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Top 5 for Kids

Top 5 for Kids
Beeman R7
This is perhaps my favorite airgun of all time. Few springers shoot as smoothly, are as easy to cock, and are as phenomenally accurate as the Beeman R7. And we canít forget to mention the world-famous Rekord trigger that breaks very cleanly and crisply. The R7 was designed purely for shooting pleasure, and it delivers! If you want the best youth air rifle out there, this is it.
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Daisy 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun
The most famous BB gun of all time, the Red Ryder is the gun that has gotten more kids into shooting than perhaps any other gun in America. It holds a ton of BBs and itís a ton of fun. Youíll shoot your eye out kid!
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Weihrauch HW50S
If you have an older child that you really love you should buy them the HW50. It is a fairly lightweight, extremely accurate and very high quality break barrel. Made in Germany, it will last a lifetime and be a gun that your favorite child can hand down to theirs.
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Daisy 880 Kit
This is another classic airgun for young shooters. Known for its surprising accuracy and pretty decent power, the 880 is a multi-pump that will shoot either pellets or bbs, but we recommend pellets because they donít ricochet as much and they wonít ruin the rifled barrel. Pump it up a few times to knock down that can, or pump it more to stretch it out.
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Beeman QB78S
The QB78 is a true airgunning classic, and the synthetic version is just as good but looks cooler. The QB78S isnít too powerful, but it is accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. Being a single shot airgun it will teach them to make each shot count and the bolt action will get them used to the action found on most centerfires. If the length of pull is a little long then remove the butt pad, if it is still too long buy the wood stock version and cut that sucker down! It runs on CO2 so make sure and stock up!
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