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AirForce Texan LSS, Carbon-Fiber Tank

Available in .457, .510
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  • .457
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  • Code: AGD-505410144 · $1,489.95 · .457 · 1113 fps
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The AirForce Texan LSS just received an upgrade with the addition of a 475cc Carbon-fiber tank. The CF tank's 475cc, 250 BAR (approx. 3600 psi) fill pressure and updated TX2 valve help boost the Texan LSS' maximum muzzle energy from an already whopping 600+ foot-pounds of energy to over 800 FPE! And, of course, the slightly smaller, carbon-fiber tank weighs less than its aluminum counterpart, bringing the total weight of the Texan LSS down to a feathery 6.35 lbs. (compared to the 8-lb. weight of the standard Texan LSS.)

AirForce Texan LSS CF-Series Features:
  • Velocity: Up to 1100 FPS
  • Max Fill Pressure: 3600 psi/250 bar
  • Muzzle energy: up to 700 FPE (.457), up to 800 FPE (.50)
  • Adjustable power
  • Fully moderated with acoustic baffle system
  • 475cc carbon-fiber air tank
  • 250 Bar (3600 psi) max. fill pressure
  • Two-stage, adjustable trigger
  • Safety: automatic on cocking
  • Lothar Walther barrel
  • Low-effort, sidelever cocking
  • Made in the USA
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  • ManufacturerAirForce
  • Caliber .457
  • Velocity 1113 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 6.35
  • Overall Length 51.50
  • Barrel Length 34.00
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 1
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 5
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty Lifetime limited warranty
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By PedroUSAFebruary 19, 2024 Verified Purchase

Best day at the range: some pellets; coffee in a thermos; and my Texan LSS!

L I G H T P O W E R H O U S E! Great adquisition. Had shot the older LS version, this one is much lighter; not that much additional recoil was felt due to weight.

The only Con in this toy is the buttstock; Could use a moderator also; kinda loud.

By JeffNovember 12, 2023 Verified Purchase

I shot a deer at about 80 yards with my .50 Lss a couple weeks ago. I heard the slug smack a tree way off behind it. Thougt I missed but then it dropped. I hit exactly where I was aiming. The slug went threw both sides. I love this gun. The only bad part of this gun is hiding it and any receipts of purchasing it from my wife.

Huge power with the consistency of precision accuracy. Awesome gun.

Kicks kinda hard. That can mess up your aim anticipating that kick coming. After shooting a bunch, you get use to it.

By DanielJuly 17, 2023 Verified Purchase

I can see air guns have come a long way this gun was quiet and shot through a 4x4 i would love to see a pistol like this. Some reviews said it was loud but i did not think so and you could not tell the sound was from a gun.

By kerryMarch 1, 2023 Verified Purchase

warning- too much fun- buy swaggered slugs not cast.

in answer to the lefty question, i am left handed and have no problem shooting this rifle, most leftys can adapt to almost right handed guns

no good way to use a shoulder strap

By TimothyNovember 3, 2022 Verified Purchase

The rifle performed well but was a little louder than I expected but still not offensive to my ears. It sounds like a stout pneumatic nailer. Neighbors wouldnt suspect the noise in the area I live (rural). I adapted a quality bipod and have no issues with it. I spent the money on a quality scope and it is well matched to the rifle. I have four different pellet types and will be doing more accuracy tests. I spent the money on the external carbon fiber tank and found it to be worth the money. I also purchased a compressor. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and have recommended it to friends more than once. In hindsight, with the total amount of money spent for what all I got, I would do it again without hesitation.

Well built throughout most of the rifle, exceeding my expectations. The power is impressive and accuracy met my hopes, with more accuracy tests coming with other pellets. I went through this gun as thoroughly as I could and believe it will be reliable over time. The ability to add the external tank easily is a plus.

The 11mm rails are archaic. They should be standard picatinny rail. The buttstock is under-thought and the rubber pad is literally a sticker that peels off easily. The suppressor is appreciated but it is poor technology. It could be easily improved without a big bump to the manufacturing cost. Its not as effective as it could be for the amount of space it occupies. The rubber stop on the cocking lever popped off before the first use and should have a better adhesive.

By RobertUSAJuly 21, 2021

I was never able to actually operate the rifle so can not give any pros.

This is the first time I have ever given any product this poor of a review. I am sure there are many individuals who have received their Texan and are very happy with the performance. First of all, I had to wait several months of this item being on backorder. I am okay with this but expect a quality product to be delivered. I received a faulty air rifle and had to send it back to the factory. To make a long story short, they have had the rifle for more than 7 weeks and just now informed me that they are waiting on a part to fix it and it will be at least an additional two weeks just for the part to come in. They have been hard to contact throughout this process and have basically just told me they won't have it done anytime soon and to just deal with it. I contacted Airgun Depot to see if there was anything they could do and they said tough luck because I sent it to the manufacturer. I hope any who decide to buy have a better experience than I have had.

By Ryan mJuly 13, 2021

Does anyone know what grain slug airforce base the fps fpe numbers from.

Very powerful

More shots per fill

By BrianApril 21, 2021

If you want a very accurate and powerful big bore then go for it!!

Awesome gun with awesome power!! Very long but extremely quiet. Very good for hunting medium to large game. If you want a high quality rifle that has tons of power buy one. Also Airforce is an awesome company with the best customer service!! Also people complain about the 11mm dovetail rail but they sale scope rings to fit it at Wal-Mart or any other local sporting good store where I'm at.

Nothing!! Awesome gun!!

By MichaelFebruary 22, 2021

This is my very first PCP Airgun. What a absolute powerhouse, HOLY MOLY. I couldn't be happier with it, the quietness, an extremely high FPE. Make it perfect for my hunting of coyotes, deer,elk, Javelina, an big hogs. At 100yrd I'm shooting through a 4x6,( the 6in side) with Mr. Hollowpoints 385gr. It's absolutely amazing, never ever thought I would have a pellet gun with this much power. Definitely getting the regular Texan next.

WHEW!!! The quietness...... an the POWER. GEEZ LAA WEEZ

little bit heavy on the front end.

By SamUSAJanuary 27, 2021

Keep in mind the both Air Force and airgun depot are experiencing extremely high volumes of calls. Be patient and if they don’t answer try again a few hours later and eventually you will find somebody to talk to. I look forward to ordering more air guns from airgun depot.

Absolutely incredible gun.

To those hearing a rattling in the tank: make sure you contact Air Force they will graciously send you a kit to rebuild your bottle. My gun arrived with a defect in which I could hear a rattling sound inside my rifle coming from the air tank. I called up Air Force and finally I got a hold of them they are extremely busy. They told me that what happens is there’s a piece the brakes off from the valve and starts rattling inside the bottle. The representative that I spoke with was extremely friendly and helpful and she told me exactly what was going on with the gun and she is currently sending me the kit to repair this defect. So please don’t get upset if you have a faulty valve Air Force is more than happy to replace it at no charge and within record time. Airgun depot was very helpful when I was unable to get in touch with Air Force right away. I have total confidence that this problem will be solved. Unfortunate events but very happy with the purchase.

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Will .50 caliber pellets fit in the .510 caliber variant?

asked Brayden from USA

You need to make sure you are shooting .509/.510 diameter projectiles. Do not use anything smaller in diameter as this can cause a dry fire situation and potentially damage your gun.

Adam from USA

What type of bi-pod does this take?

asked britt from USA

What kind of ammo can be sourced or made for use in this rifle in US states where lead is illegal for shooting use except at shooting ranges where cleanup is strictly controlled?

asked William H from USA

Is the MOD on the LSS .50 removeable...?

asked ZACHARY E from USA

I have the .457 cf lss. Does anyone know what grain bullets airforce base the 1113 fps and 700 fpe numbers from?

asked Ryan from USA

Math says 254gr

Michael from USA

My Texan LSS did not come completely assembled, the air tank was not installed also there was no tool with the air gun. Also there was not instruction inside the box. How can the tank be installed without a tool?

asked Ludwig from USA

Is this pcp equipped with the baffle to make it more quiet? If not can it be so equipped? Pr do I need to consider a different model. Thanks

asked jeff from USA

The LSS is a shrouded barrel so it is already baffled.

Richard from USA

One of the reviews said that you could use any .45 Bullet? Does that mean I can take the .45 cal bullets I reload for my .45 acp hand gun and fire them through this beast?

asked Winston from USA

No, lead air gun slugs only.

Mark from USA

can fill up the texan with a Air Venturi MK4 Kit by Hill Hand Pump, Up to 4500 PSI

asked joel from USA

Yes. That is a lot of work.

Mark from USA

does the .45 fit with a .457 or only a .45?

asked joel from USA

The .457 will fit the Texan LSS.

Mark from USA

What is the maximum effective range on the 45 and.50 calibers

asked Greg from USA

I consistently group at 200 yards with the ,457. Waiting for my .50

Rabbi Moshe from USA

150 yards.

Mark from USA

Can this be used by a left handed person

asked David from USA

The bolt is designed for access on the right side of the rifle, which would make it difficult to re-chamber a new slug after each shot when shooting left handed. I believe the grip is an ambidextrous grip so it could be fired from the left hand. I do not believe there are any left handed models.

Richard from USA

1) why does this model have an output of 700+ ? 2) can this same gun use a NON- Carbon Fiber tank and put out the same Numbers? 3) and if so I am trying to get this Gun, as I do not care if i have the Carbon Fiber tank, i just want the power outputs that this gun w/ CF has........ 4) so the weapon should be just a AirForce Texan LSS with everything the same just no CF tank.... and have 1100 FPS+ and 700+ FPE....... Correct ......... let me know with your price and i will be buying it ASAP, Thank You.

asked Nicholas from USA

The non carbon fiber tank does not support filling to the same pressure. You would not get the same numbers as higher pressure contributes to higher fps and fpe ratings. Just a matter of physics.

Richard from USA

How long of a wait is it for shipping time

asked Jim from USA
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