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Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2 Walnut

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Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2 Walnut

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With the M2R bullpup, the small-sized stock is perfect for people who travel or hunt where a standard sized gun would not be ideal. Each rifle comes standard with a free-floating Lothar Walther barrel, regulated pressure control, a max fill of 4350 psi, and a fully adjustable trigger with stroke and pull adjustments, allowing for angle of location adjustments. The stock is a beautifully finished walnut. Ataman air rifles are known for their high quality, exceptional reliability and cutting-edge technologies, and by combining the most up-to-date production technology, superior materials, and the legendary expertise of Russian gunsmiths, Ataman has created world-class PCP production guns.

Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2, Walnut Features
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Repeater
  • 4350 psi fill pressure (300 BAR)
  • Walnut bullpup stock, ambidextrous
  • Sidelever action
  • Lothar Walther free-floating barrel
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger with stroke and pull adjustments
  • Self-indexing magazine
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Integrated picatinny mounting rail
  • Velocities up to 980 fps
  • Power in FPE: .22 = 38 fpe / .25 = 55 fpe / .35 = 144 fpe
  • Repeater with 10 shot capacity in .22, 8 shot capacity in .25, and 7 shot capacity in .35 caliber
  • Rubberized adjustable buttpad
  • Built-in air pressure gauge
  • Fully regulated
  • Barrel data (diameter, number of grooves, choke, twist): 15mm/12/choked/450mm/1:18
  • Length 32.12"
  • Includes: manual, 1 magazine , 2 probes (one with foster connection, one with 1/8BSPP thread), and 2 allen wrenches. (Scope NOT included.)

Ataman is well-known for high quality, exceptional reliability and cutting-edge technologies. A combination of state-of-the-art production, superior materials, and the legendary expertise of Russian gunsmiths stand behind every Ataman rifle. Craftsmanship and excellence is evident in every aspect of this compact rifle from its shrouded Lothar Walther barrel and ergonomic walnut stock, to the adjustable trigger, and lightweight versatility.

The Ataman M2R Type 2 Bullpup Air Rifle features a stunning 4,350 psi (300 BAR) fill pressure, delivering more shooting time between fills. It has smaller dimensions and weight compared to other PCP rifles while maintaining the same accuracy. The bullpup design makes the gun perfect for those that travel or hunt in tight spaces, where a full-sized gun wouldn't maneuver as well. The gun includes an integrated Picatinny mounting rail and features a walnut stock.

The .22 caliber version offers 38 ft. lbs. of shooting energy with up to 45 shots per fill. In .25 caliber, the gun delivers 55 ft. lbs. of energy and 35 shots per fill, while in the .35 caliber version, the bullpup throws out pellets with 144 ft. lbs. of energy with up to 11 shots per fill.

The lockwork trigger mechanism is a two stage, fully adjustable, match-grade trigger, which allows the shooter complete freedom to set it up to their liking. The gun also sports a pressure regulator for ultimate shot-to-shot consistency. Whether you fill the aircraft grade aluminum cylinder to 4350 psi/300 BAR or to a lower pressure of your choice, the regulator ensures that the Ataman will make the best use of the available air supply.
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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
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Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2 Walnut
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By RTCalifornia
Livermore, CA
OMG! So much fun and accurate!
August 20, 2019
The Ataman M2R Bullpup in .357 will make your other smaller bore air-rifles feel like they are cap guns.
The amount of power, the loudness and kickback reminds me of firing my firearm but the good part is I can do it in my back yard (With a moderator of course). The firearm have to be at the range or hunting grounds. Without the moderator, my decible meter reads 130db positioned at 3ft perpedicular from the barrel exit. Its so loud, I can hear echos from the distant homes. Shooting this bullpup is so addictive. The pellet will easily pierce through a 2x4 wood from 30 yards (End of my property). It will blow apart soda cans, fruits etc. So much fun to shoot and destroy small objects. I have not taken this M2R out to the range or the desert yet so no shots over 30 yards at this time.

I have adjusted the triggure because the stock setup was too soft. To get to the triggure adjustment, the wood stock has to be remove with 2 hex bolts. The adjustment is easy to do. Both the spring tension and 2nd step distance relative to the triggure end point can be customized. So the endpoint is fixed but the actual release position is adjustable.

ProsThe action is smooth. Fit and finish is top notch. Destructive power on impact. Accuracy. Weaver scope mount. Balance of the bullpup is very good without the moderator.
ConsManual does not match this bullpup model. Very loud, the stock barrel is covered but has no noise supression because there are no clearance left between barrel and shroud. A bit on the heavy to lug it in the field.
Best UsesPlinking and wasting away fruits and sodas. Not yet tested but I would think small game like bob cats, skunks etc.
By Skip
Outstanding Bull Pup!!!!
January 18, 2019
Ballistic data for .25 pellets in Ataman Bull Pup Rifle with regulator recorded 1/17/19
(Each 10 shot pellets type was recorded at 300 bar or 4336 psig)
1)16.51 gr (.25 JSB Predator GTO) @ average feet per second of 1075 = (42-foot pounds)
2) 19.91gr. (.25 Vortes Supreme ) @ average feet per second of 1041 = (46.6-foot pounds)
3) 20.06 gr. (.25 H&N FTT Trophy) @average feet per second of 1,013 = (45.72-foot pounds)
4) 23.5 gr. (.25 Ultra Shock Hollow Point) @ average feet per second of 951 = (47.2-foot pounds)
5) 25.40 gr. (.25 JSB Exact King) @ average feet per second of 961.6 = (52.1-foot pounds)
6) 25.40 gr. (.25 Air Arms Diablo Field) @ average feet per second of 963.8 = (52.32-foot pounds)
7) 26.00 gr. (.25 JSB Predator) @ average feet per second of 944= (51.46-foot pounds)
8) 26.23 gr. (.25 H&N-Crow Magnum) @ average feet per second of 940 = (51-foot pounds)
9) 27.8 gr. (.25 Benjamin) @ average feet per second of 926.6 = (52.94-foot pounds)
10) 27.47gr. (.25 H&N Baracuda HTR) @ average feet per second of 931 = (52.88-foot pounds)
11) 27.50 gr. (.25 Benjamin Domed) @ average feet per second of 931 = (52.94-foot pounds)
12) 28.40 gr. (.25 H&N Hunter?‚‚¨‚"Ęs Ext) @ average feet per second of 923.9 = (53.84-foot pounds)
13) 31gr (.25 H&N Sport-Grizzly) @ average feet per second of 879 = (53-foot pounds)
14) 31.02gr (.25 H&N Baracula) @ average feet per second of 901.8 = (55.93-foot pounds)
15) 33.95 gr. (.25 JSB Exact King MKII) @ average feet per second of 856 = (55-foot pounds)
16) 33.95gr. (.25 JSB Exact King Heavy) @average feet per second of 848 = (54.22-foot pounds)
17) 43.2 gr. (.25 Seneca) @ average feet per second of 800 = (61-foot pounds)
18) 49 gr. (.25 Hunter?‚‚¨‚"Ęs Supply) @ average feet per second of 750 = (61.22-foot pounds)
ProsExceptional craftsmanship and well built,very accurate. I have the .25 and the gun itself is backyard friendly until the sound it makes when it hit the metal target target. Very nice walnut wood stock. The gun is very consistent from shot to shot. Slight recoil but to be expected from more powerful Airguns. It will shoot clean trough a 2x4 with heavy weight pellets.
ConsThe M#4 hammer plug screw tended to back out from the inertia after a while so I so after I chronograph it to my liking I order me a stainless steel 1/4 length M#4 diameter set screw to prevent this. It could be one in a hundred gun that this has happen but it happen to me.
Best UsesHunting!!! It's fun to target shoot and practice with but it can get expensive with the .25 ammo.
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Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2 Walnut
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 980 fps
    Mag Capacity 10
  • 0.25
    Caliber 0.25 Cal
    Velocity 980 fps
    Mag Capacity 8
  • 0.357
    Caliber 0.357 Cal
    Velocity 900 fps
    Mag Capacity 7
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