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Remington Air Pistols

As the oldest gun maker in America, Remington has one of the most heralded reputations in the industry. With two centuries of experience at the helm of some of the most innovative firearms on the market, it is no wonder Remington air pistols are the top choice for both play and competition. While they are one of the most versatile manufacturers on the market today, Remington offers only two air pistols which are both replicas of the famous 1911 blowback. Both made with the same expertise they apply with their 200 years of experience in the firearms industry, these Remington air pistols are the perfect example of why this brand has more than stood the test of time.
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We are pleased to bring you several variations of the classic Remington air pistol to add to your collection. Whether looking for a spin barrel style replica or an option more closely resembling a more modernized Glock style, we have a Remington air pistol for your preferences. Best of all, while the appearances are designed to give the look of the real thing, the operation is designed to give you all the power you expect of a high performing air pistol. With such thoughtful features as a 20 round BB magazine, fixed front and rear sights, functional grip safety, semiautomatic operation, and many other components of high-quality manufacturing, these air pistols are a smart addition to let you experiment with this type of weapon while using the most trusted name on the market. This type of weapon uses standard BB pellets which are ideal for target training. They are easy to load and operate making them ideal for beginners or anyone looking to work on their accuracy of shot with target practice. It is important to note that BB ammo should generally be used with targets that aren’t solid since they have a tendency to ricochet. If you aren’t shooting solid targets, a BB gun is a perfectly acceptable way to get some target training down with minimal costs and effort. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance regarding these products.
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