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Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Blowback BB Pistol

Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Blowback BB Pistol

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Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB Pistol Kit
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB Pistol Kit
This Tanfoglio CO2 blowback BB gun will thrill air gun enthusiasts who are looking for an authentic 1911 replica. This gun has a realistic look and feel and has a crisp blowback recoil when fired. Tanfoglio guns are extremely popular in Europe and their current guns are widely used for shooting competitions and self defense. The gun features a full metal body with functional slide, an 18 rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 320 fps (using .177 cal steel BBs). The slim grip and textured handlegrips contribute to an extremely comfortable shooting experience.


  • Semiautomatic
  • Full metal
  • Functional slide
  • Textured handlegrips
  • Adjustable hop-up
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  • ManufacturerTanfoglio
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity320 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackYes
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight1.98
  • Overall Length8.6"
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity18
  • MechanismCO2
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade and Ramp
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • Trigger ActionSingle-action
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Blowback BB Pistol
68 Reviews
71% (48)
22% (15)
4% (3)
1% (1)
1% (1)
97% Recommend this product (66 of 68 responses)
By Ed
Looks good
October 27, 2019
Looks nice, feels like the real thing. Unfortunately, it was not that great. The first round of BBs worked well and I was impressed with the blowback action. Second load was were the problems started. The BBs were misfiring and appeared to be getting stuck in the barrel. Then suddenly all the air was released. I figured give it another try so I went to load a second Co2 cylinder. As I was tightening it all the air blew out.
It was a shame as I really liked the gun. But just to have it as a display piece was not worth the price.
ProsHeavy Looks real
ConsReleases air suddenly Misfires BBs get stuck in gun
By Tony 1.
Minneapolis, MN
As real as it gets!
April 20, 2019
I love, LOVE this gun, it's super realistic, fully metal so the sounds like cocking the gun is just like a real one, and the fact that the clip is big like how it is, makes it even better, and the clip slides out nicely. The shooting is pretty accurate,too!! 11/10 would recommend.
ProsAll metal Super realistic Very fun Accurate Blowback is powerful It came with steel BB's You can take it apart like a real gun
Best UsesPersonally, I like to have it as protection since I can't afford a real gun at the moment. It looks so real, it can easily scare off any threats (if they aren't armed with a real gun, of course).
By Frederick
Springfield, MO
Ordered February 19-Died April 9. RIP!!
April 9, 2019
RIP! I loved this gun and shot it every day. Reliable-did not jam- ever. Last week a wrinkle developed-part of the breech contained in the slide advanced beyond its normal position and had to be forced back into position-never good. It did not want to remain there-something must have sheared off-I can't tell. Worked off and on for a couple of days. Yesterday it happened again and I field stripped it-a small spring (tiny) at rear of the slide came loose and was hanging out of its appendage-a spring that I have no idea as to its function. Put it back together today sans spring and shot a couple of mags until it died-would not cycle, it's dead-so it was in operation from about February 23 until April 9. Ordered another one yesterday. I really babied this replica-cleaned it every time I shot it and that was daily. Hey-it is a BB gun made out of pot metal-not a real Colt. I don't like it, but I get it. If the next one breaks I am done with the Tanfoglio Witness. At least I salvaged the magazine which costs $42-the gun goes for $99. The gun is now a paperweight. Too bad.
ProsWorked well until it did not work anymore. Accurate. I only fired it in strings of 8 rounds per the original. It shoots hard-the recoil is like a Colt .38 Super! When it worked it was great-but it is dead now so it is a piece of junk.
ConsOnly lasted for less than two months which sucks. The white lettering on both sides of the slide is maddening. Why? Finally, the GUN ONLY LASTED FOR LESS THAN TWO MONTHS BEFORE IT SELF DESTRUCTED-just so we are clear on why the one star rating.
Best UsesBroken it serves as a paperweight.
By Mike S.
Toledo Ohio
I like this gun
November 16, 2018
I like the way this gun feels, I showed it to a friend and he said "A cop will shoot you if you're holding this"! How's that for authenticity!
Prosthe feel, the blowback
Consuses a lot of Co2
Best Usesfun fun fun!
By Dennis
Nassau, NY
Nice replica
September 25, 2018
All around a great air pistol to shoot and display.
ProsA lot of fun
Best UsesTarget practice
By Randall C.
August 28, 2018
By Eric
Portland, ME
Couldn't be happier!
March 19, 2018
I'm a 77 year-old Navy veteran of the Underwater Demolition Teams, and a gun guy, with eight grandchildren ranging from 25 yrs. to 5 months. I got this gun to aid with teaching the 6 - 15 yr olds to shoot. The Tanfoglio's Witness 1911 is the perfect teaching aid. The safeties, blow back slide, weight and feel are very realistic. Because it doesn't go "bang" and shoot real bullets we can practice in the back yard or even in the cellar, If I can get it past their mothers. The 25 yr.old is a local policeman.
By M&M
Instant classic.
January 10, 2018
What else can be said about this bb pistol? It has the looks, feel, and action of the real steel version. So satisfying to rack the slide on this beauty. A great addition to anyone's collection.
ProsSolid, high quality, and super realistic.
ConsCan't think of any for this one!
By Robert M.
Detroit Mi.
John Browning's Baby
January 3, 2018
what can I say , if you are a fan of the 1911 single action semi auto pistol. than this is one air gun for you. The feel and weight are very similar to a real 1911. This pistol has the same grip safety as the original and slide lock safety as the original you can even remove the barrel bushing. the blowback is decent enough that you get the feeling that you are shooting a real pistol like a 22 cal. pistol the slide locks back after the last round, after inserting a fresh magazine you can release the slide with your thumb just like with a real one. I like this gun I shot it at 21 ft. was getting 2 to 3 inch groupings in paper and putting holes in plastic bottles. this is a fun gun to shoot ,and a nice added piece to your air gun collection. be nice if it came with wooden grips
Prosvery realistic looking and safety features good feel
Consnot enough shoots per cartridge, no wooden grips
By john M.
Highland , Illinois
January 2, 2018
Excellent 1911 copy. Shoots well. well made. Much better then a plastic gun you might purchase at a discount store.
ProsAll metal. Works great. Blow back is good. Decent price
By jaycee
As good as all people descripted
September 19, 2017
perfect weight, perfect blowback action, feels so good in hand. Love it.
By Larry R.
Evans, Ga.
Loading the Magazine solved
July 21, 2017
Disclaimer: do this at your own risk. there is a possibility of screwing the mag up if you are not precise. I have two 1911 pistols using the same magazine. and I have heard the same complaint. Loading the magazine was a pain in the butt. This statement is true, however, this evening I had an idea as I shot one of my Tanfoglios in the back yard. I have three mags. one for each gun and an extra. I will purchase another, but for now this is what I have. I look at the BB follower and saw that it moves and will rest on the back of the top rail of the BB reservoir. See attached photos. I decided to drill a hole just in front of the back of the rail, big enough to feed the BBs. I knew that I might screw it it up, but I took the chance. The metal is very soft and the drill bit jumped a bit, marring the top of the rail just a bit, but not enough to cause any problem. Now, I can lock the follower back onto the rail and feed the BBs easily. I will be doing this to my other two mags. I will be a little more careful not to mar them up. I don't know why the company has not adopted this modification. The mag I did has never failed due to the modification. and it is so easy to load now. No more strain on my finger nails. See what you think.
Prosgreat gun
Consmodify the mag feeder.
By steve
I bought this pistol at Walmart for a better price,your price is way to high!!!!
July 2, 2017
I have this pistol and it is awesome,it is semi auto and it is very accurate ,it will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger,I love it!!! I have the 9mm and a different 911 i shoot them regular and i would buy another one but you price is to high!!!!!
By Edwin
, kentucky
Real Deal
April 3, 2017
This thing looks like the real deal....
By Paul
Cupertino, CA
wonderful 1911 replica
March 16, 2017
If you are new to the replica air gun world, just so you know there are several different brands/marking of this same gun ... Swiss Arm 1911, Remington 1911 RAC, etc. It doesn't matter which one you choose, they are all the same. I love this gun because it's so realistic and it operates and field strip just like the real fire arm. The blow back is powerful and the trigger is light and precise. The only complaint I have is the CO2 efficiency. I can only shoot about 50 BBs per CO2 cartridge. This gun would be perfect if it can shoot 90 BBs like my Beretta 92A1.
ProsSo realistic. Operate just like the real fire arm.
ConsA CO2 cartridge only get you around 50 BBs. I wish I can adjust the CO2 valve to get more shot per cartridge.
By david k.
Very heavy gun,love it.
February 19, 2017
I've been shopping around for a 1911 bb gun and this is the best.When I showed it to my dad he thought it was a real 1911 45 the one he had in the Navy.
ProsCrisp blowback,easy trigger.
ConsClip is a pain to load,but once you get use to it it comes a lot easier.
By James
Hastings, MN
Great gun! Great value!
December 12, 2016
For the money... it's one of the best 1911's available.
It has a very realistic blowback and operation.
The trigger is also very nice and it is an accurate plinking pistol.
ProsLooks great, operates realistically, nice weight, good trigger, excellent price to value.
By Gerard R.
Winnipeg, MB
Very nice piece!!!
December 4, 2016
A really good BB Gun nice recoil and nice groupings, a really fine piece.
ProsEverything except for the magazine.
ConsMagazine,hard to put the BB's
By Miguel
Excellent replica
November 16, 2016
This gun is very similar to the 45 caliber. It feels like the real thing. The blowback action resembles the firearm. Finishes are very good and accuracy is acceptable.
By Drew
, Stillwater,Minnesota
Must Have
September 16, 2016
This piece is must have for any collector. With a combination of accuracy and realism I can see why this gun is a top pick. Ive handled guns
A lot of my life, and this gun is about as real as can get.
ProsTrue to the real firearm. Accurate for iron sights. Full metal
ConsGun can get scratched easily, so take care of it
By Larry R.
Evans, Ga.
One Great Blow back pistol
August 25, 2016
Just received this 1911 and what a pistol. I am shooting cans at 60 ft. and I am hitting the intended target most of the time at that distance. It's best to purchase as many magazines as you can afford, because when you change mags, you have a fresh or a rested CO2 cylinder. This will give you consistent power. I got two reloads from each cylinder (that's 3 full mags per cylinder; around 60 shots). Power will diminish rather quickly at the end, so there are only a few weak shots.

The realistic look and feel is amazing. Warning: don't have this laying around in your car and don't present this "BB" pistol in public. It will be mistaken as a real firearm. With that said, I am very pleased to own this BB pistol. If you are a collector of blow back air guns, this should be part of your collection.
ProsGood power, Great looks, Blow back realism.
ConsMagazine is a pain to load.
By andrew
great neck, new york
favorite handgun
August 15, 2016
love this gun, youre not going to get a more realistic 1911 than this one.
By Bill
kensington, CA
Realistic and fun
July 29, 2016
Just like the real thing
By Jerome
July 28, 2016
The most realistic gun out there and at a great price
By John
Ithaca, NY
1911 perfection
July 20, 2016
A perfect replica of the 1811. My favorite air gun. As great to hold and admire as it is to shoot.
By Juan
Nogales, Arizona
Great gun! realistic and amazing value
March 30, 2016
The details of the design of this gun are like wow, superb. The only difference between the original 1911 and this replica you will notice, is the ammo and caliber, other than that you wont notice. Really great weight, realistic blowback, cant ask for more. I got this from lightning deal so i got a pretty good deal. Amazon sells this for $83.99 as for march 29, 2016 and free shipping.
ProsRealistic blowback, accuracy
ConsExpensive magazines. Magazines may leak due to o ring damage. Low fps velocity.
By James
Didn't last long
March 19, 2016
I loved this gun it is almost identical to a real 1911,When I first received it it shot and functioned well,but after approx 3 months it stopped shooting and cycling the action,And the short warranty had expired.I now use it to make holsters.
ProsFeels and works like a real 1911,
ConsDidn't last long.
By Todd
Magnolia, Texas
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Blowback BB Pistol - GREAT FUN
November 6, 2015
This is number three of four new BB guns I purchased from Airgundepot. As with the other guns, I am extremely pleased with this purchase as well. The handgun handles and feels very similar to the real Colt Model 1911. The weight is realistic as is the blow back action. What a fantastic air gun and design. I love sitting on the back porch and target shooting with this piece. I find it to be accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. FYI, I shot nearly four full magazines of BB's before the Co2 cartridge needed to be changed.
ProsRealistic look, feel and weight. Blow back action and overall functionality of the piece is amazing. If you have ever fired a real Model 1911 this gun will be a pleasant surprise. It is easily one of my favorite airguns.
ConsLoading the magazine takes a little time and is somewhat of a slow process. Although the plastic grips are nice looking and function great, I wish this gun could accept a set of real wood Colt 1911 grips. The gun looks so real that it is a shame it doesn't come with wood grips or at least the option to purchase a set for the gun. Nevertheless, the noted issues are of no real concern and I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying this very cool air gun.
By rle
Great product
October 17, 2015
Fit and finish and operation is excellent. looks like the real thing.
By Thomas S.
Dallas, texas
First five star rating I have ever given. This one deserves it.
October 15, 2015
I am an air gun junkie and have purchased any that catches my attention which is a lot. When this gun arrived I was blown away by its quality and realism. Operation is also very real too. Magazine and gas cartridge drop out as one piece which adds to the realism. Both sights are fixed but with practice this gun is accurate. The blowback feature is the best of any I have experienced. This gun is worth the investment.
ProsEven with blowback feature gun this keeps a lot of power through several mag rounds.
ConsWould be nice if sights were adjustable!
By Mike
Toronto, Canada
Solid Build- Good Detail- looks Awesome
August 21, 2015
Gun looks well built. Action and recoil are top notch for effect, but it's more of a show piece than anything. The recoil sucks up some co2 but I wish more FPS were dedicated towards the BB. 310 FPS is questionable. I shot a BB at a book with a 410 FPS Smith and Wesson and with this Tanfoglio. The Tanfolgio penetrated 37 pages, while the Smith a Wesson pentrated 30 MORE pages. Whats worse is the Smith and Wesson c02 cartridge had 80 or so shots on it, while the Tanfoglio was full and new. Overall, it's a nice solid gun, great action, BUT lacks power.
By Elvad
Accurate replica
August 20, 2015
This gun is fun to use but pretty low on power and accuracy. It is a low powered BB gun after all. You can shoot about 3 magazines before you run out of CO2.
ProsMetal construction, removable magazine, full slide action, functional grip safety
ConsLow power and it shoots BB's. I would like to see a higher powered pellet version.
By john
Lehigh Valley Pa.
Beautiful and fun.
July 23, 2015
As an old greybeard I love all things 1911 so this was a natural for me. My BB shooting range is pretty short but this gun is right on target, plus the blowback gives it a more realistic feel. I'll let you know how good this gun is after I put a few thousand BBS through it, so far it feels pretty good.
By Don
Spring, TX
Loads of Fun
July 21, 2015
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product and the ease of use. Heavy metal gun, smooth action and realistic performance. Even have the wife shooting targets in the back yard at 10 Yrads+. Definitely worth the price and would buy it again.
By Michael S.
I love this BB gun
July 17, 2015
I love this gun, not only it looks like a real but also shoots well at least within 5 to 10 yards. All metal made at this price is unbelievable.
ConsFew BBs are Out of target During continuing shooting without any reasons. But it is enough just for fun.
By Lenny
Great Fun Gun & Replica
July 17, 2015
Great gun to practice with and have fun with. Very much like the real gun and feel. Blowback, makes it feel like your shooting a real gun. Quality built, field strips just like the real 1911.
ProsLooks, feels, and sounds like a real firearm. It has decent accuracy and right on with the sites.
ConsOnce you get the hang of loading the BB's, you'll do ok
By Drew
Leominster, MA
Excellent deal
May 6, 2015
Everything you've read about this gun is true! Mine is dead accurate, very realistic, and fun to shoot. Don't be afraid to learn how to strip/clean and keep this gun lubed. You'll see where the lube is needed. I would buy 20 of these if I could, but I only need 1! A little heavy on Co2, but worth the experience! I am planning on doing some polishing to certain areas to really make this gun "POP"
ProsRealistic/completely field strippable. Accurate in hand and down range Price
Consuses a bit more Co2
By Rick
Snohomish, Wa
Tons of fun
March 23, 2015
I got mine last week and have been having lots of fun. After reading some reviews concerning the difficulty of loading the magazine I brainstormed a bit and found a cheap (free) solution. Pour a dozen or so BBs into the palm of one hand. Cup yor hand and funnel the BBs into an empty 5.56/.223 case. They then can easily be poured into the magazine while holding the mag spring down with your fingernail. Takes about 5 seconds.
ProsLooks, feels and operates like the real deal.
ConsNone found so far
By Jim
Avonmore, PA
Problem with the BB's loading
January 26, 2015
This is a nice shooting gun although I had a problem with the BB's getting balled up in the chamber after about 500 rounds. In the process of sending gun back and hope that they can remedy the problem.
ProsNice feel and good weight. Shoots well.
ConsHaving a problem with the BB's feeding.
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
Great Fun Gun
December 19, 2014
I love this gun, the look, the feel, I like the heavy blowback, makes it feel like your shooting a real gun. It's pretty accurate for a smooth barrel BB gun. Quality built, field strips just like the real 1911. I took mine completely apart and sanded to a mirror finish and painted the grips black, looks amazing.
ProsReplica of real 1911, awesome blowback, magazine is exact dimensions of real 1911, lots of fun, accurate. Easy to field strip
ConsEats C02 quick. Paint scratches easy.
By Evan
Atlanta, GA
Pretty nice little squirrel popper
December 7, 2014
I've had it for about 48 hours now, and have had the opportunity to take it out and put it through its paces at distances up to 30 yds.

It's weighted like the real deal, and the blowback effect, while not remotely the recoil you'll get from a 45 ACP, is just enough to make you have to reacquire sight picture after firing. Feels about like shooting a .22, actually. As far as accuracy goes, it's a little inconsistent, but I was able to put zinc BB's on an 8-inch target at 30 yds pretty reliably. It helps that you can see the little buggers fly and immediately adjust. The sights aren't fancy, but then again, neither are most stock blades on 1911's. They are, however, usable in good lighting conditions.

All in all, it's a neat little gun, and probably even useful for practice, up to a point. It does fit in a standard 1911 Blackhawk Serpa holster, so using it for draw & fire drills might not be a bad idea.

ProsRealistic feel Decent accuracy Useful sights
ConsFrustrating to load the magazine
By Doug
Great piece!
July 27, 2014
Terrific design and function. It does use up a higher level of C02 but the true blowback action is worth the extra cartridges used. Weight and size is nearly identical to a real 1911 and allows for training indoors.
By nicholas
Magazine Leak
July 23, 2014
Got this about a year ago. worked great. really fun. put it away for 2 months in a safe place. tried to use it the other day and when i screw the c02 in it sprays right out of the top hole in the magazine. I watched a youtube video that seemed to diagnose the problem but still can't figure out what to do. The gun when working is amazing.
Consmagazine leaking
By Dennis
Red Bluff, Calif
Fantastic Replica
July 12, 2014
Just got mine today. Loading the bb's in the clip is a little difficult, the spring is very strong, bit i'll get used to it.
Put 18 bb's in the clip, and it wouldn't reach the final click. Removed 1 bb, and it went right in.
I took it outside and shot it a few times, and all I can say is "WOW!"
It's pretty loud, and has an amazing kick. Hard to believe it's only 320 fps.
The Tanfoglio Witness 1911 is a "must have" pistol in my opinion.

ProsLooks, feels, and sounds like a real firearm.
ConsA little difficult to load the BB's, due to the very strong spring, but it's worth it.
By Smells V.
St. Louis, MO
Well Done Replica
July 11, 2014
Best of the 1911 replica pistols. Easy to load, accurate enough for popping cans & spinning stars. Good trigger. Blow back action is smooth, snappy, adds realism. Last shot hold open. Sights are typical 1911, good enough. Pistol is built well, sturdy. Great finish, attention to detail. No crappy plastic of flaky plating. Would buy another. Good for training new shooters, practicing trigger control, sight alignment, safe handling. Go for it!
ProsRealistic size, sights, action, trigger pull. Good velocity. Accurate enough for indoor targets, outdoor plinking.
By Joe
Des Moines, Iowa
March 31, 2014
The Witness 1911 holds up to its great reputation. I keep a 1943 Colt military 1911 1A in condition one in a thumbprint safe mounted to the headboard. However, I only get to the range about ten times a year. The Witness 1911 is used in my garage at least every other day. It's a bit lighter than a fully loaded 1A, and I'm not about to drop it's magazine on the garage floor. But it fits in the holster, can be drawn realistically with the safety on and hammer back, and feels very much the same. When I make a mistake or lose focus, it's off. When I stay focused, the Witness 1911 is within a two inch group at 21 feet. It's accuracy drops off when it "runs out of gas" but that let's me know it's two or three shots away from racking back. It has proven to me that some fun in the garage pays off big time on the range.
ProsPrice point for the quality. Weight and feel. Balance. Accuracy. Blowback action for the slide. Feel of the thumb safety. Ease in breaking down. Workmanship.
ConsI read everybody's cons. None are very important to me. My only wish is that the thicker grip needed for the CO2 cartridge in the Witness 1911 were able to take the Crimson Trace Master Laser Grip from my 45ACP.
By Alex
Farmington Hills, MI
Replica 1911 airgun!
March 26, 2014
If you look closer to the real gun, then this is what you need. Full metal, blowback and weight gives a full replica and satisfaction when shooting. Great price for this airgun.
Prosneed to buy additional magazine.
Cons1 CO2 = 3magazines with 16bb
By Larry O.
Kinston, North Carolina
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 blowback BB Pistol, as real as it gets.
December 22, 2013
Looks and feels just like the US Army 1911 A1 Pistol that I carried as a U. S. Air Force Air Policeman in the 50s-60s.
I like the blowback action shooting and its right on the target. Takes down just like the real 1911 A1 and easy to reassemble.
The Pistol feels balanced and I love the weight of it. The grip safety and thumb safety are a plus to this Pistol, just like the real one.
The sights are just like the real one and I find it easy to get a sight picture of the target. I use Pellgun oil on head of the CO2 Cartridge
which I ordered from AirGun Depot and it functions mighty good for me.
ProsHighly recommend this Pistol and a joy to shoot. A nice addition to any Air Gun shooting collection.
ConsA little hard at first to load the BBs in the clip due to the small hold open slide. However, as I got more use to the clip loading, it got easier each time. Not really a big problem at all.
By Robert
St. John's NL Canada
November 25, 2013
First most who read this will already know want a great product this is. Great realism , function, and feel....... Here is what I really like, GREAT PRICE! Shipping , taxes FedEx advance fee (for paying the tax at the border) landed to me $ 165 cdn , and was delivered in 4 days! Here in Canada it would have cost me $179 taxes and shipping approx $225 delivered

Great Pistol , Great price and not least Great Service from Airgun Depot !
ProsAll metal, great feel and weight. Full drop out magazine....Excellent blowback action
ConsWhite trade markings
By Gregg
Outstanding replica that shoots well
November 10, 2013
I was skeptical but I couldn't resist how accurate this represented the firearm I carried in the military. It has a slightly looser mechanical feel than the real pistol, but it disassembles just like any 1911, and is very close to the right weight and feel. I bought the Daisy steel BB's with the zinc coating, and over 8 CO2 cartridges it never jammed once. A few fliers but at 25 feet an inch and a half was a doable group. I ordered replacement grips in wood, required a minor mod for fit, it looks great with real walnut grips. Fun fun fun! Well worth the money and the wait for it to come back into stock. Also, as soon as you get it follow the advice! Clean and oil it with a real gun oil and you'll be much happier with the blowback operation. Only load 16 or 17 (never the max), you'll not have the jamming problems reported.
ProsVery realistic, field strips just like the 1911. Accurate for a smooth bore BB pistol.
ConsLoading the magazine isn't as user friendly as I'd like. Buy two.
By danny g.
baltimore md
Best replica out there!
November 10, 2013
I waited months for this pistol and it was worth the wait. It is so much like my firearm versions. It shoots surprisingly accurate for a smooth bore pistol. You can hit tin cans with it all day long. It is also great for practice when you can't get to the range. I like the guns looks so much that I will be displaying it in my office. Just buy the gun......end of story.
ProsFit and function. Great looks feel and weight.
By Andrew
Tonawanda, NY
Great replica
April 17, 2013
Super realistic blow back pistol! Everything functions like the real 1911, which I love. I wasn't expecting it to feel so small, but its got a great kick to it. My only con is that the magazine is a pain to fill, it's very tedious.
ProsFeels great, fully functioning replica, blow back
ConsDifficult to load magazine, it'd be nice if it was heavier
By Dale C.
Ventura County, CA
Worth The Money
April 7, 2013
This is a cool replica of the original 191. I have several real 1911 .45 acp pistols. The trigger on the Tangfolio is superb for a BB gun. Single action, just like the real McCoy, with about a 2-1/2 pound press, and a short trigger reset. The reason all of that is good is that you could use this pistol for practice right in your garage or backyard. A trip to the pistol range is now more expensive than ever, and real ammo is very hard (if not impossible) to get these days. That's why I bought this 1911, for home practice.

NOTE: This is not the quality of a Kimber or Wilson Combat, but for a mere $110 bucks, this is a fantastic gun.
ProsThis pistol weights about the same as a real 1911, has a great trigger, blow-back, inexpensive to operate, and a great feel. It fits in all of my 1911 holsters, so I can practice drawing from concealment. I never considered a BB gun for practice because a plastic Air-Soft or BB gun is so unrealistic that it was not an option. This is an all-metal frame and slide which makes it look and feel real.
ConsHad one minor issue with the CO2 cartridges exhausting after just a few shots. Turns out that there was a BB lodged up in the ejection port that was causing it to malfunction. Once I identified the problem, it was a 2-minute fix and now the pistol works great.
By Bill F.
Lawrenceville Ga.
Great practice pistol for the money
April 2, 2013
Picked up one of these pistols to practice speed shooting in the back yard. I shoot bowling pins with a group of fellas each week. I shoot a 1911 for pins so decided to try the Tanfoglio. I enjoy the weight and feel of this pistol, along with the blow back action. The pistol shoots point of aim at 25 feet with a few fliers now and again. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the purchase of my Tanfoglio. The only down side I have found is loading the mag. I have large hands and found it tough to load the BB's one by one. The problem was solved when I cut a straw to 3" in length. Just jab the straw into the bottle of BB's until full and then feed easily into the loading space. I would recommend this produce and already have.
ProsBlow back action, trigger pull, weight, and last shot hold open.
ConsBlow back action does use up more air= less shots, loadind BBs into a small feed area
By James
Bethesda, MD
Pretty sweet overall
March 26, 2013
This is a pretty cool replica of a real 1911. Except for the grips and some of the internal BB parts, it is all metal. Everything is correct, it has a working grip safety, working standard safety, slide release, and so on just like the real version. It is heavy and the blow back operation helps to make it feel realistic when you are firing it. You aren't going to confuse the blowback with a real .45, but it is still cool. I would rate the accuracy as only fair. I'm finding that I can get consistent groups just under 2" at 15 feet, off-handed, with the occasional, random flier where I am pretty sure I didn't jerk it. But even that rather modest achievement doesn't come easy. The sights are fixed, simple, fairly low-profile blade sights with no dots, and the gun is quite heavy just like a real 1911. This is one place where historical accuracy isn't really your friend - the basic sight system and heavy weight mean this is a fairly challenging gun to shoot accurately at even close range. Even when you do your part right, the accuracy is just ok. I put it on a rest and even that didn't improve the accuracy from my off-hand groups noticeably. It'll normally hit within an inch or so of where you aim it, which is good enough for plinking and casual shooting fun. If you are looking for tack driving accuracy, this isn't the gun for you.

This is the gun for you if you want something that is about as close to a real 1911 as you can get without actually buying a real one. The slide, the grip, the weight and everything except the "bang" are pretty much the same as the real thing. It is an incredibly cool looking, and well-built replica. Even the field-stripping is similar.

Speaking of field stripping, you do need to field strip it and carefully oil everything with a high-quality gun oil like RemOil. For all intensive purposes this is a real gun and so it needs to be maintained like one. There is a LOT of metal-to-metal contact with that slide jamming back and forth with every shot. Some of the internal parts are painted and the paint starts to come off almost immediately. After oiling it, the action was noticeably smoother than when it arrived, so the factory oiling isn't sufficient.

For just over $100, it is a lot of gun for the money.
ProsAll metal construction, amazingly detailed and accurate replica of the real gun. Blowback action increases the feeling of authenticity. It feels and looks just like the real thing.
ConsAccuracy could be better. Gun is painted metal and the paint comes off some of the moving parts almost immediately.
By John l.
Cohoes, New York
Tanfoglio witness 1911 Blowback BB gun
February 14, 2013
For this being my first all metal blowback BB gun, I like the overall look and feel!! I like the way it operates as real to a actual firearm as possible. But most of all, I really like the detail and overall look of this replica 1911!
ProsThe only thing I dislike is the grips that come standard on the BB gun. The grips for this are kind of expensive.
By Tanstaafl
Oakland, California
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Replica
February 6, 2013
Overall, a pretty faithful reproduction. I don't know if Tanfoglio of Italy ever made a .45 in this style, but if you want an authentic-looking A1, this is your ticket. The finish is a little fragile. I'd guess it's supposed to look as if it's Parkerized. With a little wear it may even look more realistic. I like it. The grips are easily replaced. Taking a cue from some other reviewers, I acquired some Hogue black rubber grips. A little time and effort with a dremel tool made them fit pretty nicely. There are a few rough edges where some flash was left on the cast parts, notably on one edge of the mag well and on the slide release lever. All told though, I'd buy it again.
ProsDetailed replica with realistic weight and functional grip safety. It's very well made. You can even field strip it much as you would the real thing. Fun to shoot - and I can shoot indoors without worrying about blowing holes through walls. Sometimes a trip to the range just doesn't fit into my schedule. Plus it's a heck of a lot cheaper per round than a real .45! Excellent value for the money. Cybergun of Taiwan has a winner here.
ConsI wish the replacement magazines weren't $30 - that's a substantial percentage of the cost of the entire gun. Still, they drop out freely; they hold 18 rounds as well as the Co2 cartridge. I guess it's worth paying for good design. As others have noted, the slide does seem to have an excessive amount of writing on the right-hand side. Perhaps it's necessary to have permanent warning labels for the American market.
By Michael R.
fall river, MA
nice gun
February 2, 2013
Feels realistic and has nice blow back action. It shoots ok, not the most accurate but gives you some trigger therapy!
ProsRealistic feel.
ConsLoading the BB's are somewhat difficult, another magazine would be helpful.
By dick
January 25, 2013
This gun blows me away. It is so realistic. Great buy for about 100 bucks. Great fun and realism (now that the real ones are illegal in NY).
ProsWeight Blowback
By Tristan
Fresno, CA
Great gun, very realistic
January 23, 2013
Great gun, fairly accurate. I bought this to practice shooting real guns and it has helped me a lot. Helped me work on flinch and groupings a lot as well.
ProsRealism and feels solid. Accurate and good sized magazine.
ConsThis gun is kind of a Co2 hog. You get about 3-4 magazines out of 1 cartridge, but it's worth it.
By deadman
new and initial review
December 3, 2012
Excellent service once again from AGD. This is an excellent air pistol for my purposes, primarily practice, and training. You may scoff at the training part, but any shooting is good practice. After initial use and familiarization unloaded the pistol performed right out of the box. At 30 yrds it is capable off one hand off hand shooting within 3" pluses and it hits where you point it.

I'm a 1911 guy with custom centerfires all .45. This pistol has the correct size and weight of the real thing as previously mentioned. It also has all working controls. Functioning slide stop and hammer. Safety and grip. An added plus is the fact that the magazine is standard size and my blue weighted dummy mags I use for training, will
also fit this gun to facilitate mag change drills. If that's a concern, no extra BB magazine required. It will also take a stock or aftremarket mag such as Wilson or Tripp. The trigger is decent, but as I said I'm used to customs. I'd guess 4# but I am too lazy to get my digital gauge out. Little sloppy but not gritty and after all it's a $130 gun. It does fit a 1911 holster. If you want to break in a new shooter this pistol would serve you well. Blowback is nice for that. Heck, you can use a bullet trap and shoot in your backyard in your pajamas if you like and not freak out the neighbors. It is safer and quieter than a .22 and loads less expensive.
ConsMagazine loading tedious but changing it would negate the advantages listed above.
By Albert
Modesto California
The best BB gun ever!
December 2, 2012
I am very happy with this pistol! Just type in tanfoglio witness 1911 Co2 BB pistol on YouTube and see for yourself! This Is the most realistic BB pistol in the world to date! Every piece beside the internals, are pretty close to the real colt 1911, including the mainspring. This gun is like the real thing! BUY this gun!!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Pros.1 Grips interchangeable with real wood grips of a true colt 1911 .2 heavy metal! Close to 2 lbs! .3 recessed BB barrel about half inch! .4 heavy clip holds BB's and Co2! .5 and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!
By Michael
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 - Incredible Piece!
November 23, 2012
There is only one way to describe this BB Pistol... Incredible! The quality of this gun is unsurpassed. Fit and finish are superb and the detail is amazing. The part I love most about this pistol is its all-metal construction. The only plastic on this piece is the grips. You get around 70 shots per CO2 cartridge with this gun, in spite of the blowback feature, and it operates flawlessly right up to the last shot. Its field strips are just like the real deal, which makes this piece just that more realistic. Highly recommended!
ProsAll metal construction Realistic detail in every way Superb fit and finish
ConsThere is absolutely NOTHING about this piece to dislike.
By Michael
Fantastic Gun, very similar to a real 1911, easily modded, and parts like grip can be interchanged with real 1911 parts!!
October 11, 2012
I don't generally buy many BB guns, but when I saw this at a friends cottage, I knew I needed one. Lets just start by stating the obvious, this gun looks, operates and feels just like my real 1911. It is a fantastic back yard plinker, and a very cool toy. After playing with it for a while, I realized that many of the parts are not only similar to an actual 1911 but are interchangeable. The front slide release is interchangeable, the trigger, as are the grips with any clone or aftermarket 1911 grips (although you need to sand the inside bottom ever so slightly by hand or with a dremel but this takes only moments). This really makes the tanfoglio witness a fun toy as you can change the appearance of the grips to suit your mood or interchange them with your grips from your actual 1911. Adding wooden grips really makes this air gun shine.

In terms of build and durability this gun is fantastic. The finish is great, the weight is spot on, and the feel and function are fantastic. In fact, I have already ordered another as I choose to modify this one in my shop to a highly polished finish which I will show in the last picture. I wet/dry sanded the entire gun by hand (400/600/800/1000/1500) and then used automotive rim polish to give it a mirrored steel look).

I will recommend this gun to friends, and will continue to see what Cybergun/KWC brings out next. I couldn't be more then happy with it.
Pros- full metal construction - real operation of components just like a real 1911 - functional design - great attention to detail - both CO2 and BBs load into mag - awesome weight - very high quality construction - real 1911 and clone grips all fit on this gun - highly modifiable gun - a great BB gun modeled off of the most prolific and greatest hand gun off all time.
Cons- there should be more choices on finish - it could be a little more powerful as a BB gun - spare mags should be more reasonable (less then 40% the cost of the gun)
By Corey
Coldwater, MS
Great Replica Airgun.
October 10, 2012
I'm a huge 1911 fan, I've always wanted to own a 1911 and I can honestly say this satisfies my 1911 craze. This gun is great, I was surprised how accurate it is. The blow back is very nice, the kick on the gun is hard, it feels like the kick of a small caliber firearm. The gun is very realistic and in my opinion, the best 1911 replica airgun you will find out there. I've had some jamming problems but that was because I was breaking the gun in. It hasn't happened since. Expect the gun to be a little wonky for the first couple mags, but it will straighten out after a few mags. Even if you're not a 1911 fan, GET THIS GUN! you will love it, and if you ARE a 1911 fan like me, GET THIS GUN NOW!
ProsRealistic Blowback is hard Accurate You can fit real grips on it. Gun is FULLY metal except for grips. Grip safety works Slide safety works Slide works
ConsPlastic grips. CO2 lasts a little short (It's winter here though).
By Miguel
Wonderful gun
September 7, 2012
This is a great quality all metal gun (except for the grips, which are nice anyway). It is quite heavy (like the real gun) and when you shoot it, it gives a nice kick (recoil), because of the blowback action. Another nice thing is that you can exchange the grips for wood ones, that would make the gun look even nicer.
ProsAll metal gun Blowback action (You can only shoot 3 full magazines, because the blowback takes some CO2, but I like the feeling) Exact weight and size as the original Full size drop out magazine
ConsThe color of this gun looks really nice. The thing that I didn't like that much is that when you start using it, some parts of the gun kinda scratches. It is something normal or expected, but a nice oiling, could prevent the damage. Can't adjust the sights (not so much complaint here, in the original one you can't adjust them either).
By David K.
Indianapolis, Indiana
My Review of the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 by Cybergun/KWC
April 16, 2012
Hey there air gunners, my name is David and I am an airgun replica collector. When I seen this airgun I knew it was a must have. It has not been a disappoint either. Other than the fact that it is not blued like the real one, this airgun is a Colt .45 down to the last detail. I still do not understand the Tanfoglio Witness thing, but other than that you will find this airgun to be a very realistic when compared to the the real Colt .45. I was in the Army for 10 years and became very familiar with the Colt .45 do to the fact it was the side arm I was required to use. So I feel well qualified to make the comparison.
I will not bore you with the details of this airgun. I will only say you will not be disappointed with it. I was very surprised at how real it felt in my hand, and the kick from the slide moving back and forth when it was fired left me feeling I was firing the real thing again. The only thing that was missing was the loud report you get from the real one. I felt like I was firing one with a silencer on it. The one thing I did not like about this airgun was loading it. The spring you have to pull down is very stiff and difficult to hold on to as there is only a small piece of metal sticking out to pull it down with. Over all I was well pleased though, and feel you will be to.
ProsThe things I liked about this airgun are the realistic look, feel, and functionality of this airgun. If you are a collector like me it is a must have, and if you are just looking for an airgun that is fun to shoot I would highly recommend it as I am looking to by a second one to do just that.
ConsThe things I did not like about this airgun was the way it loads. I also do not like the fact it was named a Tanfoglio when it is indeed a Colt. I am looking to buy a KWC Colt 1911 Full Metal airsoft airgun and see if I can change out the slides to finish the Colt .45 look. The last thing I would have liked to have seen was for it to be an actual pellet gun with a rifled barrel. That would have made this airgun awesome.
By aden
Madison, WI
the very best bb gun of all time
January 11, 2012
this gun is a perfect replica of a 1911. high quality full metal. the only plastic is the grips.
plus, the grips can be swapped out with grips from a real 1911.
it has a great feel, full sized drop out magazine, and good blowback.
the grip safety works, and its single action like a real 1911.
its also the only 1911 bb gun to have a trigger that is true to the original.
from 20 feet away it hit the target with a 2 inch spread. very accurate.
i dont want my review to sound like an advertisement for the gun, but this gun really is perfect.
if this is the only bb gun you buy, youll be satisfied with it.

attached picture with aftermarket grips
Prosfull metal blowback extremely realistic metal safeties capatability with wood grips heavy accurate full sized clip perfect replica
Consnothing. no matter how hard i try i cannot think of a single thing that could be different.
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By william from delivan wisconsin on June 17, 2012
I noticed in a revew that it is single action but in the sites specs it says its simi auto so which is it
By Staff on June 18, 2012

The Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Blowback BB Pistol is semi automatic. Sorry about the confusion.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By Kaleb from champaign Illinios on February 11, 2012
are the sights good for distance?
By aden from madion, wi on May 28, 2012

they aren't adjustable, so not really. its a good gun for training, and its accurate at close range, but if you are looking for extremely accurate target shooter, look elsewhere.

Pueden mandarla directamante a Hermosillo Sonora ? sin pasar por la Cd. de Mexico.
By Staff on August 3, 2012

Hello Horacio Benitez Galves,
Yes, we should be able to ship directly to Hermosillo, however, it will still need to pass through international customs. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By Liam from cincinnnati, ohio on June 17, 2012
Does the gun still shoot after a month of having it? Because I bought a pistol that stopped shooting after the first month.

By andrew from invermay saskatchewan canada on August 11, 2012
does this gun ship to canada?
By Staff on August 13, 2012

We are able to ship to the Canada, however, there are restrictions on different types of air guns/rifles. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

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