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Seneca Big Bore Light Hunter II, .45 cal

Available in .45, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Big Bore Light Hunter II with 500cc reservoir
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  • Code: 10452-500 · $719.99 · .45 · 867 fps
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Ideal for eradicating opossums, beavers, nutria (coypu), raccoons, roof rats and similar-sized pests who invade your ponds, gardens and fields. The Seneca Light Hunter II air rifle delivers your shots with authority and power. Send a .45-caliber pellet (actually, a bullet) downrange, and pesky critters won't know what hit 'em! Seneca air rifles are know for their accuracy, quality and ability to withstand the rough handling that goes along with hunting in fields and forests. Because it comes with open sights, you don't even have to mount a scope on it. But if you want to extract the most accuracy, mount a quality scope.

Seneca Big Bore Light Hunter II Features
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)
  • Single-shot/Bolt-action
  • Fixed front sight Fully adjustable rear
  • Hardwood Monte Carlo stock
  • Checkered forearm & grip
  • Up to 870 FPS with 180 grain slugs
  • Up to 300 FPE with 180 grain slugs
  • Up to 280 FPE with Seneca Air Bolts
  • Dual air chambers (500cc total air capacity)
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Caliber .45
  • Velocity 867 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.50
  • Overall Length 42.10
  • Barrel Length 21.65
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By DarrickOctober 11, 2023

Can kill deer with a well placed shot. I wouldnt go pass 40 yards though.

Trigger pull is heavy. Hard to find ammo that fits correctly

By JasonUSAFebruary 10, 2022

You'll need a moderator to shoot this in the backyard.....and not just a moderator but the extender donnyfl sells as well. I started with just a ronin and it was still too much crack for my neighborhood, added the extender and it's a whole new ballgame. Very glad I didn't go with the emperor as I still think an extender would be necessary and that would be ridiculously long.

Well.built, beautiful gun. Ton of impact and accurate.

Had to give only 4 stars because I can't find ammo that fits the barrel snugly so you can't load the gun until you're ready to fire because if the slug isn't inserted into the barrel it'll misfire badly. So as soon as you get the tip up at all the slug slides into the breach, requiring you to open it and push the slug back into.the barrel. I'm sure I will eventually find something but so far nothing from Seneca in a .45 fits well nor does the apex .457 slug. Got some NSA on the way which might do the trick. Fingers crossed....don't want to have to hold the gun perfectly horizontal all the time.

By JekoJanuary 23, 2019

Nice huge thing!!!! Thanks

Buy this I recommend !!!!!!

By Randall WachmanUSAOctober 24, 2018

Very well made with a nice finish.Looks as nice as a modern sporting rifle.I will know more after Dec.when I have scoped the rifle and run some bench rest testing for accuracy .

Feels good in your hands like an O/U trap gun.

By GeraldNovember 17, 2016

Although the gn seems like a handful at first it was light and swift to carry and use in the field. At 20 to 30 yards it was deadly accurate" I did get one jam with the wad cutters. It was easily cleared. Round balls were much fun on gallon milk containers and the round nose slugs were accurate. Be courteous this thing is as loud as a firearm so take care around neighbors and you should probably be using hearing protection. All around it is a well made, high quality hunting and shooting tool. The only con I have is, why don't they make bolts to fire out of it like you can with the .50.

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I live in Ohio where can I get the tanks filled?

asked Jason from USA

How many shots does it give per charge?

asked Marco from USA

can you use wheel weights to mold your bullets

asked Henry from USA

Will this gun kill a whitetail deer

asked Ralph from USA

A well placed shot would but it doesn't meet the fpe requirements of a lot of states. Texas has the lowest requirement (215fpe) and most other states with requirements are 400fpe. This gun meets neither

kyle from USA

Can this rifle be fitted with A suppressor? I can easily make one if it can as i was a C-3 manufacturer before I retired. I still have my machine shop and still enjoy making things,

asked Jerry from USA

Yes the end of the barrel is threaded

kyle from USA

Is there a hand pump that you reccomend?

asked shortred_36 from USA

Can this rifle take out a deer?

asked Ted from USA

Can you switch barrels from 45cal to 50 cal?

asked Donald from USA


Patrick from USA

Can it shoot bolts

asked Carlton from USA


Mark from USA

what is batter the .50 or the .45 im asking because the .45 has more bullets to chose from but its smaller and why dose the .50 has not many bullet choices. both these guns can shoot air bolt right?

asked joel from USA

Both calibers can shoot airbolts. The 50 cal is best for large game. The 45 cal will still do the job. It does not have quite as much muzzle energy.

Mark from USA

Could you tell me which of the balls and slugs would best fit in the light hunter? Some have different diameters and weights. I haven't found much info on the web.

asked Stephen

.456 will give you your best seal and best results.

kyle from USA

ammm hello guys i was wondering if u can shoot shootshells from thisgun

asked grabe

I think Gerald was wrong on his statement that you cannot shoot the bolts out of them...

asked Scott from USA

Can you use regular .45 caliber pistol bullets in this air rifle?

asked Eric

Actually, it uses .458 diameter which would be the same as a .45-70 rifle. You can get many lead in HP, Round nose or flat nose that should work. Pure lead will expand better though at low speeds. Check out Mr. Hollowpoint online for nice big soft hp's that perform well on deer/pigs.

Scott from USA

Can you use all air Venturi .45 ammo or do you need to send barrel into smith for more ammo options like mr. hollow point video.

asked Christopher

What is the bore diameter of this rifle .454 or .457 ?

asked Randall Wachman from USA


Scott from USA

Will this kill a black bear

asked Russell Tanguay

Absolutely. Check out the highroad on YouTube. They have taken cape buffalo using the arrows. Check local laws though, because you cannot use bolts during archery season in many places or at all in some places.

Scott from USA

Will it take out a black bear

asked Russell Tanguay

The first time you shot it did you have to change your underwear

asked Scott

What is the true bore diameter? It says .45, but I'd like to know if I can use .452 bullets for reloading .45 acp for ammunition.

asked Jeff

It's actually .458 which is the same as a .45-70.

Scott from USA

can you hunt deer with this and wild bore

asked Jordan Frith

Can it shoot air bolts like the.50?

asked Nacho

Yes, they make bolts for .50, .45, and .357

Scott from USA

How easy is this to charge with a hand operated air pump?

asked guy Hawtin

Ultimately, it will depend on your take on what's easy and what ain't. That said, a 244cc tank ( like the one on the 909s) is very doable, but I tend to fill to 2500 psi with a tank and top up to 3k psi with a Hill pump. Filling a 500cc tank from empty with a pump will be a workout but people do it. I like my method, fill to 22k-ish on a tank, shoot it down to 1500 or 2k then pump it back up to 28 or 3k and shoot more. I hope this isn't too vague and that it helps.

Jon from USA

Having plenty of experience hand pumping my Marauder to 3000 psi, I can't imagine that the 500 cc tank on this would be any fun at all. Unless you're Hercules, you really should have a hpa tank or some filling method other than a hand pump.

Tom from USA

Too many unknowns here to give a intellegent answer but why would a person want to pump this gun's 500cc tank up by hand?


If you intend on shooting more than ten rounds per session invest in a scuba tank or similar.


Depends on fill pressure which I do not see. If it is like 3000psi not to bad if more like 4000 starts to get real difficult.

Ronald from USA

NOT! Better to get an air tank. There are scuba tanks, full are at 3000 lbs so after a fill or two, no more complete fills available for the rifle. There are DIN valved high pressure scuba tanks. A 100 cubic foot 3500 psi tank will give you plenty of fill ups, and the ate the smaller scba tanks, 4500 psi, up to 100 cf that would super please me, except for 1; their cost, and 2; very hard to find a place to fill them. Then there are the small gap, 4500 psi tanks with regulators. The regulators van be a great safety feature as they can be set so that you never over fill your gun. Still hard to find a place to fill them, and still $300 plus. Hand pump will require 100's of pumps to fill the rifle. You have to exert force both on the down stroke and up stroke. You can not pump fast , it will over heat and ruin the seals. Many PCP guns can not be filled from a hand pump unless there is some pressure in them. Pumping is quite a work out and you would end up spending 3-4 more time pumping than shooting. Plus about every 50 pumps it pays to take a five minute break to allow the pump to cool.

Greg Pecaut

How do you fill air chamber -

asked gary ditoto

This is more a "hmm" than an answer, but I use a pony bottle to fill my big air consumers in the field and, referring to the actual answer above, I'm * pretty sure * that if you swap out the air inlet fitting with a Foster fitting you will beat that bleed- off of tank air when you bleed your hose prior to disconnect. I hope I'm right, and this helps, cause this is my next airrrifle.

Jon from USA

Suggestion, you'll need more than a buddy bottle to refill. Too much work for a pump. Check the state for reg.'s on PCP hunting. You need the gun for the game, you need the lightweight refill tank for the field, and probably a scope. you need Practice You have alot to get used to in sighting in a .45, it's loud and pwerfull. You need practice and probably need a compact scope so sighting in will be necessary for accurate kills on big game.: so you need the PCP bottle that carries 4,500 PSI for refills. (yes you need to get that refilled as well so either get local fill help at a scuba shop or get the Shoebox compressor.) $299 for the tank plus refill cost on it or see accessories for shoebox compressor. get a compact scope, see accessories - scopes buy affordable - call them for suggestions in your price range. Be prepared so you don't get dissappointed with your PCP. You want to kill what you aim at so you need practice, a pump will wear you out. This handy carbon fiber tank is small enough to tote around in the field in your backpack while hunting or eliminating pests. Easily fill your air rifles and pistols with the easy on/off quick-disconnect coupling. If you shoot field target, this will take the place of a buddy bottle. Since the tank is filled to a pressure of 4,500 psi, you'll get a lot more refills to your 2,900 PSI PCP rifle than you would with a buddy bottle. More refills, less hassles, no pumps and no heavy tanks! Features Carbon Fiber Tank Max Fill Pressure of 4,500 PSI Regulated To 2,900 PSI Output & up to 10% 90 Cubic Inches Only weight 4.10 lb . 4.50 Inches Wide 13 Inches Tall [Top of valve] Includes: Fill devices with female Foster quick-disconnect fitting and Carbon Fiber Tank (call them to fit the Sam Yang .45 500CC)

William from USA

There are two methods of filling the air cylinder on the rifle. The easiest is the use a scuba tank and purchase the optional regulator that simply pushes on to the front of the gun, open the valve and it fills. you must be quick when bleeding of the residual pressure in the hose to keep from losing pressure. The second is to purchase the optional hand air pump. I have yet to use this method, but it sure bets lugging around a 60# air tank when in the woods.

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