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Diana RWS Model 34, .177 cal

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  • List Price $362.89
  • Code: RWS2166164 · 0.177 cal · 1000 fps ·
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This is our most popular RWS model. Accuracy, power and style combined into one affordable rifle. Using our time proven spring piston powerplant housed in a breakbarrel rifle, the Model 34 in .177 caliber is capable of smoking the 1000fps plateau. Though designed as a workhorse airgun devoid of extra trimmings, this rifle is still graced with polished blued metalwork, a full sized hardwood stock and two-stage adjusable trigger, an automatic safety,and a finely rifled barrel. For those shooters looking for a magnum airgun on a mini budget, look no further than the RWS Model 34. Lifetime warranty.

  • Powerful Break Barrel System
  • Rifled Barrel with 12 Lands for Superior Accuracy
  • Ambidextrous Wood Stock
  • Rear Sight: Open; Adjustable for Windage and Elevation
  • Front Sight: Fixed Hooded Iron Post
  • Scopable: 11 mm Dovetail Accessory Mount
  • Blued Finish
  • 2-stage Adjustable T06 Trigger

*Note: Scope in this image is incorrect. A RWS 4x32mm scope with dovetail rings are included in this kit.
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • OpticsScope
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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Diana RWS Model 34, .177 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 25 Review(s)
Gregory S McCombs
Salt Lake City, Utah
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Outstanding 0.177 Air Rifle
February 18, 2015
First of all, let me say that I won't deal with any other on-line companies when it comes to air rifles other than Airgun Depot. I ordered my RWS 34 Combo and it arrived in less than 48 hours with Standard Shipping. Well done AGD! I don't know why people have any complaints regarding the RWS Model 34. RWS fixed the scope mount and it comes with any arrow pointing towards the front so it is idiot proof to install. There is even an on-line tutorial of how to install the mount and scope. The scope that came with the gun is average but adequate for most shooters. The RWS Model 34 is a great gun. I personally use the rifle to target shoot in my backyard. I shoot at 10 meters and 25 meters. I sighted the scope at 10 meters and don't have to reset the scope at 25 meters. As far as accuracy, I can shoot a group of 10 shots within the size of a dime at 10 meters. I like the RWS Superdomes at 10 meters. At 25 meters, I can shoot a group of 10 shots within about an 1-1/2" diameter circle. At 25 meters, I like the Crosman Premier Ultra Magnums. The UM's work good at 10 meters but shoot about 1/2" low. People shouldn't buy this rifle not expecting to maintain it. RWS even has an online tutorial of maintenance requirements every 1000 shots. Oil it, tighten the screws, and enjoy it. I'm an RWS fan. I RWS rifle is not enough. When the funds become available, I'll buy another RWS airgun from AirGun Depot. By the way, to the complainers out there who complain the model 34 isn't accurate, break it in as specified (500-1000 rounds, maintain it, and have fun with it) and it's very accurate.
Accurate after break in. High quality. Great customer support by providing on-line videos of mounting scope and gun maintenance. I highly recommend RWS air rifles and AirGun Depot.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My first RWS air rifle: not necessarily my last
December 8, 2012
Mt rifle was shipped promptly by Airgun Depot but was delayed as FedEx struggled with a major Black Friday/Cyber Monday overload. Even after reading numerous reviews, I was still surprised by the quality and heft. The metal is as nicely blued as my first rifle from 1953, when America produced high quality firearms. The stock was also nicely finished but I'd prefer a less slick feel. After three or four sessions of 15 to 25 shots each, I believe this rifle will hold its own at 50 feet with any of my rimfires. Best group so far is 10-12 shots that could be covered by a penny at 17 steps using a sandbag on the rail on my pickup bed. The TO6 trigger works for me with no need to adjust. The included RWS mount fit the rifle as expected and has two pins that keep it anchored fore/aft. The RWS 4X scope is bright and clear and my first impression is: I may not need to upgrade it. One thing I struggled with was the safety. After reading the manual and talking with Airgun Depot folks, I was of the opinion once you were ready to fire and moved the safety in to the fire position it couldn't be pulled back out to the safe position. But it can: you have to grasp the sides with your thumb and forefinger and lift slightly as you pull rearward.
The quality is there and it's backed by a lifetime warranty. I believe the rifle has the potential to meet my goal for accuracy: five shots hidden under a quarter at 50 yards. I'm not there yet, but I'm optimistic! The included mount and scope appear to be good quality.
The manual needs to be updated to make the operation of the safety clearer. My personal preference would be for a mat finish or checkering on the stock. The rifle is heavy and I could see it slipping from your grip if you weren't careful. I would choose one of my lighter rimfires to carry while hunting.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great rifle
November 29, 2012
Great rifle, sturdy, heavy, feels like a real rifle actually. I am quite impressed. Mine was dry as some people have reported and I disassembled it and lubed it up. The two stock screws on the sides have a washer that if placed correctly will prevent it from coming loose. However, if you place them incorrectly the screws will come loose. The scope was pretty good and mounted fine with the screws that came with it. I have no issues with them coming loose either. All in all, it is a better than expected rifle. I am quite impressed. I would definitely buy it over again.
Construction Build Performance
Weight Loud

Daniel Fontaine
Dover, NH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

RWS 34
October 14, 2012
I've owned a RWS 34 since 1990. I shot some 10,000+ rounds through my rifle. At 10 meters, it will put 5 rounds through a single ragged hole. You must learn what pellets it likes. I shoot the 8.2 grain Meisterkugeln in bulk tins and they are VERY accurate! I have killed hundreds of pests up to 60 yards away. For the money, it will deliver great performance.
Great all around gun for target practice and hunting (pests...Starlings, ect.).

Shenandoah Valley
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Top quality Gun
June 21, 2012
I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the RWS 34 Combo. Right out of the box this gun was on target, very repeatable, about average as far as noise level. After about 10 shots to zero I set out a clean target. At 30 yards I put 5 shots on bull that could all be covered by a quarter...and that's supposed to get better after 500-1000 shots, WOW! This is a very solid, well made gun. The stock is beautiful and for the slight increase in cost of the combo over just the rifle by itself...the scope and mount are well worth the additional $$.
overall value accuracy looks / aesthetics warranty adjustable trigger
not crazy about the safety

South Carolina
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great first gun!
April 29, 2012
This is my first air rifle and it's been great. Very accurate and powerful. Great for sitting around plinking away or out on a hunt. Highly recommend.
Priced right. Quality made.

Buffalo Junction VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Rifle
January 6, 2012
I purchased mine in 01 hard hitter. i was about to sell because of inaccuracy that I attributed to it being a spring action, I did not realize that the pellets were the issue.Now I use the crosman pointed premier and destroyer the apper to seal better than daisys and hit much harder.Like the early levis 560 you can;t go wrong provided you use the right ammo.
Hight quality build.

George Thurmond
Albany Ga.
3 Stars

Screwed up
November 22, 2011
I frirst want to say this gun is great looking, seems very well built. Got mind about week ago and have shot probable about 500 rounds throw it. Hard to break barrel at first, but seems to be getting easier and heavy too. Sighted in iron sight first to get use to gun in about one inch pattern. Then installed scope and mount supplied with gun. If you are looking for airgun, do your research first before buying a gun. With a break barrel gun it will never be an accurate shooting gun as fixed barrel guns. This RWS Airgun-Model 34 .177 cal with scope is fun to shoot, if just want to shoot at 5 gal buckets, big targets. I know your saying he can,t shoot, but tell all those deer,wild hogs,quail,doves, squirrels, and other game that.
Merchant Response:
The 34 does have a bit of a break in period. There may be more accurate air rifles out there, but for the money, this is one of the more accurate. Many people have been able to get pretty tight groupings with varied pellets.
Looks and well built
not an accurate shooting gun, especially if you use a scope

Magic Hands
5 Stars

RWS Model 34 Review
August 19, 2010
This is my second RWS Model 34. I mistakenly left my last gun at my last house when I moved out. I live in an area where firing a regular rifle would quickly draw the police. I really like the quitness and accuracy of the RWS. The scope is a great addition. After getting used to the gun (250 rounds) I have regularly been shooting 1" patterns at 100'. It is a great gun for target practice. We had a party a week ago and we went through over 500 rounds with everybody wanting to take some shots. The party was for a group of "nuts and berries" college students, and even the women were eager to shoot this gun. I have my eye on the pistol...

5 Stars

High Quality for Price
June 11, 2010
The first thing I noticed about this rifle is that it is very solid. The stock is not anything special, but functional and the gun works great. It is very accurate and consistant. My only complaint is the plastic trigger. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's like. . . why?

michael f.
4 Stars

doe,s rws listen after all this time.????
February 4, 2009
this is a great gun if you can keep it togather. with the screws comming loose that holds the barrel to the stock. thats not good in my books. i own 5 top notch guns like this one. but do not have that problem. i can go shoot and not worry about screws comming loose. and the guns i have are not this much money either. i have beeman,gamo guns and no problems. back to the rws 34 its a GREAT GUN other than that. it hits hard and is acurate and is a nice looking gun. now for the scope mount that was sent with my gun,it was a rws lock down one peice mount,a great mount. looks like rws took care of one problem ,the scope mount. now back to the screws comming loose, you dont have to shoot more than 200 pellets before the screws come loose. i am trying somthing out and if that does not work the gun will probable go back. thats to bad to because it is a great gun other than that. from what i read this can be a problem with other guns also. they do viberate alot and recoil alot so i can under stand a little bit but. you would think that rws would have been able solve this problem by now. i mean that they fixed the scope mount problem finally. so you would think this problem would be addressed. this gun has been out a long time, and to still have this problem. i dont understand??????.well not being 100 % happy i just ordered the rws 350 mag. looks alot like the rws 34 i hope it does not have the same problems or i will send both guns back and give up on rws products all togather. hope that dont happen. these are great guns, and they fit very well for a 5-out of 5 rating but this is what stoped me from giving it a 5. so it gets a 4.hope they cure there little problems, witch turn in to big problems for the customer, when the screws come loose and the gun starts to come all apart. you will no when it happens. your shots start to stray off the nice tight groups this gun shoots. after you get it all sitted in. good luck p.s. i put some teflon tape on the screws to help hold them in place. so far so good it has worked. time will tell.

4 Stars

nice gun
June 3, 2008
gun is great, shoots well, but the scope and mount is questionable, scope directions said to focus then tighten lock ring, no lock ring to tighten, BUT the rifle is great, good luck with the mount,

mike oxbig
2 Stars

screws come loose
April 25, 2008
the screws by the trigger guard striped out on mine so it want stay zeroed in. also the cocking mechanism broke after about 700 shots not very plesed with this gun sent it back to umarex and they are replacing cocking mechanism

5 Stars

RWS model 34 combo
January 7, 2008
The gun is well made of course as I had suspected. The finish is great and worth the money. I have not had time to sight the gun in properly but from the 100 or so shots I have put through the gun have been great. I bought the combo version with the RWS 350 scope with mounts. Word of advice, when installing your scope be sure to use loc-tite to secure the screws or after several shots the recoil will back the screws off and the scope will wobble. I used medium strength loc-tite so it would be easier to reverse the screws if I need to take off the scope. Be careful with the screws which have allen heads because they are what I call soft and will strip if you are too rough with them. I have yet to understand why no one uses a hardened steel screw so this won't happen. The scope is decent but if you are planning on long range shots in the neighborhood of 50 yards I would get a better scope. But like I said, the gun is well made and the first few times of cocking the gun is very hard but it eventually gets easier. I would reccomend this gun to anyone starting out that wants a lifelong springer pellet gun. So overall, I give it 5 stars!

4 Stars

RWS Mdl 34
October 31, 2007
Very accurate and the scope mounting was fairly straight forward. The gun was very difficult to cock the first 20 or so times as the barrel would stick. It's fairly smooth cocking now.

Chris F.
4 Stars

Excellent Rifle - Poor Quality Scope Mounts
August 12, 2007
I am very impressed with the "solidness" of this air rifle. The rifle does shoot VERY accurately, hits VERY hard, and the craftsmanship is excellent. However there are a couple things to keep in mind with this rifle. According to the UMAREXUSA website ( shooting groups may be a bit erratic until the rifle has been broken in - 500 to 1000 shots. I didn't notice this as an issue with the Meisterkugeln Pellets. This may be more of an issue with the lesser expensive pellets, not sure of this though. The biggest issue that may be impacting accuracy for some folks are the scope mounts. I noticed after about 250 shots, the rear mount had "crept" on the mounting base from the recoil of the rifle. This in turn caused the rife to start shooting erratically. I think this was due to a "metal burr" protruding from the bottom of the recoil pin (not machined properly) which didn't allow the scope to mount solidly to the mounting rail. This caused the base mount clamps to sit up to high and not properly tighten/seat against the mounting rail. Since the clamp wouldn't properly tighten, the recoil from the scope eventually caused the clamp to creep and strip out the mounting clamp jaws on the rear mount. I have contacted Umarex with hopes that they will send me a replacement rear mount and this will fix the issue. Oh and by the way, the rifle is made in Germany, but the scope mounts are made in China - y'all do the math on that one..!! :) I would recommend using blue Loc-Tite to keep screws tight and to keep them from loosening due to the recoil/use of the rifle. Hope this helps, happy shooting -Chris.

2 Stars

No Good
August 4, 2007
I don't know why everyone here says RWS 34 is accurate, I got mine two weeks ago with scope. After zero in next day it shoots off center, so adjust the cross hair again and next day it shoots off center with same ammo. What's going on with this? from day to day it shoots off center, and I don't mean it shoots little off its about 2 inches to left or 2 inches to right or low or 2 inches high. Everyday is different. I ordered a new scope mount and different scope that might make a difference. Maybe.

5 Stars

RWS 34
July 28, 2007
Excellent craftsmanship and materials. Very accurate. My only complaint is that the screws holding the receiver to the stock will eventually loosen and have to be periodically re-tightened.

5 Stars

RWS Model 34 w/ 4X32 scope
July 25, 2007
I received my air rifle about two weeks ago. Very impressive piece of equipment! I have owned and shot RWS models for quite some time, possibly as far back as 10 years ago when my father bought me my first real air rifle. The only complaint I have is with the scope and scope mounts. The scope is not adjustable and the mounts included are not an easy addition or easy to manuever. Everything from stripped screws on the "C Mounts" to the scope not sitting snug in the mounts themselves. I will say that the open sights on this model are incredibly accurate! I have been shooting without the scope until I can figure out another type of mount to use for the RWS scope. I have the squirrels that have been destroying my garden on the run. Overall a very nice piece of equipment that is not only incredibly accurate with open sights but also extremely powerful to help knock down the squirrel population in my back yard.

5 Stars

German Precision
July 14, 2007
Right out of the box this rifle has a great stock, tight cocking (I know it will loosen up over time) and a great feel on the trigger, no adjustment necessary. Got it primarily for squirrels and grackles, first shot was a jay, 45 yds, no scope 30 ft up in a maple. Took it down - one shot. This is going to be a fine addition to my arsnal. Looking at a scope in the future.

dev peron
5 Stars

kick ass
April 11, 2007
even if ur a beginner it will be a great gun it is a little hevy but it will shoot a quarter from 25-30 yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

5 Stars

February 22, 2007
this gun is very accurate even without the scope. can shoot down a bird from a block away!!!

kevin de silvia
5 Stars

huge bang for your buck
February 19, 2007
this rifle is very well made, ( german ) . it cost me 225$ buts its worth it. it shoots way better and mor acurate than my freind's 1000$ fx gladiator. the only bad thing is that its kind of heavy ( 7lbs )

adam martinez
5 Stars

one hell of a rifle
February 18, 2007
this the best rifle you can get for your money. ive worked in the army, navy, and marine corps. ive shot everything from ak-47's to 9mm german lugers, and this is one of the most impresive rifles i have shot. GET ONE!!!!! ( UNLESS YOU HAVE IT)

4 Stars

Model 34 hard to beat
January 28, 2007
RIght out of the box this impressive gun will excite even the pro shot!

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By Dave from Wimberley, Texas on January 28, 2012
Have issues with the scope mounting been resolved?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 4, 2012

There is a droop compensator mount you put onto the gun and then put the scope onto that.

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