but I'll stick with springers from now on.

Mike from USA

would you consider upgrading the optics on this rifle for more accurate shooting? if so why?

asked George

I did most scopes that come on these from factory are OK. just depends on what kind of optic clarity you want. I put a leaper UTG 4x32 with mil-dot reticle on my Stryker, and a Center Point 4-16 x40 illuminated from walmart on my Mod 85 sniper.

Chris knowles from USA

How old do you need to be to shoot this gun? and would it be good for a 15 year old to shoot?

asked Owen

I found that it is tedious to hold its' heft tightly and with its kick it isn't a long time shooter for me...might not be any fun for a 15 year old.

sammy from USA

Any gun is legal for anyone of any age to shoot so long as the parents give permission.


this weapon is not for kids.

stetson from USA

you can shoot any air gun as long as you have adult supervision if your not 18 yet.

Sam from USA

How much effort is required to cock this particular model in pounds?

asked Gary Duncan

around 30lbs to cock this. I think all the new Vortex gas pistons are around that mark, Stryker, mod 85, 125.

Chris knowles from USA
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