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UTG Shadow Ops Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black

UTG Shadow Ops Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black

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The UTG MK96 Rifle is based on the L96 sniper rifle that is issued to the snipers of the British Army and other various special operations organizations from all over the world. This airsoft replica comes ready to turn you into a true airsoft sniper. It features an adjustable cheek rest and a 20mm scope mount that makes the addition of a scope an ease. And, the spring power bolt is surprisingly easy to pull back for a airsoft gun that is shooting 430-460fps right out of the box. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed grip and stock make this rifle extremely comfortable for the user to keep it trained on target.

  • One Piece Precision Metal Barrel
  • Adjustable Hop-up System
  • High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
  • Effective Long Range Shooting
  • Complete Picatinny Mounting Rail Systems UTG Deluxe Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod Complete With Cleverly Designed Tri-Rail
  • Bipod Adaptor
  • Includes Spare Magazine
  • Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
  • Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling
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  • ManufacturerUTG
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity475 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight8.5
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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UTG Shadow Ops Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black
45 Reviews
91% (41)
9% (4)
0% (0)
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0% (0)
9% Recommend this product (4 of 45 responses)
By chase
Virginia, yorktown
September 12, 2016
Does it come with a scope
By Will
Riverside, CA
July 13, 2014
UTG Shadow Ops Black Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle
I like this bad boy,, easy to shoot and the weight is great in my opinion.
shoots well with heavier bbs get .36 in my opinion too. .28 are good indoors and with no air blowing outdoors.
I'm getting really good shots at 30 yards, again really fun sniper with a decent scope and we shot over 1,200 bbs and got only one jam (easy fix anyways) nothing to worry about when parting it (really easy to put together and part when needed.
HAVE FUN (put on some eye protection)
Prosfun easy to deal with shoots well with good bbs
Consno storage! flimsy tripod holder thingy design tripod itself is flimsy too but gets the job done
By angel
May 5, 2013
utg shadow ops black bolt action airsoft rifle
made of sturdy material great range and very easy to carry around i highly suggest this to snipers
Consonly two clips
By Valarie
Murfreesboro, TN
April 27, 2013
Best Sniper for the Money
I have owned this sniper rifle for years now and I it has never malfunctioned. It is very accurate with the heavier ammo (.2 and higher) and extremely powerful for an airsoft gun. The scope makes for a very accurate shot and adds to its great look and feel. The bipod is easily removed or attached and very stable. The clips are speed loadable and look/feel very realistic. The gun is slightly heavy due to all the quality metal parts, but it is easy to cock.
ProsLots of quality metal parts, speed loadable, incredibly realistic, high capacity mags, bipod, scope, quiet shots, accurate, powerful
ConsSlightly heavy
By wily
June 6, 2010
great acurrate gun can hit quarter 9 out of 10 times with .28 from 15 feet but only con was it comes with 2 mags and one of mine dosent work :(
By cat22
May 7, 2010
its an great gun
By Anon E. Mouse
May 5, 2010
Worth It
Well this gun is great. I ordered it on a Friday and got it in a week. The Pros to this gun far outweigh the Cons.

- Strong Sturdy Material
- Very Accurate while maintaining Power and Range
- Bolt slides very smoothly

- Hard to Load during a battle

Conclusion- I would recommend this gun to any airsoft enthusiast.
By fluffy
March 30, 2010
this is great gun the fps is like 450
By killer X
March 29, 2010
bad wind
hey its me again my friends Jack and Aidin had a 2 on 3 war and i learnd not to find a snipping post in the middle of a war. i stuck my head out and sniped, but the wind blew the projectile to the right. Aidin was in my tree house and heared the nois so i duced behind my tree. i was about 50 ft. away and stuck my head out and he hit me with his 400 fps. shoot gun. over all don't have an airsoft war in wind. a grate gun at a great price. if your lucky and get it, get the scope on the accessories list. best sniper in my opinion. GOOD LUCK AND PLAY SAFE!
By Zademan22
March 27, 2010
Best Sniper Rifle
If you are looking for a airsoft sniper, this is the one to get. Despite the price, this gun is amazing. Has the longest range of any of the airsoft guns I've seen.

"Stopping Power"- 400 FPS!

Slow rate of Fire (bolt action)
By Im a Ninja
March 22, 2010
This gun is so amazing. I just got it and it shoots great. Although I only have .20g bbs, Im getting .28g to make my gun more accurate. Cant wait to practice shooting some more. Although its heavy, it feels nice, looks really nice, and I love it. Great gun. Anyone who has the money to get it I suggest it.
By killer X
February 27, 2010
supper range
i shot can after can at 100 yards and shot threw them...all the way!!!!!:-)
By blablabla
February 26, 2010
By kevin
February 22, 2010
the best sniper
i think a snipers job to be a sarp shooter and the eyes of the force so to do that you need a good gun and this one fits your need i have this gun and it is very good and if you do not mind the price get it
By Ernie
February 7, 2010
Just ok
when first day i received this gun, i was so pissed off by incredible worst accuracy. After check, i found the red cap barricade muzzle of barrel!! So, BB will hit the cap and go no where. Once i removed the cap, this gun restores the accuracy it should have. In a word, nice gun, bad manufacture!!
By sam
January 28, 2010
this gun was accurate with .28s i was shooting at a cup at 60 yards i would have hit it if it was not dark. get the scope recommended.
By t
January 22, 2010
nice gun
this gun is amazing and i trief to shout out on my porch and it bounced off of fence 55 yards anway and came back at me. it broke the skin and it hurts all of my friends.
January 8, 2010
this gun is awsome i got it last week and last night i wanted to test it so i put up a thick blanket and shot it from about 10 yards away and it left a nickle size ring where i hit it but YOU NEED A SCOPE!this DOES NOT COME WITH A SCOPE SO BUY ONE.the only bad thing is you have to put it together when you get it.
By Sam
December 10, 2009
Hay guys, I was just out shooting my gun. It was not that accurate with .2s. Suggest .3 or higher. you will lose range but who cares. If you try to it a guy from 100yards miss now he know were you are and rushes you. 50 yard miss and if you miss agian then he on top of you with a aeg.:( dead but if you hit him before can reach u becouse u have a bb thast goes straight u will be alive to make the next shot.
By airsoft monster
December 4, 2009
This gun is great. The sniper scope that you can buy which is the leapers one is ok. This sounds weird but i highly reccomend putting a red dot for short to medium range NOT LONG RANGE. It is extremely accurate even more accurate then the leapers.
By steve
November 16, 2009
i killed a gopher with it from about 10 feet right thrw the head
October 30, 2009
This gun is amazing
me and some friends were having a 4 vs. 4 airsoft war and i shot a coke can out of my friends hand from 90 yards with .25 gram bbs it went through the can and welted his hand so bad he dropped his 300 dollar JG!
By Mr, Mistery
October 15, 2009
NIce Gun
OK,i agree with everyone else on the good stuff. SO i am going to tell u the bad stuff. 1st the clips get stuck every once in a while. So far i have found it helps to make sure your hand is not blocking the clip from coming out. 2nd The bolt is kind of hard to pull back. 3rd this could be good and bad it is extremly heavy. I do suggest getting the scope. without it the gun is still goo but not as good. Also this gun is a sniper riffle so when u are shooting it out with your friend u might want to keep your distance. U might want to bye extra clips to. I did and have found them useful. Just a tip DONT SHOOT ANYTHING OF YOUR MOMS CLOSE UP. IT WILL GO SRAIGHT THROUGH IT. I shot a flag. Now that flag has a bullet hole through it. Enjoy the gun!!! Hope this helps. (just becouse this is all nagative does not mean i dont like it....I love it great gun!!!!)
By usher
September 18, 2009
this gun is awesome, if your looking for a great sniper rifle at a good price this is the gun to get!
By A2Bs
August 28, 2009
Very Sick
I was in a large 8 v 8 airsoft battle... Me with my utg vs. their guy with echo 1 M4 carbine... who won... me. He poked his head out at around 250 feet away and i hit him right between the eyes. It broke skin and he still has a scar to this day. With .30 gram bbs it is more accurate than my 250 dollar pellet gun. It is amazing!
By JCarr1996
July 23, 2009
This Gun Rocks
This gun is just amazing for any snipers it has the accuracy and power you want from a sniper i shot my friend from 320ft ad it still broke skin its amazing in battle but i highly recomend getting a leapers true strength 4x32mm scope and a scropian for a side arm overal its great go buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By linted
July 7, 2009
the best
this gun is the best i was shooting at some targets my dad made and it went throught them and put big dents in the wood fence behind them. i reconmend this gun to all beginers and pros this gun is sweet
By Garrett randol wade
June 22, 2009
So cool
I just love it. It is very powerful bb gun. I love it.
By Mr.X
April 29, 2009
Airsoft freak, April 29,09
This airsoft gun is wicked fast I highly recommend it the only thing that i've heard from my friends that The sling that comes with it breaks and if your gun falls it could break
By tom
April 28, 2009
This gun is the best once i made a major bruise on a kid at 105 yards it is a must have for every airsoft sniper who loves going hardcore
By Thomas
April 1, 2009
I haven't taken it into a battle yet but I will this weekend. From where I can tell it has awsome power so much that .20 gram BB's dont work not even .25. I have ordered 30 gram. I have my hop up turned all the way down and the BB's are still flying high and to the right. I noticed a large improvement from the .20 to the .25 so I hope the .30 will be even better. So far I am in love with it and can't wait to shoot somebody.
By dug
March 28, 2009
there are a lot of air soft guns out there,but his one is one of the best out there. and it hurts like hell.
By gone
March 28, 2009
its got a crazy shot and it hurts like hell.
By nathan
February 26, 2009
does it come with bbs, and what bbs are compatible with this gun, will onyl .20, .25, .28s work, or will .12s work as well, (considering jamming)
By Dude
December 28, 2008
Best of the best
If you want a semi-cheap, professional grade rifle I extremely recommend this gun. It is definitely worth the price. It's perfect for long range shots with .20 gram bb's and very powerful. This is definitely the best gun I have!
By sniper
December 24, 2008
very nice
This gun kicks but!, the only troubles im having with it right now is that the clips keep getting jammed, so its hard to put in the gun also some of the bolts get loose which make the gun unusable untill you screw them tight again but other wise i given my friends some huge welts!
By Dude
October 11, 2008
Pretty Sweet Gun. With a scope its unstoppable.
By lee
October 11, 2008
awsome i just wish it came with a scope
By rocky
September 14, 2008
its a very cool gun i like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Robert
September 12, 2008
I think it so good at long range shoots and it is so good at running shoots.
By Joe
August 7, 2008
This gun is the best that i have. I used this to shoot targets and for some battles. It is extremely durable and is great fun. It is great for long range shooting too. Overall this is a great gun and a must have.
By Frankie
June 15, 2008
i have a great time using it with my firends.... its very durable and a little on the heavy side. i have a blast using it
By beef
June 12, 2008
this is a powerfull yet acurate sniper very much recomended by me
By bs
June 4, 2008
Awsome gun
Unlike other snipers thisone kicks Ass! I shot my brother across a football field and still broke skin!
November 30, -0001
shadow ops
This gun is awesome you need a sniper get this one. It goes really far and is very accurate.

Recommended: scope, u don't need it but it definitely helps.

Cons: the price is high but worth it
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By Max.R.Kartoredjo from SURINAME, SELDERIESTRAAT 20,PARAMARIBO. on February 24, 2012
Is this UTG SHADOW OPS AIR SOFT RIFLE WITHOUT TELESCOOP FOR THE SALE PRICE OF $159.95 or what is price with an scoop . Can this UTG SHADOW also use PELLETS.
By Staff on March 1, 2012

No scope is included, this will only shoot air soft bbs.

By Conner from Fort bragg, NC on February 25, 2012
It says scope not included. WHat scope does it need and how much is it?
By Staff on March 5, 2012

It needs a airgun scope, any from our sight will do fine.

By Andrew from Huntington,Indiana on July 5, 2012
how much is shipping & handeling

By Staff on July 6, 2012

Hello Andrew,
The price of shipping usually depends on what you order. We do have a shipping calculator on our website as you go to check out. Let me know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By jesus from north chicago on May 7, 2012
How bad does it hurt in a scale of 1 -10?

By Staff on May 9, 2012

1-7 all depending on range

By Dominic from Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 28, 2012
What do you think in general? difficulty of bolt to work? malfunctions? any concerns in general?
By Linda from Scranton, PA on March 6, 2012

Bought this gun for my 12 year old son. Bolt was stiff right after purchase but loosens up with use. Bolt has never jammed.

By JJ from Battle on February 29, 2012
Is this gun legal in the UK due to its colour?
By Staff on March 5, 2012

It is up to the customer to know if the item is legal in there area.

By Leo from Miami,Florida on July 11, 2012
I need a high powered scope, battery pack and ammo pack what would you recommend?
By kyle from spanish fork utah on July 16, 2012

I would recommend the UTG 1" 3-12X40 Full Size AO Mil-dot RGB Zero Locking/Resetting Scope. Its a good one.

By arthur from aus NSW on February 15, 2012
can this rifle be shipped to australia (NSW)?
By Staff on February 23, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By Caliel from São Paulo, Brasil on April 10, 2012
Do you ship to Brasil????
By Staff on April 16, 2012

Hello, We do in fact ship to Brazil.

By Thomas Snoeck from Belgium, Lokeren on November 20, 2011
If you buy the UTG Shadow Ops Black Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, does the gun comes with a tripod and a scope?
By lolao from New York,New York on December 27, 2011

Yes it does i have this gun and i am a airsoft war champ XD

By Marko M. from Chicago, Illinois on April 29, 2012
What about the range of this rifle? How far does it shoot?
By Chris from Charlotte, North Carolina on May 2, 2012

This guns range is great! I can easily hit a body size target at 100 ft with .30 g bb's, and thats with the hop-up all the way down. I suggest the recommended scope and nothing lower than .25 g bb's. It's a great gun for the price.

By Marko M. from Chicago, Illinois on April 29, 2012
Does it come with a scope? And if not, what kind should I get? This is my first time trying out an Airsoft sniper and I've got no idea what's the deal with a scope. Thanks.

By ryan from ny on February 21, 2012
does this gun come with a scope or do you have to buy it seprate?

By Staff on February 28, 2012

This rifle dose not come with a scope.

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