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Umarex Hammer

Available in .510
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  • Code: AGD-43368358 · $999.99 · .510 · 1000 fps
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One of the world's most powerful production PCP hunting rifles has arrived'The Umarex Hammer. With a massive 700 fpe of knockdown energy and multi-shot capability, Umarex has changed airgun hunting forever. Made right here in the USA, the Hammer was conceived, designed, and engineering in America, built in Fort Smith Arkansas. Delivering two .50 cal. rounds one after the next, the Hammer uses the patent-pending Light speed Valve designed to provide consistent 3,000 psi of pressure behind each shot driven by its huge 4,500psi cylinder. This innovative system was built to sling a .50 caliber 550-grain lead slug at 760 feet per second and a 250-grain slug at over 1,000 feet per second. These factors add up to a big bore that can fire 2 fully-powered consistent shots, plus one more follow-up up shot. Once you fire your first shot, move on to the next by operating the straight-pull bolt to progress the 2-round spring-operated chamber magazine. The bolt's low 2-lb cocking effort makes taking a follow-up shot smooth and simple. For added protection to the shooter, and anything downrange of its .50 cal. barrel, is a 3 step safety system that includes a hammer-block, a magazine lockout that prevents the gun from being fired without the magazine inserted, and a manual trigger safety. These features are set into a rugged polymer stock developed in collaboration with PolyOne Corporation, renowned for their innovations in specialized polymer products. This collaboration resulted in rugged all-weather design that can take the abuse of long trips into the field, and even includes a rear sling stud for attaching your own sling, and three slots in the forearm for adding other M-LOK® accessories. Designed with the shooter in mind, the Hammer features a long 8.5" Weaver/Picatinny rail for zeroing in on your quarry. The Hammer's barrel is reported to be to put its first two shots within an inch at 50 yards and is fully-moderated to help keep the noise down. Each includes a standard Magpul AR grip that can be switched out for other AR grips. Umarex is once again at the forefront of airgun innovation with a rifle that is sure to dominate airgun hunter's arsenals for years to come. If you're ready to hit the trail with giant big bore shots, devastating take down power, and a rough-and-tumble design, unleash the Hammer and harness the energy of the most powerful production PCP air rifle in the world!

Umarex Hammer .50 Features

  • Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
  • 2-round chamber magazine
  • Rifled barrel
  • Straight pull speed-bolt with 2 lbs cocking effort
  • 3-lb trigger weight
  • Regulated to 3,000 psi per shot
  • 4,500 fill pressure (24 cubic inch carbon fiber tank)
  • Built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • Weaver/Picatinny optics rail
  • PolyOne designed and manufactured stock
  • AR Magpul style grip
  • Integrated rear sling stud
  • 3 slots in forearm grip to accept M-LOK®attachments
  • Quick Disconnect Foster fitting
  • 43.75-inch overall length
  • 8.5 pound overall weight unloaded without scope
  • 29.5-inch barrel length with full-length composite shroud
  • Made in the USA


Umarex Hammer™ Energy Generation
Grain      Material                  FPS       Energy (ft-lbf)
200         Lead                        1055         495
250         Lead                        1000         555
275         Lead                         945          545
300         Lead                         930          576
330         Lead (Lyman)          935          641
350         Lead (Lyman)          875          595
550         Lead                         760          705

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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber .510
  • Velocity 1000 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 8.50
  • Overall Length 43.75
  • Barrel Length 29.50
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 2
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 4
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty
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By FloydUSAOctober 31, 2023 Verified Purchase

The recoil is between a .410 and a 20 guage shot gun , be careful when using scope

Its hard hitting and accurate , trigger pull is great , can punch a hole through1/8 steel plate at 35 yards using 440 grain hard cast bullets .

The bolt safety on stock is in a bad place , I shoot left hand so i remove it to shoot ,should have mounting for sling , would like more of a sport style stock, the only reason i gave it 4 stars was the stock saftey , that could hert a left hand shooter.

By Matthew May 7, 2023 Verified Purchase

Worth the money 100%

What a beast

None at the moment

By BradUSAJanuary 3, 2023

This rifle is fun to shoot and would be an good option for air gun hunting. Mine has a very slow air leak. It doesn't effect performance, however if the rifle is left for more than a few days the air tank loses pressure.

Feels solid. Shoots well and seems accurate.

Typical Umarex quality control issues. Has a slow air leak.

By EricUSAApril 19, 2022

HMMM...COULD THIS TAKE DOWN A GRIZZLY i have been hunting for 33yrs and i can actually say if the shot was well placed...U BETCHA!!!

well well well...totally impressed !!!! first , I wanna say this is not a toy if you wanna teach your kid how to hunt don't do it with this!! one wrong move could kill you and him or her, so with that said , Overall, I just love this gun it will give the real thing a good run for its money!! when ever I go hunting this is my gun of choice.

Overall, besides this being lethal in the wrong hands ..nothing bad to ever say about this gun. absolutely love this.

By BenUSAJanuary 14, 2022

I’m glad it did not fire I’ll try it up north at my dads place I’ll seat the magazine it should have no problem

Feel balanced

I went to fire it in the yard at 45 psi it would not fire I guess I have to line the magazine

By BradUSADecember 28, 2021

I just don't get why people hate on the hammer. Ever since I bought mine it has been my favorite big bore...and I have several! I love my hammer and it even pushes higher velocities than advertised. I guess I just got a good one or something because I hear a lot of people hate on it! This is a tool, not a toy! Designed for hunting and it does that well. It surely will take anything in North America down so don't sleep on her....she is a beast!!!



By FrankUSANovember 29, 2021

I’m thoroughly impressed with Umarex and thankful for Airgun depot !

Everything … The hammer is bonkers !

The air tank capacity without a tether is meh.

By JohnUSAOctober 16, 2021

It is imperative that you use the correct diameter projectile. Yes, Umarex projectiles are way too expensive, but they are size-correct. It is possible to "bump" projectiles that are to small, using a small diameter punch tapped dead center in the nose of the projectile, resting on a hard surface. Caveat: you will have to mike every one to be sure you don't "bump" them to large.

Received my Hammer a bit over a week ago. Bad weather prevent any usage. Once things cleared a bit I sighted the rifle in at 60 yards using a Bushnell 3200 Elite scope, took four rounds, last two less than inch apart, using Umarex ammo. I also have a Seneca Dragon Claw and had a box of Air Venturi .50 cal 336 grain projectiles on hand. these projectiles dropped through the Hammer magazine with space all around them. Every projectile in the box miked at .48, WAY to small to be used. Umarex projectiles varied btwn .510 and .511. I read a review where the writer complained about air blowback from around the magazine, willing to bet he was using projectiles that were to small in diameter. I had been somewhat mystified when I could watch the projectile from the first round fired from the Dragon Claw, go down range. I miked the Dragon Claw barrel, .510. Simply put the Air Venturi .50 caliber projectiles aren't. This will drastically effect both velocity and accuracy.

Haven't found anything to complain about.........yet.

By MarvinUSASeptember 18, 2021

need advice on what to do

got my hammer hooked up the nomad 2 to it and it got to 1500 psi and wouldn't go any higher, due to leaks from the magazine are any suggestions on what to do ?????

need advice on what to do

By DouglasUSASeptember 12, 2021

Buy one if you can,can't go wrong unless you get a reject. I'm not much on Umarex,but my air rifle was good.which is to be expected.Any company will mostly except returns and make it right,so don't hesitate,be patiently. Buy one! Fun,fun,fun. Little loud,not too bad in the open with not too many neighbors tho. Def not in town.use a range or a friend's country property.

Took awhile to get one of it last year from SG. Well packaged. Only came with 6 pieces of ammo, what a letdown on that. Nice an powerful. Tool long time to pump up first fill. Had to go over it tighten bolts. Looked to be in excellent condition receiving it tho. Shot 3 times, first shot went through 6" of wood different types, beffore gouging a large cup out of a cherry block! With the ammo. Had to order some and then I ordered a set of open picatinny sights online.looks tacticle! Nice powerful bad azz air rifle!

Should come mildly precharged,mine didn't. Needs moderator, needs more ammo with it for the price point and open sight or something. I guess they leave it up to the buyer for choice, I can understand.

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Do you Finance

asked John from USA

You can use Affirm, it is a third party loan company.

Adam from USA

Can I use a scuba tank to fill

asked Clifton from USA

What is the total height of the hammer?

asked Matthew from USA

Can I take my hammer to a gun Smith to have the air tank replaced

asked Norman from USA

Had anyone bought a suppressor for this rifle?

asked Stephen from USA

Can I use a scuba tank to fill?

asked Greg from USA

Does this Umarex hammer use .50 cal pellets or .51 cal pellets? I think its ridiculous to be limited to Umarex expensive ammo.

asked David from USA

.510 Bore Size

Brad from USA

Muzzle tapped?

asked Tom from USA

Can you decock the hammer?

asked Terry from USA

Given the 1:24 barrel twist what are the exact dimensions of the optimal bullet for the hammer? What molds have people used? Thanks.

asked Fake from USA

Can you change the air tanks out to full ones like some other air guns

asked Steven from USA

Can you screw and unscrew the tanks to change them out to full tanks once empty

asked Steven from USA


Brad from USA

Does anyone make a bipod for this?

asked David from USA

If you buy a m-lock rail you can attach any bipod.

Steve from USA

Will I be able to shoot this left-handed?

asked Frank from USA

Yes I am left handed and I shoot the hammer fine.

Steve from USA

will 50 cal hammer shoot air bolts

asked Carlton from USA

The Hatsan piledriver and hammer are both .50 BMG not the .50 you are used to. Being that the airbolts are meant for standard .50 cal sizes (.492 to .498) i would doubt that it would seal well enough to fire an air bolt.

kyle from USA

Can nitrogen be used in place of compressed air?

asked David from USA

If your seals are good yes you can run N2. Just remember you will get more power but few shots since more N2 will be used then air every time you actuate the valve. Nitrogen is very nice because it is completely dry and will offer more power but you will inevitably get less shots.

kyle from USA

how do you fill air tank? is it ready when shipped?

asked John from USA

For the first fill a hand pump will NOT fill this gun. You will need compressor or air tank but after you can use a pump if you have time and Dedication

Steve from USA

You need a compressed air source of 3000-4500 PSI. A hand pump .air tank or compressor.

Mark from USA

Can other commercially available bullets work in the Hammer such as a >50 caliber muzzleloader bullet?

asked Tom from USA

Muzzle loader rounds will not be the right size. the hammer uses a .50 BMG sized round which is larger then standard. But yes you could use muzzle loader rounds if were lead and sized properly but they will be to small I believe.

kyle from USA

Air gun slugs are almost pure lead. Soft/ The alloy in muzzle loader slugs is much harder. We do not suggest using them in an airgun,

Mark from USA

Can you use a hand pump for this rifle

asked Lionel from USA

For the first fill a hand pump will NOT work until you get the gun taking air and up to 1000psi then if you have the time and a 4500psi pump then yes you can.

Steve from USA


Mark from USA

When is my hammer being sent

asked John from USA

Hammer shipments are coming in small numbers. Backorders are shipped first.

Mark from USA

Has AGD received and shipped any of these yet?

asked Tom from USA

I ordered one mid December and was told it would be shipped in march....was surprised when it came third week in January of this year 2021

Steve from USA

The Hammer is being made in small numbers.We are shipping as we get small shipments. Back orders are being shipped first.

Mark from USA

El umarex hammer la gran mentira de un fusil virtual.nunca a estado a la venta.yo e esperado para tenerlo por mas de 2 años y nunca a estado a la venta.solo se puede ver en youtube.lo exiben pero siempre posponen su fecha de lansamiento al mercado.que decilucion que mientan asi.pienso en realidad que el producto no sirvee o en realidad no existe y todo es un montage.umarex hammer .la gran mentira

asked Jose from USA

El martillo Umarex se est produciendo actualmente en pequeos lotes de produccin. Menos de 75 armas al mes. Actualmente estamos enviando todas las armas que tenemos para llenar pedidos pendientes. Una vez que se completen esos pedidos, podremos enviarlos a nuevos clientes. La pandemia de Covid-19 mantendr la produccin en niveles muy bajos en el futuro previsible.

Mark from USA

Can the Air Venturi Long Shotshells, #6 Shot rounds be shot out of the Umarex Hammer and is Umarex still producing the Hammer? How long is the wait on the Umarex Hammer?

asked Joseph from USA

No. the shotshells can only be shot out of a smoothbore. The plastic shell will gum up in a rifled barrel like the Hammer.

Mark from USA

Is suppression an option for this air rifle? And what is the maximum effective range for the .50 with use for game such as whitetail deer?

asked Markus from USA

There will be aftermarket suppressors available in the near future.

Mark from USA

Is this capable of taking deer at 150 to 200 yards clean. All videos only show 50 yard shots.

asked Jeffery from USA

One of the guys at umarex said he has taken deer at 150 yards and a girl on YouTube has taken one at 140 yards.

Steve from USA
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