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Top 5 Turkey Guns

Seneca Wing Shot MKII
This badass airgun shoots arrows, shotshells, and round ball ammo for the most versatile hunting you can get. It has a traditional shotgun bead sight, but you can add a dovetail plate to add an optic. It also has two-stage cocking so you can shoot at low power or high power depending on your hunting needs.
Starting at $799.99
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EDgun Leshiy 2 Standard, .25 Caliber
What makes this gun so cool is it folds up and fits your backpack, it's a semi-auto so you get follow-up shots, it's super compact for concealment, and it has loads of power. It also swaps barrels for easy caliber and length changes.
Starting at $2,395.00
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Umarex AirJavelin Pro
This compact arrow-shooting airgun keeps you concealed when it counts. It has an adjustable stock for maximum comfort. The cocking bolt changes from right to left-hand mode with a simple twist. Add your choice of optic to get precision shots.
Starting at $299.99
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Umarex AirSaber
PCP Air Archery Rifle
The AirSaber is an affordable arrow-shooting beast that gives you multiple shots per fill and shoots heavy arrows at almost 500 feet per second and handles just like a rifle. With enough power to hunt anything in North America and badass looks to boot, this is your number one!
Starting at $359.99
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Air Venturi Avenge-X Classic, Wood Stock, .25 Caliber
It is a multi-caliber platform that also has multiple air tank sizes. What makes this a great turkey gun is its versatility. You can adjust the set up for various hunting needs. It does need an optic. It provides the ultimate balance between versatility and performance.
Starting at $569.99
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