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Offhand Challenge

Another challenge for airgunners all over the world to show their skill and determination! Will you earn the next Long Ranger patch by hitting a golf ball at 75+ yards from a standing offhand position?

Here's how you can participate:
Step 1 Order Golf Ball Get an exploding golf ball free with a order using coupon code "GOTBALLS" at checkout.
Step 2 Shoot & Record Take your shot & record it using your favorite device (tips) then upload to YouTube.
Step 3 Upload & Earn Reward Fill out the entry form. We'll mail a patch & stickers to show off.
Name State Gun Distance (Yrds) Date
Chris T. MI Airforce Texan 375 August 2019
Joe W. VA FX Crown 220 August 2019
Michael M. WY Taipan Veteran Long 204 July 2019
Tom W. NY FX Boss 202 August 2019
Jandre M. South Africa Jkhan Noblesse 200 August 2019
Tony B. AR FX Boss 150 August 2019
Jacob W. CO Air Arms S410 TDR FAC 112 August 2019
Stephen M. MI Sam Yang Recluse 104 August 2019
Percy M. ME Umarex Gauntlet 102 August 2019
Mark I. CA Umarex Gauntlet 100 July 2019
  1. Order an official Airgun Depot Exploding Golf Ball. These are just $1.99 or free with any purchase by using coupon code "GOTBALLS" (limit one per order).
  2. Place ball at 75, 100, 125, or 150+ yards. A range finder is the easiest way to make sure you have your yardage correct. But ultimately there's a bit of the honor system going on and we have some experience with this sort of thing. Plus, no one likes a cheater!
  3. Set up Camera with both golf ball and shooter visible. (example below)
  4. On camera, introduce yourself (name, location) and Air Rifle (make, model and caliber).
  5. Record golf ball being shot in one take (no cuts or stops in recording).
  6. You can cut out your 20-30 misses before you hit the ball, just make sure the shot that hits is shown in full without any cuts (gotta keep everyone honest).
  7. Upload the video to YOUR YouTube channel, if you don't have a channel, it's easy to create one.
  8. Submit your video and details here.
  9. Once the video is reviewed and verified, we'll send you an email and the Airgun Depot Long Ranger Offhand Challenge Patch. Your name and link will also be added to our trophy wall so you can gloat to your friends and show off!
  1. Feel free to use your cell phone to record video, most modern cell phones have decent video quality.
  2. Grab a friend, or someone who knows how to use a smartphone, and set up the shot.
  3. Keep it simple and have fun and get ready to be an official Long Ranger!
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