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Beeman QB78

Available in 0.1770.22Classic Bolt-Action CO2 Air Rifle that is both Accurate and Budget Friendly
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A classic is back! We are happy to offer the QB Series of CO2 rifles. Whether your looking the perfect plinker or a rifle to modify into the ultimate pellet slinger - this is the gun for you. Features hardwood stock, blued finish, and runs on 2, 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.
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Beeman QB78
18 Reviews
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By Carlton
Spring, TX
Accuracy Plus
October 28, 2019
Light weight accuracy at a bargain price. Purchased two of these and the co2 last in order to get the job done. Yes, it will eliminate pest especially at ranges 10 yds or so. Have used it for this purpose with resounding success. Go to co2 rifle.
By JimmyBoyJames
Middle Tennessee
Great CO2 Rifle
December 20, 2017
Nice CO2 rifle.Shots good and I hear it can be modified also.I like the wood stock.
ProsEasy to shoot,wood stock,heavy feel,accurate.
By D P.
Warren, Michigan
QB78 review
November 28, 2017
I got this gun and liked how it feels and looks, unfortunately I had to return it for multiple reasons.

1- Barrel diameter doesn't work with the silencer I am looking to buy for this rifle.
2- Iron sights can't be zero'd at 10 yards. I believe it's been designed to be zero'd at 20-25 yards as it' shots at 1 inch high while the back sight is at the lowest it can get.

* if you are not looking to use the Iron sights or install a silencer on this gun, it's a great gun to have.

Pros* light weight. * stock is very nice.
ConsLouder than I expected for a gun rated 2-low. but not as loud as my RWS 34.
By Toby
The Woodlands, Texas
Top Performer
February 22, 2017
I got this gun for my wife because she is a dainty lady and break barrel air rifles are hard for her to cock. This gun is amazingly accurate at 25 yards. I put a scope on it because both of us are far sighted and cant see the sights very well. With the Diabolo 18.3 grain pellets, this gun is lights out. It is almost boring because of the accuracy. She can shoot smiley faces on 1 inch targets at 25 yards! The shot count is very good and the pellets hit hard. I would not hesitate taking a squirrel at 25 yards with this air rifle. The gun is balanced so shooting off hand is good as well. We are very happy with the QB78 and would definitely recommend this gun to anyone wanting a good shooting pellet rifle.
ProsGood stock, great trigger, very accurate, quiet, easy to use.
ConsSafety is a little hard to work.
By Parker
Cary, North Carolina
Perfect CO2 Gun
December 17, 2016
Great little gun shoots dime size groups at 10 meters with open sights, first CO2 powered rife and I love it.
ProsGreat gun for the money shoots like a tack driver
Conscouple blemishes very minor
By Parker
Cary, North Carolina
Awesome gun, perfect for 10 meter shooting.
December 3, 2016
Ordered this on black Friday got a good deal (thanks AG depot!!). This little sub 100$ rifle is absolutely amazing in my honest opinion. I have yet to mount a scope but have found the cheap iron sight to be more than sufficient at 10 meters. Perfect gun to teach someone about gun safety and a good rifle for smaller framed shooters. I have shot 6 different pellets through it the two best being Beeman Kodiaks (domed 10.65 grain) and JSB exacts 8.44 grain, the other pellets were actually very accurate just not so much so as the two I named. A couple things i noticed about this gun (and these are the only things i noticed that only very slightly bothered me) are that the stock has one small dent and some rough spots, couple scratches on the breech and what MAY be a stripped out grub screw that holds the barrel to breech. This may not be stripped I simply put a 2.5 mm Allen wrench in it when I received it and there was some wiggle. I plan on installing the repeating breech kit so I guess I'll find out for sure then. I highly recommend this little rifle, it's accurate easy to operate and has a very adequate shot count for 2 CO2 cartrides (I got 70 shots out of each fill, if I was shooting pests i would probably only consider the first 50 as usable within a 20 yard range on SMALL pests. Just for the record i have put around 200 rounds through this just today, that's how fun it is to shoot.
Prossuper accurate well put to together for under 100$ - good price for a gun of this quality easy to operate (especially for younger shooters) not to picky about pellets perfect for plinking relatively quiet buy one you wont regret it
Conssome small scuffs on breech and stock, one tiny dent and a possible stripped out breech screw (do not know for sure) that I only own one
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
A Chinese Sheridan
October 15, 2016
Good quality. Good price. Good accuracy. Good power as a CO2 rifle goes. This one is hard to beat. Rabbits don't stand a chance inside of 30 yards. Mine is a .22 and loves Crossman 14.5 gr Premier pellets. This gun does lock up when it gets much over 105 degrees outside. My chronograph results would be higher than most, due to shooting in 100 degree temps, so won't bore you with them. I do understand that velocities do drop when temps get too close too. Also if you are plinking. Take a minute or two between shots to allow the CO2 to warm up a little. Good close range small game hunting rifle, great plinker, good target practice gun, just a whole lot of fun. Accurate enough to really shine with a 3-12X40 AO mil dot scope.
ProsPrice Quality Weight Easy to use Accurate
ConsCost of CO2 Not good for hot places or to use right from a hot trunk.
By Stephen W.
Eastside Iowa
Very accurate and no recoil
September 3, 2016
I own a good and expensive German breakbarrel springer, a good and expensive underlever springer and a low cost made in China breakbarrel. They all have a place and a purpose. This Beeman QB78 is my only CO2 gun and will be the last one I ever need. This little rifle is really quite amazing for its low price. It has plenty of power, NO recoil at all and very quiet. Plus the accuracy is very good, much better than I ever suspected it would be. I have always wanted a good high quality PCP but I can not justify the high price and all the extra stuff you have to get for a PCP. The Beeman QB78 is a great alternative. I am very happy so far.
ProsInexpensive to purchase, Quiet and powerful at the same time! Lightweight, CO2 cartridges last a long time. The factory open sights are Ok but I put on small scope to make it even more fun to shoot. It is a handsome gun, also looks more expensive than it is.
ConsSafety is terrible, very hard to use. The pellets are tricky to get in the chamber with the scope right above it. The bolt was hard to operate for the first 50 pellets.
By Jagmanxjs
Houston, Texas
Should get an award
July 13, 2016
Purchased the .177 & the .22. Both have got to be the most impressive c02 rifles offered in their category. For the price I have not experienced a nicer air rifle. Of course one can pick anything apart to express negatives but all things considered these qb78's are top notch in my opinion. I happen to like the basic qb78 with the black bolt and trigger. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. I also prefer the black over the gold and do not require a two stage trigger gold deluxe version. Do not need! These are in my top five c02 rifle choices.
ProsLight weight, easy to handle, very accurate, quiet, easy c02 load, nice wood stock, well made, scope able, plenty knock down power short range 15yds on pests.
ConsNot a single complaint!
By Jagmanxjs
Houston, Texas
Must have rifle
July 1, 2016
Purchased the .177 & .22. Both are in my top 10 with all 10 being the best I have. Cannot beat the price and performance. Both are the basic qb78 and I have no negatives. Personally I prefer the black bolt & trigger. Bolt size is sufficient. Easy to scope load and shoot. Excellent purchases. Both are worth much more for what you get. Must have rifles. . .!.
ProsSee above and . . .very very accurate, quiet, powerful, light weight, easy to handle, scopeable, 50-60 strong shots per dua c02 loads, very nice wood, on and on. . .
ConsNot a single one!
By Dale
June 29, 2016
Amazed at how nice this gun shoots. I ordered this gun from Airgun Depot and the Archer tune kit from Archer. This gun is very easy to shoot accurately with. It has a natural balance when you aim and the bullseye is like a magnet. I have been shooting up to 40 yards with very good results after the tune kit was installed. With my springers, I use reactive targets and aim for the center dot. With this gun the center dot is always hit. I use the repair pasties as individual targets and switched to non reactive 1 inch targets to fine tune the sights. This gun seems to like almost every type of pellet, unlike my springers. The jsb 18.1 exacts seem to work the best though. There is virtually no recoil and the sound is not objectionable in town unless it is a very calm morning. I wasn't impressed with the iron sights, but love this gun with a scope on it. I think I am done with springers after my experience with this rifle. A precharged air rifle is in my future. If you are used to shooting .22 and .223 powder burners and want a air rifle that shoots similar in feel, this is the cheapest way to get it. You can use the same hold and not worry about the artillery hold needed with a springer rifle.
By George
Occupied NE territory's (NY)
Sends chipmunks to their grave!
June 10, 2016
Nice gun for the money. Mine looks perfect in every regard. The safety does not work but I don't care. 5 minutes with this gun had it shooting 1/2 inch groups, on target at 30 yards....for real. This thing shoots nice! Trigger is the best...light, crisp...the best. Wood looks amazing! Too bad it's made in China (why can't we figure out how to make these at price in this country?) for just over a hundred this thing before they wise up!
ProsTrigger, accuracy for price, looks
ConsSafety does not work
By Dennis C.
Glendale, Az
Best Rifle for the price
April 10, 2016
I am 85 and have been a gun owner 70 of those years. Hunted for a few years, lost the urge then joined a gun club and started competing till I turned 70.
Love shooting but ammo cost became a factor and travel distance to shoot. Purchase a 22 cal CO2 pistol a few years ago and enjoyed shooting it at home.
Found the Beeman QB78 here, and after a lot of research, decided I would give it a try. W O W after sighting in my scope, I'm covering 5 shots group with a dime at 35 feet and have the photo to prove.
This gun loves Gamo 5 gr MAGNUM ammo. I've shot about 125 through it so can't wait till it settles in to see what it will do. Plunking, target shooting or hunting, GET THIS GUN and you will never want more.
ProsExtremely happy with this purchase
By Coleman
Statham, GA
Great little plinker
March 1, 2016
I received this rifle today and after the initial cleaning of the bore etc., I took it out and sighted it in with a BSA sweet .22 scope. It took 5 shots to get zero and all the others were touching at 10 meters. The only bad thing about the whole deal was when the rifle came to my house the barrel was protruding out the end of the package and had a slight abrasion on it. No big eal, crown was good and a slight touch of bluing made it disappear.
ProsLight weight, accurate, esy to shoulder and shoot.
By D H.
Litchfield, MI
Can't beat what you get for the price!
April 4, 2015
I got the QB78 in .22. It still has the old Industry Brand and not Beeman. The wood and metal is finished very nice. Surprised on how well it shoots and the groups are under a dime at 10yrds. I scoped it with a old 4x32 and works nice and still east to load. Very easy to mod and get the FPS up if you want.
ConsThe only complaint I have and to me it is a big one. The O-ring on the end cap where you put the CO2 cartages in swells BAD!! It chewed up the O-ring on the first CO2 change. After letting it set for about a 1/2 hour it returned to normal size. I can't seem to find a replacement around here and NO Email response. But other then that GREAT Rifle.
By tristan
lebanon connecticuit
great gun
March 29, 2015
This gun is very accurate and is powerful enough to kill squirrels with and is a very nice price
ProsVery accurate real wood stock
By E A.
Great Rifle
March 24, 2015
Co2 airgun that doesn't leak, fairly quiet, very appealing in looks. The wood is nicely done, no pitting or cracks. Modified mine to look vintage with a straight grip, sanded it and restained. Bolt was hard to operate with the fingers due to it having a spring inside, but was easier through more shooting, pushing the bolt with the palms is much easier. I get around 55-60 shots of consistent power. Very accurate as well. Attached a 6-24x50mm scope to it, now looks oaf. Had to put on a cheek riser for consistent eye relief without having to have a chin weld. Barrel's rifling is very nice, the crowning of it is perfect. Nicely blued finish on the steel, trigger adjustments are really noticable. Full disassembly of the gun is very easy, a few screws and it's stripped. Polished the internals of mine and de-burred some parts. Internals are all steel and no small tiny parts, everything big and minimal apart from the trigger assembly's screws. Trigger guard is not steel nor aluminum, some cheap metal was used, but doesn't offer any disadvantages. Lubricated all parts with Lucas Gun Oil, no problems nor leakage at all. Rifle is built to last with its classic wood and steel. For the price it is a steal. Recommend buying it, very cheap to shoot and maintain.
ProsCheap Very nice looking Steel and wood
ConsBolt is hard to push bolt forward with fingers
By Tom G.
Glendale , Arizona
"THE" Rifle
February 21, 2015
I am 71 years old and when I was 10 years old , My Father bought me one of these CO2 Pellet Rifles and it was the very best Pellet Rifle that I had ever shot! It shoots very hard , It will pierce both sides of a metal can and I don't mean aluminum , Real metal! We lived in Ohio at that time many years ago and My Father bought the gun at a Western Auto store! I believe that Dad paid $40.00 for that gun brand new back then! Of course they are much more expensive now but they still shoot just as hard as they did back then , So buy one if you are looking for a hard shooting and very accurate fire arm!
ProsIt takes 2 CO2 containers back to back from one another and it is a very hard and accurate shooting firearm! The stock is made of wood! It's definitely not a toy , It is for Boys and Girls at least 16 years of age!
ConsNo Cons!
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Beeman QB78
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 650 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 550 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
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