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Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns

Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns

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Benjamin pump fits Discovery & Marauder PCP rifles.

  • 3-stage hand pump
  • Made specifically for the Benjamin Discovery & Marauder
  • Includes the Discovery's required female Foster quick-disconnect on the end of the pump hose
  • Goes up to 3600 psi (although the Discovery and Marauder operate on a max pressure of 2000 psi)
  • With other hoses, pump can be adapted to other PCPs
  • Requires less effort than other pumps
  • Integral air pressure gauge
  • Moisture filter
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypePrecharged Gun Accessories
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns
21 Reviews
38% (8)
48% (10)
10% (2)
0% (0)
5% (1)
81% Recommend this product (17 of 21 responses)
By K
Fredericksburg, Texas
Handy Pump
July 27, 2019
The pump attached easily but must be securely locked into the rifle to avoid damaging the pump connector. It is a bit of a workout to pump my Marauder up to 2500 psi, and I agree that the hose could be longer. Warning: it pumps moist air, which collects in the air cylinder and eventually will rust out the cylinder (my repairs will run $170 plus $85 UPS). Find a product to dehydrate the air (am looking for one now).
By Jp
Comes in handy
July 11, 2019
Its good for traveling
ProsFree air anytime
ConsHeavy, tiring and it's a workout
Best UsesFilling up my baby Benjamin bulldog
By Steve
Works great in a pinch
June 12, 2018
I have used the pump about 20 times know just to top off my Airforce 22. The hose could be longer this is my second hand pump and my other one has a longer hose. other than that works as described
By Lee G.
Central Illinois
Benjamin Hand Pump for PCP air gun
January 3, 2018
Works as advertised. No problems so far. Pumped up rifle to 3000 psi. It is a work out be to be expected for 3000 psi.
ProsPumps to 3000 psi. Assembly was easy.
ConsHose to air rifle should be longer, but is usable. Should have a cover to protect outlet. Base should be bigger, so it does not tip over so easy.
By BikerDave
Dallas, Texas
Good Hand-pump and Perfect for the Benjamin Line
January 2, 2018
Excellent pump for the price point. The pump is limited to 3500 psi, and that means it will not work for all rifles but it is excellent for the Benjamin line of PCPs. It works well so far, does not seem to build up much heat and pump up the Marauder to 2500 psi in a little over 100 strokes. It is easy to use and the instructions are simple. It is of good quality, and seems to be solidly built.
ProsPretty easy to use. Any of these types of machines are going to be work, but I did not find the effort to be too great and it if you follow the instructions and go slowly and make steady, even strokes it seems to work quite well.
ConsNot much, other than its maximum capability. But the consumer knows that when making the purchase.
By kelly
Marysville, WA
Nothing wrong with so getting fit
November 7, 2017
Nothing wrong with this item unless your lazy, just like a car youhave to takecare of it and do some maintenance whe the time comes.
ProsWorks Great and fair price
ConsIt should aleast come with a sweat towel lol Not a fan of phillips swrew heads.
By james
air power
October 18, 2017
easy to assemble , easy to use , works well ,fills rifle air tube quickly and easily, wish they were all that easy.
Prossimple ,quick , and easy to use and maintain.
Consnon that i could find.
By James
Works fine
April 12, 2017
I see no reason to give a rating other than 5 stars. This pump does exactly as it's supposed to, has an accurate pressure gauge, and seems well made. One thing to note is I have only had this pump a few weeks now so I can't comment on how it holds up long term.
ProsPerforms as expected
By John
Lifburn, GA
Good value for price
March 24, 2017
I have had my pump about 6 months and it is not pressuring up as it did when new. I contacted Sun Optics USA, the maker of the pump, and ordered a seal kit. I also ordered a desiccant kit which they have for $25.00. (they are giving me the seal kit free) The service rep I talked to feels like the desiccant kit will solve many of the problems in that it will prevent moisture buildup and filter better than the little mesh filter that comes stock on the pump. When the pump was new it worked fine and I feel like this will probably solve my problem.
ProsWorked fine when new. Easy to use.
ConsShould come stock with the desiccant kit. Or that should at least be offered as an accessory on the AD website.
By Cheng L.
December 27, 2016
Received the package in good condition, upon opening observed broken glass in the bottom case: found pressure gauge glass shattered and pressure gauge housing loosed, the 2 screws that screwed on housing almost backed up completely.Was a little bit upset but decided to try on the pump anyway and it was functioning okay.Having prior returning 3 products already I was a little tired of it, instead of returning one more time I decided to keep this one.Screwed in the 2 screws was impossible to do so without disassemble the air line but it was enough to hold the housing.Protecting the pressure gauge opening by using clear shipping plastic tape...don't know how reliable and how long that going to last.
ProsProduct functioning 5 stars.Workmanship 2 stars.
ConsPoor assembly and/or handling.
September 19, 2016
Easy to use. Fills my Benjamin Maximus .22 very easy. Pump is working fine. Will have to wait to see how is durability.
ProsEase of use.
By Bud
Lake Lynn Pa.
July 14, 2016
It is so refreshing to deal with somebody that knows the product they sell, but much more importantly than that is when they go above and beyond the call. Case in point . Jason and Matt. I am 64 yrs.old and have had parkinsons Disease for the last 20yrs. I am doing great by the grace of God. I am as steady as a rock but my speech is terribly slurred. I am almost impossible to understand. To make a long story short, these two gentlemen had tremendous patience with me, and figured out what my need wqs and took care of the problem. What was the problem?It doesn't matter because they took care of it in a timely matter and one thing for sure is this...Airgun Depot you have got my business for good as well as\ my other shooting buddies. Bud Lambert
By Willie
Chester, VA
Consumer Beware!!!
March 28, 2015
I bought the 25 Cal Benjamin Marauder rifle, the Marauder pistol, and the Benjamin pump. I've been through three hand pumps in less than six months. The first pump went out after three weeks of use. I contacted Benjamin and they told me to contact the manufacturer because they (Benjamin/Crossman) don't make their pumps. That company had me to send the pump back to them for repair. Keep in mind that I had to pay the return shipping fees. The pump they sent back to me had a cracked glass on the gauge. That pump lasted about a month before it was defective. I called Benjamin and told them what I thought of their pumps and the process for repair and they sent me a new pump and two cans of pellets free of charge. I didn't see that coming and was pleasantly surprised. That pump lasted about three months. I'm not going to bother going through the red tape again. It's not worth the time and effort. Frustrated beyond all get out, I finally did what I should have done in the first place and ordered the Hill Hand Pump MK4. Save yourself the trouble, just order the Hill MK4 and be done with it. Enough said!!!
ProsNone! I would have given it zero out of five stars if I could have.
ConsNot well made and the warranty/repair process is a joke. Spend the extra hundred dollars and get the hill pump.
By david
ironton, OH
very great pump
October 12, 2014
works great for my hatsan
Proseasy to use
Consneeds a longer hose
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
Nice pump, needs longer hose
September 27, 2014
I used this to fill a p-rod and M-rod. The pump is OK for its price range. Do not get this thing hot. After 50 pumps or so the base is rather wawrm to the touch. Stop pumping at 50 or so pumps and let it cool or you will be looking for rebuild parts. It does not come with a moisture filter. My seals leaked on my p-rod and after opening it up I know why..moisture everywhere inside my air tube.
ProsIt works Good fit and finish
ConsNo moisture filter Hose is too short
By keith
cedaerdge colorado
good pump
February 7, 2014
used it for 3 months now working great no problems so far easy to pump my marauder to 3000psi.
By Jim
Clarence NY
High Pressure Hand Pumps
November 23, 2013
Amazing High Pressure 3 stage pump technology.. This is state of the art manual pump design and engineering..
ProsExcellent pump with pressure build on pull stroke as well as push stroke.. Not like a Bicycle pump by no means.
ConsIt has to be pumped by You.
By John
Great the sharp edges!
October 24, 2013
The pump works very well and I have no complaints about function. The assembly (minor) was easy and it was up and running quickly. My only issue is that my sample had several VERY sharp edges on the fluted area around the base and I cut my fingers in two places attaching the base. It took a few minutes to find the edges and I removed them with a small file. Not a big issue but inattention to finishing the machining work. Other than that the pump (and gauge work very well). A small warning -- most of you probably know this -- it is not an easy task pumping a PCP to 2800#; not the same as filling the kids bike tires, but this pump handles the job well.
ProsEasy to assemble, easy to operate, functions smoothly and fills a PCP chamber relatively quickly.
ConsNot really a con per se but it is a large pump. Also, as noted, watch for sharp edges.
By foothillbruce
Coarsegold CA.
It gives you a workout but solid build
March 18, 2013
It took way more pumps than I thought it would to get my marauder up to 2500 lbs. It will definitely build up some endurance and give you a workout. If you have a young boy he will not be able to get the last 1000 lbs of pressure in it. It takes all of my 200 pounds to get the job done.
ProsHeavy duty build. Gauge seems to match accuracy of rifle.
Constakes a lot of pumps. maybe all pumps are like this?
By Fred
River Hts, UT
Not bad. .
September 4, 2012
I bought this to fill my Benjamin marauder. It works, but I worked my tail off to get to about 2600 psi, and then I can't pump it any more - pressure is too much for my 185# body! It obviously is a high pressure/low volume pump, as it takes more than 200 pumps to get to 2600 PSI. I will buy a tank for those times when it is simply too hot to work that hard!
ProsIndependence from a tank
ConsDifficulty in pumping > 2500 psi
By Jerry
Pumps great
September 28, 2009
I bought this pump because I just used my other pump to fill up the Tank with 3000 PSI,,
Well the old pump still pumps up the guns good, but It is lacking something, like every now and then it misses a lick and i have to make 2 strokes to get one,, but that can be expected being that I pumped 1600 or 1700 pumps can't remember which I put it on this site under the Tank rating,.lolololol.
But I figured I'd buy the 2'nd one incase the first one goes belly up.. I tried this new pump and it is a winner like the other. one,,.
No problem with either pump as I said I gave the first one the ultimate work out. It's still here,, ..
Good pump and good people to buy from ,, thanks..
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By DashVT from Vermont on July 30, 2012
What threads are on the output of this pump?

By Hannah from NY on November 25, 2011
How many shots can you get out of this? Or how long does it last?

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