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Top 5 American PCPs

RAW HM1000x LRT, Red Laminate
The HM1000x is the ultimate in American airgun accuracy. With its Lothar Walther poly barrel encased in a carbon fiber sleeve and an unsurpassed match trigger, you will be making all of the important shots whether you are at the bench or in the field. Everything about this gun oozes quality and dependability, and you will never regret buying it.
Starting at $2,099.95
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AirForce Texan SS, Demolition Ranch Combo
Includes a Premium Scope, Portable Tank and Bipod
The Texan SS gives you the best combination of power, accuracy, and sound suppression of any big bore on the market, and the Demolition Ranch combo gives you a Hawke Airmax 30 WA SF 4-16x50 scope, a Recon 360 Bipod, and a carbon fiber tank. Get this and demolish some stuff!
Starting at $1,899.99
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Western Big Bore Bushbuck, Laminate
Quality is what drives the team at Western Big Bores. Precision machining, assembly and performance are engineered into every rifle they build to assure the customer the highest level of satisfaction. At 600 foot pounds of energy, The Bushbuck is capable of taking all of the big game in North America, and much that is in Africa, and it has. Plus, it is pretty darn good looking!
Starting at $1,895.99
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Benjamin Marauder Premium Combo, Synthetic
Includes a Benjamin Sling and Centerpoint 4-16x40 AO Scope
This is the gun that first brought the world of high-performance PCPs to the common man and woman. The Benjamin Marauder sports a highly adjustable match-grade trigger, top of its class sound suppression, and all around great performance and dependability. It has gotten more shooters into airgunning than perhaps any other PCP ever made and it is still one of the best values in airguns.
Starting at $659.99
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AirForce Condor SS
Spin-Loc Tank
One of the most powerful airguns on the market when it was released, with the new Ring-Loc valve system and the increasing popularity of slugs the Condor is one of the most remarkable guns being made. Interchangeable barrels, an adjustable valve, and a power wheel lets you take your gun from a 20 fpe .177 target shooter to a 110 fpe slug shooting .25 cal in minutes!
Starting at $774.99
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