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Definitive Guide to Umarex Notos

The trend of compact yet fully capable airguns is alive and well with the Umarex Notos, a .22 caliber micro pcp carbine by Umarex USA. This compact airgun has more than a few tricks up its sleeves. Let's take an in-depth look at all that this little rifle has to offer.
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Detailed Review

Umarex ships the Notos configured as a rifle, but for those who would like to run it as a PCP pistol, there are Notos grips and open sights available. This article will focus on the Notos as it comes out of the box.

The Notos ships disassembled but is a snap to put together. Shooters will just need to slide the grip and adjustable stock assembly onto the metal grip frame. There are four screws to secure and complete the assembly.

The rear stock consists of a standard AR-style buffer tube and adjustable buttstock. It appears to be a standard mil-spec thread, so users could certainly swap it out and customize it down the road.

As we move forward, you'll find the cocking lever on the left side of the action. This unique design has the cocking arm seamlessly integrated into the frame keeping a slim profile. The top of the receiver is fitted with a full-length Picatinny rail. This is where you would mount additional accessories like the optional Umarex fiber optic sights or possibly some AR Style flip-up sights.

The 11.75-inch rifled steel barrel is shrouded and fitted with a non-removable suppressor. The whole package is very effective, producing DB numbers in the mid-80s in our non-scientific testing environment.

Under the barrel you'll find the air cylinder. Its operating pressure is 250 bar or 3625 PSI. It's not very large, making it ideal for hand pumping. There's a built-in pressure gauge at the front to track how much pressure is left. Because the Notus is regulated, the shot count was better than expected. We'll get to the specifics in the performance and accuracy section.

Backing up to the trigger for a minute, it's usable. Out of the box, it breaks at about four pounds. There's an adjustment screw, but we did not tamper with it because the paperwork on the site states that the trigger is NOT ADJUSTABLE. The first stage is light enough, and there's only a little bit of second-stage travel, so while heavier than we would normally like, we had no issues keeping on target. There's a simple cross-bolt safety integrated into the trigger blade.

Before filling your Notos with air and pellets, you'll need to select an optic or install open sights. The fact that you have both as an option is unique with today's airguns. The long rail should allow for better accuracy with open sights due to the additional spacing between the front and rear sights.

We look forward to putting flip-up sights on our Umarex Notos just for giggles, but most of us will want to run an optic or red dot. Fortunately, the mag does not rise too high from the receiver, so you don't need to run high mounts unless you want them. There's a ton of flexibility here, so pick the scope that suits your needs and budget and have fun.

You need to open the cocking lever to remove or install the Notos magazine. Once you replace the magazine and close the cocking lever, the Notos is ready to fire. So, ensure you always have your safety engaged when you are not shooting.

Let's get our Notos ready to shoot. First, the air cylinder needs to be filled to 250 Bar / 3625 PSI for optimal results. It uses a fill probe that's already compatible with quick disconnect fitting, so there's no need for an adaptor, which is great.

Next, we need to load our 7-shot magazine. The Umarex Notos also ships with a Notos single shot tray for those who want that option. The rotary magazine is spring-loaded and automatically advances to the next pellet when you cycle the cocking lever.

The trigger, as mentioned above, breaks at around 4 pounds but is predictable and perfectly acceptable for sporting applications. However, bench shooters may find it too heavy for their use.

Performance and Accuracy

Remember when we mentioned that the Notos had a few tricks up its sleeves? Here's where we get to take our first look at them. We've already mentioned that the Notos is regulated, but it's the shot count combined with the power output that got our attention.

The Notos delivers 21 shots on the reg. That's three full mags out of essentially a big pistol. It does start to drop at the end of the third mag, but it's still very usable. We'd recommend filling up after two mags for the most consistency. Here are our results shooting 15.89 JSB domed pellets:

21 shots:

  • High - 775
  • Low - 745
  • Average 766
  • Spread - 30
  • STD Dev - 8.6

14 shots:

  • High - 775
  • Low - 765
  • Average 771
  • Spread 10
  • STD Dev - 3.1

We'd like to point out that the website states the max velocity as 700 FPS. However, on the box, Umarex puts the max velocity at 780 FPS. Seeing that we were testing with 15.89 Grain JSBs and not 11.9 Grain RWS Hobby Pellets, seeing a 775 high was WAY over our promised velocity. Our Notos averaged over twenty foot-pounds, getting close to twenty-two foot-pounds with heavier pellets.

So not only did we get a great shot count, but we also got great consistency, which achieved greater velocity and power than advertised. But all that doesn't matter if you can't hit the target.

Fortunately, the good times kept rolling as the Notos did not disappoint in the accuracy department. We shot the 15.89 JSB and the 15.89 Hades at 30 yards in breezy conditions. The results were consistent, with the 15.89 JSB Domed pellets always doing slightly better than the 15.89 Hades. However, we recommend running the Hades if you plan on hunting small game. The difference in accuracy could be seen as margin of error. These are a couple of good examples from our accuracy testing.

Summing Up

Let's go ahead and wrap this up. With loads of features like a regulated valve, a very quiet shrouded and moderated barrel, high shot count, and over-performing power output, we predict that the Notos will be a heavy hitter in the entry-level PCP airgun market. Additionally, it can be customized using various AR-Style stocks, and the full-length rail can be fitted with open sights or low-profile lasers and lights. Last but not least, shooters can purchase the grips and sights to convert the Notos into a 20+ foot-pound pistol for only a few bucks.

Be sure to check out all the other specifics about the Umarex Notos pcp carbine on our website. And if you have more questions like "what is the best way to fill it" or "what's a good optic?" Please give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you pull together the right Notos package for your needs.