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Daisy 880S Kit

Free 4x15 Scope!
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  • Code: PY-497 · 0.177 cal · 685 fps ·
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Daisy's top-selling multi-pump pneumatic rifle. Features a molded, woodgrained Monte Carlo stock and forearm. The 880 shoots both BBs and pellets, and it does so with amazing power. This multi-pump pneumatic sends ammo roaring downrange! BBs go 750 fps (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!), and pellets go 715 fps. You can adjust power and velocity by the number of pumps you put into the rifle (up to 10 pumps). The molded woodgrain Monte Carlo stock has a raised cheekpiece and deep checkering on the grip and forearm. The front sight and the adjustable rear sight make it easy to sight-in on your target. For more accuracy, mount a scope, red dot or laser on the 11mm dovetails on the receiver (made of engineering resin).

  • Multi-Pump Pneumatic
  • Shoots Pellets and BB's
  • 4.5mm (.177 Caliber) Ammo Size
  • Adjustable Rear Sights
  • Monte Carlo Style Stock
  • Dovetail Rail
  • Single Shot (Pellets); 50 Rounds (BB's)
  • 3-10 Pumps Cocking Effort
  • Bolt-Action
  • 290 Yard Max Shooting Distance
  • Manual Safety
  • Includes: Air Rifle and 4x15mm Scope with Rings
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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity685 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets & BBs
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight3.1
  • Overall Length37.6
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismMulti-pump pneumatic
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade and Ramp
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage and elevation
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger Pull7
  • UsePlinking / Fun / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Daisy 880S Kit
59 Reviews
69% (41)
22% (13)
7% (4)
2% (1)
0% (0)
34% Recommend this product (20 of 59 responses)
By Ed
Awesome plinker
April 14, 2018
Ive had two first one I shot the barrel out shooting bbs and my groups kept opening up with pellets, so I bought another for just using pellets. Incredibly accurate however the scope is completely worthless. No field of view and makes hunting more difficult then using irons. I replaced the scope with a 4x32 offa junk springer I had and I can hold groups that will fit under a penny at 20 yards. Hunted squirrels and rabbits out to about 15 and all successful clean kills with heavier pellets. Done pest control on farms and have killed a few crows with it. Great starter gun, beware that if you shoot bbs and pellets your groups will open up with pellets and bbs will open up as well
ProsAccurate, light weight , reliable, can control power level
ConsTrigger is heavy and scope is junk but for an air rifle like this it’s a great deal
Best UsesGood plinker, pest control, SMALL game hunting, intro into bigger guns
By oats
Number # 1 choice for beginners.
March 25, 2018
I have three vintage models of these ,I got my first one one for christmas when i was thirteen, a Sears Eldorado which is essentially a Daisy 880 with a gold color metal receiver and metal pump arm with different color plastic stocks (says crafted by Daisy ). The iron sights seem to work very well in my experience ,easy to adjust and use.One of the better values in air gunning today i highly recommend it. You can't go wrong.
My other two are Daisy 880's circa 1980's. Recently rebuilt my Sears model was not holding air , got the rebuild kit and now it shoots like new .I bought the Winchester 77XS which is no more than a Daisy 880
with a thumbhole stock ,i was disappointed to find that is mostly plastic but on a positive note it is very light and seems durable .These rifles are very easy to pump for just about anyone.Loading a pellet is another story
almost takes a pair of tweezers to load, but BB's work well .880 'S can be found on Ebay with the metal receiver and pump arm for around the same price as the plastics , and then they can still be rebuilt for even less.
ProsVery light ,easy to pump seems durable even with the plastic construction. Quiet. Great iron sights.
ConsThe scope included is not good.
Best UsesAll around pest control , plinking at cans and bottles.
By ngs
Atlanta, GA
Excellent shooter but too hard to load pellets
January 11, 2017
Once it is zeroed in, I found this airgun was perfect for discouraging squirrels and doves who make a mess in my attic/yard.
ProsEasy to shoot, quiet, and once zeroes the telescopic sight is very good.
ConsPellets need a channel designed to keep them oriented when placed in the chamber. Too often they flip over and you have to shake them out and re-align them. I don't use BBs, so I can only assume they feed without trouble, not having a front or back.
By landen
601 Bosliy rd
good gun
September 4, 2016
I have had this sine I was 4 it is a great gun for kids but I want a new gun now
By kyle
madison, wisconsin
July 30, 2016
I bought this as my first rifle. I used it for hunting and I must say it gets the job done. I did have one problem with though. After about month my safety broke and I was only able to turn it on when the rifle was loaded. Probably a minor fix... idk, but all and all it makes for a great first time rifle and great for kids too.
ProsGreat, easy to use for beginners and children and not expensive at all. great for for small game hunting.
Consmy safety broke after a month and i was only able to to turn it on when rifle was loaded.
By Carson
Great starter rifle!
June 2, 2016
I bought this for some plinking fun, but soon realized this little bb/pellet gun could do more than just plink.

I will say, the scope this comes with is junk, so don't waste your time on it. The iron sights where dead on out of the box for me. Get a very good grouping every time.

As for power I'd definitely say this could dispatch squirrels and birds with no problems. But use pellets if you can, although bb's would probably still get the job done. Also this gun could take rabbit I'm sure. I've been hunting many years now and I'm sure this gun could get the job done.

This rifle is extremely light, which can throw you off at first, especially when you're used to heavier break barrels. But the advantage of the weight means it's easier to haul with you through the woods. It's light weight also makes it a great first air gun for a kid.

Overall this gun is worth the money. It's great for plinking and hunting small pests!
ProsLightweight, Accurate, Descent power
By tnhunter
east tn
slow but accurate
December 26, 2015
i got this at walmart for 40. as with all pump rifles it doesnt give u a follow up shot but if u have zeroed it properly and have a steady hand it will not let u down.
i am actually getting better than 800fps witb crossman pellets. around 850fps on my chronograph.
the scope is ok. not great tho but as one reviewer said it does hold its zero well. i found that it groups best at 15yds with the iron sights.
Proscheap. reliable. accurate.
Conscheap. scope could be better. the screws were a little loose out of the box. but tighten them up and theyll be ok.
By James
middletown, MO
Pale shade of its former self
June 22, 2014
Out of nostalgia when I went to get some air guns for my step sons and one for myself I bought these three of them. I went through two of these as a youngster and when they broke it was due to NO fault of their own I really really used the heck out of em. But from the initial un-boxing these have been disappointing. Lots of plastic where there was formerly metal The barrels were not tightly bedded in the shrouds causing hideous inaccuracy the scopes were only gotten because the with scope cost the same as without but when I ordered I got three scopes of better quality for them never even unwrapped the freebie scopes. I have managed to get decent accuracy on mine by drilling small holes in the shroud (could have been one but my own mistake required a second) and injecting a couple syringes of epoxy. It is also way pickier about what pellets it will shoot well then my old one my old one shot everything well it seemed just needing a loppy little sight adjustment between pellet types but this one is super picky I finally settled on Gamo Tomahawk pellets as it does now shoot these into a single hole at 20 yards. I doubt seriously that this one will last anywhere near as long as my Old two did ( many thousands of shots each) but then I don't shoot like I did so it will probably last me well enough and hopefully long enough to hand off to a grandson. If it was to be done over I'd have spent the extra to get the Benjamins though they may not be as well made as they were either. Hate that nobody seems to make good stuff anymore and if they come close they want more than a decent 22lr costs. Shame on daisy.
ProsWith a bit of work and epoxy will shoot well enough for a trainer.
ConsCheaply and sloppily built, scope is trash, A FAR cry from what this model used to be. Should even be able to give it the same model name it is so far removed.
By Heath
Frankfort Kentucky
best pellet rifle I ever owned
April 3, 2014
So I got this and put to test and I was very surprised by the power it has and the distance it has with pellets. The scope on the other hand went in the trash because that's all it is. on full power it went through 3 of the 4 empty soup cans I had set up denting the 4th.
ProsPower and distance it can deliver that power and accurate once you adjuat the sights
ConsThe scope is garbage would rather them not even send the thing at all I feel as if I got the short end of the stick by them sending me scope that's worthless but nothing wrong with the rifle.
By Hochul
Plano, TX
Overall Pretty Good !
November 27, 2013
This gun is for my kids. It is so good for the kids but there is some improvement on the Scope.
By Brandon
Westminster, CO
October 6, 2013
This is pretty accurate once broken in and the sights are adjusted. The scope won't help much (if at all.) Has some power (highest velocity rating for the price as far as pump powered airguns go.) Haven't had any issues, have put well over 1,000 rounds through it (measured by the Gamo variety pack and an extra 250ct tin.) It is mostly plastic, but it seems to hold up alright. Pumping is fairly easy once broken in.
ProsAccurate, low cost, high velocity (fps rating), and makes a fun plinker.
ConsNone, really.
By dave B.
United States
Accurize the 880
September 20, 2013
For a under 50 dollar pellet gun this is the one. easy to use and although the new models have a plastic receiver they still are good.
ProsWorks best as pellet gun with .177 Crosman pellets capable of 1/2 inch groups at 10 yards after accurizing.
ConsDifficult to load pellets with a scope in place.. 4x scope supplied is worthless.
By Alex
Bethel heights, Arkansas
June 21, 2013
Had one for 3 years and it is the best pump gun for its price. The scope is not very good but with iron sights it's accuracy at all ranges is outstanding! I wouldn't recommend for rabbit hunting, but it is perfect to take care of squirrels and pest birds with well placed shot. It's perfect!
ProsEverything great for the price
ConsThe Pellets can fall into the BB loading chamber, which for a inexperienced shooter could be bad
By Dan
Very accurate small game rifle
May 17, 2013
Best multi-pump pneumatic air rifle I have ever owned! I have taken out a number of sqirrels, chipmunks, european starlings and house sparrows with this rifle. Scope is decent. Holds a zero well. I can get quarter sized groups at 15yards with ease. Pellets are more accurate but harder to load. I found in moving the scope rings around makes it easier. Had this rifle for well over a year and it's still going strong!
ProsAccuracy Ease of cocking Dual ammo Lightweight Durable
By Brooks
Small game hunting
March 27, 2013
This gun is not fun plinking. I like it for rabbits and squirrels. So far, I have kill at least 20 squirrels with this great little riffle. A negative is it is all plastic except for the barrel.
By Bruce
Willis, Tx
Rifle works good, Scope is horrible
February 4, 2013
I'll start by saying biggest downfall is scope. I tried to sight it in at about 30 feet but I missed every time by at least 8 inches. I would adjust it to the right, still same thing. Sometimes it would even go further left when adjusted to the right. Also looking down barrel I noticed the scope is crooked compared to barrel. I gave up after about 30 minutes of missing at about 30ft. I took the scope off and used mounted sights. On target several shots in a row, which is bad when the sights are more accurate than the scope. Save yourself money and get a scopeless model if the scope is desired by a decent rifle scope off this site.

Secondly, pellets are hard to load, scope being there makes it even harder. There is a hole in the chamber that leads to BB compartment, pellets fall in there all the time. Granted, their easy to get out but combine this with the play in the pellet loading lever making it hard to make pellet go into barrel straight. Sometimes loading a pellet becomes a task.

When I pump the gun I can feel the buttstock flexing. Maybe it will hold up, or tightening screws may help. Gives gun a cheap feel.

Power is slightly overrated on box. Box says 800 fps with BB. The manual says about 750 with BB. Not a big deal, it's still the most powerful pump action pellet gun I could find at my local big box sports store, and was in same price range as a 500 fps pellet gun give or take 10 bucks.

Overall, the rifle is a great buy. Just buy the model that does not come with a scope, it costs less, and buy a better scope if desired. You can adapt the loading issues of the gun easily by not pulling loading pin completely back. Overall, I would buy another one.
ProsEasy to pump Made reasonably well Powerful Built in sights accurate Affordable Pump handle is sturdy
ConsScope is horrible Butt stock flexes while pumping Hard to load pellets Scope rail may or may not be crooked or something
By randy
Vinton, IA
This Daisy has proven itself!
January 15, 2013
This rifle can fire either BB's or pellets, which is why I got one. A plinking rifle is just that, for plinking. This airgun is perfect for that reason. The way the pump is designed gives even more leverage than a typical pump-up airgun, which fools a person into thinking that the pressure isn't building as fast. But it is. I have a simple setup with a 3-9x32 scope which serves me just fine. The rifle is so light weight you don't even notice if you've been carrying it around for hours. The rifle has a fairly simple design, is very reliable, and very lightweight. It's perfectly suited for younger shooters to learn marksmanship on.
ProsLight weight, reliable, and accurate.
ConsHollow stock (even though it helps reduce weight).
By john
Good gun
October 8, 2012
I like this gun. It easy to pump, shoots great and good for killing small animals.
ProsJust good for money.
By Zachary
Lynchburg, VA
October 5, 2012
I've owned this air rifle for about five years now and it never lets me down. After a scope upgrade to a bsa sharpshooter 2.5x32 its accuracy is astounding. Especially with crossman premiers, it holds just under 5/16 inches at fifteen yards and will do it consistently all day and holds a solid 9/16 inch group at thirty. I personally use mine to shoot just about anything from bullfrogs to squirrels to bids. It does a great job out to about forty five to fifty yards on anything like cans or clays.
ProsCheap, extremely accurate, very light weight, throws up like a full size center fire rifle.
ConsCould use a hardwood stock and better optics.
By joseph
auburn, alabame
awesome :)
September 27, 2012
I got this gun a year ago and I'm still using it. The only problem is that the scope isn't what I expected. Other then that, I love it.
ProsEverything else
By Jeff
Machias,New York
Cheap Gun/Big Fun
July 23, 2012
I purchased this rifle for some varments because it was a reasonable price. I`ve read reviews about cheapness and unhappy owners at different sites, but I bought one anyway. I`ve owned air rifles for over 30 years and i`m impressed. YES IT`S CHEAP. It`s a $50 rifle. It`s not solid wood or gold plated. It`s a $50 rifle. This little rifle is easy to use, dead on accurate, and just plain out loads of fun. I absolutely love it. It does everything I ask of it and never lets me down. If you can hold steady and aim a rifle, then varments should fear you with this little powerhouse. $50 well spent!
ProsCost Easy to use Deadly accurate Just plain FUN FUN FUN !!!
ConsNothing/ Love it !!!!!!!!!
By James
Detroit, Michigan
bad a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 22, 2011
i love the gun. it is very accurate, and not loud at all. i have killed 4 squirells and a bird with it. Stock isnt very well built where it joins the rifle.
By evan
August 30, 2011
its a great gun!!! a lot of people say the scope is crap,but i sighted it in at 100ft. you got to use pellets, bbs curve sometimes. i can hit a coke can from 100ft using pellets every time! its a very good gun.
By awesome
good gun
May 6, 2011
some people say it sucks or its cheapy but there wrong ive had this for 5 years and it still shoots really really good and it hits right where your pointing...very good gun for birds and other small pest and its dual ammo! and its very very easy to pump for such a powerful cant beat the price its like worth 130
By Matt W.
Daisy 880S
March 26, 2011
This is a great little entry level rifle. I had one as a kid, but of course what was once metal is now mostly plastic. That being said, this is a straight shooting little rifle. The trigger is long and crunchy, but hey you get what you pay for.... RWS pellets produce respectable results out past 30 yards with an upgraded scope. I put on a Leapers Bug Buster, and am very happy with it.
By hunter s.
January 24, 2011
great gun took a rabbit at 50 yards but just one prob bbs tend to stray off but over all a great gun
By Conner k.
January 17, 2011
i love this gun easy to pump,light, accurate,the only thing that is bad is the scope but i bought a powerline scope and its a beast combo...BUY IT
By chad
December 12, 2010
i like this gun
it says it only pumps up to 10 but i do more
By Sean
Powerline 880 no truline fibe obtic sight
October 17, 2010
i just ordered mine and it has no such "tru fiber obtic sight. otherwise okay.
By cdog
awsm air gun
October 17, 2010
it is great for hunters and beginners
By Random G.
What you need to shoot em dead
October 15, 2010
Great Gun! Get a Red Dot sight for it and it will be your favorite air gun ever.
By Calvin
Daisy 880 pellet rifle
September 26, 2010
It is a very good gun Ive shot birds,rabbits,and snakes.Best bb/pellet gun I have ever had!
By aa
July 28, 2010
Best gun ever. Very accurate. Scope sucks, I already have a rabbit with it. If you put a good scope on, it can be very deadly.
By sniper
great gun
July 23, 2010
best air gun ever
By dd
May 3, 2010
i liked this gun the gun itself is powerful now the scope is ok you just have to sight it in the scope takes lots of time but so far ive killed a rattle snake 2 squriils and a dove
By scope#1
880s powerline
February 27, 2010
This gun is an exellent shooter and is one of the srongest pump powerd rifle i have ever had.But i sugest you dont use the scope because it is not very acceret the best part about this gun is that it is great for hunting 11 pumps is defenetly the kill shot!Go and bye this gun trust me you wont be dissapointed.
By Sora
for starters
February 26, 2010
I bought this gun at Wal-Mart a little over a month ago for around $60 as my very first air rifle. After I bought it, along with 6000 Copperhead BB's and some Crosman hunting pellets, I fired it a few times and discovered that it will not fire BB's accuratly at all. I now have a little less than 6000 BB's that are useless. It is most accurate with 5 pumps of power, and is accurate at 20 yards. After the first month, I cleaned it with my own cotton wads and my most recent cleanings I forced a wad that was too big and broke the magnetic tip. Overall, it is a perfect starter gun. (P.S. don't use Gamo rocket pellets or the magnetic tip will jam the pellet backwards if your not carful and it is a b**ch to get it out, plus you can't use that pellet anymore 0
By stephen
gun man
January 30, 2010
i got this gun for christmas and i love it the only thing that i dont like about it is the scope is not very good at all but other than that i love it!
By ddh1961
Lots of bang for the $
December 19, 2009
First shot one of these as a kid in the early 1970's, and always wanted to buy one but never got around to it. Finally bought one a couple of months ago for pest control on my farm and it's just as much fun today as it was 35 years ago. Not real accurate with BB's, but I have yet to see a BB gun that's very accurate anyway. However, with pellets it is both accurate and lethal. The included scope is adequate for its intended purpose, and with 10 pumps & a hollow point pellet it'll put any squirrel, bird, rat, possum, skunk, or other small game down hard if hit in a vital area.
There are fancier guns and scopes out there to be sure, but none come close to the 880's power, accuracy, and value for the $50 price tag. An excellent buy!
By ratshooter101
Wonderful Air Rifle
October 16, 2009
This was my first airgun that I got for my birthday. It is really powerful I have killed many rats with it. I ditched the scope and bought a bsa laser sight and it works great in dim daylight or night shooting. Great gun overall.
By dreaded
good first gun
July 12, 2009
this gun is very good for beginners and easy to use i can hit targets about 50 feet away easily, i recommend it to beginners
By jg89
good gun
June 21, 2009
its wierd but from my experience its more accurate when shooting long range. the scopes a pain in the ass at first but but when u get it zeroed in its very useful. load pellets takes a cuople secs cuz the breech is under the scope. its a fun gun though
By jg
good gun
June 11, 2009
hi iused this gun for squrrilell hunting at my aunt house i killed ten doves,three blackbirds, one woopecker,andsix squrillellsand a bug and a lizzard with my foot i recomend this gun but the scope could be better also i like how it on the side you can store fifty jds brother
great gun
June 2, 2009
i had this gun for bout a week and its great.scope is hard to work tho but i do open site hunting..this gun has just enough power to do small game hunting..just if u pump the full ten dont miss because ur target will leave
overall this is a great powerfull it
By jj 9.
The best gun
January 31, 2009
This gun is the best gun I have ever used. The only thing is the scope. It could of been better. All in all it is a great gun.
By mitch
un accurate
January 18, 2009
The daisy 800s bb gun shoots verry un accurate,it shoots too high but overall it is not that bad for a long lasting gun.
By Bob
Great Gun
August 22, 2008
This Is a great gun for target shooting and shooting varmits. i shot a squirll with 2 pumps and havn't seen it again so i guess he felt it. i havn't cleaned it ever and it still shoots great. the only problem is the breech is under the scope so loading pellets is some what difficult, but after awhile it gets easier. you will get used to pumping quickly. the first few days i used it my hand felt weird after the first hour, but on the third day I felt fine.
By Your N.
awesome gun
August 18, 2008
It is a great gun. The only thing bad is loading the pelletswhen you have a scope because the loading spot is right under the scope. The pumping action is anoying at the begining then you get used to it in a few days. I have had my gun for a few months now and it is still acurate and fast. I got a leapers scope that is doing really well.
By jd
880s pellet rifle
August 3, 2008
over all this gun is great! i killed dozens of doves the only thing i didnt like was the number of pumps u have to pump to make a kill shot but i got used to it GREAT GUN
By John S.
15 Pumps
June 3, 2008
I have had one of these for a while now, and although i must say that it can kill with 10, 15 pumps is more suitable if that is what you are trying to do. But otherwise, it is a great gun
By C T.
880 pellet rifle
January 4, 2008
Very accurate with bb's & pellets-excellent deliveryfrom Air Gun Depot. Safety bolt sticks and is still hard to operate. Would buy this gun again from Air Gun Depot.
By Jeff
it can kill?
November 11, 2007
I am very surprised it can kill i like it better then my 140$ gamo shadow 1000, i killed one squirrel with 4 shots, 1 squirrel with 2 shots, and 1 squirrel this morning at a 50 ft and dropped it from a tree 30 ft and killed it with 1 shot.
By Sam
good gun
October 21, 2007
very good accuracy and fps. the only problem is that it takes 10 pumps for full velocity. overall very reliable.
By joe
nice gun
June 28, 2007
i had mine for about a year and i got everything from birds and frogs to squireels and even a possum. i was checking my cage trap while squirel hunting and i caught a possum. so i went up to it and shot it with a crosman pointed pellet. dam thing didn't twitch but thats what head shots do sometimes i guess the brain doesn't feel pain idk asked a doc about it. anyways a stream of blood poured out then shot it 3 times in the lung area and 1 in back of head. 3 of the 5 shots prolly not needed but im not gonna touch a wounded animal. just my 2 cents
By walt
good start
June 9, 2007
This is an accurate gun and has good power, I've owned one for about 2 years and I've never cleaned it, and it shoots just as well as the day I bought it. I don't care much for the plastic stock and other parts, but for $30-$50 range it is great.
Good starter!
May 13, 2007
This is a great beginner gun. It is one of the most accurate guns I own for shooting bottle caps one a 30ft range. The controlable power is a great quality for different ranges. This will serve great for a beginner.
May 5, 2007
By Chris
powerline 880
April 10, 2007
excellent overall firearm for beginner all the way to adult target shooting. I still have my 880 from the early 1980s when I was a kid and the only difference is it is lighter and all plastic but still excellent. My son has already mastered it after a couple of outings.
By Matt
Daisy 880S Pellet Rifle
November 30, -0001
The best bb/pellet gun I've ever bought in terms of accuracy. I've taken out countless birds and squirrels with this gun. Not to mention a large groundhog with a single shot. I never mounted the scope to it and just used regular iron sights and had no problem dispatching squirrels up to and beyond 100 ft away. Great gun would recommend it to anyone for plinking or pest control.
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By Wyatt from Australia on June 12, 2012
What kind of bbs does it take?

By billy small from lexington nc. 27295 on January 2, 2012
how much is shipping
By Staff on January 9, 2012

shipping can Range on how much you are getting and the type of shipping you are looking to have (ground, 3 day, 2 day, next day air, so on)

For more complete shipping pricing please see the check out area of your cart on our web site as you can calculate shipping before you give a payment info.

By Dylan from Portland OR on May 7, 2012
This is going to be my first bb gun since the hand me down from my uncle, also a daisy, and i will be using it for hunting small game and scaring off larger game, deer and elk that eat our garden. Is this a good gun and scope?
By Staff on May 8, 2012

This gun is meant more for target shooting. An animal as large as an elk would probably be more scared of you yelling at it than getting shot with this gun. I would recommend a pellet gun with FPS around 900 if not higher.

By Jack Caravallo from Salisbury,MA on December 28, 2011
What scope would be good for this beside the one that comes with it (the 4x15)?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

Leapers 4x32 would be awesome.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

A 3-9x32 would work nice.

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