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Benjamin Marauder Pump Combo, Wood

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Benjamin Marauder Pump Combo, Wood

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The deep, rich bluing and the stock-work are reminiscent of fine European air rifles...but you'll be paying a lot less than what you'd spend for one of them. You will lack nothing with this air rifle. Get it. Shoot it. Enjoy it. You'll be the envy of your airgunning friends. If you're just venturing into PCP guns, get this gun! You'll be hooked for life. It's not just the fact that it's remarkably accurate. But it's got a spectacular trigger. One that you usually find on much more expensive guns. This package includes the Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin branded high pressure hand pump, making it easier to re-fill your Marauder while in the field. Benjamin Marauder, Wood Features Diagram

Benjamin Marauder Pump Combo Features:
  • Single shot tray available
  • Improved valve and a depinger
  • Can be adjusted for different velocities
  • Internal shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
  • Choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is metal!
  • Trigger is moved back for more comfortable hand positioning
  • Raised aluminum breech for easier loading of circular magazine
  • 11mm Dovetail Accessory Rail
  • Ambidextrous wood stock with vertically adjustable comb
  • Built-in air pressure gauge (manometer)
  • Uses compressed air up to 3,000 psi *
  • 215cc Air Reservoir
  • Gun comes set at 2,500 psi air fill; to fill to 3,000 psi
  • Air reservoir ends with a male quick-disconnect Foster fitting for fast refills (requires a female Foster quick-disconnect adapter to fill from a scuba tank or hand pump)
  • Includes: Wood Marauder, 10-Round Magazine, Sling Swivel Studs, and Benjamin Pump

*The owner's manual states you can fill the gun with air or CO2, but that is incorrect. Please fill your gun with high-pressure air only.
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Benjamin Marauder Pump Combo, Wood
222 Reviews
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8% (17)
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89% Recommend this product (198 of 222 responses)
By Speer
Sacramento, CA
Cordless Drill "Lithium"
May 22, 2013
Out of the box today... Now I've owned plenty of Gamo spring rifles even my original child hood Red Rider. But none have made me feel like a kid again, not in a long time. The Marauder melted my day away and targets knelt before its thunder. The only reason to reference good old Red is to comparably speak of the noise level. The Benjamin Marauder "BM" sounds like two pillows smacking together with a small twang from an interior spring! I cough louder than this and it make me jealous that I startle the critters before my rifle. For those of you with Gamo Whispers it puts them to shame with its shrouded barrel, three fold better. My grumpy neighbor yells at me the first round fired with the .177 gamo whisper. Not with the BM! Eighty rounds and counting and not a peep out of Mr. Wilson. He must think I stopped shooting, lol! Little does he know and it will be our secret.
The rotary ten round magazines have all cycled very efficiently with no hang ups. Only draw back is that I can't insert poly mags into the clip do to the length of the pellet. Rocket steel tipped rounds how ever are amazing and at 87 feet/ 28 yards three round groups touched constantly. The Marauder out performs my cordless lithium drill, its pin point. I'm greatly impressed by such tight groups. With previous .177 rifles and gamo rocket ammo shots never were consistent, but now they are. More information and data is needed for a more thorough review on pellets. My chronograph arrives in two weeks, its back ordered. I will post future reviews of the pellet performances out of the BM.
Complimented with a walnut laser etched stock one begins to drool. Handle it with care as its smooth balanced finish deserves to be treated with respect. Personally attaching a bi pod to the front swivel mount to insure a steady shot while keeping the rifle elevated and preventing scratches is a must. As well as a scope with 11 mm dove tail mounts. I selected a Sweet 22 scope its a great combination. Filling the rifle off a scuba tank takes seconds and I curse at ever having had to pump rifles by hand in the past. One fill at 3000 psi and I shot four clips and still was at 1500 psi. After topping off the rifle I fired four more clips with no flaws or jams. The fully adjustable trigger has me curious, but the factory setting are nothing to be ashamed of. Rather I couldn't ask for a crisper or smoother trigger pull out of the box as evident with grouping. Crosman varmint targets provide a good reference point as well as a critter of choice. They stood no chance as did two unsuspecting critters at 30-35 yards. One shot, one kill repeated twice. A large thump form the .22 cal pellet impact and instant inertia transfer left no room for spasms/ twitching or a follow up shot need be wasted.
My Review: Five starts and a twinkle in my eye! I've never been happier or more proud to have a pellet rifle in my collection. I cant wait for the sun to rise tomorrow. My prediction plenty of Thunder
Pros- Smooth trigger system, fully adjustable - Accuracy and very low noise level db - Rotary ten round magazines - Pre charged - Walnut stock with swivel mounts
Cons- A little heavy, a bi pod helps though - That I don't have two and have to share!
By Mad R.
(sigh) --- no 6th star ...
February 13, 2012
Quiet. Try dry-firing it (with no pellet aboard) --- it sounds like a cross between a ballpoint pen and a rubber ball bouncing. You'll think it malfunctioned. It didn't.

Accurate. once properly set up and tuned, 30-yard groups of 10 shots (off a benchrest) can fit inside a 3/8" circle. Really.

Pellets. I favor Crosman Pointed Hunting, JSB Jumbo, and Predator Polymags. The Crosmans gave me the group mentioned. The Predators are right behind, and are the most weirdly-effective airgun ammo I've ever seen. (Not for amateurs or "silly" people: you absolutely CAN modify a Marauder magazine to hold 10 Predators. It involves lathe-turning a channel into the clear mag cover. If you can't visualize the exact setup I'm talking about, don't even think of trying it!!! Mine has been running jam-free for hundreds of rounds. Be gentle with your gear!)

Heavy. it is.

Capacity. I put 3000psi from a SCUBA tank in and get 40 consistent shots easily. I have chrony data somewhere. Ona 100' x 100' property, plenty of tuned shots. (Note that your accuracy may be better at, say, 800fps than 950fps. It won't matter to a sheet of paper, and it won't matter to a "pest," either. Just have your ballistics and your optics straight. You don't need to blow a whole bunch of extra air out on each shot. If you're serious about this stuff --- and this is a very serious gun (well, all guns are) --- then buy, beg, borrow, or steal a chrony and check muzzle velocities at various settings. Check terminal velocities at your intended ranges. Set up for that, and get a ton of shots at effective energy levels.)

Uses. Use your imagination. It's an amazing target piece. It also helps in preserving garden integrity.

ProsDarned near everything. Seriously. Would I recommend it? I would practically force a friend to buy it, "at gunpoint," if necessary. :) The machined scope grooves make for a beautiful experience. (I'd prefer standard Picatinny, but not much of an issue.
ConsThe factory magazine doesn't accept "long" loads like Predators. I own a mini-lathe. This problem no longer affects me. :) I'd like a detent in the bolt-back position. It's troublesome when the bolt gets nudged and a pellet gets chambered before you want it there.
By Scott
Accurate rifle
December 31, 2019
Great airgun hunting rifle
Best UsesHunting
By Craig
Benjamin marauder .22
December 23, 2019
Received my marauder a week ago. Wow. Waited a year to pull the trigger wish I did it a year ago. Very nice quite Iā€™ve it. Shoot about 50 rounds so far. Today we have rain coming in so I had to pull everything under cover sorry for the dark picture. I want to give a shout out to Mat at airgun depot for helping with the right adapter to rise my night owl night vision scope to clear the magazine it works great. The picture of the target is shoot at night. What a group. That is right out of the box. If you are thinking of getting a marauder do it. Donā€™t wait.
By John
Benjamin Marauder Hunter combo
December 23, 2019
Good Lord that's a lot of Money!
Prosaccurate , but so is a rimfire .22 & 1/3 the price. Ya got to love airguns to pay this much for a rifle.
Conslotta money.
Best Usesya better like to eat squirrel and rabbit and whatever else you can shoot with this to pay back what you spent on the rifle you need to save in groceries.
By John316
Works well
October 24, 2019
Overall, I am impressed with the power and accuracy of the gun. I get pretty small groups at 35 and 50 yards with good power. e.g. hitting a metal spoon at 35 yards seriously deforms it. It is pretty heavy so I try to use a rest when squirrel hunting but have taken some with off shoulder shots too. I pump it when it drops to 2000 psi--it is a bit of a workout to get to 3000 psi but not too bad. Easily get 60 or more shots for that 1000 psi.
ProsAccurate Good power Lots of shots per 1000 psi
Consheavy stock looks dorky
Best Usestarget shooting small game/varmints blowing up spray paint cans
By Bob L.
South Carolina
Best PCP Pellet Rifle
September 17, 2019
This is the best quality PCP Pellet rifle I've ever seen. Top quality components and easy to use.
By Carl
Salt Lake City, Utah
My take on the Benjamin Maruder.
August 3, 2019
I am very pleased with this pellet gun... Very accurate, very powerful, definitely recommend. Great gun for the price. I was using a Gamo Whisperer bone collector before this gun and the difference is night and day. I have a tin plate about as thick a furnace duct and the gamo (rated at 1300 fps) would put a healthy dent in it at 150', the marauder (rate at 1000 fps) punches right through it no problemo. Great scope, clear, bright, easy to dope. No jarring recoil like the Gamo, and the 10 pellet clip makes shooting fun again.
ProsNice, easy trigger pull. Great scope, Accurate, powerful. Ten round clip works great, order an extra one or two because your going to have so much fun shooting you'll not want to be bothered with reloading.:)
ConsI feel that the barrel mount at the end is poorly designed, it actually has a gap were the barrel floats in it with about 1/16" of an inch on top and almost 1/8" at bottom. The barrel it's self is light weight and actually moves if you lean it against something. Not really a good design in my opinion, barrel mount should hold it absolutely secure. I solved the problem by filling in the gap with a hot glue gun on the barrel mount, and also ran a strip of hot glue for about 6" in between the barrel, and the air tank. A little hillbilly but hey, Problem solved. Benjamen needs a better system in my opinion because you can't really lean it against anything without it either leaning on the barrel, or the scope. Neither are good for keeping your gun's accuracy from changing.
Best UsesTarget practice, rodent sniping and the like.
By Richard F.
Maybe not worth the money
July 29, 2019
I've had the combo for only a couple days. Not thrilled like most other reviews. Biggest prob is that filling the chamber is a giant pain in the butt. I had a local paintball shop fill the carbon fiber tank, but the tank wouldn't take more than 3k psi. The local dive shop doesn't have the adapter necessary to fill the tank or the gun. Dive shop compressor tops out at 3k psi so I can't fully load the 4.5k psi tank even after buying the fill station adapter. So far I've been shooting between 2,500 and 2,000 psi. I REALLY want to shoot at the top of the range. A hand pump costs well over $100, and I already have $800+ into the rifle kit, so not eager to spend more big bucks to work my ass off just to shoot. A scuba tank is a couple hundred bucks, too. It will be over a grand to really set up the gun.

Next, it's not nearly as quiet as what folks report. Not much quieter than my Gamo and Ruger spring guns, so don't believe all that "silent" talk, it makes plenty of noise.

The gun and scope weighs a ton, not a good choice for walking the woods for critters. My .177 Gamo weighs about half and with a disciplined hold I can hit any squirrel I can see.

Now the's very, very accurate. The trigger (not tuned so far) is excellent. I knew how heavy the rifle is and holy cow, with a good rest this gun is a tack driver. And that's really my highest standard and why I will prol keep the gun. I'm sure that I can't ever consistently shoot a spring as well as a pcp.

All in all, I could have spent $800+ on a very fine bolt action .22 rifle and shot shorts. Hmmmmm....I'm sending this gun back, not worth the money.
By Rich
Great combo!
July 9, 2019
This combo does exactly what I intended it to do! Rodent/pest control! Coupled with the compressor I purchased, it is hard to beat.

ProsAccurate, I sighted in at 35 yards... Easy to recharge, load and shoot...
By Steve
Awesome little rifle
April 13, 2019
This is a very accurate air gun it will stack pellet on top of pellet straight out of the box. Will drop rabbits and squirrels with easy very happy with my purchase. Shoots diabolo heavy 25.39 pellet well
ProsGreat for plinking cans or taking small game though I doubt it won't take larger with a well placed shot will go thru 3/4 plywood
By Calvin h.
Glencoe ky
Not your kids pellet rifle
April 9, 2019
I've been shooting a Sheridan for about 35 yrs. Heard about these pcp's. Little disappointed with a few scratches on the stock but when you mail order well i guess you get what they send. However it's a very accurate rifle i can head shoot birds 30 to 40 yards. I've had this mrod less then a month so far my best shot is ground hog at 94 yds. Would have never done it with the Sheridan, even though the Sheridan has took squirrels at 20 yd. Very impressed with my mrod.
ProsAccurate great gun for hunting
ConsFew scratches on stock
Best UsesHunting rifle
By dean
25 cal mrod
February 8, 2019
Very accurate with jsb exact heavy 33.9 gr pellets. Also h and n barracuda 31 gr shoots well. Feeds well out of the magazine. Good gun.
Best Useshunting small game
By Vern M.
Kingston Washington
25 caliber rules!! Benjamin Marauder is everything I hoped it would be.
January 31, 2019
I finally broke down and purchased an air gun. The Marauder is great and Airgun Depot is a great place to shop. Greg helped me stretch my money with the package deal. I will be a return customer in the near future Thanks AGD and Greg!
ProsI am happy with my deal!
ConsThat blasted magazine!!
Best UsesHunting and wife tormenting!
By Bob
West Unity, Ohio
First PCP airgun
January 24, 2019
The rifle is out of this world accurate! After cleaning to bore and checking for any
bolts and screws. Finding everything in perfect order, I filled the reservoir to 3000 psi.
First group of five duplicated the test target sent with the rifle (all in one hole). Needless
to say that got my attention. Used the JSB18.13 and first group was at 10yds. After a bit of
gleefully jumping around, I fired two five shot groups at 30 yds. More jumping around! First group
went into target at .255 with the second group producing .262. I purchased this rifle to
squirrel hunt with and I believe we have that issue covered with rifle. I used no special
procedures to produce these results as it was cold and I threw a boat cushion on top of the
bench and went to work. Trigger pull is fantastic, gun is so quiet it left me wondering
if it had actually fired on the first shot (it did) stock looks great.
Really cool part, it arrived one day earlier than stated.
Thanks to Air Gun Depot for their excellent service in processing this order.
WOW. Purchasing one of these Marauder's has only made me wonder why I haven't ordered
the .25 cal. yet.
ProsThe gun works! Period!
Best UsesIn the .22 caliber with the above stated accuracy, the Benjamin Marauder will do anything you need to do. Get one from Air Gun Depot and see for yourself.
By Kevin
Super accurate and fun
January 21, 2019
Gun shoots great right out the box great for small game ir target shooting I recommend getting a bottle with it to save time on pumping picture below is 8 round group at 70yards
ConsBarrel could be supported better
By Greg
Jasper, Texas
Better than their older ones
December 30, 2018
Got a good barrel! Came with a target supposedly shot at the factory, so I guess they may have solved that occasional bad barrel problem. This 22 shoots as well as my 25. Can't wait to bag a hog with this beauty. Nice wood, and consistent groups. Sub 3" at 100 yards. 1" at 50 yards. One hole groups at 40 yards. Except for cleaning the barrel it's like it came right out of the box. I'm using a 3-12 bug buster, but may swap to a larger objective lens scope. This has the accuracy for a 4-16X50 scope. Soda cans at 100 yards are no problem. Even laying down with only the bottom showing. Loves 18 grain pellets. This is an excellent rifle shooting as well as some much more expensive rifles.
ProsPrice. Excellent magazines. Very consistent shooting for a non regulated gun. Mine is very accurate. Love the wood stock.
ConsCould come with a single shot tray.
Best UsesTarget. Plinking. Hunting. Just an excellent PCP rifle.
By Daniel
December 19, 2018
Just received it and I'm super excited to take it out!
By Jim
Boston, MA
Marauder, a sure-shot winner!
December 1, 2018
I love my Benjamin Marauder. My Benjamin Maximus was a great entry level PCP rifle, but the Marauder far exceeds it in consistent accuracy, lower noise level and overall performance. It truly is a fun, awesome, and need to own PCP rifle. Great job Benjamin!!!
By Harry C.
State Center, IA
Good Starter
November 10, 2018
If you're looking for a starting point for PCP this one would be it.
I chose .22 and have no regrets. Accurate and comfortable. I bought
the full package, because that's what I do when I buy a new airgun.
Accuracy is first and foremost and this rifle delivers that accuracy
It's a versatile rifle to target shoot or hunt with. I enjoy shooting
it and will never get rid of it. All around great air rifle.
Pros2 stage match trigger, easy on and off safety' Accurate out of the box, The price is right, comfortable to hold.
Best UsesHunting or targeting... You'll have fun.
By Anthony
Riverside, CA
Benjamin Marauder .25 cal, synthetic premium
October 12, 2018
Excellent balance, excellent stock reconfiguration capability, excellent pressure seal, and most of all accuracy. The scope is certainly much better than expected, and very functional. The adjustable objective lens certainly takes out the parallax issues.
ProsGreat purchase for a first time PCP Air Rifle. The .25 cal hits hard and has certainly variable weights to choose from for hunting, target shooting, and plinking. Airgun Depot certainly lives up to their reputation and well worth taking the chance to purchase your air rifle needs.
ConsNone so far...
By Jon G.
Northern NV
What a nice air rifle - Awesome
October 4, 2018
Excellent - easy to understand and operate - lots of power for a 22 - multiple pellet selections which makes it very versatile. I like all the support videos available too - I need that.
Pros Powerful and versatile - accuracy is superb - feels good in my hands - comes up nicely to aim point and trigger is excellent right out of the box(got lucky here)- 6x24 mildot a great match on here is perfect.
ConsWish they would send a degassing too with it - and the new depinger is good for noise reduction but sounds like a bell - 2" piece of vinyl tube takes that out.
By Stephen
One great rifle
August 25, 2018
Got it in .25 call , all I can say is it is a very accurate rifle shooting jsb heavys out of it and have dime groups at 50 yards , got the combo with the scope could not be more pleased with it and air gun Depot
By Sean
Ft. Worth TX
So far, so good.
July 13, 2018
The Marauder is my first experience with PCP and I do like the Hunter combo with the CenterPoint Scope and AirVenturi 90ci bottle. For under $1000, It's a good entry level combo to get you started PCP'ing. So far I've been able to shoot pretty decent groups at different distances out to about 50 yds. and believe I'll be able to extend that to 75 to 100 yds with a little more practice. The rotary magazine takes a little getting used to but once you master loading the magazine, you're off and shooting. I haven't made any adjustments to the trigger and right out of the box, after mounting the scope and sighting-in, I'm pretty impressed. I'm a little uncomfortable being around high pressure when charging the gun, but being cautious and just getting familiar probably just takes a little time. I've recharged the PCP about 10 times on one fill of the bottle and I'm getting about 16 - 24 shots before recharging. Not sure how many total charges this "pony" bottle will hold, but it seems fine for a day out hunting. I'll probably get a larger bottle or find an inexpensive compressor to refill it myself. I would definitely recommend this combo for getting into PCP shooting.
ProsCost, Quality
ConsNone yet
Best UsesBench Shooting, Hunting small game
By Jim
Bellevue, Iowa
Great Gun
July 8, 2018
Very accurate.22. I've only shot it at 100 ft. so far. I stays right around a nickel.
ConsWish it was a little lighter.
By Dave
Carson City, Nevada
Powerful, Accurate and Unbelievably Quiet
July 3, 2018
I'm very impressed so far. After mounting the scope, I sighted in inside my 4 car garage. The loudest sound was the pellet hitting the 2x8 behind the target. After about 30 shots, it was roughly sighted in and needed a longer range for fine tuning, but before I could do that, a few pesky ground squirrels wandered into my pasture. Three shots, three dead squirrels at about 35 yards. Batting 1000 so far. Now, the loudest thing was the hammer strike. Just a little metallic click -- unbelievable! The scope is also great. It is a variable 4x16 with an adjustable objective and lighted crosshairs in red or green with adjustable intensity. Fantastic combination. I also love the 10 shot magazine for follow-up shots (none necessary so far). I bought a large air tank with the rifle and filled it at the local dive shop, clearly the way to go if you can afford it. I had to call in for help about the operation because I didn't realize that the substantial hammer spring cocking occurs while pulling back on the bolt. The telephone help was also very satisfactory.
ProsReally accurate, Unbelievably quiet.
ConsIf you need to carry it hunting, it's a little heavy but it does come with a nice sling.
By Scott B.
June 18, 2018
Cannot tell you how happy I am with this purchase, like others before me have said, you cannot go wrong with this rifle. Mounted the scope and had it zeroed within 10 pellets. JSB Diablo Exacts. Super quiet and easy to pump up, as far as I was concerned anyway. I purchased a MK4 Hill Pump and had no trouble at all. The gun came with around 900 PSI in it and ten minutes later of easy pumping I was up to 3,000.
ProsEverything as far as I am concerned
Best UsesPlinking and small game
By Doug
June 14, 2018
Powerful accurate ..improvement over the earlier version (4/5 )years ago
Proscomplete stopping power
Best UsesPest//Hunting
By Rick b.
Great gun
June 10, 2018
This gun is accurate as heck and great fun to shoot. It's a bit of a workout to pump it up but, I enjoy the exercise. This package is well worth the money and airgun depot has great support.
By Willie
Jacksonville North Carolina
May 28, 2018
This is my 3rd Marauder. I have two Gen 1 Marauders and I wanted a lighter .25 cal for hunting. Once I got it I already knew I wanted to camo it up. I own several air rifles and these 3 my most accurate. I was impressed by the improvements of the Gen 2 Marauder and decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed.
ProsLight Weight, Power, and Accurate.
Best UsesHunting
By Edward L.
New Hampshire
Recived as expected.
May 26, 2018
Instructions were good, operating and setup. This was the first PCP style air gun I have owned, and it worked as expected. I had 2 spring caulk rifles before and both destroyed the scopes I had for them. The new air gun has no recoil and has all the power needed for dispatching critters even large woodchucks. It is very quiet a small twang as air recharges for next shot. I charged cylinder up to the recommended 3000#. It was very easy with the three stage manual hand pump that came with it. I am testing to see how long and how low I can go. So far I would say I have gone thru 150 plus pellets and the pressure is just below 2000# on the gauge. Still is very accurate and has the power to do the job. Very pleased with the performance.
ProsMany +'s
Best UsesTarget and varmint.
By Anthony
Louisville ky
Love it!
May 25, 2018
Shot about 100 rounds though it and it's great. Air Gun Depot shipped it fast!
ProsExtremely accurate Nice trigger (like it better than my .22 Marauder) A lot more knock down power than the .22 Quiet - But a bit louder than the .22
ConsThe butt plate is the most uncomfortable I have ever had. It's odd that the .22 Marauder (wood stock) has a great butt plate. I replaced the .25 with an adjustable padded one, It burns up the CO2 a lot faster than the .22 Marauder - a lot faster It is relatively heavy but I'm not lugging it around. I shoot off my raised deck.
Best UsesVarmint hunting Target practice Showing it off to your buddies
By Bryan C.
Sacramento Calif.
shoots very well
May 23, 2018
shoots very well
Best Usesworks great for target and for pest control
By Don
Houston, Texas
High quality air rifle
May 21, 2018
Just got this PCP and a hand pump. It does take a bit of a workout to get it to 3k psi, however, once you're there, it doesn't take too much to keep it between 2k - 3k psi. Only had the chance to roughly sight it in, however, it is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a backyard air rifle - super accurate, super powerful, and super quiet - I'm amazed at just how quiet this gun is! It's pretty heavy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else I've tried - worth every penny.
By Ron
Gastonia, NC
Second Marauder Does Not Disappoint
May 12, 2018
I bought the second Marauder for various reasons. It performs as the first one I bought. Within the box the rifle came in was a target showing a 5 shot at 10yds. My shots at 25 yds were just about the same. I have noticed that the pressure gauge has NOT indicated a full 2800 psi fill. I have the 90 ci tank with 4500 psi but when I fill my Marauder, the air gauge ONLY shows a rating of 2500. I feel that Crossman should make sure that ALL parts are working properly before sending them to the customer.
ProsGood for residential use, very quite, nice woodstock with the engraving and finish. P.S. would recommend a tripod and good scope.
ConsCrossman needs to address the O-rings within the workings of the gun. Holding air pressures of 2800 psi, with the close tolerances is hard on them. The fill adapter on the first gun went bad after 15 months. The slide in clips needs to be looked at as I tried to load a Diablo .25 pellet to be fired. It got jammed halfway between the mag and the barrel. I had to drill the mag apart to get the damaged pellet out. The pellet (recommended by Air Gun Depot) had a burr on it, just enough for the bolt to catch it and twist it sideways & jam! There must be a easy way to get these mages out by not destroying them.
Best UsesGetting rid of squirrels that have eaten my boats wiring, even making head shots at 78 yds.
By Alan
Ponder, Tx
I love this one
May 5, 2018
Been shooting BB Guns, pellet rifles for 50+ years. This is my first PCP. Took me a while to ge a good compressor. Made it hard to use, scuba shop only went up to 3000 lbs on my tank. Finally have all the accessories I need (compressor). This gin does a 4 inch group at 100 yards, in a 10 mph wind! Knocked a skunk down at 75 yards in one shot. I love my Marauder!
Pros8 hot clip Work’s flawlessly. Incredible knock down power. This Combo is the way to go, the Venturi carbon fiber tank, 20x50 scope with lighted rectifies. Plenty of shots on one 3000 lb charge. The tank at 4500 psi can keep you going all day long, maybe 50-60 shots.
ConsA little heavy.
Best UsesLarger game, plinking. Possums, skunks, two Coyotes one, a single head shot, down he went.
By John
Houston, texas
April 28, 2018
I've had this airgun for a couple of months now extremely impressive. Scope is set you will not miss
ProsBoringly accurate.
Best UsesSimple target shooting. If you want to take this bird hunting excellent gun. It is perfect for Pest Control.
By Joel L.
North Carolina
Marauder, Synthetic, 25 cal.
April 23, 2018
A little heavy and filling to 3,000 PSI with the pump is a work out,but other than that, the rifle is everything I expected. Very quiet and less than dime size groups at 100 feet. The 25 cal also has much more knock down power than my 22 cal.
Best UsesTarget shooting, hunting small to medium size game. I am convinced that a well placed shot with this rifle will take down a deer.
By Ron S.
Gastonia, NC
Good Product for the money
April 10, 2018
I bought my marauder about 19 months ago. i am pleased with the rifle but after 19 months, I have encountered problems with air leaks, first around the fill adapter. i am pleased that Crossman did send me a free adapter. After installation, that did NOT solve the issue of falling air pressure over night. After much thought, I must remember that we are dealing with HIGH air pressure being contained by rubber o-rings. I think the engineers should look into doubling the o-rings where possible every where in the gun. It does well for what it designed to do. I still would buy it again as my current air rifle is at the repair shop. My Marauder would hit a squirrel at 70 yds. in the head. Yet, at 70 yds, that head is not that big. I recommend this product but would like to see Crossman stand behind their product DIRECTLY for repair(s), instead of regional repair agents.
ProsNice wood grain stock, great scope, sling and tripod
ConsAir leaks become frequent after about a year
Best UsesVery accurate once you sight in your asope, very quite for residental use
By Michael
Long Beach, CA
Great starter PCP
March 29, 2018
I only started airgunning recently, starting off with an ultra inexpensive Crosman 1077, which uses small CO2 powerlets. Within weeks I was already modifying the 1077 with bulk co2 paintball tank adapters to get more shots and consistency, sound reductions, and other tweaks. I got bit by the airgunning bug rather quickly and my modifications all pointed towards the PreCharged Pneumatic experience. PCPs offer all of the consistency, accuracy, and volume of shots that I was looking for that I could not get out of a CO2 platform.

I went with the Benjamin Marauder "SynRod" with hand pump so that I could get to shooting immediately. No additional purchases necessary (yet). The Marauder hands down delivers on all of my expectations and then some. Out of the box, the accuracy and shot grouping is phenomenal. No POI shifts or significant droop, like what I experienced with CO2. Trigger pull and feel is excellent and predictable. In .177 it is absolutely quiet except for the twang/ping of the air tube. Loads of adjustments for trigger pull and valve pressure to make fine adjustments, which satisfies the tinkerer and tuner inside me. Since the Marauder platform is so widely used, there are tons of mods available and my 3D printer will be getting some use customizing this rifle.

I'm a larger guy at 6'0 and 240 lbs so the hand pump is not a problem. About 90 very easy pumps to 2000psi which is suitable for low pressure plinking. I incorporate pumping with the handpump with performing excercise, not unlike the motions for doing bodyweight squats. With the pump as close to my body's center, keep back straight, bend at the knee, arms locked to exert body weight on handlebars, primarily using glutes and thighs to raise and lower body weight, with abs for stabilization. A tidy workout with shooting as the reward. Looks a little goofy, sure, and you use more muscle groups in the process, but it works for me and I feel like I got a good exercise in, rather than just doing physical busywork. Proper form is a must-- if you try pumping the handpump while hunched over-- I wouldn't be surprised if someone threw out a disc.

This Marauder combo is a great entry point into PCP and I'm looking forward to years of enjoyment out of it.
ProsAccurate Consistent Highly Tunable Lots of support for modifications
ConsThis rifle isn't particularly heavy, but it is very bulky. Would like to see Crosman/Benjamin offer a wider variety of stocks with differing ergonomics.
By Don
Burlington, MA
Excellent quality
March 22, 2018
Accurate and very quiet.

Best airgun I've ever fired
Best UsesVarmints
By glenn
maurepas louisiana
accurate rifle
March 15, 2018
lots of knockdown power
Prosso far . very dependable every time I pick it up.
ConsI only have one marauder. I wish I had 2
By Egregory
Foothills inCA
Really nice quality, shot test pattern at 100 impressive.
March 14, 2018
Note headlines above.
ProsGreat feel for me but, I weight 200 lbs.
ConsA bit heavier that I expected, pumping up was more exercise than I expected
Best UsesPlinking.
By john
Amazing rifle
March 5, 2018
I pulled this out of the box and literally shot one hole groups. Amazingly quiet, accurate and well made air rifle. For those that are trying choose between .22 and .25 some say the .25 is more accurate since the barrel is made by another company and is more accurate than the .22. Part of this misunderstanding comes from pellet quality. Essentially all .25 pellets are premium or match grade quality. there is more variation in .22 pellets. Once you identify the right pellets for your Marauder, you will find that the .22 is every bit as accurate.
By Stephen
.22 mrod
February 21, 2018
I really like this guns details
ProsShoots the cross man ultra magnum pellets jsb, and also H&N pellets so far I got tested
ConsNone that I know of just wish it was regulated
By Craig
January 31, 2018
Been shooting air rifles and firearms for over 53 years. The Marauder is the keenist product to come along in a long time. Super quiet, hard hitting and accurate. My rifle will put 4 pellets through the same hole at 25 yards. The only hassle is the pump to recharge. I guess it's good exercise for my upper body. Bolt a little tight but over time it's loosened up. Shooting the Diablo 24 grain pellet gives the best accuracy. Glassed with a BSA contender. Can't wait to take it varmint hunting.

ProsGreat construction and an American product.
By John
Marshall Mi
Great PCP
January 23, 2018
Fast delivery. Very accurate. Quite. No complaints whatsoever. Good value for the money.
ProsQuiet. Accurate. Bolt can easily be reversed for lefties.
By Mike
January 6, 2018
I went large. The whole combo. Gun CP scope Air-venturi 4500 psi air tank. For me it was time to take the plunge from my .22 disco with g6 hand pump over to a .25 cal mrod. The price at christmas with a discount code was unbelievably awsome. It's what I was waiting for. I have wanted one forever but my concern was air. I'm not pumping an mrod!! Hallelujah I have a Hong yeng compressor. NOW I'm ready. I'm extremely happy with the purchase of my Mrod combo. It's everything everyone says it is. The trigger the trigger the trigger. Man did I mention the triger. So nice. The Power! Nice !! AT 25 YDS I punched through a fire extinguisher. .25 jsb king. Blammmm whit powder popped out everywhere so very cool. I like haveing a tank with gauge to fill from thats backpack size for field use. The center point scope is just ok. I'm thinking better glass maybe leapers. I'm glad I did this as its the conclusion to my crossman benjamine collection. (Unless momma says bulldog) ya never know what next christmas will bring.
ProsPower & accuracy ! At an all inclusive great price.
ConsHonestly Without that christmas discount code i probably wouldn't have bought all this at one time. The guns a little heavy. But I went traditional wood, not synthetic.
By matt
rochester, NY
My second child
January 4, 2018
I got a .25 synthetic Marauder a year before, and was so impressed with everything, I HAD TO give it a sibling! I then ordered this .22 with wood stock when I saw the amazing $75-off instant discount!
New gun ended up being $375... with a good scope on it...$500.
I am so far as equally satisfied with its simplicity, accuracy, quality, quietness...etc.
I like the trigger. It's not german engineered, but it is light, smooth, and predictable. I put a BSA 4-12x40 scope on and after a few shots, it is extremely accurate using standard inexpensive Crosman hollow points, or I like the "Pirranhas" because they just do an extra little number on the squirrels in the backyard!
The gun is accurate and quiet which are my two main considerations. I live in a popular neighborhood in a large city, and I don't want to alert anybody about my potentially controversial but necessary activities in my back yard. Squirrels are my main target, (they are out of control!) and you wouldn't believe how many bleeding-heart, fuzzy-animal-loving-snowflakes that there are! Also, hanging out with anything that appears to be a gun these days tends to cause huge alarm with anyone who watches the news! ANYWAYS! Yes. The sound of the pellet hitting my little grey nemesis(es) makes more sound than the gun itself! Most of my shooting is up to about 75 yards, and this gun is spot-on every time. Limited only by my own hold or strategic position that I can quickly take...those buggers don't stop moving unless they're hiding from someone else! I think that the .22 is better for me and this environment because .25 can sometimes be a bit much for a squirrel.
The air range I stay in is from 2900psi down to 1200 or so, I can get 50+ good shots.
The action feels smooth and firm.
All in all, this has become my go-to gun because it will so reliably get the shot done... and have the option for fast follow up shots!
ProsGreat gun for "work" and also for "play"
ConsIt is so productive with it's ability to harvest bushy-tailed tree-meat, I'm running out of targets!
By BikerDave
Dallas, Texas
Classic PCP Air Rifle - great shooter
January 2, 2018
This is my first PCP rifle and what a joy to shoot. It works as advertised and it is really a good quality product. The fit and finish are super and I am looking forward to learning to shoot some field target events with it.
ProsGood quality and great fit and finish. Easy to follow user manual, and very easy to set-up and get going. The magazine is simple and fool-proof to use and works without any issues.
ConsIt is a bit heavy and may be too heavy for small or young users, but this type of gun was made for sport shooting so that should not be an issue for many shooters. It just has a solid fieel.
By Sam
Great PCP
January 2, 2018
This has joined my Hatsan to the list of favorite PCPs, great accuracy and quiet. Definitely recommend, may add another to my collection
ConsNot many, if anything, a metal trigger would be nice.
By Bruce
Marauder pellet rifle
December 28, 2017
Extremely accurate! Very quiet!
ProsAccurate,quiet,good trigger.
By Jimwest
PCP air rifle
December 19, 2017
This is my first pcp air rifle. I test my new pcp Marauder about 60 shots. It's really quite in compare with my Hatsan 85. I did not set to zero yet because it's cold outside and my hand is shaking. But I love it.
By David
Accurate and Powerful Small Game Gun
December 18, 2017
Stacks pellets to 30 yards. Kills cans at 90 yards (I have yet to see how it groups at these longer ranges). Ability to tune is great, and tons of aftermarket products available if you want more power and/or more shot count and regulation.
ProsAccuracy, tunability, adjustable trigger
ConsIt's not a Daystate or Air Arms, but you can turn it into a comparable gun with tuning and aftermarket parts.
By Randy
Austin, Texas
Excellent PCP Air Rifle!
December 7, 2017
I bought the .22 Benjamin Marauder combo, as my introduction to the PCP Air Rifle world and I am highly impressed! My shooting experience comes from powder burners and various multipump/springer/Nitro/ air rifles. While I love my powder burners, I have neighbors and can't shoot them in the backyard and the shooting range is a long drive and over crowded. I have longed for a backyard replacement, for going to the range with my traditional rifles, but none of my air rifles have fit the bill.
They have all felt like toys, lacking decent triggers and relative to my traditional rifles, are inaccurate. Well, NO MORE!! This Benjamin Marauder is wonderful!
When I unboxed the Benjamin Marauder, I was immediately impressed the the quality feel of this rifle. It is a heavy rifle, but not hard to handle or unpleasant. The wood stock is comfortable. My first pull of the bolt surprised me, it was rather stiff but it does break in nd gets smooth. The trigger is wonderful! Finally a trigger that rivals that of my traditional firearms! I have a Savage .308 and the triggers are very similar. Short pulls and crisp break. You always know where this trigger will break! Unlike all of my other air rifles with a mile long pull before it breaks. Good job , Benjamin!
Alright I have cleaned the barrel, let's take it out and shoot! I am using a UTG 4x32 mildot scope off of my Benjamin Nitro. First to fill the gun with air. I did buy the combo with the rifle and Benjamin high pressure hand pump. I have been wondering how hard this would be. I didn't count the pumps on first fill, but the rifle had 1000psi and I filled to 3000psi. I was tired afterward. It is far from impossible but it will give you a workout. After about 4 fills, I figured out that over about 2800 psi, I seemed to be losing accuracy, so I shoot from 2800psi down to about 2100psi. It takes about 60 pumps to fill it back up. Wth the factory power settings, I am getting about 40 shots per fill. I have shot down past the 2100psi and it seems to stay accurate down to around 1600psi.
After around 200 rounds, I started looking at the measurable accuracy. I am shooting at 30 yards at 1/2" dots on a target. I tried multiple pellets. The worse seems to be Crosman Premier comes 14.3g. at 1" and larger groups The best groups are coming from JSB Exact Jumbo 18.13g. at a 1/2" to slightly less than 1/4" group. This rifle seems to want heavy pellets. The H&N Baracuda Match 21.14 does very well also at 3/4" to 1/2" groups. Keep in mind that I am using a rest but I am fully supporting the rifle in my hands, so this is not as good as the accuracy could be. I have only shot 2 clips of JEB Exacts but the accuracy is substantially better than everything else tested. At one point, the rifle stacked 3 pellets on top of each other...making a clump of pellets still hung in the target.
I have run close to 1000 rounds through the rifle. The bolt that started as stiff and sticky, has become smooth. The trigger is just an extension of my finger, requiring no thought at all. The Magazine is excellent...after you figure out how to fill it.
This rifle fits my needs perfectly. It is a tack driver built with quality. I can go out in my yard and practice shooting for far less money than I would spend on my .308 ammo. The Benjamin leaves you feeling like you are using a real firearm, less the loud bang. (Super quiet, just the ping of the hammer falling). No more feeling like you are playing with a carnival you, while really wishing were sharpening your shooting skills. If you are looking to an alternative to traditional firearms for the sake of cheaper ammo and convenience of shooting at home, this is it!
ProsExcellent build quality, excellent trigger, excellent accuracy, super quiet, inexpensive to shoot
ConsThe wood stock seems to be painted rather than stained? Finish is easily damaged. The hand pump has such a short hose that it forces you to my the rifle on the ground to fill it. It doesn't give me happy feelings to lay my $500 rifle in the dirt, so I always have to carry something to lay it on
By Don
Boredom setting in
November 29, 2017
25-30 yds. one hole groups, shooting the staples that hold the target to the board, vaporizing cherry tomatoes. Back yard only allows 30 yds max. Gonna have to drive 5 min to shoot longer range. Not enough of a challenge at these ranges. This gun is unbelievable
ProsNice trigger, ajusted down to 1.5 pounds, Hawk vantage 4-12 ir 50mm scope, high rings seem about perfect for this rifle. Having a lot of fun with this gun .25 cal hits hard!
By Ben
Ventura, CA
Killer Deal For the $$
November 24, 2017
For anyone looking to get into PCP shooting, I would highly recommend this combo. You will need to buy or provide the optics and make sure to get a set of high scope rings to provide for proper clearance. Lastly, I read some reviews that accuracy wasn't the greatest but I've had no issues. It does like some pellets better than others but it's pretty consistent for the most part.
By Rick
San Jose, CA
Great Rifle
November 7, 2017
This was my first PCP rifle. It should have been my first. This is the most silent rifle I have ever had. It has no kickback at all, is accurate and does not weigh a ton. This is what I have been looking for! The price is not that much more than a break barrel rifle and much more accurate. Buy one if you can!!!!!
ProsSilent, accurate, not too heavy.
Consnone that I can see
By jun
san jose
the sling and fill station don't work and waiting for replacement
November 2, 2017
To be frankly, I purchased this combo from airgun depot sorely because of the competitive price and the $70 discount last month. After I placed the order, they told me this item is back-ordered and have to wait one more week. That's fine, I'm in no hurry. But when I got the package, I found the Sling Swivel can't go through the post and can't installed onto the gun. I make a call to Airgun Depot and wrote emails. Finally they agreed to send me a new sling. That's one thing.
It took me several days to find a scuba store nearby to fill the air tank. And after I finally filled the tank, a new problem occurred. It's the hose of the fill station. The tank is filled, the knob works, but the air can't go into the gun because the hose is blocked somehow. I found a friend to fill my airgun and the gun is ok. So I wrote to them again and still wait for their reply.
Gees! This is my first time shopping in Airgun Depot. I have to wait a month to use my Mrod as expected. Can't they check the quality control!
Told them to give a return label, I'll send them back the sling and fill station as they can check it!
Prosgood price, nice gun, accurate.
Consthe sling, the fill station, don't wok! I almost lost my patience.
By David
, Lakeland, FL
Just Like Brand New!
November 1, 2017
Accurate out of the box! I bought three extra clips and can usually empty 4 with one fill up on this gun. If you read reviews on this gun, you'll probably hear about the trigger. It is perfect!! Groups at 10 yards are dime sized with Crosman Premier Domed. 25 years slightly larger than a quarter, but many shots go through the same hole. Yes, it is heavy, but I pretty much bench shoot (I don't hunt much at all). For hunting I use the Woods Walker with stock.

I have 2 Marauders rifles and two of the pistols (woods walker and regular). Three I purchased brand new, and this one I purchased refurbished. I WANTED a refurb as I trust Airgun Depot to have it tuned and ready :) All my Marauders besides the woods walker arrived perfect. I had to tune the woods walker trigger a bit and it seems to have occasional issues firing, but overall is an absolute pleasure to shoot. I figured the refurb would have he trigger tuned properly and have all the seals in place / hold pressure and I was correct. I guess I mean to say that if I had an option to send every gun I buy to Airgun Depot to have it "tuned", I would do so. Plus, the refurb is a bit less! I'm definitely keeping an eye on the refurb pcp offerings in the future.
ProsBest trigger in the $400-$500 range that I've found. Very accurate out of the box. Quiet! Good number of shots per fill - I usually get 32-40 before filling in .22 and a few more with my .177.
ConsHeavy if you plan to carry it - I would get a sling.
By Guy
Chicago, IL
.25 cal Marauder
November 1, 2017
The combo package arrived quickly and without issues. The rifle, scope and mounts were all perfect. I was able to mount and level the scope without any fuss. The Air Venturi tank had a problem with an air leak in the quick disconnect end of the fill hose. The tank itself was fine just a problem with the fill line. Customer service was great the defective product was returned and a replacement tank was delivered in a timely fashion. My overall experience was very good.
Proshigh quality components good trigger feel easy to recharge
By Mike
Northwestern Pa,
Refurbished Maurader
October 27, 2017
Superb shooting gun, I bought this at a refurbished gun and was told that the only flaw was usually a scratch. When I got it thought I noticed a crack from the trigger guard all the way around I was surprised to see them let this go out like that. I called and they made it right by sending me another stock!
ProsShoots great at 35 yards I can shoot the heads off of golf tees.
By Oscar m.
Portland ore
Benjamin Marauder
October 26, 2017
The gun is so accurate!! It s so quiet .I was amazed at the trigger it seemed electric it's so crisp,I did the holdover at 80ydsthe big 25cal pellet zipped thru a large tough soupcan ripped a big hole and didn't even knock the can over ,such power at long distance,a dollar folded in half would cover the three shot group
ProsThe sound ,balance, trigger power
ConsTwo bigger calibers .30! And 357
By kelly
Marysville, WA
Beautiful Rifle all around
October 25, 2017
Thanks AGD your customer service and prompt shipping is great, Haven't shot this rifle yet waiting to buy the 25 cal brother to this rifle and pump and later a 90cu air tank, but for now it will be a shelf queen, I need to get a bullpup kit for this rifle.
ProsLooks and Feel totally druable and lives up to it name.
ConsFor the price wish it cam with a sling.
Bangladesh dhaka
great airgun ever
October 12, 2017
i like this gun . this is a top listed gun in 2017. powerful and looking good . everything perfect .
Prospower house. STEALTHY!!! POWERFUL!!! ACCURATE!!
By Chuck
Accurate right out of the box
October 1, 2017
This gun is accurate right out of the box I did adjust the trigger and now out at 50 yards I'm shooting less than a half inch 5 shot group scary accurate. This rifle is more accurate than I'll ever be. Get approximately 40 rounds plus out of one fill. I love the fact that I'll be able to tune adjust its a great gun really great gun. I do advise you get a few extra 10-round mags you'll be happy you did.
ProsWell thought-out well-engineered ideal gun
By Bill M.
Chesterfield, Missouri
September 14, 2017
Really accurate
By Rick
Tacoma, Washington
I love this rifle
September 8, 2017
At some point between my younger youth and my older youth air guns made a switch from toys to serious guns. Don't know when that happened, but I'm glad it did. I pretty much love everything about this air rifle and would marry it if I wasn't already married. The .22 has enough power to entertain me for hours while not endangering the neighborhood. I can't imagine any rifle being more quiet while delivering the power and accuracy that the Marauder does, and at a great price point! I'm sure a lot of air gunners would argue with me about their guns superiority over mine, but, I'm happy and that's all that matters. You probably will be too.
ProsPower - good, Accuracy - good. Trigger - really good Shots per fill - about 40. Did I mention QUIET.
ConsThe Safety is kind of scary. It looks like a trigger, feels like a trigger and is located directly in front of the actual trigger. A bit heavy, but not too much.
By ratickle
Once you go PCP, you'll never go back
September 6, 2017
I was a break-barrel guy for years, but I never found one that was truly accurate. In my opinion, break-barrels suffer from two major problems: 1) The scope does NOT attach to the barrel so the zero can easily change over time. 2) The barrel is very short when compared to the overall gun length. The Marauder PCP has neither of these issues. The scope mount and the barrel are fixed and the barrel length is nearly twice the length of most break-barrels. However, PCP air rifles come with their own challenges. The first being cost of entry. Not only do you have to purchase the PCP rifle with STARTING prices around $500, but you have to purchase some way to charge (pressurize) the PCP cylinder. The lowest cost way to charge a PCP is with a hand pump. The STARTING price of a hand pump is around $150 and the better ones are two to three times that price. Using my Benjamin hand pump to charge my Marauder to 2600 psi is a time consuming workout. True, after the initial charge you only have to pump from ~1800 psi to 2600 psi, but it still takes time and a lot of effort. The other way to charge a PCP is to purchase a special 4500 psi air tank and have it filled (for a fee) at a dive shop or paint ball shop. The air tank costs START at around $300. You can also purchase a special high pressure pump but those START at around $1,500.

However, if you have the resources to join the PCP club, you will be hooked. After mounting a cheap $100 scope on my Marauder and zeroing in the scope, I am able to shoot quarter size groups at 25 yards all day long. My Marauder is in 0.177 caliber so I get 50 to 60 shots before I have to recharge. The 10-shot magazine on the Marauder is such a pleasure after coming from single shot break-barrels. I'm using cheap Crosman Premier 10.5 grain pellets so I could probably tighten my groups by going to a heavier JSB pellets. At this point I've only sent around 100 pellets down range, so the barrel is probably not completely broken in. I'll probably hold on to my springers and my nitro-pistons, but I doubt they'll see much use now that I have "gone over to the dark side".
ProsAccuracy and repeatability at 25 yards plus High muzzle velocity and knock-down power Quick change ten shot magazines Being able to get off a follow up shot in two or three seconds Basically zero recoil Very little noise
ConsCost to get started Weight of the gun
By ron r.
foresthill, ca
It is fantastic
August 22, 2017
It is all it is was advertised to be. Great consistency. Tight groups Easy to load. A weapons expert friend shot mine last night and is going to buy one tomorrow.
By harry
san martin, ca
Bejamin Marauder
July 6, 2017
Love the gun, disappointed in the magazines
Proslooks good and appears to be well built
ConsInstructions a bit confusing
By Mark
Marauder combo
July 5, 2017
This is my first PCP rifle, and I couldn't be more happier at the choice I made with this gun. I did a lot of research on the Internet as well as watched a lot of YouTube videos, this seemed to be the best choice to get into this sport with the first PCP which was very affordable. After receiving the marauder and unboxing the gun I proceeded to mount the scope I purchased with it and pump up the pressure to the recommended 2600psi by hand with the pump that came with this combo, it's quite a workout to get to this pressure but after A few shots and topping off the pressure it's not so bad, dialing in the scope took about 10 or 15 minutes then it was consistent bull's-eyes at that point . This gun is awesome and very fun to shoot, I would highly recommend this rifle to any one wanting to get into their first PCP air gun!!
ProsEverything about this gun is a pro would highly recommend this to anyone looking for their first PCP rifle. Awesome product !!!
ConsA little heavy that's about it
By Brad
Fantastic air rifle
July 1, 2017
The air rifle is very accurate as I added a nice scope as well. More power than I expected from it also. Purchase was easy and I will buy from again. Thanks
By denis h.
June 28, 2017
The mag. that came with the gun jamed into loading port and I couldn't remove it. Ordered 2 new mag., but the bolt fails to fully load without some fiddiling. Gun also leaks slowly. Wish I had saved the box it came in.
By Dan
.22 Marauder combo with scope and sling
June 22, 2017
This is my first PCP and I have to say this rifle is quiet! The pellet hitting the target makes more noise than the gun! I set up a crony and with 14.3 grain Crossman pellets it is averaging about 865 fps right out of the box, and is consistently there for 32-35 shots, and then the pressure is down to 2000 psi from a full 3000 psi fill. That is 24 lb/ft of muzzle energy. The first 25 shots had a standard deviation of 14 fps. Threw a couple of 18.21 grain pellets through it and they were running about 800 fps. I've done some reading on about all of the tuning that guys do to these guns, but I am going to leave it alone for now, it is right where I want it to be.

I am also pleasantly surprised with the Center Point scope. It was packaged in that hard to open plastic that you would see hanging on hooks at a store and I thought it was going to be a cheapo. But the lens is clear, it has an adjustable objective that is obviously made for pellet guns as it goes down to 15 yards, increases in small increments to 100 yards, then to infinity. It also has an illuminated recticle in 2 colors with variable brightness settings, with BDC markings to aid with holdover. I don't know where the bullet drop points are going to be as far as distance yet, but it has them. The trigger is nice, no immediate plans to adjust it. It has a long smooth light creep, then it comes to a clear stop (the second stage), and then breaks easily with no creep.

I did have a couple of pellets jam between the bolt and the magazine, which made it hard to get the magazine out to clear the mangled pellet. I read on a forum that if you cock the gun with the muzzle pointed down, this will not happen. Only a couple of people had this concern. The rotary magazine automatically rotates to the next pellet when the rifle is cocked, making for easy follow up shots.

I have the Benjamin pump and it is a workout. It takes about 75 pumps to go from 2000 to 3000 psi. If you weigh 150 lbs or less you may not be able to compress it all the way, I basically lock my arms out and use body weight to pump it. I plan to get a 4500 psi tank in the near future, but still glad to have the hand pump for a backup.

The gun does not have iron sights so you will need a scope, and if you are going to be in the field you will want a sling. This was a good package deal that came with everything including the correct scope rings.
Prosprice quiet powerful multi-shot adjustable power crisp, adjustable trigger good scope with illuminated BDC recticle and adjustable objective
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