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Why Choose BB Guns?

Here at Air Gun Depot, we have found that there is no substitute for a good, old-fashioned BB gun. Although we stock a large selection of pellet guns, CO2-powered pistols, and high-powered break-barrel guns, BB gunsare still very popular for people who enjoy target practice and having fun. A BB is a spherical bullet, and does not travel as fast as a pellet. Most BB pistols and rifles shoot in a range of 300-500 feet per second.

If you're wary of having a more powerful gun in your home, a BB gun is a great way to enjoy the pleasure of shooting without the danger associated with more intense weapons. One of the most fun bb guns ever made has to be the select fire EAA Drozd BB Gun. You can really have some fun with this baby. Set it to 6 round burst and have tearing up whatever you are shooting at.

BB Fun in the Brush and In Your Backyard

The standards by which air guns are measured differ slightly from regular guns. Indeed, the two are used for different purposes. Whereas regular pistols and handguns sometimes have a negative stigma attached to them, air guns remain in a positive mainstream light. BB guns, in particular, are popular with families because they can be fired by amateurs as well as experts. When you think of a BB gun, you probably think of Daisy. For years, Daisy has made reliable and inexpensive BB rifles that the whole family can enjoy. But it is by no means the only brand of BB gun we carry. One of our featured models is the Walther PPK, German Engineered and a stylish design. Now you too can see why Walther is one of the most respected brands of BB guns.

When selecting a BB gun, check the specs carefully to make sure the gun has the features you are looking for. If you want semi-automatic and multi shot, select a bb gun powered with Co2. If you would like a BB gun with a large BB resevoir so you don't have to reload as often, select a BB rifle. Some rifles give you the flexibility of shooting multiple BBs, or shooting one BB at a time. Some come with lasers, scopes, sights, and other fun add ons. Whatever you choose, BB guns are great fun! There are BB guns in just about every price range. If you do not see the right BB gun for you on this page, please browse our site or use our search form in the header.

Visit our BB Guns page for a comprehensive selection of available bb guns, both bb pistols and bb rifles!
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