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Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol

Available in 0.1770.177Blowback, Full Metal, CO2

Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol

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The Umarex Legends pistols are faithful replicas of the original firearms. The P.08 is one of their finest examples featuring full metal construction that feels just like the famous German gun. This can even be field stripped down! (But not as far down as the original firearm). There's a reason that everyone who buys this gun gives it a 5 star review, it's just that well made.

So what excuse do you need to buy this? Let's see if we can help. Pick one or more reasons (if you need to convince yourself or someone else):

  1. You need it to maintain firearm proficiency.
  2. Steel BBs are much cheaper than loaded ammo.
  3. Your P.08 collection won't be complete without this pistol.
  4. You'll stay home instead of having to go to the range.
  5. It's a great gun for everyone in the family to shoot.
  6. This BB gun is a LOT cheaper than buying the firearm.
  7. You have an itchy finger, and relief comes by pulling triggers.
  8. There's no lead in the ammo, so it's safer.
  9. Your life won't be complete without it.
  10. You work hard and deserve to splurge every now and then.

Umarex Legends P08 Features
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semiauto
  • 21rd removable BB magazine
  • Blowback (toggle moves)
  • Single-action
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed sights
  • Full metal
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Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol
54 Reviews
70% (38)
26% (14)
2% (1)
2% (1)
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94% Recommend this product (51 of 54 responses)
By Cameron
Draper, UT
Umarex Legends P08: Airgun Depot Staff Review
October 28, 2014
The Umarex Legends P08 is near exact replica of the infamous German Pistole Parabelleum 1908 (a.k.a the 9mm P08 Luger).With an all metal construction and realistic heft you really get a sense for its heritage , hold this pistol in your hands and you can feel its history. My only complaint about the P08s construction is the grips. They are a black injection molded plastic and while I would prefer wood grips, I dont mind them but they do leave something to be desired. The P08 features a drop free magazine that contains both the CO2 cartridge and 21 rounds of your favorite BB ammunition. As with all action pistols the P08 runs through CO2 like its going out of style. I found that I got about 3 full magazines per CO2 cartridge before the gun would no longer cycle, so be sure to keep plenty of gas on hand. The trigger breaks clean at about 3lbs and has a very short reset. While I did find the reset to be a bit light for my taste the wide trigger blade and light break can make for some very quick shooting, I was able to achieve average split times of .17 seconds using my shot timer. Accuracy was about as expected; I was able to hold a group tight enough to shoot out the center of a paper target at about 10 yards. Being a smooth bore bb pistol its not going to be splitting any cards but for popping cans and steel spinners around the back yard its just about perfect. Overall, as a fun, unique, and historical plinker the P08 is hard to beat. Maybe youre a WWII reenactor looking for a convincing replica for a sidearm, maybe your grandfather kept a bring back P08 in a box under his bed that has since become a treasured family heirloom, or maybe your just looking for a ultra realistic action pistol thats a little bit different than the norm. Whatever your reason for purchasing the Umarex Legends P08, you wont be disappointed
By Frederick G.
Worth it!
February 6, 2019
I took this pistol and set it next my original made by Mauser in 1940. With a little steel wool lightly applied to the sharp edges and on the magazine removal button (not the mag release) my original has an aluminum button, and carefully rubbing some flat brown paint into the stocks-it looks real and it is about as heavy. Mine has shot well without jamming so far and the toggle remains up after the last shot. I bought an Uhlan P08 holster for about 65 bucks and it now lives there. Really fun. Trigger is nice-not like the P-38 which is a beast. Shoots accurately and is the bane of water bottles in my yard! I am going to get one for the son of a friend of mine for college graduation.
ProsIt is a PO8!
ConsIt is a PO8!
Best UsesShooting Soviet water bottles!
By Mike C.
MtClemens Michigan
P08 Review
January 28, 2019
The item is faithful to the overall size and action specs of the original P08 model Luger.
It could use wooden grips for better aesthetics, but those provided do the job.
Given the overall dimensions of the piece I believe that aftermarket wooden grips that are available could be used with a little modification to replace the plastic grips
It is a little under powered but perfectly adequate for backyard target shooting
ProsThe looks and feel are great. Accuracy is adequate for what it's designed for. The take down mirrors the actual take down for the original P08 model Luger.
ConsThe model I purchased was the blow back model. I does use up CO2 quickly. It had a very minor CO2 leak until I put a lubrication cartridge through it.
Best UsesPlinking and back yard target shooting. There is a self contained target box on the market that would be a good purchase for the serious plinker/target shooter. It was shown in the latest shot show reviews. Using this with your children will instill in them a respect for real firearms and give them training in proper shooting techniques with a pistol
By crablegs
Very Nice but underpowered
March 9, 2018
Very well made and great workmanship.
Pros-- Magazine feed for BB's are well designed, solid and easy to fill. -- Grip and trigger feels great. -- Very accurate at 15 feet. -- Slide makes for realistic action. -- Field stripping is very nice feature. -- Safety Lever is a nice feature.
Cons-- Because of the slide action feature, this gun is sadly under-powered and only good for having fun. -- The sights are hard to see to get lined up. But that's the nature of the original design and so be it. -- CO2 loading is still dependent on a hex wrench. -- Wish the front barrel bore did not show the smaller barrel inside. Give away for a BB gun when you point it at someone.
Best UsesShowcase quality and great feel in your hand.
By J-man
lopez island,wa
Worked fine for 1 CO2 cylinder but then shut down.
December 16, 2017
I was really impressed with the detail of the Luger. The weight, feel, partial breakdown were true to the real thing. I have two P08 Luger firearms so I some hands on experience. However after only one CO2 the gun shut down. It appeared the the trigger would not engage the compression release. I had to return the item for repair of replacement. I am glad that the return was authorized but I was thrilled by the $13.50 I had to pay to have the gun shipped back to the company. I hope the replacement is a little more dependable.
By Joe
Manteno, IL
the Legend Luger
December 11, 2017
Tis piece is a pretty exact replica of the real thing. and its fun to shoot it hits about dead on.
Proshefty like the real thing. accuarte plining on a short range.
Constrigger very crisp
By Harv
Castle Rock, CO
Make it "Real-er" Yet
September 27, 2017
This P.08 is incredible. I have bought several from AGD
and have some of them stored for X-mas.

To the point: What if "they" had always made a P.08 but simply "chambered" it in BB?
Well, that is it: This IS A P.08. It just "happens" to be for BB. So what can make it BETTER? Not much. But there is one thing that is not "right:" it has BLACK plastic grips. I opine that they are missing the boat by not offering this with, or making accessory after-market BROWN WOODEN ones.

WELL, unless or until, I have found a solution of sorts. I pass this on hoping that AGD will publish it:

By using Krylon Camoflauge BROWN FUSION spray on the supplied black grips, the exactly perfect BROWN
color can be put on. The fusion paint is made for plastics and permanently hardens on in 15 minutes.
The ORIGINAL P.08 had brown grips. It was so in WWI and well beyond. Now, yours can be set right, if you wish. Prepare to be amazed because--I affirm--that
even the harmonics seem to change from a plastic to a seemingly more "wooden" sound if pinged.

Note: The Krylon Fusion is perfect for touching up the WWII Collector edition AGD offers. Perfect color match.
Finally, this is not a product endorsement for paint. There may be other brands equally suited. I pass this on only because I have had what I call success with it.

If you are buying a gun for plinking, maybe there are better ones for that. But if you are interested in teaching the history of pistols to your nephew--as I am--this is as real as it gets. But you can make it even "real-er." Get one in any case. And get it from AGD who stand behind what they sell.
ProsI grew up using my Dad's P.08. I know that the Legends P.08 has (astonishingly) the same feel except it doesn't have the recoil of the original.
ConsBlack plastic grips that can be turned brown by spraying with Krylon Brown Camoflauge fusion paint! Then, the Cons are truly few and far between.
By W C.
Arlington Texas
Can't help but put a smile on my face
August 30, 2017
I anxiously awaited the arrival of my replica P.08 Luger and when at last in my hands I was not disappointed. The all metal construction gives it a satisfying heft. The toggle action increases the realism and enjoyment of this well crafted pistol. Loading the BBs and Co2 cylinders are easily accomplished and a 21 shot capacity is a real plus. I knew that the blowback action was going to come at the expense of Co2 consumpion, but we'll worth it for the "cool factor" that comes with it. There is a pleasant amount of recoil that cycling produces, along with a distinct report that borders on loud (in a good way). On two occasions something allowed the Co2 cylinder to lose the remaining contents for reasons that are not clear and there has been a couple of times when a BB didn't chamber, though still available in the magazine. Please be careful if that happens to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction while the issue is sorted out ! A few glitches notwithstanding, this replica P.08 is just plain fun to plink and shoot with.
ProsA very faithful replica of the P.08 "Luger" pistol that is affordable and extremely enjoyable to shoot. Though the blowback action increases Co2 consumption, it gives back in coolness of the overall shooting fun. That's what it's all about, right ?
ConsThe fixed sights are somewhat difficult to acquire quickly, but this isn't a target pistol it's a pretty faithful copy of the original. As mentioned above I had a few feeding problems and a couple of times that the cylinders discharged the remaining gas for, at present time, unknown reasons.
By Kyle
Durham, NC
5 Stars for Fit & Finish, 4 Stars for Accuracy & Efficiency
July 14, 2017
I picked up one of these Legends Luger Replica BB Pistols on sale last month and I must say this is a fun pistol to hit cans with in the backyard! The fit and finish of the pistol is amazing and the weight really makes it feel like the real deal. The action and magazine release function like a real firearm and the slide toggle even locks back on the last round. So that's the good part, now for the reasons I gave it 4 stars. The CO2 has to be loaded with a large Hex key (provided) so you have to bring that out when you shoot each time because a single CO2 cartridge only lasts about 2 magazines or 42 rounds. When the CO2 runs out, you'll hear a slight release of air and then you have to pull the toggle slide back and drop the bag so you can unload the last BB in the chamber. The magazine has the CO2 and 21 BBs contained within the unit and loading the BBs is done by pulling the loading slide down and dropping rounds into a hole in midway on the magazine side. Lastly, accuracy can be compared to a basic airsoft pistol at 300fps so basically you'll hit cans at about 10 feet on a good day. So don't expect to snipe anything at 30 yards like I was goofing off trying to do because you'll see the rounds fly all around the target downrange. Overall, this is an awesome blow back BB pistol and a fun way to simulate the experience of maneuvering and "shooting" a real Luger that costs over $1k USD.
ProsReliability Feels like the real thing Finish is great Weight feels great BB's are easier to load than other pistols
ConsAccuracy CO2 Efficiency Loading Process for CO2
By Philip
Portsmouth, VA
P08 Legends CO2 Blowback Pistol
May 29, 2017
I can not express enough the excitement I get from shooting this pistol. I resently attended a gun show and to my surprise one of the vendors had a 9mm PO8 on his table and let me tell you the design and weight matches 100% to the Umarex PO8 to the tee. You need an extra magazine and a speedloader to top it off.
ProsI can not say enough about this pistol it's a must have for your collection?
Great Looker. Unreliable. Like some people I know.
May 7, 2017
Wonderful replica, really great to look at and shoot.
ProsLooks Great Feel good in the hand Nice sound (but loud for the back yard)
ConsEats CO2, especially given the relatively low velocity - the blowback is a hungry beast. Unreliable mechanically. Gun stops firing and has to be forced - so lubricate a lot. That's the only reason I would not recommend.
By Carlisle W.
Hoping second chance is the charm
March 15, 2017
Bought it new. It worked well for the first two clips then started to improperly feed and jam. Then, after that issue it would go into FULL AUTO mode with the first trigger pull, not supposed to do that. So, I sent it back and a replacement is on the way. I really like the pistol and I sincerely hope the replacement works as it should.
ProsLove the realism, attention to detail and how it handles. Fun to shoot! Umarex did a good job on this repro.
ConsOnly what I mentioned in the review. If the replacement works as it should; it is differently a keeper. I love it!
By Bill
Cincinnati, OH
Amazing attention to detail!
February 20, 2017
Very impressed with the form, fit and finish of this fine pistol. The level of detail compared to the real thing is incredible.
a lot of fun to shoot. Highly recommend getting at least one additional magazine when purchasing this pistol.
Consistently get 50 shots with a 12 gram CO2 cartridge.
ConsNot crazy about the light weight plastic grips. Would love to be able to replace them with a set of wood Luger grips!
By Thomas S.
San Clemente, California
Looks Great, Feels Great, Shoots Great!
January 31, 2017
I'm not saying anything here that hasn't been said by most every other reviewer, but it does bear repeating. If you're looking for a Luger replica, stop here and buy this one now.

After a few months, I decided to "age" my P.08 to look like a WWII relic. I started out using one of those plastic dish scrubbing pads to wear the paint down, but found that it was a lot faster to use some very fine steel wool instead. Carefully wear the paint down just enough to reveal the bare metal along the edges of the details. You can also wear the white markings down just a little to make them less conspicuous. I used a light sand paper on the grips to take that sharp texture away, focusing on areas that come into contact with the hand. Actual grip wear looks like this anyway, but it makes the gun more comfortable to hold. Finally, I spray painted the grips a dark brown color, then fogged some black paint around the outer edges of the grips. The effect was pretty stunning--until you pick it up, the grips almost look like wood. I found this customization process to be almost as fun as shooting the gun itself! Tip: There are lots of places to get holsters. I chose an open-style black Fallschirmjer (paratrooper) holster that really looks cool.
ProsThis is an extremely accurate reproduction with good heft, lots of detail and true blowback action. Of all my pistols, this trigger is by far the best, with a reasonable pull, smooth action and short takeup. The Umarex P.08 is really fun to shoot.
ConsThis pistol eats CO2 like crazy. You'll get about three mag loads on a cartridge, but that's the price of admission to have such a great reproduction. I wish there was a catch on the BB follower so I didn't have to hold it open with the tip of my finger when filling it with BBs.
By sc
north dakota
good value
January 25, 2017
unbelievably realistic. for the price I am planning to buy another one. thank you.
By Steve
Pittsford, NY
The gun everyone e reaches for when they see it
January 5, 2017
What is it about a Luger? You thought they were a cool gun when you were a kid. You still think they are cool guns. Everyone does and when we're plinking in the back yard, and the Luger is on the gun table, everyone has to pick it up. Then they shoot it, feel and see the cool blowback feature, and they don't want to put it down. A very well made replica that is a lot of fun to handle and shoot.
December 7, 2016
It feels and looks exactly like the real one.
ProsExact replica.
Conssacrfifices fps for realism
By fly2mike
Pac NW
works perfectly!
November 28, 2016
Really nice gun. Super fun to shoot. This one is refurbished, and it looks fine, works fine. I apply a drop of oil to the Co2 when I install it, and a drop on the seal at the top of the magazine. I only get about 2 1/2 magazines from a Co2, so it is not the cheapest to shoot, but really worth it. Good trigger. I have been shooting the copper coated lead BB's and they work fine. Not a super accurate pistol, it is smoothbore, but it is definitely acceptable for the money, and for short range it will hit a pop can consistently. No leaks so far!
Consthe same disadvantage of all Co2 guns, cold weather does not help.
By Ron
East Greenville, PA
Beautiful reproduction.
November 4, 2016
Looks like the real thing. Love the toggle action and trigger.
ProsGreat handling gun (like original). With practice quite accurate. Easy to load gas and bbs. Just a fun gun, one of my favorite air gun reproductions.
By James
Willmar, MN
The P08, nothing else brings to mind the German army
October 25, 2016
If you want to start your CO2 buying spree start with the PO8 (Luger) I have owned real Lugers and am truly amazed with the accuracy that Umarex has brought to the market. It is impossible to disappoint any classic pistol lover with this pistol. A real find in a pistol that loves to be held and gazed at, and one that is reasonably priced, well made, functions like a dream. and shoots well too.
ProsThis pistol is just ALL Pros, Of all the CO2 BB and pellet pistols I have bought this is away the nicest
ConsBlack plastic grips just do NOT make it with this pistol. To solve the problem I painted them with dark brown Testor flat enamel. With the black finish on the pistol the grips look very nice is dark brown.
By Robert
Great replica!
October 24, 2016
For back yard plinking the is a great gun. I have 2 P08 9mm Lugers and one in .30. This is a very close replica in size and heft. It does feel a tad wider than the real thing, but I imagine that cant be avoided due to the CO2 capsule. This is becoming one of the duaghters favorites.
ProsLook, Heft, Build quality.
ConsTrigger a bit heavy because of the moving barrel, but not more so than other guns of similar action.
By Richard M.
October 17, 2016
Great gun, feels great in your hand, hard to put down once you start shooting
ProsWell made, easy to use and shoot
ConsPlastic grips, only negative about this gun.
By Charles
September 11, 2016
I got to shoot my new to me, P-08. This is a really fun gun. The first shot the toggle jumped up in my sight picture. I wasn't ready for that, but you get used to it. The magazine for the BB's is really easy to load. The targets show some shooting. The first target is with the Hornady black diamond BB's. Second target is with the copper coated Smart BB's. Last target was the Remington BB's. These are the 3 kinds of BB's the gun seamed to like. I shot 5 different kind of BB's. The worst was the Daisy bulk from Walley world. It also did not like the Daisy Avanti BB's. Going to try it some more tonight with the Remington. I'm getting 50+ shots out of a Lealand CO2 cart. I only load 10 shots at a time. Shoot 5 let it set, then shoot the other 5. Makes the fun last a little longer.
ProsLots of fun. Received the gun, Allen wrench and instructions with my referb.
ConsI have shot 5 carts through it so far and have no cons.
By John
Ithaca NY
Most amazing replica
August 26, 2016
This is my favorite replica. The fact that it is an air gun is secondary to me. I can't believe that Umarex actually worked out blowback for the toggle. I have plenty of guns for shooting. This one is to look at, fondle, and impress friends.
ProsMagnificent replica. If I could only have one, this would be it.
ConsTook 3 tries to get a working refurb. If you're not patient, buy new.
By LeRoy R.
Rapid City, SD
Shoots like the real thing.
August 23, 2016
I have not had a chance to shoot it a lot but I am impressed by my trial shooting. It is fun to shoot and works like the real thing. It is well made and accuate. I will try to comment more later when I have shot it more.
ProsThis is an unbelievably nice replica of the Luger in appearance and function.
ConsMaybe wood grips would be nice if possible.
By Guy H.
Glen Arm, MD
Accurate replica
August 23, 2016
Shoots well. Very accurate.
By walter
fantastic gun
August 17, 2016
This gun looks and feels like the real thing. I like it a lot. blowback is great and it locks back on the last bb. the only drawback is that a 6inch barrel isn't available.
By Randy
Umarex Lugar
August 16, 2016
fun to shoot, very realistic and, of course, you can shoot all day for a couple of buck. I actually bought two, one for me and one for my brother-in-law who shoots real guns. He said life like guns are great when you can't shoot the real thing. We are both very pleased with the guns.
By Bernie
Seattle WA
Nice Replica, but
August 4, 2016
Its a very nice replica, but it fails to load on occasion when rapid firing. Goes through CO2 quickly. I still in joy it.
ProsFun Nice Replica feels real
ConsRequires allen wrench to change CO2 Failure to load BBs on occation
By Drew
Just buy it already
August 3, 2016
This thing is great. I will never be able to afford a real luger but this is a great stand in. It even semi disassembles!
ProsGreat feel and operation
ConsNone, maybe uses lots of co2 pet shot vs some others
By Richard S.
Austin, Texas
Umarex P08 refurbished
July 7, 2016
Can't tell its not brand new. No marks. Functions flawlessly. I like it.
ProsCan't tell it from brand new. Don't know what was done to refurbish it but it was perfectly done.
ConsNone found
By Pete
Gatliburg, TN
Great Feel and Action
June 30, 2016
I was very surprised for the weight, feel, and power of this gun. Much more powerful than I expected. I cleared the squirrels that had been climbing up my house and causing damage. Accurate aim and feel. Sorry squirrels - find another place to play!!
Orlando FL.
Unbelievable, Awesome replica!
June 18, 2016
Really good quality like everything this company does. (Umarex) Ill admit things got off to a rocky start. I picked it up loved the way it felt. I shot 3 rounds a my target. Then the Co2 discharged (all the air blow out). I put in another CO2 canister, and the second one had the same problem. I sent it back to amazon who diverted it to Airgundepot. [...]
They responded right away with an online form. I liked the gun so well that I took a chance that maybe it was just a fluke. So on the form I indicated that I wanted a REPLACEMENT and not a refund. I tracked it online (FedEx) and got another one in maybe a couple of weeks. I think it was the same gun just a replacement mag. And yes Im VERY happy with his product! To have not spent a fortune, the attention to detail blows me away! A firearms historian once said that putting a Luger in your hand was like putting on a glove and he would be correct. I would give it five stars accept I haven't had it long enough!
By Jonathan
Kissimmee, Florida
Refurb P08
June 5, 2016
When I received this item it didn't come in it's original packaging. However, the contents are basically the same as what you'd find in the original.

The refurb condition wasn't bad by any means, the only scratch I found was a spot on the top of the toggle slide and it's small so it doesn't irritate me. The gun fed and cambered correctly and fired more accurately than I expected. Others have said it's not that accurate, but mine was getting centered 1in groups at around 20ft consistently. I'm very pleased to see the realistic markings and takedown on this gun. At the time I posted this review I've already fired over 600 and still goes without a major hitch. Sometimes I have to make sure the magazine is tightly secured in the right place so it feeds well. The trigger pull is short and crisp, a lot better than the non-blowback version. I get about 60 good shots with one cartridge. The Magazine overall is very well designed, my only complaint is that the bb follower doesn't lock anywhere and you end up having to tightly hold it down while loading bbs. Lubricating this gun is a must as its parts are sensitive, and this well keep it operating correctly.
ProsRealistic details and operation Nice crisp trigger Fantastic blowback Action
ConsRelatively expensive to shoot and maintain. Magazines are pricey
By Daniel
Hemet, CA
Refurbished good as new
April 16, 2016
The refub I bought was good as new and I love shooting it. I bought a ww2 replica P08 holster and it fits great, even the spare mag fits. It's a FUN gun!!!
ProsBlowback, C02 in the magazine
ConsThe black plastic grips.
By 1SG G.
You Want to Buy The Blowback Version
March 30, 2016
I Have Both Versions of the PO8 BB Pistol. Both Shoot Very Accurate and Blowback's Trigger is Way Better. Both Are Fun to Shoot. Get Almost Double Shoots out CO2 Cartridge with None Blowback. To Me worth Extra CO2 to Shoot Blowback Version. My Favorite BB Pistol to Shoot.
ProsHigh Quality Realistic Weight Realistic Action Super Accurate Great Price Super Fun Gun To Shoot !!!
By Anon
Massacusetts, USA
Nice gun for recreation and plinking.
March 3, 2016
I went ahead and got this as I felt I was missing out on the blow-back function of this gun.
Pros*One of the most realistic airguns on the market *Nice blow-back toggle action *Full metal dropout magazine *Overall great build quality
Cons*Expect to only get 3 1/2 mags worth of good shots *White markings on barrel kill this gun's appearance *As the real model, it requires much more maintenance and care. It's intricate parts must be lubricated! *I saw another reviewer about his P.08 that broke around the valve section, this happened to my first one as well. It seems KWC overlooked that part of the gun's function, as over time this part wears off and eventually cracks and breaks. The valve striker is unable to work properly at that point. Everything else on the gun fortunately didn't break as that part did, I hope they remedy this issue in the future.
By anthony
webster, fl
Refurbished, Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol
January 30, 2016
At first I had my reservations on purchasing a refurbished pistol. That said, I couldn't tell the difference between that and a new one. It feels and functioned as a real P08 would and I am very happy with this. Allows me to keep practiced on the cheap.
Prosblow back, weight and function as the real deal.
Conscan't think of any
By Bruce A.
Great gun! Looks great and it is so realistic....
October 31, 2015
Great bargain price on the Refurb, but it would have been nice to know that it may not come with the original factory box or not.. (mine did not.. but was well packed in a plain small brown box in the shipping box..)
But ultimately it's what inside that counts. (It did come with instructions, but they are very minimal..)
FYI for buyers, a small "R" is stamped on it on the side but it is not very noticeable.
Still works the same and mine was in fantastic shape.
I'd gladly buy another refurbished one if I thought I wanted another one of these guns.
ProsRealistic look and operation
ConsThe Refurb did not come with original factory box. This is not mentioned in the ad.
By Todd
Magnolia, Texas
Umarex Legends P08
October 25, 2015
I could not be more pleased with both the looks and performance of this pistol. Immediately out of the box I knew this was a great purchase as I was amazed by the look and feel of this pistol. I own several authentic Luger pistol and this pistol provides the same thrill as do my real ones. I will begin by stating how impressed I was with the Airgundepot's advertised prices and the ease in which I was able to shop and navigate about their website. When it came to checking out to make my purchase that process was also incredibly easy and fast. Shipping was extremely fast as well as I received my pistol within days. Insofar as the PO8 is concerned, this pistol is absolutely a beautiful piece of art that operates superbly. The blow-back function operates identically to the real Luger thereby providing the thrill and experience of firing the real pistol. What a joy this pistol brings to my life and I do not regret the purchase on bit.
ProsThe pistol has the look and feel of the real PO8. The pistol's blow-back function truly adds to the experience. The PO8 is a wonderfully crafted pistol that makes a proud addition to my collection.
ConsI do not offer the following comments as a negative but rather as a personal want and/or desire. I wish this pistol could be outfitted with either heavier plastic grips or genuine wood grips. Although attractive and functional, the plastic grips that come on the pistol are light weight. I would also like to see the availability of purchasing extra magazines for this pistol. Despite the aforementioned comments, I would highly recommend the purchase of this pistol to anyone looking to buy an affordable alternative to an authentic Luger PO8 pistol. It is genuinely a thrill to shoot and a joy to own.
By rle
Great product
October 17, 2015
Fit and finish excellent. I was very happy to see that Umarex did a great job.
By John W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Love this pistol
September 8, 2015
Very nice indeed....
By Charles C.
Umarex Legends P08 Luger Blowback CO2 BB Air Pistol, Full Metal
August 28, 2015
Great gun, fun to shoot.
By Joseph F.
Prospect Park PA
July 14, 2015
The blow back is fun! Very realist in the shape and size Wish it had a little more power.
ProsNice correct feal.
ConsNot so fast bb speed.
By Marco
June 26, 2015
Love the real breakdown action and the blow back action if the toggle. I have a real one from 1915 and this feel is right.
ConsNeed better /heavier grips. You can feel the hollowness.
By John X.
Baltimore, Md.
General Review of the PO-8 Luger
June 25, 2015
I purchased the Blowback version when it first came out in January of this year (2015). The first thing I did was to compare it's feeling in my hands. It's weight and handling were
So close to meine Father's Luger , with my eyes shut, Ich could not tell them apart. Das ist prema! Sorry, I'LL try not to use my home language again. There is absolutely no difference between the firearm and this gun except the ammo used and it's Co2 internal construction. And, of course, the metal it is made of. If you have never shot the Firearm version, you don't know what you'really missing until you pay $1.35 per round for the real thing. My Father's weapon is still well blued and has Wooden grips with the Eagle engraved on both sides. I'LL treasure it forever. My father was an " OBERSTLEUTNANT " IN THE GERMAN AIR FORCE during WW II . The Luger is part of his uniform.
I would like to find a way to get more power ( feet per second ) out of my Umarex PO-8, if possible. So, if anyone can help me, I will greatly appreciate their kindness.
Thank you,

Pros A perfect Replica to the firearm version. I can find no outward difference.
ConsNone except the lack of wood grips and low power output.
By Wade
Cambridge, MA
Had a great few months of plinking
June 12, 2015
But, last time I took it out to play, it jammed, and, something broke in the loader/chamber portion. I totally stripped the pieces out and discovered two small broken tabs, just under where the CO2 nozzle enters the chamber part. Looks like I'll be getting another one, because it really is fun to shoot this gun.
ProsVery realistic. In my humble opinion, the P08 is the best looking pistol ever made, although the Colt Woodsman comes close. The white letters and markings on the gun don't annoy me.
ConsAs others have mentioned, you go through cartridges like crazy, and the blowback means reduced velocity. The last dozen or so BBs on a cartridge are barely moving, or so it seems. Extra magazines are absurdly expensive compared to others, and there is no lock on the slider, so you have to hold it while loading up BBs. Picture I uploaded is the piece that broke.
By Chris C.
Cincinnati, OH
Legends PO8 Luger
June 1, 2015
Very realistic look and feel of the Luger firearm. Toggle action cycling adds to authenticity. Lots of fun but do not expect anything better than typical BB gun accuracy.
ProsVery realistic and great fun.
ConsBB gun accuracy. Expensive but very high quality.
By John
La Mesa, CA
Fun Gun with fantastic Blow-Back
March 5, 2015
The gun is an absolute blast!! I would highly recommend this!! Hold a bit of history in your hand. The trigger pull is amazing and I have no negatives! I own about 50 diffirent airguns and this is one of my favorites!!
ProsMetal construction, blow-back action, smooth/light trigger pull
By William
Oklahoma City, OK
A blast to shoot!
February 27, 2015
Accurate, fun to shoot.
ProsAccurate. Feels like the real article.
ConsGoes through CO2 because of blowback action, but this was expected.
By Sandor
Mohegan Lake, NY
Excellent, almost the same as the original...
December 17, 2014
This is a very realistic replica of the P-08 pistol. The parts are numbered with the same number as the original (but the number is the same all unit, not the last two digits of the serial number as on the original :) You can take it apart, you can study the unusual toggle mechanism.

Despite its smooth bore, in close range surprisingly accurate. It is working well without any malfunction.
ProsVery realistic, accurate, a piece of military history.
ConsIt would be better with a wooden grip, like the original. Like any other realistic blow back airgun, use much CO2.
By David
Sun City, AZ
A Luger relica with blowback
December 5, 2014
The Umarex Legends Model 2251803 is one of the most accurate replicas of the P08 Parabellum available today. Although it is nearly twice the price of the other non-blowback Umarex Legends P08 (Model 2251800), it is so realistic in looks and functionality that if it weren't for the ugly white paint markings it would very difficult to tell it from the real thing.
ProsFull blowback with last shot hold-open. Full size dropout magazine that also holds the CO2 cartridge. Very smooth true single action trigger.
ConsLow (~300 fps) muzzle velocity. Very high CO2 usage. Appearance marred by glaring white paint markings.
By Doug M.
Palatine, IL
A great product!
October 24, 2014
Added this P-08 replica to my collection and it's great fun to shoot. Unlike my real firearms this one can be used indoors anytime. Functions just like the real P-08 which adds to the entertainment and reality.
By Bruno
Paradise, CA
Beautiful Replica
October 8, 2014
Just got this gun a few days ago. Love the weight and the handling. The blowback works great, empty a full load and it will stay up like my real guns. be sure to read how to line up the sights to get accurate shots. CO2 Load with the bb in the drop down magazine (should have bought an extra one), keep the Allen wrench handy. Great Price and Great replica. As Usual Airgun Depot did a great job.
ProsGood all around replica
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