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Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol

Available in .177, Blowback, Full Metal, CO2
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  • Code: 2251803 · $109.99 · .177 · 300 fps
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The Umarex Legends pistols are faithful replicas of the original firearms. The P.08 is one of their finest examples featuring full metal construction that feels just like the famous German gun. This can even be field stripped down! (But not as far down as the original firearm). There's a reason that everyone who buys this gun gives it a 5 star review, it's just that well made.

So what excuse do you need to buy this? Let's see if we can help. Pick one or more reasons (if you need to convince yourself or someone else):

  1. You need it to maintain firearm proficiency.
  2. Steel BBs are much cheaper than loaded ammo.
  3. Your P.08 collection won't be complete without this pistol.
  4. You'll stay home instead of having to go to the range.
  5. It's a great gun for everyone in the family to shoot.
  6. This BB gun is a LOT cheaper than buying the firearm.
  7. You have an itchy finger, and relief comes by pulling triggers.
  8. There's no lead in the ammo, so it's safer.
  9. Your life won't be complete without it.
  10. You work hard and deserve to splurge every now and then.

Umarex Legends P08 Features
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semiauto
  • 21rd removable BB magazine
  • Blowback (toggle moves)
  • Single-action
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed sights
  • Full metal
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  • ManufacturerLegends
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity300 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight1.90
  • Overall Length8.75
  • Barrel Length4.00
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger ActionSingle-Action
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty90-day limited warranty
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By EarlUSAFebruary 5, 2021 Verified Purchase

I called UMAREX and they said get in touch with you guys AIRGUN DEPOT. So here I am getting in touch You guys got my info on file, now tell me what to do with this pager weight Will be waiting for a reply Me 1969

Well what’s there not to love about is pistol ....... EXCEPT !........ It stop firing at less then 500 rounds

! It stop firing with less then 500 rounds though her

By JeffreyUSADecember 30, 2020 Verified Purchase

I have the Umarex P-38 and like it because it actually works. However, the key on it is so hard to use. I wish the P08 worked well. I would prefer the P08 otherwise.

I really wanted this to one to work as it's really amazing with the blow back.

Returned for replacement after only a few Co2 cartridges as it soon began to vent all the Co2 at once. Speedily replaced/refurbished by AGD to no avail, so back it went for a refund.

By WilliamUSAFebruary 3, 2020 Verified Purchase

Fun Replica

Feels like the real thing.


By JamesonUSAJanuary 13, 2020 Verified Purchase

Surprisingly I like the all-black look better than the weathered one I already have. Decided rather than fork over 40 bucks for a spare mag it was worth the extra to get this puppy. Spare mags are a must as this gun eats through CO2 really quickly.

Fun, cool-looking

Wish the CO2 could last a little longer...

By FrederickUSAFebruary 6, 2019 Verified Purchase

I took this pistol and set it next my original made by Mauser in 1940. With a little steel wool lightly applied to the sharp edges and on the magazine removal button (not the mag release) my original has an aluminum button, and carefully rubbing some flat brown paint into the stocks-it looks real and it is about as heavy. Mine has shot well without jamming so far and the toggle remains up after the last shot. I bought an Uhlan P08 holster for about 65 bucks and it now lives there. Really fun. Trigger is nice-not like the P-38 which is a beast. Shoots accurately and is the bane of water bottles in my yard! I am going to get one for the son of a friend of mine for college graduation.

It is a PO8!

It is a PO8!

By Mike C.January 28, 2019

The item is faithful to the overall size and action specs of the original P08 model Luger. It could use wooden grips for better aesthetics, but those provided do the job. Given the overall dimensions of the piece I believe that aftermarket wooden grips that are available could be used with a little modification to replace the plastic grips It is a little under powered but perfectly adequate for backyard target shooting

The looks and feel are great. Accuracy is adequate for what it's designed for. The take down mirrors the actual take down for the original P08 model Luger.

The model I purchased was the blow back model. I does use up CO2 quickly. It had a very minor CO2 leak until I put a lubrication cartridge through it.

By J-manDecember 16, 2017

I was really impressed with the detail of the Luger. The weight, feel, partial breakdown were true to the real thing. I have two P08 Luger firearms so I some hands on experience. However after only one CO2 the gun shut down. It appeared the the trigger would not engage the compression release. I had to return the item for repair of replacement. I am glad that the return was authorized but I was thrilled by the $13.50 I had to pay to have the gun shipped back to the company. I hope the replacement is a little more dependable.

By JoeUSADecember 11, 2017

Tis piece is a pretty exact replica of the real thing. and its fun to shoot it hits about dead on.

hefty like the real thing. accuarte plining on a short range.

trigger very crisp

By HarvSeptember 27, 2017

This P.08 is incredible. I have bought several from AGD and have some of them stored for X-mas. To the point: What if "they" had always made a P.08 but simply "chambered" it in BB? Well, that is it: This IS A P.08. It just "happens" to be for BB. So what can make it BETTER? Not much. But there is one thing that is not "right:" it has BLACK plastic grips. I opine that they are missing the boat by not offering this with, or making accessory after-market BROWN WOODEN ones. WELL, unless or until, I have found a solution of sorts. I pass this on hoping that AGD will publish it: By using Krylon Camoflauge BROWN FUSION spray on the supplied black grips, the exactly perfect BROWN color can be put on. The fusion paint is made for plastics and permanently hardens on in 15 minutes. The ORIGINAL P.08 had brown grips. It was so in WWI and well beyond. Now, yours can be set right, if you wish. Prepare to be amazed because--I affirm--that even the harmonics seem to change from a plastic to a seemingly more "wooden" sound if pinged. Note: The Krylon Fusion is perfect for touching up the WWII Collector edition AGD offers. Perfect color match. Finally, this is not a product endorsement for paint. There may be other brands equally suited. I pass this on only because I have had what I call success with it. If you are buying a gun for plinking, maybe there are better ones for that. But if you are interested in teaching the history of pistols to your nephew--as I am--this is as real as it gets. But you can make it even "real-er." Get one in any case. And get it from AGD who stand behind what they sell.

I grew up using my Dad's P.08. I know that the Legends P.08 has (astonishingly) the same feel except it doesn't have the recoil of the original.

Black plastic grips that can be turned brown by spraying with Krylon Brown Camoflauge fusion paint! Then, the Cons are truly few and far between.

By W C.August 30, 2017

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my replica P.08 Luger and when at last in my hands I was not disappointed. The all metal construction gives it a satisfying heft. The toggle action increases the realism and enjoyment of this well crafted pistol. Loading the BBs and Co2 cylinders are easily accomplished and a 21 shot capacity is a real plus. I knew that the blowback action was going to come at the expense of Co2 consumpion, but we'll worth it for the "cool factor" that comes with it. There is a pleasant amount of recoil that cycling produces, along with a distinct report that borders on loud (in a good way). On two occasions something allowed the Co2 cylinder to lose the remaining contents for reasons that are not clear and there has been a couple of times when a BB didn't chamber, though still available in the magazine. Please be careful if that happens to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction while the issue is sorted out ! A few glitches notwithstanding, this replica P.08 is just plain fun to plink and shoot with.

A very faithful replica of the P.08 "Luger" pistol that is affordable and extremely enjoyable to shoot. Though the blowback action increases Co2 consumption, it gives back in coolness of the overall shooting fun. That's what it's all about, right ?

The fixed sights are somewhat difficult to acquire quickly, but this isn't a target pistol it's a pretty faithful copy of the original. As mentioned above I had a few feeding problems and a couple of times that the cylinders discharged the remaining gas for, at present time, unknown reasons.

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Can this version also be field stripped like the WWII edition

asked Adam


Earl from USA

Need a Fix for unwanted "Full Auto" after 1 month of use.

asked Mike D,

Will after market wooden grips fit?

asked Michael DeMita

Does the toggle stay open on the last BB? THanks

asked Robert from USA


Earl from USA

Does the non blowback version have the same look and feel as the blow back gun? Except for the blow back feature is there any difference between them?

asked a from USA

Feels real good for the bucks

Earl from USA

Hello. Could you ship it to Montreal Canada? And how much + - will be shipping? Regards Yuri

asked Yuri from Canada

Can the toggle action be stabilized to get more FPS out of the barrel?

asked Col Klink

Don't think so just buy the non blowback Cheaper n has more FPS

Earl from USA

I'm wondering if I can shoot lead pellets with this? I just ordered this, along with 1500 of the H&N copper plated lead pellets. I read somewhere this has a magnetic tip in the bolt?

asked Michael from USA

For some reason I can't get the CO2 cartridge to properly seal in the clip. Can't find any specs on adjustments. When I tighten the nut on the bottom I can hear the cartridge being punctured but the gas escapes completely.

asked Steve

Use a little pelloil to seal the leaking and put some tape on top of the co2 cartrige before you tight it. Good luck


You may need a new o-ring. You sure also try a drop of rem oil on the tip if the cop capsule. You can cut a patch of rubber and place it in the hole with. Be sure to cut a s n all hole for piercing tip.


I like the look and price of the gun but everyone keeps talking BB's when the AirGunDepot spec sheet says .177 caliber! I assume the group here knows what they were shooting but maybe we can hear from AirGunDepot on this one! I was getting excited! But, BB's make it a "no sale" for me! Thanks guys!

asked Kevin from USA

If u were a cross the pond, u probably be asking for 4.5 mm BBS

Earl from USA

Steel BBs, vs. lead pellets, pack a harder punch and, being spherical, are easier to load. Just make sure you buy a good-quality. truly spherical BB, such as advertised on these websites. John, Fort Collins, CO

John Calhoun



This pistol fires .177 caliber BB's, it does not fire .177 caliber pellets.

Scott from USA

Is this gun blowback?

asked Mark


Stephen A from USA

Yes it is.



Simon from USA


Luiz from USA

Yes, and the toggle bolt locks open after the magazine is empty.

David from USA




Scott from USA

Page needs a link to extra magazines.

asked Bruce from USA

Magazine is now available and the link should be at the bottom of the page now with other offers. also here...

Bruce from USA

Just click on accessories on the gun's page its there

Stephen A from USA

Umarex has not made the extra magazines available yet

Scott from USA

Is it the same as KWC P08?

asked Pierre

Yes it is.

Stephen A from USA

I believe the Legends series is KWC/Umarex so it's the same item. I have it, and love it.

Simon from USA

It is made by KWC and appears to be identical to their model KMB-41DHN except for the Umarex markings,

David from USA

Yes, it's the same. Nothing change except the cover of the box.


Just received the gun. It field strips just like the real 9mm luger that I owned. However, a small plastic or rubber (?) seal (approx. 5/16" OD x 1/16" ID) fell out on the floor? My first thought is that it goes between the CO2 cartridge and the cartridge receiver in the magazine but it does not fit. I believe the magazine has a built in plastic seal? Did it come out of the pistol receiver when you field strip it? There is no parts breakdown like you receive with a regular gun so I can't tell where it goes and won't fire it until I find out.

asked Jack

It is a plastic washer that fits into the recess at the rear of the right side of the upper assembly. It fits over the small end of the pivot pin for the rear of the toggle bolt assembly.

David from USA



Yes several folks have this problem, I did. This "ring" or "washer" is actually steel though it looks like a rubber seal, try it on a magnet ! It fits right side rear of the pin securing the rear toggle. can only be seen when stripped as the cheek piece of the body hide and retain it normally. I can't see any reason for this piece other than perhaps to reinforce the alloy body by increasing the bearing area, that part does take a bit of a hammering on blow back.


Dear Friend! This little plastic seal is from the right side of the toggle. It is placed at the right side end of the linking pin which keeps together the two part of the of the toggle mechanism. Normally, the ears of the frame cover it. This part is not on your original Luger.

Sandor from USA

I think you'll find a home for the washer that dropped out on the right hand side of the knuckle rear pin, only to be seen when stripped. I think you will find that it is in fact steel and slightly magnetic. I found this out when trying to pick it up with tweezers to place it in the back end of the barrel. Like you I had no idea where it had come from and thought it was a rubber seal. It seems to be held in by the weak magnetism. Does not seem to serve any real purpose ?


If this is the washer that I think it is, it goes at the rear of the receiver on the rear toggle pin. It goes on the side opposite of the safety.


It fits on the rear left side of the barrel assembly where the toggle pivot pokes out. You must field strip the pistol and remove the barrel assembly to see it.


The loose part is a washer that fits in a recess on the receiver to the right of the rear sight.

David Harris

How many shots do you get from the CO2 cartrage

asked Lowell



It kind of depends on your shooting style - slow or rapid fire. Most people report getting only 30 or 40 shots per cartridge. The Owner's Manual (Page 11) says the "power will noticeably decrease after 30 rounds".

David Harris

You can get two magazines and a half for every cartrigde


You can shoot two magazines and a half (more or less) for cartrigde

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