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Beeman QB Chief

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A winning combination of quality features, performance and price point, the Beeman Chief is a worthy addition to the budget friendly PCPs that are taking the airgun industry by storm.

The Chief is modeled after the classical styling of bolt-action hunting rifles, with its handsome hardwood stock embossed with a yellow-hued Beeman logo. With added attention where it counts, the Chief has an adjustable 2-stage trigger that’s ready for your fine tuning. For sighting, shooters can choose between the included fiber-optic sights, or mount their optics to the 11mm rail.

With the Chief, you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to fill the cylinder, as a standard hand pump can easily reach the 2000 psi max with not much effort at all! Load up a round and send it flying at 1000 fps (in .177). According to Beeman, this PCP can shoot up to 50 rounds in .177 or 35 in .22.

Curious about getting into PCP airguns, without breaking the bank? Pick up the Chief for a gun that will please with its performance and its price! Beeman QB Chief Features Diagram

Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle Features
  • PCP
  • Bolt-action
  • Single-shot
  • Manual safety
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Hardwood Stock
  • Fiber-optic front and rear sights
  • 11mm dovetail 
  • Rifled barrel
  • 2,000 psi fill pressure
  • Up to 50 shots per fill in .177 / 35 shots in .22 caliber
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Beeman QB Chief
16 Reviews
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100% Recommend this product (16 of 16 responses)
By joe k.
edmonton alberta canada
awsome rifle
May 21, 2019
took 20 shots for feel, then the first thing I did was adjust/modify the trigger to a short butter smooth light break action and
installed a side wheel 4x16 scope..then backed off the hammer spring pressure 1 turn out. Is This gun Accurate or What. I am certainly not a marksman but after scope site in
at 50 yards with crosman domed first 5 shot group -dime size.not one flyer.
I was absolutely amazed. went to 75 yards. 5 shot group - nickel size. I was floored.. this rifle makes me look good. gentlemen if you miss your mark its not this rifle.
Prosuncanny accuracy at $200.00. nice looking. nice feel.
Consforward cocking a bit unnatural. Only a single shot. ( have 5 shot adapter on order). slightly snuger bolt would be nice.
Best UsesI can see it being fun for target/plunking, my interest is hunting hense mines a .22 caliber. I understand a 2nd generation is on the way, I hope .25 cal is on the agenda.
By kurt h.
QB chief 22cal pcp
April 30, 2019
awesome air rifle. very spot on target shooting.feels very solid feel.will recomend to other shooters.
Best Usesdoes get rid of small game very well.just good fun to plink with.
By Wayne
Westfield Massachusetts
Leaks air as soon as the first round I chambered
March 1, 2019
The rifle shoots well although it isn't a backyard soon as I chambered the first round it started leaking air . Each time I reloaded more air would leak out of the open chamber and slow leak when closed but still leak. The gun can't hold air for even an hour. Not very satisfied
By Big K.
Bang for the buck
February 22, 2019
Is it accurate? Ask the 10 squirrels that know longer live in my attic. At 35 yard hole in hole with Jsb 15.89s
ConsNot regulated only fill to 1700 psi for best shot curve. Hard to load with big hands
Best UsesHunting and plinking
By Jason
Garrett county
First time pcp owner
April 24, 2018
I just received the hand pump today 4/24/18 and filled the gun up to 2,000 psi and when I shot the gun it blew me away. It sounds like a real .22 long rifle going off and has a lot of power behind it. I'll know more about it on a day that it is not raining and not a lot of wind. I would so far to recommend it to a friend.
ProsI love the bolt action on it and the trigger fills great to me without setting it. The open sights seem good also. And I love the hard wood stock.
ConsIt's not a back yard plinker due to the muzzle break when firing.
Best UsesI'm going to use it to squirrel hunt when season comes in.
By vincent c.
Bremerton washington
I love it
January 13, 2018
I had this air rifle for about 2 week and am love it it's heavy and loud but when it comes to accuracy it's perfect I can even hit the bullseye at a hundred yards with no problem with this air rifle keep up with the good work beemen
By william w.
portland, OR.
my first pcp.
December 9, 2017
I am happy to have this rifle, it exceeds what I was expecting. it looks nice feels nice and is very accurate. yes it is a little loud, that's ok. I like it. I have a Bushnell AR/22 rim fire scope on it. they seem to be meant for one another. I use Crossman 10.5 domed pellets, mine likes these pellets. I am very pleased with this rifle.
Prosvery accurate, average 20 shots per fill. excellent trigger, very adjustable. match grade!
Consneeds a heaver bolt handle, to hold it down when shooting, bolt pops up and back a bit when shooting. factory barrel\ o /rings may need to be replaced after purchase. mine did, easy to change.
By matt
rochester, NY
Some Fine China!
November 10, 2017
Yes this is made in China. So what?!? This is a good-looking and very accurate rifle! Oh, and VERY affordable!
The wood stock is well finished. Nice piece of beechwood they chose. I like the classic curves and lines of the design.
The bluing is superb for a sub-$200 gun!
The mechanics of the bolt and the receiver are a bit more crude than precisely machined.
I would file a couple sharp edges, and I wish the bolt was a bit more precision-fit, but hey...
I relate this to the loose feel and sloppiness of, say, an AK-47. They will probably just always work without any fussiness just because it's not some overly picky primadonna.
The trigger is decent. Not German engineered, but its short and reasonably crisp.
This gun is accurate! I took the iron sights off and put a UTG 4x32 True Hunter on. I fire JSB Monsters, and can consistently hit the very middle of quarter-sized crab apples in my tree atleast 100 feet away!
This gun is pretty loud! Definitely a 4. I plan to order a muzzle brake from TKO airguns (they are awesome and effective!)

Prosa really good rifle for $180 I put a good $65 scope on... Got a $15 tin of quality pellets... Used a 10% off coupon... all this for less than $250, and I am hitting squirrels, crows and bluejays 250 feet away!
Conssharp edge of the bolt slot on receiver (fixable with a file!)
By raven s.
awesome budget pcp very accurate
September 18, 2017
set it up with a 3-9x32mm adjustable objective mildot scope sighted it in at 20 yards with crossman permier hp n did fairly good switched to crosman permier piranha pellets and dang it does almost single hole shots everytime if not same hole i mean its a hair next to it dime size or less groups with 20-25 yard shots will be trying 30 ,50,and 75, and 100 yard shots later but i watched several youtube video reviews before making a purchase to make sure it was for me and love it best air rifle bang for the buck hell with the 10percent laborday discount i got i got it less then i paid for my old benjamin 392 pump i upgraded from
Prosprice accuracy build quality great hunting or target practice rifle budget friendly vs some break barrels n cheaper then i paid for my old benjamin 392 pump i upgraded from
Consthe safety selector i dont like much thats it
By don s.
weed nm
this is a great rifle
July 25, 2017
i also own the benjamin maximus. i like it also. the fit, finish and overall quality of this rifle is top notch. mine is shooting 3/4" groups @ 50 yds in less than ideal conditions. my maximus does also. my maximus shoots 1.5" groups @ 100 yds and when the wind lays i'll shoot the chief @ 100 yds also.
i adjusted the chiefs' trigger down to 2# and will probably take it down to 1.5# later this week.
i don't hunt. i shoot iron @ 100, 125 and 150 yds.
pumped up to 1000 psi i get 30 good shots. the chief is .177 shooting crosman premier hollow points. the maximus is .22 shooting crosman premier hollow points also. i get 30 good shots with it also. both rifles take 50 pumps to bring them up from 1000 to 2000 psi.
my original intention was to buy both and keep the one i liked the best. i'm keeping both :)
Prosbeautiful, quality, very accurate and inexpensive
Consmine has no cons
By Herb
Lucas, Tx
Great gun for beginner P.C.P. SHOOTING!
July 20, 2017
I own 1 multipump, several springers and a gas ram, only the multipump is in the same game. 35 shots, smooth, clean, nice rifle, mounted a 3-9x40. Perfect addition don't need to worry about recoil. This has become my go to squirrel rifle.
ProsNice weight, open sight works well. Easy to use a pump on this rifle! Accuracy is top notch so far (1 week)!
ConsShort cocking arm, might be a little more open for these old fingers to place a pellet. Removal of rear sight should not be necessary.
By Paul
Ashland, KY
Well Worth The Money
July 16, 2017
Shot Good out of the box. But Shoots Great after about 400 rounds to break it in and a couple minor mods,
1. Polished the trigger and sear.
2. Adjusted trigger and Lubed everything inside the trigger housing..
3. Cut 1/8" off the hammer spring for a better shot curve.
Now She's a Great Shooter !!
One hole groups at 20 yds, Clover leaf groups at 35 yds. and 1 1/2 at 50 yds.
My Chief loves Beeman Kodiak 10.65gr
Getting 20 solid shots per fill.
Avg. Fps. 912.
Min. Fps. 892.
Max. Fps 923.
with the Extreme Spread of only 31 FPS.
ProsPrice.. Quality..Value. Nice bluing and Nice Craftsmanship. Much nicer than I expected. Great Gun,Great Shooter for the money.
ConsTrigger was HORRIBLE when I first got the gun, was very stiff , gritty, and sometimes the sear wouldn't catch when cocking it. When I opened the trigger housing the trigger post and sear post were Rusted, And there was NO LUBE inside the trigger housing at all. But trigger is fine now after a polish and a good lube. Only other con is you have to take it out of the stock to adjust the trigger.
By Jim
Middle Tn
Love This Rifle!
July 10, 2017
I bought the 22 on sale and liked it so much I bought this one in .177 cal.Very accurate,lots of shots per fill,low fill psi.What more can I say.
ProsVery accurate,lots of shots per fill,low fill psi
By Kevin
Nice HPA Rifle
July 9, 2017
Very nice and well built -- very quiet when you add a Silencer.. :) or as they call them Moderators... :)
By Ryan
Worth every cent!
June 26, 2017
Bought the .177 and glad I did. After 6 or 7 shots sighting in with a $30 AO Winchester scope with Air Arms 8.44 dome pellets I hung a white peace of paper with a dot from a sharpie 35ft. out. Took a shot and didn't see where it hit through the scope. Walked to the target. The black dot was now a hole. I am going to stay with this combo of rifle, scope and pellet.
ProsPrice is right and not a bulky rifle.
ConsClean the barrel before using.
By ashlen
can you do a review on YouTube?
June 3, 2017
This needs to be done for sure especially because of price point!!
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Beeman QB Chief
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    Velocity 1000 fps
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    Velocity 850 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
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