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Cybergun Thompson M1A1 AEG Airsoft Submachine Gun

Available in 6mm, w/Booster Bundle
Only $209.99
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  • Code: 43900E · $209.99 · 6mm · 370 fps
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This is an authentic replica of the Thompson Submachine Gun: "The gun that helped to change the world". The original was used triumphantly by the US Army Cavalry in World War II. The Auto Ordnance Corporation produced more than 1,750,000 Thompson Submachine guns which were used to help repel Nazi Germany from Europe. This is a fully licensed replica with superior detail. The power booster can also be programmed for desired number of burst fire shots (between 1-15). To program the burst fire: hold the trigger down to let your AEG cycle, you'll feel a vibration in the grip. Release the trigger after the vibration is felt and pull the trigger down the number of burst fire shots you desire from the gun. Example for a 3-shot burst: Pull the trigger down four times & hold the trigger down on the fouth time until you feel a vibration in the grip. Release and pull the trigger for the 3-shot burst.

Cybergun Thompson M1A1 AEG Airsoft Submachine Gun Features
  • High power Automatic Electric Gun
  • Velocity 466 with 0.12g and 380with 0.20g BBs
  • Energy: 1.21 Joule
  • Metal body and gearbox with simulated wood grain finish
  • Full metal gear box with reinforced steel gears and metal bushings
  • 2-way adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Works best with 0.20g BBs or heavier
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Length: 32 inches
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  • Manufacturer Cybergun
  • Caliber 6mm
  • Velocity 370 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type PaintBalls
  • Action Semiautomatic/Full-auto
  • Barrel Style Smooth bore
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.00
  • Overall Length 32.00
  • Barrel Length 0.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism AEG
  • Rail No
  • Safety 0
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Skirmishing
  • Warranty 60-day limited warranty
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By SKDecember 30, 2019

Got this for my kid as a Christmas present,he loves it .Great buy at a great price.

By Javaris L.October 29, 2018

I purchased this gun in 2006 as a first AEG when I was just getting into airsoft. 12 years later, as of October 2018, it is still working and functioning well. Battered, beaten, and with all unnecessary features like the front grip and stock removed, it still fires 340 FPS w/ .20g bbs at about 12 rps with a 9.6v battery. It has outlived six or seven other guns that I've owned. Between 2006 - 2018 it saw heavy use in CQB, field and backyard airsoft games - I probably dropped it more than a dozen times and fired more than 50,000 rounds with it. It has seen snow games. I have never disassembled it or cleaned it. No matter what I put it through, it continues to function. The ONLY component of the gun that has ever actually broken is the metal outer barrel assembly, which cracked after a particularly hard fall onto pavement in 2013. After that, the outer barrel jiggled around, but I fixed this easily with electric tape. When I removed the stock for CQB, electric tape also worked to secure the battery of the gun to the gearbox housing. ---------- This gun is the AK47 of airsoft guns. Cheap, effective, and built to last. Attached is a photo of my cybergun after all this time. Thank you to this company for giving me year after year of use. It's so rare to see a consumer product built well enough to survive this long.

- durability is so good that the word "un-killable" should be printed on the gearbox. - decent FPS and great range with stock components. perfect for any airsoft game. - Can be stripped down without losing any functionality. - for this price, you are not likely to find a better gun.

- thompson body means you can forget about scopes, vertical grips, flashlights, lasers, etc. Although, I once used electric tape to put a flashlight on this thing and that worked okay.

By CrisOctober 12, 2018

would like more info

By RobertUSAMarch 9, 2018

Bought this for my older grandson he was buying the cheaper style of guns and i thought i would step up to the plate and get him something more up to speed,i did some research and found the thompson m1a1 to be more reliable than his others ,so far its great,fun to shoot, and seems to hold up very well,would like to see the battery compartment with a little more room for the wires but all is well.

shoots great right out of the box,feels strong and will hold up i hope.

battery in but plate could use more room to stuff all the wires back in no biggy.

By TravisJanuary 5, 2012

A very accurate gun and hit hard. But the semi fire for me was messy and when I shot semi real fast it would jam. So I would only get it if you like full-auto.

Hits Hard its Accurate Never broke in rain or snow

there's no rail for attachments

By JakeSeptember 5, 2011

This gun's sooo good!!!!!!!!!!! Okay it is super accurate and fires fast. I have the drum mag and it is the perfect ad on for this gun. Buy this gun.

By HenriJune 9, 2011

My dad got me this gun for getting good grades. This gun is amazing! It shoots extremely fast and accurately, but I recommend a larger magazine for it.

By CarlosApril 28, 2011

Realistic... i think this is a great primary weapon for meduim to close range combat

By AlexApril 5, 2011

great gun, nice ROF, realistic feel and appearance. quite accurate (more so than the real thing)

By NJ's f.March 12, 2011

This a great thompson replica. the upper reciver and barrel are full metal. although everything else is not wood, it is a very sturdy plastic and will not break easily. the gun also is pretty accurate and shoots at about 340 to 410 fps. but it does shoot far right sometimes. its an overall good gun for all airsofters and collecters.

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Also does this shoot metal BB or plastic crappy ones Thanx

asked Jeffrey from USA

Hi, great feedback, quick question, please & thank you....Can I buy the " M1A1 / Chicago Typewriter " DRUM MAGAZINE, from " Cybergun ", to use with this gun? If so, then sign me up, just got a Crosman-DPMS-SBR- Flat Dark Earth version, & love it, but, this has always been my personal favorite, & I've gotta get this in my collection, thanks guys greay feedback, y'all are wicked appreciated.... ?... Bond... James Bond.. 007.... Lol

asked Jeffrey from USA

can i fit a 3000 mHa 11.1 titan battery in it?

asked Isac from USA

Is there a hop up?

asked Isac from USA

My gun was working and right in the middle of shooting, it quit. My gun does nothing. There is no sound when I pull the trigger. The fuse appears to be good. What do I do?

asked Kris from USA

If the battery bis charged. The gun is defective. If you are within the 60 day period ,you can return it. Otherwise contact Cybergun.

Mark from USA

Is there a way to upgrade the new cybergun to the year old cybergun specs? I bought the same Cybergun stock number 43900E. 12/2018 vs.12/2019. The new one has lower velocity using .20 bbs and the stick magazine is also downgraded to 47bbs from 380bbs with the included stick magazine. The FPS of the new one is shown on the boxes as 110m/s vs 100m/s. The website shows 300 FPS now vs my old box at 466FPS. I am very pleased with the performance of my old gun and was dismayed for find out the new is rated at 100 FPS lower velocity.

asked Jay from USA

Hi my friend, have you tried the classic Cybergun Drum Magazine, for both M1A1 / Tommygun, guns? Im ordering one of those, to use instead, cause it holds 300 BBs, rather than the normal straight stock clip. If you already knew this, my apologies, if not, it'll make it that much more effective brotha, that with some silicon oil for the gun parts that need lubricating. Theme, usually the guns work like brand new out of the box again! Just saying, I have to disassemble my Crosman DPMS-SBR- Fully Automatik, for fun maintenance, & to oil it, & wipe it clean, and it definitely does improve its life, without a doubt my friend, check it out!

Jeffrey from USA

I bought this gun and it says it comes with a Swiss arms power booster but I don�€™t see it? Does it actually come with one? If it does, where is it? Thanks!

asked Nathan Johnson

How many mags does it come with? I assume 2 as that is the typical number yes?

asked John

This might be an odd question. The plastic faux wood looks realistic in the pics. But can the faux wood components be removed and replaced with with reproduction wood stocks and grip?

asked Jerry

I have a semi used rifle. How long should the battery be lasting and what is the max amp/voltage battery i can upgrade to?

asked Luke

Can we just buy the clip or magazine?

asked Shade

How do i get the drum mag to work, The mag does not feed. I wind and wind and still maybe one shot. The manual is not explanatory.

asked Sam Borzymowski

Can this be shipped to abroad countries paticularly Turkish Republic

asked onur

The motor in my Thomson burned up. Is there any way i can get a new motor?

asked bobby

The motor probably burnt up from being fired on full auto to much, even thought the gun has to option of full or semi, you should always choose semi-auto which goes easier on the gears and motor. Anyway, you could probably take your gun to a airsoft store and see what they can do. That or you could buy the parts online and do if yourself if you know how.

George Bush

Which battery works with this gun? Lost our battery and charger. Any suggestions?

asked Andy

Is the Thompson fully auto and semi-auto?

asked mike

The cable on my battery broke and I was wondering if I could use a different battery sizes or if it has to be the same size?

asked Christian

I have 2 Thompson M1A1 airsoft submachine guns by Cybermun. I need 2 batteries and a charger and 2 stick clips. Do you have a kit with these items? If not, what are the exact part numbers and prices on these items?

asked Doug

i havent shot mine in a long time and forgot where the battery was located...can someone please help?

asked jhon

The battery is located in the stock, you slide the but pad to reveal the battery compartment.

Steve from USA

has it ever jamed or miss fired

asked Ronnie

Jamming can be caused by poor ammo and failure to clean the gun. Well maintained gun will last a life time.

Steve from USA

is the magazine windable and does it feel good in your hands

asked Ronnie

Yes it is wind-able.

Steve from USA

someone mentioned a drum magazine for this gun in one of the reviews. is there a drum mag attachment available for this gun and if so from who and how much?

asked DENNIS

We offer the drum magazine for $44.95, you can find it by typing "Thompson Metal Drum Magazine" into our search bar.

Steve from USA

how long does the battery last after you charge and start shooting it? can you use round magizine and clip magazine in the same gun?

asked rick michelson

The battery is not a good one so you should bring a few extras. Yes, the drum mag works on it as we'll as the stick mag. I have both.

Brandon from USA

Yes you can use the stick mag and drum mag interchangeably.

Steve from USA

We lost our battery charger for our Thompson M1A1 airsoft gun manufactored by Auto-Ordnance. Do you sell battery charges and extra batteries for this gun. The battery is an A.E.G High End Rechargeable battery with 8.4 volts 1100 mAh

asked John Feder

i need a charger for mine its lost also is it ok to shoot regular bbs

asked scott forman

6mm airsoft bb's only.


Hi Use this charger No, only shoot .20 gram airsoft bbs or higher with this gun. It can't shoot regular steel bbs. It will ruin the gun

Scott from USA
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