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Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Scope Combo

  • Code: PY-1334-2368 · .177 · 1000 fps
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Like getting 2 rifles for the price of one! Includes .177 caliber and .22 caliber barrels. Red fiber optic front sight and green fiber optic rear (fully adjustable). The Beeman 4x32 scope will help get the most accuracy possible from the gun. Everything fits neatly inside the included soft carrying case. Velcro tie-down straps secure the barrels, gun, scope & rings to stop things from shifting during transport. Max velocity in .177 is 1000 fps, and in .22 it's 830 fps. You could use this rifle for plinking, small game hunting, shooting cans and just plain fun! When you change barrels, you MUST sight-in the gun again! It will not shoot to the same aimpoint, even if you sighted-in the barrel when swapping it previously. Every barrel switch requires a new sight-in session. This gun is marked RS2 and it has the RS2 trigger, but the box may say RS1. Includes: Dual-Caliber Air Rifle .177 & .22 Caliber Barrels, 4x32mm Scope, Rings & Soft Case
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  • ManufacturerBeeman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1000 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 6.90
  • Overall Length 45.50
  • Barrel Length 0.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Fiber Optic
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Louie

Really liked the idea of getting two barrels for the price of one. I have really enjoyed this RS2, accuracy has been much better than I would have guessed. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants to have some fun. Squirrels don't have a chance.

By BillyDecember 16, 2022

Bought the dual caliber RS2 Sportsman in 2005 from Walmart for $98 . I had always been a firearms guy , but moved to an urban area & had gangs of squirrels that needed thinning out & a firearm was out of the question considering my location. I shot it with just open sights for almost 5 years until my sight decline required me to use a scope. I credit this gun for getting me into air gunning. I have thousands of rounds through it with no problems. I've read some of the reviews calling it junk. I must have got a good one or either those other guys don't know much about break barrel air guns. First don't expect a break barrel of any brand to be a consistent tack driver till at leas t 200 rounds . Also torque &Loktite all stock mount screws and barrel securing screw. After all these years , it still looks & functions perfectly. Plus is consistently accurate . I have many other air rifles , but still enjoy my RS2 .

Smooth trigger . Beautiful stock , fiber optic open sights & scope option , very accurate after breaking in with at least 300 rounds ,Easy to cock and above all low price. Shoots a wide variety of pellet styles well.

Not much con.Maybe thicker breech seal.

By KevinMay 25, 2020

I can hit what I'm aiming at. No surprises,very accurate.

Option of a small tripod would be nice.

By CurtisApril 4, 2020

Change barrels will require re-zero of course.

Great gun for the money. Came with two barrels and 4x Beeman scope. Will shoot sub 1 inch group at 30 yrds, artillery hold, with Walmart Crosman 14.3 Premier Hollow points. See photo. I don't have a crony but net search says .22 shoots 830 fps. At 20 yards it shot thru an empty steel green bean can and passed entirely thru a 20 ounce water bottle behind it. 21.8 foot pounds with this pellet. Pass thru shots on squirrels, and shot a dried up deer skull and pellet went all the way thru. Would probably take a coon, bobcat, fox with head shot. May try on a coyote.

.22 had some barrel droop. Had to shim scope to adjust to zero, but decently accurate for a break barrel. Kind of long, but has to be to make cocking less difficult. I put sling studs on it. i don't use metal sling attachments due to noisy rattle. I buy black boot laces and tie the sling to the studs.

By DevonJune 28, 2018

I read the directions and am familiar with the process of zeroing the scope but the knobs don't seem to adjust but come off easily. Also not a fan of not having iron sights.

By MichaelJuly 7, 2017

This rifle is quite powerful. At 25 ft. , .22 cal. / 15.3 grain pellets would nearly penetrate 3/4 rock maple (the hardest commercial wood ) Trigger has no creep, iron sights are very good,cocking effort is reasonable,fit and finish is good,accuracy is good and recoil is not bothersome. In it's price range, I found no reason to look further..........



By edsonUSAApril 4, 2017

This has been a lot of fun to shoot has great power and is a good looking gun.

Easy to cock, good looking, easy to change barrels, not pellet picky.

Heavy, have to learn how to open hold

By PaulUSAOctober 24, 2016

I like this gun, you get what you pay for.

Accurate,quite and light

Not very powerful.

By GregUSAOctober 15, 2016

This is the first air rifle I bought after years of using an RWS model 45. While it has a little more power, it has a much less desirable trigger. Heavily lubed from the factory it took a lot of shots before being broke in and read for serious shooting. Like any springer, it is hold sensitive. A little pellet picky, and the velocities on the box are wishful thinking. It is a heavy gun. Weighs more than the RWS 45. Accurate enough, but after adjusting the trigger, accuracy got better. In .177 I use RWS Super H Point pellets. In .22 I use JSB or Crossman 14.5 gr Premier pellets. The Crossman only shoot .005" larger 5 shot groups at 40 yards, and cost a quarter of what the JSB pellets do. If you want both a .177 and a .22 this may be the rifle for you. The scope that came with the rifle went on a cheap .177 Beeman 500. I use a 3-12X40 AO mil dot Barska on this rifle. This allows much better pellet placement, and allows shooting rats to jack rabbits.

Nice finish. Dual caliber.

Could use a better trigger. Heavy. A bit pellet picky.

By Drake d.November 26, 2015

It's a great gun but it has more power than it can handle my gun is wobbly the nuts and screws always seem to come loose no matter how tight I tighten them from the shaking of the gun

It's very powerful and its dual barrel system makes it so much easier to shoot both types of pellets And since it has so much power is able to pull out through very exotic pellets from very heavy two very light

The screws never seem to stay tight after the fifth shot

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what is the cocking effort?

asked Charles from USA

Is the trigger pull adjustable? It seems like a 5lb pull or better. much more than even on my .308. really hard to get used to as it is.

asked Rick

Is there a way to purchase a replacement .22 barrel?

asked Tony

How do you change the piston seal on this gun?

asked tom

How much would a used sportsman + sights sell for.

asked Shale

What's is the cocking effort on this gun like what poundage?

asked Cliffy from USA

Do they make a synthetic stock for this gun its to heavy to hold up very long for me.Or do I have to by another Beeman with a stock that will fit

asked Terry from USA

I am looking for a rear sight for a beeman model rs2 air rifle

asked Laverne Hargett

I am looking for the same. I"m thinking I will remove the OEM sights and then put on a holo or red sight.


What size is the Allen wrench you need to change barrels?

asked Justin

I have lost the Allen wrench to take off the barrel. Could someone please tell me what size wrench I need to get to replace the old one?

asked Justin

I don't recall the size exactly but they are all metric! Hope this helps. :-)

gene from USA

5/32 Allen wrench. You can always take your rifle to a local hardare to check the allen wrenches to see what fits. Just checked mine with a caliper (size is not marked on the wrench as they usually are).

Gary S.

5/32" Allen wrench


I have had this gun for a year now and have never been able to shoot it. I can cock the gun. Everyone says it's just hard but I'm a big guy and have actually bent the barrel and still can't cock it. Advice?

asked Scott

You don't have the barrel(s) positioned correctly when you install them That's the only reason I can think of. Are you sure you have the set screw exactly in the indentation in the barrels when you mount them?

Mark Palmer

Confused. You say you can cock the rifle, then you say you can't cock the barret and now have a bent barrel . . . ? ? ? Looks to me that you may have a loose lock up when trying to lock up the barrel (after you load a pellet and move the barrel upward to relock the barrel to the rifle. Loose parts in the locking assembly may be causing you issues. If under warranty, get the rifle back to Beeman right away. Otherwise look on how the lockup occurs and what parts may be loose, bent, etc. Then address all issues you find and perform the work yourself. Beeman may be able to help you with parts and disassembly and reassembly. I have the same rifle, love it. I have left the .22 barrel on now and will not remove it as I find it to have more punch at the target, be it paper or squirrels, etc. The .22 is VERY acccurate. I can take out squirrels out at 20+ yards with 1 hit kills (quick and humanely). Gary

Gary S.

I just bought this gun and love it! Rabbits and squirrels are in big trouble. I was wondering if this gun is capable of killing a coyote? If so, how far away do you think I could shoot and kill one?

asked steven from USA

Coyotes can be taken. Need to be close, no more than 20 yards and shot placement is crucial. Use the .22 barrel with a reputable pellet for hunting and practice before attempting hunting. The distance you can take the shot depends on how far you can shoot a group consistently within a quarter, or preferably a nickel.

Gary S.

The gun with the .22 barrel is capable of killing a coyote within 20 yards, but i dont think it could put it down on the spot. You would need a 30fpe gun to put a coyotes down on the spot where it is shot.

Rodney from USA

If the Coyote is very close ,,Yes, but good luck getting that close, AR15 prolly best for Coyote,, 220 Swift

Andy Mattson

I have the RS2 Grizzly Beeman. I use the .22 barrel. I can't sight the scope. It seems the barrel is pointed down, not in line with the rest of the rear of the barrel. I can't get the scope to go low enough to use the scope. Iron sights work well, because the rear sight is on the body of break barrel. Any suggestions? Is this normal? I have shot at least 150 .22 pellets through it. If you have any suggestions, e-mail me [email protected]. Thanks in advance for any response. Brian Hoyt

asked Brian Hoyt

Hi.brian,use utg drooper dovetail to weaver mount for the scope /w 1" accushot high scope rings. Weaver rings.

Hector from USA

This gun has a screw that you tighten to secure the barrel once it's screwed on. After a certain number of shots, it starts to loosen. Check it after every 10-20 rounds or so. That may be a problem.

Jake from USA

What is the speed of pellet and how many time should you shoot the gun before it is truly accuret

asked Jeff m messina

Max velocity in .177 is 1000 fps, and in .22 it's 830 fps. Try to put 75-100 shots through to see how accurate it is. Also try different types of pellets, that makes a huge deal in accuracy.

Scott from USA

What is its fav pellets? How long to break in?

asked Jeff

First clean, clean, clean your barrels. Most people use JB bore polish on a bronze brush, I used a very fine metal polish on an old .22 brush for the .22 barrel and ran it back and forth about 15 times. Really cleaned after the polishing using patches and Baristol oil. Be sure to run a dry patch after the oiled patches. The .22 barrel is deadly accurate now. I only use the .22 barrel as I use the rifle for hunting. The heavier .22 pellets help the pellet to stabilize better, provide more punch at the target so I have 1 shot humane kills. Use this same process with the .177 barrel, but you will need a special rod and brushes that are specific for the .177 barrel.

Gary S.

This gun for me liked crosman premier hollowpoints in .22 and in .177 it took to the Redfire pellets quite nicely.

Jake from USA

How do you fix a gun that was fired while loading?

asked greg faulkner

That's a major flaw in the manufacturing of the gun. To my knowledge, not many airguns should ever be able to do that. I'd return it.

Jake from USA

How long are those two Barrels? Are the barrels made by Beeman or imported from China?

asked Lope Santos

they are chinese and i think they are 16 inches i have never had a problem with either of them

allen from USA

do you ship this item to 00739?

asked Mario Medina

Hello Mario Medina, Yes, are able to ship to Puerto Rico, however, there are restrictions for certain types of air guns. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Steve from USA

I just found this rifle and I might get it in a day or two. I like the idea of having two different calibers, so I can do plinking and pest control with the .177 and pest control and other things involed like that with the .22. But I have concerns. I have read that the screws that you take out to change the barrels have fallen out. What is a solution to fix that? Also, for the .177, what is the best pest control pellet and plinking pellet, and with the .22 what is the best pest control and hunting pellet? Also, would this be accurate and powerful enough to take out groundhogs from 10-30 yards and for rabbits, squirrels, and birds like European Sparrows and Starlings up to 40 yards with either the .177 or .22? Would the noise disturb the neighbors? It would be nice if in the answer you could put good things and concerns about the rifle. Thanks.

asked Kyle

I have had it for over 1 year and have never had any problems. When you cock it, you have to kinda snap it. If you are soft, it won't cock. That is with most brack style guns. The screw uses lock tight but it's a great gun.


I have this gun and absolutely love it, I am bummed though, I have lost the little screw that you tighten when you switch barrels, do you know what kind of screw it is so I can replace it?

asked Char

Don't know the set screw size off hand but just take it to a decent hardware store such as Tru Value and they can fix you up with a replacement. When you replace it use a little of the BLUE LOC-TITE to keep it in place. The blue allows you to remove the set screw at a later time without too much trouble.

Edward from USA

It is a 5/32 allen wrench. My name is Billy Joe Molina and I have had this air rifle for over two years and it is still doing it's job killing rabbits. It is a great air rifle!

Billy from USA

I was wondering if i could put the barrels, stock, and scope in a back pack? The website doesn't give much information on this gun. Also is the scope going to last a long time (good quality)? I want to be able to see a clear picture at about twenty five yards. Last thing is the case it comes with good?

asked garrett knorr

Case it comes in is very great! it can act like the backpack you would like to carry it in. It depends on the size of the back pack but this gun can be a little heavy to keep on your back at all times.

Grant Parker
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