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RAW Air Rifles

American-made, in rural Tennessee, RAW (Rapid Air Worx) has been creating high-end air rifles for almost 35 years. Founded by Martin Rutterford, RAW follows the tradition of British air rifles but brings new innovations and reliability to the US market.

They offer some of the most accurate and reliable air rifles that you can buy. Every RAW rifle is inspected and test fired before leaving the warehouse. If it doesn't meet Martin's high standards, the rifle will not ship.

RAW is always pushing boundaries. RAW strive to be the leader in the market and always bring the best to their customers. You can pick up your RAW air rifle today from Airgun Depot today, and see why shooters say these are the most accurate and reliable airguns on the market.

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The RAW HM1000x represents the company's legacy. They built the HM1000x on the lineage of the Theoben Rapid 7, but the HM offers modern ideas on a classic design. Integrating an easy access Foster-style fill adapter, an on-board manometer, and side lever cocking on the design. The fit and finish are only matched with the accuracy and reliability.

Every RAW air rifle is given a full inspection and test-fired to make sure all the components work together. This allows all rifles to be ready to go out of the box. Every rifle sold comes with a Lothar Walther polygonal barrel. These are tested before they leave the factory to ensure accuracy.

RAW air rifles are a revolutionary company when it comes to air rifle technology. Including advances in machining and design, a RAW PCP air rifle is developed with the dedicated shooter in mind. This thought has allowed RAW to push boundaries when it comes to design. Incorporating a stage 2 trigger, fully adjustable stock, and up to five M-Lok slots with the fully laminate stock.

The stage 2 trigger that comes on all RAW air rifles is fully adjustable to each shooter's need. The trigger is fully match-grade and able to be adjusted for the shooters' perfect pull. Each trigger is also backed with a manual, lever-style safety, located just in front of the blade.

RAW PCP air rifles have always been at the cutting edge of the industry. Incorporating new technology and old-school testing, each rifle is designed for the dedicated shooter. The barrel of each rifle can be changed to any caliber from .177 to .30, along with the ability to order a left or right-handed specific design. This gives each RAW air rifle owner the ability to make their rifle fit the need they bought it for.

RAW air rifles offer an accurate, reliable, and comfortable rifle for shooters of any experience. Pick yours up today at Airgun Depot and get the most accurate American-made air rifle.

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