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AirForce Air Pistols

AirForce air pistols are a unique product in the airgun world. Though heavier and requiring a different hold than other pistols on the market, they absolutely live up to the reputation for reliability and accuracy that has come to be known with the AirForce name. Although few in number, with only one on the market currently, AirForce air pistols are made with just as much care and quality as their rifle counterparts. Their pistols would probably be categorized as an SMG in the firearms industry, which would make it one of only a few in the PCP world.

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Why use an Airforce air pistol?
It comes down to portability and versatility. AirForce air pistols are small enough to throw in a backpack so you can be ready to shoot pests and game anytime. And since they are .25 caliber, you could take anything up to the size of a coyote if needed. The adjustable power allows you to dial it up or down as needed for whatever you're shooting. These AirForce air pistols give more shots per fill with less power for target practice and fewer shots per fill with more power for hunting. The power behind these shots varies from 20 foot-pounds of energy up to 50 foot-pounds of energy. And, the 12-inch Lothar Walther barrel gives you deadly accuracy to take your game in one shot.

How are AirForce air pistols different from other air pistols?
AirForce air pistols are precharged pneumatic (PCP) pistols. This means they use a precharged tank of compressed air to propel the projectile forward through the barrel. The air tank provides more power than other types of air pistols which use CO2 or piston power plants. The volume of pressure in an air tank is greater which transfers to more power in the gun.

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