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Walther CP88BC Competition Pellet Pistol

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Walther CP88BC Competition Pellet Pistol

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Walther has been manufacturing real firearm rifles and pistols since 1886 and they are transferring that well known reliability and grace now to the airgun market. Walther Arms has contracted Umarex to produce these amazing Co2 Pistols to exact specifications, such as dimension and weight, to replicate the actual fire arm that they copy.

The Walther CP88 is a fantastic Co2 Air Pistol that features a single and double action trigger, an 8-round rotary clip that is easy to load, a fully functioning safety and discreet Co2 storage so the gun retains is amazing looks and feel Normally used in 25 foot competition shooting the CP88 Co2 air pistol is both accurate, powerful and extremely fun to use.

This model uses a 2 inch external compensator and a 6 inch barrel. This will increase your shot velocity and the accuracy of your pistol.

CP 88 BLUED ("Blued" is a term that means it was treated with black oxide. The result is a black finish.)

The Walther CP88 features a frame-mounted thumb safety, rifled steel barrel, rear sights are adjustable for windage, contoured checkered grips, serrated slide assembly all packaged in a foam lined hard side case.
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Walther CP88BC Competition Pellet Pistol
16 Reviews
63% (10)
31% (5)
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6% (1)
75% Recommend this product (12 of 16 responses)
By James
Rochester NY
this is a great gun!
July 1, 2018
I got a good 80 shots from 1 CO2 cartridge. Has very good power. Very dependable piercing system.
Great quality metal gun with very good magazines. This gun is the one to have for sure.
I am so happy I purchased one!
ProsAs they are making many more BB guns than pellet co2 pistols and the newer pistols have weak fps makes this gun a must have. Really love the weight. fire power.
ConsI cannot think of any cons.
By Greg S.
Adirondacks, New York
Very nice pistol for the money.
May 3, 2018
Don't be disillusioned thinking you're going to be doing 1/2" groups at 40 to 60 feet. You won't be. At 20 to 30 feet it's fairly accurate once you get a feel for the weight and balance. It is way more accurate than the Sig P320 at the same distances and has a lot more punch than the Sig too.
ProsWeight, build quality, rifled barrel, round 8 shot magazines, feel and no blow back which to me is a complete waste of co2 energy. Accuracy compared to similar air pistols is better at 20 to 30 feet. It is somewhat stingy with co2 use which is a plus.
ConsThe center blade sight was canted a bit to the left when aiming. I loosened up the two screws which hold the end of the barrel assembly and moved it clockwise as far as I could but it was still not at a perfect 90 degrees. If I could have got the center blade at 90 degrees it would have been a 5 star rating.
Best UsesIt is a plinking and target pistol. PLEEEEEEASE do not try to use this for even close range 15 to 20 feet for varmint control. You will only hurt the animal and cause an injury and or or a prolonged death.
By bob l.
orlando fl
September 16, 2017
trigger very heavy and rough causing me to pull shots on a regular basis. rear sight is only adjustable for windage and it fit very poorly in the dovetail groove.
the bottom of the sight had a large gap from lousy and inaccurate machining. front blade sight was too narrow. sent gun back and upgraded to a s&w 5856 and
I am very glad I did. major impronement in trigger and sights. s&w got it right.
Pros6 inch barrel
Consjust about everything else
By Barry
Durham, NC
The practice handgun I've been looking for
September 13, 2017
I was looking for a CO2 pistol to improve my handgun shooting skills without having to go out to a range. I started with the Walter CP99 BB gun. OK, but its accuracy was less than great, and I wanted to be sure if the problem was with me or the gun.
So I bought the Walther CP99 pellet gun with a rifled barrel. --Better, but still not what I was looking for.
Finally I went for the CP88BC pellet gun, with the rifled 6 inch barrel. Finally, the practice handgun I was looking for! Excellent accuracy. Very good trigger pull, both in single--and in double action. Excellent weight and balance.
I'm delighted!
By Dave
Very nice but
August 8, 2017
The gun does everything as advertised, very nice. My only complaint are the solid black sights. Hard to see in lower light or against black or dark targets.
By Paul L.
Lisle, IL
Good Gun!!
February 8, 2017
Feel like a firearm, very good quality!!
ConsOnly drawback is you can not tell many shoots you have done!!
By Nicholas
A wonderful pistol
January 17, 2017
After a few hundred rounds through my new CP88BC I am thoroughly satisfied. The pistol is very accurate and feels great in the hand. A tiny bit heavy for 10m shooting, but perfectly fine for my backyard competitions. The trigger is a little clunky but once you learn its break point it is completely usable, especially for a gun in this price range. I actually really like that in single action mode you can take up the trigger creep and then have a nice firm break point... reminds me of a two stage trigger. In double action mode I can put eight pellets 10m down range into a 6" target while firing as fast as I can, so not too shabby. As far as shot count, I have been getting between 80 and 88 shots out of a single 12g CO2, which I think is pretty decent.

The one thing I did not like are the black on black open sights. When ahead and painted them myself as you can see in the picture. Once I did that I was able to drive tacks at 10m.
ProsAccuracy, CO2 consumption, look and feel.
ConsSlightly heavy trigger and black sights.
By John D.
Newtown, Ct.
Great fun, Accurate, solid.
December 28, 2016
This is a Great gun. The Iron sights are dead on. Love the open breach, great for clearing a jam , which doesn't happen, but handy for running a patch down the barrel.
After mounting a picatinny rail under the frame and adding a laser sight. It is a great plinking gun. The action of the slide and barrel mount are so good the the frame mounted laser is very accurate.
When I point my hand at a target the sights are right there, little adjustment needed, the mark of a great action shooting pistol.
ProsSolidly made and well machined. Smooth action. Iron sights are dead on. Breach opens so you can clean the barrel or clear a jam. Angle of the grip makes instant point right on target.
ConsThe Co2 loading mechanism could be better. Come on guys that thumb screw is a pain. Can't you find a single stroke lever like the Sig 226? No Picatinny rail for mounting a laser sight. Long trigger pull, double action.
By Rob
Lynden WA
December 5, 2016
This pistol looks and feels like the real deal. I get about 60 shots per cylinder. Mine likes RWS Diablo Basic pellets. Buy extra magazines for it.
ProsSolid cionstruction. Accuracy. co2 consumption.
ConsRear sight is windage adjustable only.
By NEDan
Randolph, MA
Airloom Quality
July 4, 2016
As good as it gets. Everyone of my friends that handles and shoots this gun says "sell it to me?". Seriously it's that good. I refer them here since I don't want to give mine up.
Obviously built to quality specs not to a price point.
ProsAccuracy and authenticity is it's most obvious features right off.
ConsWorth a mention. As said before the extension could match the gun a little better but I'll take the extra FPS and accuracy without complaining about it.
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
December 1, 2015
Excellent gun in every way. The weight, the feel, the look, and it's very accurate, at 15 yards I am consistently getting a 1 inch hole pattern in my target. I love how the Co2 Cartridge loads and charges. I am getting on average 65 consistent shots per fill. I now have 19 air guns and this is my new favorite.
ProsAccuracy, charging system, weight, feel, looks.
By Tom
Cp88 Competition
September 11, 2014
Great gun. Very accurate. Limited only by my skill. Very fun to shoot. Probably averages 60+ shots/CO2 before starting to fade and boy do the first ten or so ever crack! I wish that it had an integrated mount for a red dot sight. The only add on adapter rails seem to be cheesy plastic and require the removal of the rear sight. This gun is better than a plastic rail! Definitely buy extra mags. I bought 3 extra and I am thinking of picking up 3 more. Loading them is a bit tedious but not bad if you can sit and load a bunch at a time.
ProsQuality of build Accuracy Fun!!!!
ConsNo accessory rails
By Bill
Huntsville, AL
Feel of the real thing
July 30, 2012
I spent over 4 months researching for what I considered the right Co2 pistol to meet my requirements. I wanted something that felt and shot close to the real thing and did not want a glob of plastic. This pistol far exceeds my expectations. At first glance, I thought I had received a real pistol. I put almost 500 rounds thru it within 2 weeks after purchase. Excellent quality, accurate and get around 90+ shots per Co2 cylinder. Weight and feel makes you think you are shooting a real gun - only thing missing is the loud bang and recoil. An excellent means to cheaply keep grip, sight picture and trigger pull techniques sharply honed.
ProsWeight, looks, feel, accuracy, and cost per shot. Very well built.
ConsOnly two minor improvements: 1. Fully adjustable rear sights. Although, mine was right on for elevation, I know some folks have had issues with lack of sight elevation adjustment. 2. Some type of quick reload for the magazines.
By tdrebel
I LOVE this airgun!!!
November 9, 2010
My only previous experience with airguns is with my .177 cal, single-pump Beeman P-17 and my recently purchased (from airgundepot) Gamo Extreme CO2 (NOT recommended!) .22 cal air rifle.

Yes, this gun looks cool and is heavy enough to feel like a real gun -- never mind that. I want to talk about the WORKMANSHIP that is evident in every part of this piece. It uses METAL rotary clips (not PLASTIC) which are machined for very tight clearances with the pellets you load them with. The fit is so tight and exact that you will know INSTANTLY when your CO2 cartridge is done -- the pellet will not leave the clip and the gas will escape with a weak "pfft" and you will know it's time to change the CO2.

Every part of this piece is well-oiled, almost to a fault. I had to wipe it down before I started handling it. So far this gun has not jammed on me even ONE TIME! It's too bad this site is out of the adjustable sights but so far I'm doing ok with the stock sights. I'll write more in time; this gun arrived yesterday and I just had to review it right away.

Did I mention I LOVE this gun?!!
By red-pt
Walther CP88 6"
August 10, 2009
Umarex makes high quality airgun reproductions and this one (Walther CP-88CBW-6) is no exception. Weight and feel are nearly identical to the original and functions in both single and double action with an 8-shot clip. I especially like the easy trigger pull of the single action. Even with my ageing eyes (over 60), I have been putting together 7/8" to 1 1/8" 8-shot (1 clip) groups at 10 m. You can expect to get 60 to 70 shots per CO2 cartridge. I am very pleased with this fine air pistol, a lot of fun to shoot.

If you buy one you will also want to buy 6 extra 8-shot clips (it comes with 2 clips). Additionally, a Crosman Diabolo Speedloader which loads 7 clips in a minute or less is highly recommended as you will be shooting this pistol often, it is hard to put down.
By Anthony
Very great gun
January 26, 2007
This is a keeper to say the least. Feels like a real gun with the full metal structure, the ability to cock the hammer, and slight recoil. I can barely tell the difference between this and firing a .22!
Putting the hand grip back on after loading the CO2 is a breeze. Have already fired 100 rounds and I'm more than happy with my purchase.
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Walther CP88BC Competition Pellet Pistol
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 426 fps
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