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Springfield Armory Air Pistols

When looking for a reliable option for your airgunning needs, there are some manufacturers where the name speaks for itself. As one of the oldest options on the market. Springfield Armory brings over two centuries of expertise to their designs for an option that is sure to please any airgunner. When looking for a fun way to get in on this heralded legacy, Springfield Armory air pistols are a great choice. Founded in 1777 as an armory at the request of George Washington, the company would start producing firearms in 1794. These firearms would serve as the blueprints for when they started making their famous airguns and every model shows the hallmarks of excellence associated with this time-honored brand. When looking for an option that hails from a long legacy of accuracy, performance, and fun, Springfield Armory air pistols are the perfect option.
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When looking for an air pistol, there are certain markers you most likely look for in a model. These models offer a wide variety of features and elements of design which make them an ideal choice for training, target practice, plinking, or just having some fun doing what you love. For starters, the construction of these models offers an option that fits nicely in your hand while handling smoothly and still giving you the feel of the real deal thanks to elements like metal slides, rugged polymer frames, full blowback, field strips to feel like real steel, and more. These models also come with such elements of thoughtful manufacturing as interchangeable backstraps, functional grip safety, striker status indicators, ambidextrous magazine releases, manual lockout safety, two dot rear sights, and more. From the picatinny accessory rail to the red fiber optic front sight, these Springfield Armory air pistols are made with attention to every detail for a reliable choice you will love shooting. When you want an option for plinking, target practice, or just fun, consider adding Springfield Armory air pistols to your arsenal!
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