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Top 5 Entry PCPs

Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo
Includes upgraded Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope, Leapers rings, and an extra magazine!
The Gauntlet is still perhaps the most feature-packed entry-level PCP on the market and our Gauntlet combo gives you even more for your money. For less than $100 more you get a $200 Hawke scope, rings, and a sling! What more do you want? No really, what more do you want? Maybe we can throw it in also.
Starting at $449.99
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Benjamin Fortitude
Regulated PCP Air Rifle
The Benjamin Fortitude is the newest price-point PCP. It has a precision honed barrel that is fully shrouded and free floated. It is incredibly light, but it’s still tough and durable. But best of all, it is regulated so you will get up to 60, 70, or even 80 shots per fill, and they will be consistent and accurate. All of this makes the Fortitude a great gun for a long day of hunting.
Starting at $329.99
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Gamo Urban, Scope Combo
Includes a 4-12x40 Mantis scope & rings ($99.99 value)
The Gamo Urban has the valving and barrel of much more expensive BSA PCPs, and its synthetic stock is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic on the market. The Gamo Urban doesn’t have the features that some of our other entry-level PCPs have, but it is so reliable and tough that we would recommend it to anyone.
Starting at $359.99
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Hatsan Flash QE
Like all Hatsan PCPs, the Hatsan Flash is tough and powerful. In fact, it is by far the most powerful PCP on our list, putting out much more energy in .177 than any of the others do in .22! It may not be a beauty queen, and you dont get a lot of shots, but if you are looking for an entry-level PCP with tons of knock-down power, the Flash is the gun for you.
Starting at $299.99
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Diana Stormrider Gen 2, .177 Caliber
Bringing a high level of performance in an unbelievably affordable package, the Diana Stormrider is one of the most remarkable pcps on the market. With an adjustable trigger, a moderator, a rotary magazine, and a single shot tray the Diana has everything your child could want in a PCP. And because it fills to only 2000psi, it is very hand pump friendly so the Stormrider gets you into PCPs at a very low cost.
Starting at $199.99
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