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SIG Sauer Airguns

"Thinking outside the box" is a phrase you often hear when people talk about SIG SAUER firearms, and SIG's creativity and innovation doesn't stop when they make airguns. From their smooth cam loading co2 systems to the 30rd belt-fed magazines on the P320, MCX and MPX to the ASP20 magnum break barrel with its keystone lockup system and new trigger design, SIG is on the frontline of airgun innovation. When you pick up a SIG SAUER airgun you will understand the motto, "Shoots like a SIG -- Because it is one."

With origins stretching back to the middle of the 19th century, SIG SAUER has become one of the largest and most respected gun manufacturers in the world. Guns like the P226 are known for their accuracy and reliability and have been adopted by elite military and law enforcement agencies around the world, and the P320 has been chosen as the US Army's standard issue sidearm.

SIG Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) CO2 replica pistols and rifles are matched to original model specs and engineered to SIG quality standards using authentic materials and, where necessary, patented performance innovations. In addition to CO2 replicas, SIG produces its own line of airguns beginning with the ASP20 break barrel rifle, which brings many exciting innovations to the airgun world.