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Tanfoglio Air Pistols

Choosing the right air pistols for your needs shouldnÂ’t be a hassle. When you have trusted brands with solid reputations for excellence at the ready, it's easy to make the right choice for your shooting needs. With our selection of Tanfoglio air pistols, experience the best in manufacturing with an Italian edge. Founded in the 1940s in Italy, Tanfoglio has since manufactured some of the highest quality airguns on the market for those with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and performance.
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We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of Tanfoglio air pistols to bring your collection to new heights. Made with a focus on appearances to bring something of style to your shooting, these options give the look and feel of a real pistol thanks to the full metal bodies with functional slides, blowback for an authentic firing feel, textured handgrips, and removable magazines. These semiautomatic, CO2 powered airguns also come with adjustable hop up, weaver rail, and other smart features to make them a valuable asset in your collection. Designed to offer a smooth and easy shot with all the accessories you need to improve your accuracy, Tanfoglio air pistols are a common choice for target practice and honing your skills. They are also just a lot of fun to shoot in general. They feel great in your hand while giving you a nice bit of power and performance you are sure to love from the first shot. Whether you are looking for the main air pistol as your new go-to or just one for training to keep your skills sharp, this collection has an option for you from a trusted name on the market. In addition to the individual models of Tanfoglio air pistols, we also offer a kit which includes the airgun, BBs, CO2, and more to help you get started right away. This is a great choice to make sure you can start shooting the day it arrives at your door. Order today and get in on the action with these well-made airguns!
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