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Beeman QB78 Deluxe

Available in 0.1770.22Deluxe Version of the Bolt-Action CO2 QB78 Air Rifle
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This Deluxe version of the QB78 features a 2 stage adjustable trigger, TRUGLO fiber optic sights, and Beech wood stock.
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Beeman QB78 Deluxe
61 Reviews
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98% Recommend this product (60 of 61 responses)
By Mad M.
Northern California
Diamond in the rough, emphasis on rough.
February 17, 2017
It is difficult to rate this rifle. If you are looking for a ready made, fully finished, smooth shooting gun, then my advice is to look elsewhere. If you are willing and able to put in a little work, this can be a great shooting air rifle.

I grew up shooting Daisy and Crosman pump up airguns. I had a Powerline 880 that was rather cheaply made and a 760 that was very nice and well made. A few years ago I bought a 760 for my son, only to find that the wood stock I enjoyed as a boy was gone. It was nothing but cheap plastic. Lame.

Recently we experienced a squirrel problem. They were constantly stealing fruit off of our trees, digging up our garden and raiding the bird feeder. It was time for them to go. I own a Gamo Delta in .177, but wanted something a little stronger for eradicating the squirrels in our yard. I would have selected a more powerful spring or gas break barrel, but my city is anything but friendly to airguns. According to the local laws, I can't even use a pea shooter! In addition, I suffered a serious arm injury that would make shooting a powerful springer difficult. After much research, I decided on a QB78 Deluxe in .22 caliber.

After receiving this rifle I loaded up a couple of CO2 cartridges and went plinking in the back yard. While not silent, the report was relatively mild. It can be heard by my neighbors, but I doubt it will bother them and they will likely not even know what it is.

After I finished shooting off the two CO2 cartridges, I decided to take the gun apart. I have to say I was appalled at what I found. Every cut edge on this gun is rough. Apparently their machinist do not know what BAE means (break all edges). I even found a ring of metal obviously from the machining floating in the gas breech. It is no wonder that the seals are cut every time the gun is assembled or disassembled. Even the trigger has rough edges from where it was stamped(?) out.

I bought some fine files, very fine sandpaper and some wooden dowels and proceeded to clean up this gun. I attacked every sharp edge I could find. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of the bluing had to go.

I re-assembled it with new seals, well lubricated, and replaced the breech transfer seal with a Crosman seal for better flow. The original seal is not "crushed", BTW, it is just made smaller to restrict flows for some of those, um, restrictive countries. I eagerly went out to test fire and was very, very disappointed. The accuracy was abysmal. Crosman Premier Hollow Points are highly recommended for this gun, but both these pellets and the Destroyers were just plain awful. I contacted AGD and they recommended trying other, better pellets.

I purchased some JSB Jumbo 18.13gr and some RWS superdomes. The JSBs are phenomenal. Within the limits of my back yard they are absolutely devastating for the squirrels that happen to hold still. The RWS pellets give me similar groups but I have not shot them much, since the JSBs are so good. The QB78 is not supposed to be very powerful, but it has no problem dispatching any squirrel I hit, even out past 20 yards. Some of the pellets hit my wooden back stop and buried themselves completely in the wood.

There are many modifications I want to do, but in the end it isn't worth it. Why not? The number one mod I would like is to install a repeater kit. The kit is over $170. How can I justify putting a $170 kit on a $100 air gun? For $270 I could have purchased a Hammerli 850, from what I have read a fine, finished repeating air gun. I could also put in an "XP" Kit for 100FPS more. Again, the stock QB has plenty of power for my back yard and any more would give me fewer shots, which would cost more, and make the gun louder, which I definitely do not want.

In addition, I could have bought a QB79 and installed a bulk filled CO2 or air tank. Aside from the fact that the CO2 cartridges are easier to replace, I really did not like the bottle look of the QB79. The QB78 looks (and probably handles) much more like a rifle.

In the end, I would give the rifle as it was out of the box 3 stars. As it is now, cleaned up, I would be tempted to give it 5 stars. As a compromise, I give it 4 stars and recommend it to anyone with the skills to clean up the edges and who likes to tinker a little bit.
ProsGood power, Accurate with the right pellets. Good value and a lot of fun.
ConsVery, very rough out of the box. Lots of sharp edges. Scope sits a little high for the stock to have a good cheek meld. There are a lot of features I would like (better safety, better feeding, a way to degass, a way to remove a pellet from the breech, a way to de-cock the hammer, etc.), but what can you ask for $100!??
By Gino C.
Oakdale, Pennsylvania
Top Line Performance for Price
December 9, 2019
I have had this gun for two years now and I am very pleased by the overall performance. I have never had a time where it has let me down. It runs very smooth and noise level is reasonable. I love the capacity of co2 because I can get out at least 100 rounds before I need to reload the co2. I have brought it out to 70-80 yards before and I got a very good grouping of about six inches, although bullet drop was significant.
ProsHigh co2 capacity, Long range performance. Adjustable sights. Good quality for buck.
ConsI have not noticed any
Best UsesVery fun for target practice, plinking, and hunting small game.
By bb g.
Great Gun
November 26, 2019
has nice hitting power. easy trigger pull ,no issues
Prosbeautiful gun all around
Conssingle shot
By Rich
I'm impressed
October 6, 2019

I was interested in a QB78-Deluxe for some time and couldn't pass up a great AGD deal during 2016's "Black Friday" week. It's been several years now and I have no regrets.

Initial impressions were very positive, particularly the all wood & metal construction plus the heft of its solid steel barrel (I measure OD~0.59"). Front and rear fiber-optic sights appear to be all metal (die cast?) with rear adjustments for elevation and windage. Limited mostly to my 35 ft basement "range", I enjoy the challenge of free stand shooting so having decent, adjustable iron sights is a big plus.

The QB78 is surprisingly powerful for a CO2 rifle. It easily sends Crosman .117 wad-cutters thru both sides of a tin can at 35 ft and being able to load two CO2 cartridges gives a high shot count per fill. For me, fills can stretch over a number of sporadic sessions so I'm extremely pleased to find NO evidence of CO2 leaks, even after the QB78 sits dormant for a month or two.
Overall, I find the QB78 a really good bang for the buck and I'm very pleased with it.
ProsOverall, a fun rifle and a great bang for the buck.
ConsWhen new, the safety had to be muscled ON & OFF and it took a fairly long time to break in. It's a lever that rotates ~180? forward (fire) and back, into the trigger guard for "safe". In the safe position the lever can over-rotate, making it difficult to get a finger on it to flip the other way. Maybe a defect or maybe just a clumsy safety design, but hardly a deal-breaker.
By Chance
Great gun, needs time.
April 17, 2019
As mentioned in several other reviews, there are a lot of sharp edges on this gun, right out of he box. The more you use it, the better it gets.

I use it for shooting starlings out of my pine trees, and itā€™s surprisingly accurate out to 30-40 yards. After that, the groupings fall to pieces.

Very little recoil. So little, that just about any scope will hold 0.

For $100, this gun is worth every penny. I highly recommend it.
ProsChicks dig it. 9+ foot pounds. Accurate. Adjustable trigger. Easy to work on. Very low maintenance.
ConsStock came with several dings in it. FPS is almost too low.
Best UsesStarling/sparrow pest control. Plinking. Non-competitive shooting.
By Jason h.
Don't underestimate this one
December 19, 2018
This was my second air rifle but I have gotten about 3 years ago and it is still one of my favorites this one is a good rifle to start with or just have one in your collection it is very quiet and accurate the reason why I got this one is I needed something quiet for pesting day or night #CarolOfTheGuns
ProsThere is a lot of Pros with this rifle good accuracy and quiet good for beginners just getting into The Airgun industry
Best UsesBackyard plinking and small Pest up to 40 to 45 yards not recommended beyond that
By Will
Boise, Idaho
PCP gateway gun
October 19, 2018
As someone that has shot springers as a kid and now that I am an adult I have to say that I love this little rifle. I never thought that I would consider buying a PCP but now that I have experienced there little brother the co2 it is on my list. From the first day I shot this rifle it was laying down tight groups. I havenā€™t felt this confident with a rifle since my M16 in the army. This is the best $100 you will ever spend on an air rifle. The one draw back is you donā€™t know when you are getting low on pressure till it happens but as you get to know it you will be able to figure out how many shots you have.

While the FPE is on the low side because of the accuracy you will be able to take small game (squirrels, cotton tail, and birds) easily at 25 yards. There is no recoil and on the dB meter on my phone it register around 70. So the gun is also very quiet at least compared to break barrals Iā€™ve shot.
ProsAccurate, quiet, and easy to shoot.
ConsNo magazine so you have to load each pellet individually.
Best UsesTarget and small game at close range.
By Mike
April 16, 2018
I like this gun I can see the improvements made ,Like the fit and finish ,the stock are far better than the
older Chinese models .It is accurate and you get at least5 fifty good shots. I also like that one can mod this
gun with after markets kits.
ProsLots of shots, Can be modded fit and finish much improved
ConsNone at this entry level price
Best UsesGeneral shooting and plinking
By Steve
lake geneva, WI
amazing value
January 13, 2018
very nice wood and metal finish. Quite accurate and good trigger at this price point. I have had poor luck with QB78's in the past (e.g. frost on the air chanber after 5 shots) however this current gun holds a charge very well and perhaps they have upgraded their quality control.If this level of performance continues I would regard it as the best CO2 rifle available in this price range.
Prosbeautiful wood, light weight gun. Holds charge very well
Consno trigger adjustment,
By Jack
Elgin, IL
Great rifle for the Price
December 21, 2017
After cleaning the barrel, I sighted the rifle in with a couple different pellets.JSB 15.89s were the best.Punching the x-ring out of the target in my basement. Can't wait for warmer weather to try it outside.
ConsI had to turn the rear sight windage all the way right to sight it in-hence 4 stars instead of 5.
By Ed
Riverside CA
Hard to beat the QB78 in any of the variants it comes in!
December 18, 2017
I have a number of the QB78's, all of them happened to be in .22. THe are great for small game in warm weather, the price is right and I have had very good luck with almost any pellet I load em with.
ProsThe fit and finish is very good, trigger is basic but clean, the iron sites are easy to use and the fiber optics really give you a great sight picture. Lot's pf mods to be had for this rifle from many sources. It's a tack driver at 50 yards or less,
ConsIt's a bit heavy with the wood stock, CO2 is temperature dependant so its warm weather or indoor gun. The CO2 end cap is hard to vent if there is any pressure left at all.
By Chuck
November 1, 2017
This rifle shot good right out of the box. Was very please with the finished results. The rifle looks like a high end unit and feels great to handle. Just a little on the heavy side, but manageable! I would highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a good value.
ProsVery accurate. Has good weight to it. The open sights are great and accurate.
ConsNone that I can think of at this time.
By Duane M.
Top of the line C02 rifle
June 13, 2017
I am writing this review because of the comments made by another reviewer who was disappointed by the fit and finish of his new rifle. My experience has been just the opposite. This is not to deny his experience. I just have to wonder why there was so much difference between his "out of the box" rifle and mine. The one factor I was worried about before I purchased this rifle was that it was made in China. My past experience with China made products has all been bad......until this rifle! The fit and finish is superb, as good or better than many Remington or Winchester high power rifles. The action felt smooth positive with no excessive play in any the moving parts (like most inexpensive air rifles) After some preliminary test firing I decided it was worth installing a performance mod seal kit made by Archer Airguns. When I took the gun apart I was amazed by well it is built. The trigger and sear parts are all nice and smooth. There was no need to smooth or polish anything. The trigger adjustments worked quite well (adjusted it to a crisp 2.8lbs). No creep or over-travel. I have to say I didn't know there was anything manufactured in China that was made with this kind of quality.
The advertised velocity improvement of the seal kit was a little optimistic. My Chrony says I get about 640 - 650 fps with 14.3 gr pellets (.22 caliber) @ 75 degrees F. (still very adequate for small game hunting) I also found that the RWS Superdome pellets shot very accurately. The most recent test I did was a six shot group shot from a bench @ 23 yds. Five of the rounds went through a single hole the size of my little finger. I am very well pleased with my QB78D!
ProsThis rifle does everything you should expect from a C02 rifle, and does it with style and quality. Don't be afraid to purchase a good scope for this gun. It is well worth it.
ConsCan't think of any!!!
By Mike H.
Beeman QB78 Deluxe, .177 cal
April 25, 2017
Bought this for my 14 year old grandson. Right out of the box gun shot great. Grandson and I will be shooting 10 meter matches soon.
Fast delivery, all items received exactly as shown on web site.

By javier s.
puerto rico
very good item
February 21, 2017
perfect rifle
By Sean
Groveland, FL
Nice quiet backyard shooter
February 17, 2017
I decided to buy this over the Crosman 2260 based on a review that I read. The QB seems well finished in the Deluxe model. The steel breech and oversized cocking mechanism are worth the the extra $. I was able to sight in easily and have added a scope. It's been consistently accurate so far. I like the fact that it takes 2 C02 cartridges for more shots per reload.
ProsQuiet - goof finish.
By bob
better than expected!
January 9, 2017
I was looking for a accurate, quiet, easy to use "backyard linker", this qb78 is perfect. I was very surprised by the fit and finish. The wood is very nice, although it cannot be confused with a nice piece of walnut. It seems to have a very nice trigger fight out of the box, I have not had to adjust it at all. Open sights are adequate for close range, but I'm not a big fan of fiber optics. As soon as it warms up, its -1f here today, I'll give it a real test outside.
ProsNice size, not to big, not to small. Appears to be well built.
ConsSafety is very stiff and made of plastic, hard to put on or off. I may remove it.
By Torrence
ellenboro, NC
A Christmas gift hit.
January 9, 2017
I bought this gun for my dad for Christmas. He didn't have an accurate airgun at all. When he opened I Christmas day he was happy with the looks of the gun. It very nice clean finish on it and no plastic. We scoped it and shot awesome groups with, like hole in hole groups at 20 yards. Dad was tickled with it, he hasn't stopped talking about it. Money well spent. The only thing that I would change about the gun is needing some way getting the gas out after the shots starts dropping.
ProsAwesome finish and accurate.
ConsSome way to empty gas out other than shooting it out.
By Donald S.
Awesome CO2
December 17, 2016
I bought one LOVED it ! bought another LOVED it ! and now I own SIX LOVE them all> why 6 you might say ,not because the gun is unreliable Its because there's 6 in my family and it has brought use great joy . set up the range 30 yards six shooters 10 shoots each all bets in . 1st place gets nothing 2nd place wash dishes 3rd place trash 4th place sweep floors 5th place bathrooms and I do not want talk about the 6th
Prosvalue for the $
By Geo
Rolla, MO
Great airgun out of the box!
December 16, 2016
The fit and finish on my QB78D was great. I bought it to modify, but had so much fun shooting it with dual CO2 cartridges, it took me a week before I was ready to stop shooting it and start with the modifications. After adjusting the trigger to my liking, it'll stack pellets on top of pellets at 20 yards. It has responded well to modifications, but I can definitely say its a great airgun as is! Cant go wrong with the QB78.
ProsPrice, quality, accuracy, modding potential
ConsNone that I can think of
By Matthew W.
Why did I wait?
December 16, 2016
I had been looking at the QB line of air rifles for quite some time. Everything I read about them online intrigued me. I finally purchased a QB78 Deluxe. I am glad I did. As other's have stated, the rifle is a thing of beauty, out of the box. After cleaning the barrel (and it needed it) I added a 3-9x32 scope. While sighting in the scope, this rifle astounded me with its accuracy. I was punching same hole groups at 10 yards. At 20 yards, it was clover leaf. Accurate enough to hit a spent .22LR casing at 30 yards 8 out of 10 shots. It does this with a pellet my other .22 just will not shoot accurately at all. I am just amazed by this rifle. Even the trigger impressed me with its light effort requirement and how predictable and clean it breaks.

This is the one rifle I should have started with.

Not many complaints about this rifle. However, it could use CO2 more efficiently. I have been averaging about 50 decent power shots per pair of 12 gram cartridges.
ProsBeautiful. Solid build. ACCURATE, wonderful trigger feel,
ConsUnderpowered for my exact needs (wants). Not the best use of CO2 Requires tuning to extract better efficiency or power.
By Shelton
Gave it a try and very pleased
December 13, 2016
I decided to give this gun a try based on reviews and price. I am very pleased with this air gun. I put a 4x30 mm scope on it and sighted it in at 40 feet (my indoor range limit). I can repeatedly shoot dime size groups in the bullseye. I am getting about 45 to 55 shots per 2 cartridges before performance drops off. This gun is well worth the money. With the scope it is not overly heavy for free-standing shooting.
ProsVery nice finish on the stock. Arrived well packaged. Accuracy excellent. Feels comfortable when shooting. I am 6' 1" and the length feels perfect for me.
ConsThe only negative I have is that the rear sight ran out of down adjustment when trying to sight in at 40 feet. At 50 or more feet it would probably would have been OK. Since I was never going to use the iron sights, I did not deduct for this issue.
By Duane M.
Kalispell, Montana
Great value, Great gun!
October 20, 2016
I was skeptical about this product when I learned it was made in China. After reading several very positive articles and reviews I decided (mostly out of curiosity) to purchase one. $110 for a quality engineered and built .22 air rifle? It just sounded too good to be true.

I am so pleased! The fit and finish is as good or better than the typical Remington or Winchester rifles being sold today. The trigger Is smooth and crisp. It adjusts from heavy to hair and everything in between. All the trigger parts are machined metal. The bluing is very nice and even. The stock fits beautifully with close tolerances and the finish is very good. From the first few shots with the factory open sights I determined that the rifle was worthy of a good scope. I purchased a Leapers Bug Buster 3-9 x 32mm AO scope. (a great combination) The accuracy is good (typical 5 shot groups at 10 yards from a bench can be covered with a nickel) but will be better after I find the pellets that this gun likes. I also ordered an XP tune kit from Archer Airguns that should add another 100 fps.
ProsAll the above info. and It can be completely disassembled by an amateur with common hand tools.
ConsCan't think of any.
By Stu
One of the best values for the money in airgunning
October 11, 2016
For just over 100 bucks you can not go wrong with a QB78D. This thing is like 95% wood and metal. Very solid build quality and accuracy (at least mine) can be hole in hole with practice. I got mine in .22 and dissembled it and cleaned any gunk out, polished some surfaces, re lubed it, and added a silencer. After doing this and adding the extended bolt kit and a non-crushed transfer port seal im shooting at 600-620 FPS (depending on temps and how fast I shoot) and get about 45 good hard hitting shots. #45-50 start to drop a little and after 50 I just drain the remaining air and get 2 new 12grams.
ProsAlmost all metal and wood. Built like a tank. Very accurate out of the box. Tons of mods and parts to add Cheap ($$ wise!) Shootability
ConsA little heavy? maybe thats a con to some people. Depending on the specific gun you get, you may need to replace the transfer port seal as some of them come crushed.
By matt
rochester, NY
Best bang for buck that doesn't "bang"
September 21, 2016
I have many, but this one has become my backyard go-to-gun. It is accurate, reliable, it shoulders well, has a positive and balanced weight to it without being overly heavy,
has easy to see sights, and also a crisp trigger.
It is also powerful and accurate enough for clean kills (on squirrels and grape-snatching birds within 100 feet away...really it's main purpose),
but it's not too powerful that pellets fly-out the other side and hit a neighbor's house!
It also is quiet enough that it will not offend the old lady that puts out bread and seeds to ATTRACT them!
The wood stock is well-finished and has classic lines.
The bolt and action operates smoothly. Trigger pulls clean and short with probably 2 pounds or less. Very easy to be accurate and as quick as a single-shooter allows you to be.
The .22 size just makes it so pellets are easier to grab out of the tin and load.
The 2 back-to-back 12 gr CO2 cartridges give atleast 100 full-power shots.
I would absolutely buy another and put a scope on that one...and just leave this one I have with standard open sights. I likey allot!
ProsInexpensive but not "cheap"
ConsI'm running out of critters to shoot at
By Paul
Unbelievable Quality for the price point
September 15, 2016
I own and use several break barrel pellet rifles for recreation and pest control at a recrational cabin in the woods. I enjoy my break barrel rifles, but I was thinking about the co2 airguns my older brothers had when I was a child and how much fun they were to shoot (when I was allowed to do so.) I began to research Crosman co2 rifles having had a great experience iwth my break barrel rifles and because I remember my brothers co2 rifles were Crosman. I was doing online research when I came across a lot of material that sang the praise of the QB 78 Deluxe. I saw so much positive press that I was ready to buy and try one out for myself. I found that Airgun Depot had them in stock recently and at $109,99 with 10% off for being a new customer I couldn't pass it up. The reviews I read are accurate. The quality of this Chinese rifle is amazing at this price point. I shot about 70 rounds with the sites to start breaking in the rifle. I then added a Winchester 4 x 32 scope that I also purchased from Airgun Depot and this straight shooter began to amaze me with its accuarcy. After zeroing in the scope, I was able to get quarter sized groups at 25 yards resting the rlfe on my porch rail. I would imagine one could get tighter groups if you actually used a bench rest. I'm glad I spent the extra $10 for the Deluxe version. The tru glow sights and gold accents are really nice. I used Crosman Piranah Pellets and they seem to be very accurate in my particular rifle. I have no near neighbors at my property, but this rifle is super quiet and I wouldn't hesitate to use in my suburban back yard. I doubt any neighbor would raise an eye. Bottom Line: I love this pellet rifle. It brings me back to my childhood in the late 60's when as boy or 6 or 7, my older brothers let my shoot their Crosman rifles at tin cans in the back yard. Its been a great shooter so far.
ProsGreat looking gun Accurate and pellets hit hard Inexpensive for the quality and value offered Quiet Easy to charge and load
ConsSingle shot can get tedious, but you know that going in.
By Robert
, L.I. N.Y.
September 12, 2016
For the money this is a great gun. Very accurate with scope. Iron sights not so great. Bought for my grandson.
By Rick
Oregon, WI.
Great Rifle
August 18, 2016
I have been looking at these for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. First look out of the box and I was ready. Really clean and no scratches. I will say when I open the outer box, I saw the barrel sticking out of the inner box, I checked it over and hoped it would be OK. I put the scope on and a quick cleaning and headed out to the back yard. I sighted in and started throwing lead down range. The bolt seemed a little hard to use when closing, but is starting to work better after use. I was hitting the target every time from the 10 yard line to the 30 yard line! I put about 150 rounds of RWS Superdome 8.3 the first night. You can tell when the Co2 is low and it starts dropping the pellets, around 40 to 50 pellets before changing out the powerlets for a new set. My fianc liked it so much I think I will give her this one and look at the QB79 for myself!
ProsEasy to use, very accurate and there are a lot of upgrade you can get for this air gun
ConsBolt action was a little hard loading the pellet and closing at first, but that seems to be smoothing out now.
By "Rod"
Orange Co., Cal.
"Way beyond the call of duty!"
August 4, 2016
Bought a well-reputed Beeman .177 pellet rifle, found that the rear sight was not stable. I decided to return, exchange. Later I thought, "You could get another with the same problem!" So I decided to try to buy from them 3rd party iron sights for it. Got nowhere on that. So I decided to purchase from them a small scope & rings, stay with my original rifle.
Prosanswered every e-mail I sent to them––and quickly! They worked with me as I was wandering around deciding what to do: many e-mails, several phone calls. They bent over backwards to help me (1) return and exchange, (2) sent me RMA #, labels, etc., (3) tried to help me buy better iron sights from them, (4) helped me purchase a small scope for the rifle. They would have had every reason to think, "Who is this guy, anyway? Does he even know WHAT he wants?" And they didn't!
By Thomas S.
Huntington Station, NY. 11746
Excellent quality product for the price.
July 18, 2016
I bought this gun to replace a Crossman 1077 air rifle. The Beeman QB78 deluxe CO2 air rifle is made well. All metal with a wood stock. The gun is very accurate with good power. It shoots right through metal cans at 50 ft. I was able to get 80 shots per fill. I can't believe it's only 109.99 to purchase. I got mine in .177 cal. Very happy with the product and would recommend it to a friend. If you like German made products you will have to get this air gun.
ProsGreat quality for little money. Very accurate with good power.
By Richard
Northern Lower Michigan
Purchased for my wife. Big mistake!
July 12, 2016
I bought this gun for my wife thinking she might start shooting with me on a regular basis. That was a big mistake. I should have purchased one for myself. What a terrific gun. It is super accurate and splatters the .22 CPHP pellets we were using. It took only two shots to zero this beautiful little gun.

I could write a lengthy review about the nice stock and fine blued barrel but I will leave that for others. The main thing to take from this review is that I should have purchased two QB 78s. One for my wife and one for myself. A mistake I plan to rectify as soon as possible.
ProsGreat gun, great price.
ConsThere aren't any.
By James
Fort Wayne, IN
July 1, 2016
Under a hundred dollars and free shipping from Air Gun Depot ! ! The QB78 Deluxe HITS much harder than I expected from a stock, out of the box .22 caliber pellet gun. Very well built with just a few plastic parts. With on- line modifications available for around $25.00, you can turn this gun into 97% wood and metal. I don't understand why Crosman Corporation can not come up with a CO2 gun any where near the quality of the QB78. I only have two small complaints about this gun. (1) The cheap plastic sights, they work great, they just look and feel cheap compared to the rest of the rifle. (2) The safety, it is horrible. I plan to change out the sights to a more traditional iron sight, and add a metal barrel band in the future. All in all you can not beat this gun for a backyard shooter for fun or small pest control. And once again Air Gun Depot beats out the competition (Walmart, Amazon, ect.,) on price and quality service. A + A + A +
ProsWood Stock, heavy barrel, powerful, accurate as hell and a very reasonable price.
ConsNEEDS A CROSS BOLT SAFETY ! And maybe a way to dump CO2 after your shot count gets low on power.
By Jeff
St Pete, Fl.
Very Impressed!
June 18, 2016
I ordered one (177) after reading the reviews and was hoping for an OK rifle for under $100. What I received is an excellent airgun that is way under priced. The blueing, stock and overall fit and finish are VERY good. I mounted a Hammer's scope, sighted it in and was shooting very tight groups (for me). I'm going to order one in 22 for comparison.
ProsQuality >than price
ConsNone so far.
By jan
cave city arkansas
very happy
June 15, 2016
Fast delivery. Friendly service,order two rifles came in perfect shape, will order again love shooting our new rifles
By Ivan
Puerto Rico
Just beautifull !!.
June 9, 2016
This rifle is a genuine Clasic. Nice stock, barell and very accurate. The weight is perfect for stand up shooting and hunting. Many accessories in the marked for customize and improve more power. It's one of my favorites!!!
ProsEverything, including the price.
ConsI'm considering in buying another in .177 cal. ( you can buy only the kit but I like the view).
By Marcus
Fontana, CA
June 8, 2016
This gun is just as awesome as described by everyone. I fell in love upon taking this baby it from the box. The wood stock is just beautiful, love the golden fishing of the trigger and the bolt.
2 co2 can last about 60-70 shots however since I purchased the upgrade kit, it lasted only 30-40 shots but you can tell the difference.
Also, I've attached a custom made extended magazine for my QB and now is just amazing! (I found this in YouTube and his username is 'efjecko', he may be able to share more insight about the magazine!)
With the magazine and scope, you got yourself a whole new level of QB! Best choice I've ever made!
ProsBeautiful Powerful Bolt action Uses 2 CO2 or 1 CO2 Reasonable Easy to modify
By Noli C.
San Diego, CA
Awesome Air Rifle
June 2, 2016
A solid and well manufactured air rifle for a price that is not burning your bank. A penny size grouping out of the box, what can you ask for?
By Mark
Why did I wait
May 25, 2016
I have been looking at these on and off for years and am I glad I finally bought one. Fit & finish is great. At about 10 yards the fiber optic sights were right on. My eyes don't allow me to shoot any further. With the easy to install xp tune kit & all the mods/parts available you can't go wrong. Now I just wish there was a drop in bullpup stock.
ProsWood stock, adult sized and adjustable trigger.
By Crosman S.
South Dakota
A great value for any level marksman.
April 15, 2016
I have a QB78 Deluxe model in .22. Mine was the 'Industry' not Beeman. It resembles a single shot rim fire. Build quality is impressive. For the money the fit/finish is good. The front sight was not aligned. (would have been 5 stars otherwise) I ended up scoping the rifle and it is accurate, not match quality, but less than 3/4 inch at 40 yards. I re-crowned the barrel and an XP tune kit from Archer Airguns was installed before shooting the rifle, it shoots around 630 fps at 70 degrees with crosman 14.3 domes. I also own a .177 QB78 - regular model. It was professionally tuned and out performs the .22 Deluxe. I would recommend the QB78 series rifle to anyone looking for an affordable, quality CO2 rifle.
ProsA great rifle to learn basic safety and marksmanship. It can be tuned. A lot of web resources show the potential.
ConsCO2 has an operating temperature range that favors warm weather 70 degrees or indoor temperature controlled environments. The open sights on this individual rifle were unusable.
By Airgun P.
Notasulga, Alabama
Quality above the price point!
March 26, 2016
I did not expect to get as well made and finished a product at the price of this rifle. I have an old Crosman Model 160 that is still in very good condition but it has a bad barrel and will not shoot groups smaller than 3 inches at 25 yards at its best. I decided to try the QB-78 Deluxe in .22 cal. to compare the two. I also purchased the tuning kit to improve the velocity over the 500 fps rated factory velocity. I had in mind that even if this rifle was not what I wanted, I might be able to fit the barrel to my Crosman. Well, when I saw the rifle as I removed it from the box, I knew that was not likely going to happen. This rifle is much more attractive than the original Crosman product. The dark brown stock is well shaped with a glass smooth finish and there is even a reasonable level of attractive wood grain to the Beech stock. The bluing is rich dark blue and evenly done without variation or defect. The gold accented trigger and bolt handle is a nice accent. The painted trigger guard was done in shinny gloss and I feel that if it were done in satin black it would have looked more in line with the tone of the blued barrel and action. I did not chronograph the rifle as it came to know if the velocity was at the 500 fps level but immediately made the conversion using the supplied breech bolt and seals supplied in the kit. I first began shooting after the conversion to get acquainted with the feel of the rifle, its bolt and trigger. The noise level was less than expected and I did not feel the velocity would be a lot greater than before. I had adjusted the trigger while I had it dis-assembled and used the adjustment screws to set the trigger over-travel and sear engagement which can be observed by viewing it through an opening in the trigger casing. The trigger movement was very smooth to begin with so I did not change the pull weight but that is also adjustable. My trigger was glass smooth with a short travel but long enough to give a good feel for the consistent release. Accuracy was very good, but I mounted a scope on the rail machined on the receiver as my rifle's open sights would not adjust low enough for my desired 25 yard zero and I found the appearance of the rear sight to be cheap and unattractive. I also do not like fiber-optic sight systems but noted that the ones on the rear sight were muted enough not to cause glare or interfere with the ability to clearly see the front sight or target. Using the scope I recorded a spread of .896" for 10 shots at 25 yards with 6 of those tightly clustered into .740". Velocity was measured after the first 50 shots had been fired getting acquainted and sighting in. The average velocity at that point was a rather surprising 605 fps. I have little doubt that the highest velocities most likely occurred during the first 30 shots of the fresh cartridges, so I anticipate that the average velocity of the rifle will be much closer to 620 fps with the earlier shots included. I got about 75 shots before I noted a change in the sound of the discharge indicating that the gas was nearing depletion.
There is no doubt in my mind that in the dozens of new air rifles and pistols I have purchased recently, that this is the lone exception to the axiom, "you get what you pay for." This is the best value in airguns I have noted at any time. That is said from a guy that really has a strong dislike for any product, "Made in China". Beeman apparently has a firm hold on the attention of the manufacturer to produce a level of quality that must be maintained, for I rarely see it in other products made there. Nonetheless, I could not stand the sight of the words screen-printed on the receiver and blacked them out. It is a great product.
By Chuck
QB78 Deluxe .22
November 25, 2015
I recently have purchased the QB78D and all I can say is wow! This has been the best purchase I have made on an airgun other than my Hammerli 850 airmagnum in .22 cal and to tell you the truth it's a very hard choice on which one to use when going squirrel hunting I want to carry both! This gun has a beautiful stock and is easy to modify. I added a centerpoint scope 4x16x40 AO mil-dot and the total weight of the gun is still under 7.5lbs. So far I have made the transfer port hole from the valve to the barrel bigger for more flow with my own modified seal, shimmed the hammer spring to get a faster release of CO2 to the transfer port, and instead of the bolt probe end having to transfer the CO2 through a small hole on the bottom and through the end I cut the end off about 4mm from the seal and drilled a 2mm hole and added a prod to push the pellet into the breech allowing more flow for the CO2. I don't have a crony but I can tell ya it's shooting a lot faster than stock version. Both stock version and my own modified version are deadly accurate! Before I modified the gun I was getting approximately 50 shots before the power started dropping off. Now I'm getting around 30 shots before the power dramatically drops off and when it does it goes quick! But with the more power that I'm getting now it is well worth it! So far I have only used Rws super h points and Excite hammer pellets and both shoot the same with no scope adjustments. At 20yrds I am grouping 5 pellets at .5" center to center! You won't be dissappointed with this gun go get ya one!
ProsEasy to modify! Light weight! Beautiful stock and cheap price! Easy to mount sling!
ConsSingle load make sure you get high scope mounts to load pellets easier
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
.177 As Good As The .22
October 14, 2015
Finally got to shoot my .177 today and after 5 shots to align the scope, I could put the pellets anywhere I wanted to on the target. I'm not that great a shot, but after I took out the entire bulls eye I started taking out the numbers on the target, then connecting the holes to the bulls eye with the 7.3 grain pellets. It made it easier to count the shots. I got more than 70 good ones, maybe more like 80. The only thing I didn't like is that loading the pellets was more difficult than the .22 because they were smaller. Finish on the rifle is beautiful, safety works well, CO2 cap is good, nice tight seal, quiet operation, The rifle hits like a jackhammer. Really great rifle, safe packing and shipping, quality service and quality product.
ProsAccuracy, overall quality, price.
ConsHaven't discovered any negatives yet. My .22 is just as good. I'm really happy I have these rifles.
By Darryl
Seattle, WA
Couldn't Hope for More
October 2, 2015
An amazingly good deal. I've found with Crow Magnum pellets I can consistently get 3/4" groups at 20m, and a better marksman than I could probably tighten that up. Other pellets shot a bit larger groups but not bad - with the groups widening the heavier the pellet.
I didn't count, but it seems to shoot more rounds per pair of CO2's than advertised.
The trigger on my particular rifle had a noticeable metal-on-metal feel to it as-shipped. A little lube to the sear mechanism seems to have remedied that (a nice little port happens to be located perfectly for that operation)
For the price, none of my minor complaints dampen my satisfaction with this unit.
ProsAccuracy; CO2 efficiency; fit and finish; quality sight mechanism; quiet; FUN TO SHOOT!
ConsNothing on this gun, it's packaging, or manual indicate that it's a Beeman product. I'm not an expert on wood, but the Beech stock seems to dent easier than other wood stocks I own. Could be mine came from a bad tree though. After discovering how loose the stock retaining screw was I found that pretty much every other fastener on the gun were remarkably loose - as in only finger-tight. Trigger-feel as-shipped.
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
Great Value
September 15, 2015
I had ordered a Sheridan .22 @ $200 but was very disappointed in it. This QB78 was much much nicer in every way. Out of the box, no adjustments necessary. Took about 15 shots to scope it dead on. Good trigger. Weight was just right for an old guy like me. Easy to load pellets, even working around the scope mount. Positive fire on more than 150 pellets. About 60-75 shots per fill. I might get a .177 because this .22 is so nice. Just no room here right now for another long gun. For $112 dollars delivered, this one can't be beat. I bought six months worth of pellets and cartridges for the money I saved over the other rifle.
ProsEvery thing good that's important in a pellet rifle, especially for the price.
ConsA little bit of paint is flaking off the safety after only one shooting session. Ditto the base of the rear sight. Touch-up takes care of it.
By Bill
Decatur, AL
This is a wonderful rifle!
July 28, 2015
I was tempted to spend a lot more on a varmint rifle to back up my old Crosman 180 .22, but the reviews here led me in this direction (thanks guys!).
I was concerned about the gun being built in China, but really folks, this is a super good value for the dollar. I could not be more satisfied.
The fit and finish is good and I love the "real gun" weight of this rifle. It points like a setter.
I was also concerned that the .177 wouldn't pack the punch that the old .22 cal 180 had for killing urban rabbits, but as i just found out, it most certainly does on the first shot, IF you use pointed pellets. Wadcutters are far less accurate.
Finally, the muzzle velocity is higher on the .177 version of this gun, so that's why I bought it.
I mounted the scope off my Ruger Air Hawk on it (the Air Hawk shook this scope out of calibration because of the piston) and now I have the ultimate inter-urban chipmunk/rabbit killer.
HIGHLY recommend this rifle and Airgun Depot. in Southern parlance, "Git you one!".
ProsWell built, accurate, great price point.
ConsCan't think of a single one, unless they take it off the market!
By Kirk
Bothell, WA
Great Co2/HPA Platform !!
July 18, 2015
Great Co2/HPA Platform: All steel and wood construction. This gun is a little rough out-of-the-box, but what do you expect for $105. Can be cleaned up to be a beautiful that can compete with guns costing $500 or more. Since I converted my to HPA, using a 13 CI Ninja (paint ball) tank, I can get 70 shots at 845 fps using JSB 15.99 grain pellets -> 3/4" groups at 50 yards.
ProsAll steel & wood construction Great Accuracy Inexpensive Nice Trigger Very modifiable
ConsA little rough out-of-the-box Clumsy safety
By Don B.
Hillsdale Co. Michigan
Only word it needs is GREAT.
July 7, 2015
Hello, I started out getting the QB78 in .22. It was such a nice shooting Rifle I got the QB78 Deluxe in .177. It shoots better then some of my Rifles that cost a lot more. The shipping was fast and double boxed. It came thru without a scratch. When first open I noticed that the stock was not as shiny at the plain QB78. I like the high polish look. It was no trouble at all to get a high gloss. Just used a little Auto Polishing compound. It has to have one of the best trigger out there for the price range and even better then those that cost a lot more. I did take it apart and cleaned any tooling marks on the bolt and use ice maker tubing for the transfer port. I did add some Molly to the trigger group and adjust it to my liking. With just those couple mods I'm getting 720fps. Using a Red Dot scope and it makes nice little holes all touching each other. Sure hope the price does not go up when the word gets out on how great they shoot and the feel.
ProsVery easy to work on and a lot of mods can be found if you want. It does shoot just fine stock, but we have to make them our own with mods. Also really like the way you can load with two CO2 cartages or just one. If I'm just looking to do a little shooting out back I might just load one.
ConsCan't think of any.
By Simon
Very Nice
July 1, 2015
A very nice gun with the heft, feel and looks of quality. Shoots well and a pleasure to have in my collection
ProsLooks Weight and Feel Quality Accuracy
ConsFussy CO2 loading.
By Brian
Johnson City, NY
excellent performance
June 16, 2015
Excellent performance, Excellent Price and Shoots Excellent.
By Brian
June 10, 2015
Gun is very accurate, weight good for off hand shooting. First gun had an air leek, but air gun depot promptly sent me a new replacement. This gun shoots 3/8 group at 25 yards with crossman premiers .
By Jerry
Romeo, Michigan
QC very poor
May 28, 2015
When I received the gun the tube cap (where the co2 goes) was at such and angle that I thought it was cross threaded. When I took it off I realized that it wasn't ever screwed on. It had just been shoved on and was being held by the O ring, which by the way was ruined. I called AGD to have them send me a new O ring and they don't have parts so they wanted me to send the gun back for a replacement. I didn't think made sense so I bought a new O ring. I haven't as yet shot the gun so I am hoping that the rest of it is better than the way it started out. I don't fault AGD for not having parts, they don't claim to be a parts supplier and aren't. I do know that if I have any further problems they will be there to help out with it. I would not hesitate to buy from them again, and, I already have.
ProsAT this point the gun seems to be well built and sturdy. Time will tell.
By Henry
United States
Great rifle
May 26, 2015
This is one of the best air rifles I own. This gun is so accurate it's hard to believe until you shoot one. YOu won't need a scope - the fiber optic sights are so easy to see and adjust. It is well made, the best stock you'll see on an air rifle. Its accurate - fast - no leaks - a blast to shoot. Buy one and you'll see for yourself. PS. I liked it so well I ordered the .22 caliber.
By Matty B.
So. Dartmouth, MA
May 7, 2015
How do you say hallelujah in Chinese? ( QB78 DELUXE ). Thats right, this gun is fantastic. Extremely accurate due to its well rifled barrel and smooth action trigger. Well worth the hundred or so dollars and then some. Fine stock on mine, no dings or scratches as well as great bluing on barrel. Many extras can be found online, and I found great fun in a complete tune with accessories. I've got another $120 invested in mine and it's well worth it. As for hunting go's I wouldn't go farther than small birds and critters. Accuracy up to 45 yards with tune.
Pros $ price $, accuracy, build quality, and enjoyable shooting experience. ...
ConsAbsolutely none. ...
By Michael D.
Lumberton MS
Used for 4-H Marksmanship program.
May 6, 2015
Could not have made a better choice for the money. Highly accurate.
ProsGood air rifle for our youth 4-H Marksmanship program.
By js23
Great rifle
May 5, 2015
the qb78 is a great air rifle, very accurate, very nicely built , easy to use, great trigger. Great value for the price, have been watching this rifle for little over a year and finally bought myself one, it is well worth it.
ProsAccurate Great quality only one plastic part that I can see on it, Easy to use bolt action Great adjustable trigger Good amount of shots per fill
ConsNot really a con but the trigger is not 2 stage, its one but its very nice Turning bar safety feels a little awkward to me but its workable
By Dan
QB78 Deluxe
May 5, 2015
All I can say is what a great AG! Very accurate with JSB 13 grain and Beeman FTS 14.66 grain pellets right out to the box! Shoots the JSB's at 571 fps at 67 degrees on the day I chrony'd it. So far I have only been running the two CO2 carts but plan on bulk filling soon. This is my son's gun and he loves it!

The only thing I did to it so far is clean it up by wiping it down with RemOil and cleaning the barrel with Citris Goo-Gone. Very, very dirty from the factory. Dropped some CO2 carts in and started shooting with my son!

A few starlings have fell to the QB78 Deluxe as well :-)

Great, great gun for the money.
By Matty B.
So. Dartmouth, MA
Can't beat this deal...
May 1, 2015
Incredibly accurate gun. There is nothing not to like. I have 14 long airguns now, and this is in my top 3 favorites. Did I mention accurate wow. I have guns three times this price and there triggers are no match. Smooth pull with just enough feel to the step. Stock is beautiful for beech, no dings or scratches hard to believe it came all the way from China... I've already tuned it to the max, it was very easy to find custom parts online... ( not that it needed it ) It was awesome right out of the box. Lots of fun plinker and (small) game hunter with the right pellets. Put a nice scope on mine so I could hit the date on the dime, accurate, accurate accurate. GREAT FOR YOUNG AND OLD........
By js23
Great rifle
April 30, 2015
Works great, great accuracy, nice and easy to use, great for all day plinking, at its heart its a very nice copy of a Crosman 160/167, now that its getting rebranded by Beeman this rifle might get the attention it deserves.
ProsAccurate Easy to use No recoil Adjustable trigger
ConsNot really a con but the trigger is single stage not two, but its very nice for a single stage
By Alan
qb78 deluxe .22 cal
April 19, 2015
Upon opening the box I was very pleased at the rifles appearance. This is a very sharp looking rifle. The stock on mine is flawless. I immediately loaded 2 co2 cartridges and started shooting. I was very surprised at the power this gun was producing right out of the box. The sights are fine for plinking but not good for precise target shooting. I installed a scope to see what the rifle could do and was very pleased. Far more accurate than you would expect for $100. I have since done a whole pile of mods to this rifle. I have added a bulk fill valve, modified the valve, modified the bolt, re-crowned the barrel, sanded and polished all inside and outside surfaces, installed a diopter rear sight and a front globe sight, added some brass bling, and re-blued the rifle. It is now, hands down, my favorite air rifle and I have a few very nice rifles.
ProsOut of the box you get way more than you paid for. If you like to tinker, this rifle is a perfect platform to modify. There is tons of information on the internet on how to modify these rifles.
ConsThe sights are not great but you really can't expect more for what you are paying. Decent sights cost way more than you are paying for the whole rifle.
By Rick
Northern Ohio
QB 78 Deluxe A great value plus!
March 27, 2015
Today I received the two QB78 Deluxe .22cal I ordered. Delivered in four days, I'm very impressed. The guns are very solid and robust. The wood stock finish is excellent and feels silky smooth. The weight and proportions are perfect for casual target shooting and pinking. The sound and feel of the bolt snapping back is reminiscent of a much higher priced gun. I did a lot or research before deciding on buying a QB78. And found These guns have a huge following of satisfied owners world wide, and I can see why.
I tested one on my chrono and was again impressed. The stated velocity is 450 FPS? Using one full powerlet and one empty a ten round string averaged 539 FPS strait out of the box. After cleaning the bbl and a little oiling the second 10 round string averaged 548 fps! For the first round the bolt and hammer action was a little raspy, but I smoothed it out quite a bit after adding some dri-slide. A serious cleaning is in order.

The QB line up guns is a great value for around $100. No matter how many guns you own or have tested, if you don't own a QB 78 or 79 your missing out on a great fun gun. If you get one, it very likely that you won't want to part with it. Mine became instant 'keepers'!
By Simon
An Excellent Rifle
March 24, 2015
I ordered the .22 but received the .177.
But moving swiftly on, while that was a problem, the rifle is not. It's an absolute gem. This is a wonderful rifle, especially for the price. The stock looks and feels good, it's a nice weight, if a little small. It's a gun I just like to handle and look at.
The sights are excellent and easy to see through and align to target (even for my older eyes), and the overall build quality is amazing for the price level.
Shooting is a pleasure, with a solid 2 step trigger, and accuracy is remarkable right out of the box, adjusting only for distance.
Bolt is a nice balance of firm but not too tight, and power at least as advertised, and probably higher. Highly, highly recommended.
ProsMany! See my comments. A very nice airgun.
ConsAbsolutely none with the gun.
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