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Competition Target Pistols and Air Rifles

Air guns, traditionally regarded as guns for beginners, have now made the transition to guns for everyone. Some types, such as the familiar BB gun, are excellent as a "first gun;" other types are designed and used by seasoned international competitors. Whether they are used for recreation or sport, for field use or as an inexpensive training tool, air rifles and air pistols are an excellent way to enjoy shooting. In recent years air guns have undergone dramatic improvements in reliability, durability and accuracy. Air guns offer flexibility; they can be safely fired by shooters of all ages and experience levels. More and more competitive shooters are turning to airguns!

Velocity is important to air gun accuracy and pellet velocities can vary depending on the type of air gun used. Single-pump precision match grade airguns deliver the most consistent muzzle velocity and are the most common type of airgun used in competitive shooting.
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How to Start Shooting in Airgun Competition.

An individual interested in any level of air gun competition, from intraclub matches through the Olympics, should find a tournament near home and watch. This will allow the chance to see how a tournament is operated and see the equipment of each shooter. Most tournaments are conducted on the "local level", meaning NRA affiliated clubs are the sponsors and conduct the match themselves. After the match may be the best time to ask questions to the shooters and the match sponsors about air gun competition and possibly even joining the club. Most clubs are pleased to see newcomers in the sport and will help get them started in the right direction. The NRA can send you a list of tournaments fired around the country. These are available to all competitors upon request. There are so many types of matches that there should be no trouble getting started. NRA sanctions all tournaments from the local club level to state, sectional, regional and National Championships.

Another way to get started in competition shooting (if you are high school age) is to join the JROTC or 4H club at your high school. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the sport of competition airgunning. If you are a group leader for 4H, JROTC, ROTC or any other group please contact us for special bulk pricing on our competition airguns. Please see our selection below of competition air pistols and air rifles from various manufacturers. If you do not see the right target pistol or air rifle for you on this page, please browse our site or email us for more recommendations.
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