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Beretta M84FS BB Pistol

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Because this CO2 BB gun is such a close copy of the firearm- you'll want to use it to maintain proficiency without the high ammo costs and range fees. You'll get a lot of shooting done in your home with this handgun...and at just pennies a shot.

The only difference between the Beretta model 84FS BB gun and the firearm is the ammo. Other than that- you won't be able to tell the difference. You'll also notice less noise, MUCH cheaper ammo and have a lot more fun.

Beretta M84FS Pistol Features
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semiauto
  • Blowback
  • 17rd removable BB magazine
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • Single-action
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Beretta M84FS BB Pistol
20 Reviews
75% (15)
20% (4)
5% (1)
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90% Recommend this product (18 of 20 responses)
By Patrick
South Lyon Mi.
Beretta b.b gun
November 22, 2018
B.B.'S roll out end of gun. Before firing. Not what I expected? Not what I thought I was buying?
ProsLooks good?
ConsDoesn't work well.
Best UsesDon't use much . BB's roll out of gun before shooting! Not what I expected!
By Patrick
South Lyon Mi.
B.b gun
November 15, 2018
The gun is great but BB's roll out the end before I fire. sometimes it shoots well sometimes they just roll out?
ProsNice gun fits hand well
Cons BB's roll out the end without firing. Lose a lot of B.B.'S
Best UsesTarget practice. An just shooting!
Exceeded Expectations!!
October 4, 2018
I have now purchased a few items and have been very pleased with the service I have received. Product selection is great and prices are hard to beat. As for this item I purchased it to use as a trainer at home when we can't make it to the range to use my Beretta. It will make a perfect trainer or for someone whom wants to get into shooting.
Best UsesTraining and New Shooters
By Scott
Realistic and reliable
January 30, 2018
very realistic and very reliable. I would recommend it to any of my friends.
By C C.
Highly recommended!
August 8, 2017
This pistol is a joy to shoot. Haven't had this much fun since my days qualifying at the range with "real steel" revolvers and pistols. This is one of several CO2 handguns I own that will definitely be seeing a lot of use. Some owners have complained about the trigger pull. If you can accept that "it is what it is", a double action only firearm, then it's a simple matter of taking your time and getting used to it. After inserting the first magazine and cycling the slide I engaged the safety and pointed the muzzle down to check for any loose BB's... none. I shot each round with a slow steady pull so I could feel what was going on. The first stage is long with an initial bit of grittiness at the top end. That "grittiness" is the BB being pushed through the opening in the magazine and into the chamber. If done in one steady movement all that's left is a short crisp single action-like pull at the bottom. When rapid firing this doesn't even become an issue. To me, the trigger pull overall was much smoother and lighter than any of the "real steel" revolvers or pistols I have ever shot. At fifteen feet the point of aim on mine was dead on in terms of elevation. It did seem to fire just to the right of center, an easy adjustment. I managed to get four full mags before noticing any significant power loss. All in all the pistol shot flawlessly. Slide catch worked every time. Not even a hint of a jam using Hornady Black Diamond BB's.
ProsWell made, well finished, tight tolerances. Realistic in every way possible. Working ambi-safety. Working slide release. Full, drop out magazine that's easy to load. Can be fully field stripped for cleaning and maintenance. CO2 efficient. Good blow-back without sacrificing power like most others. Full sized double-stack grip fits the hand well without the extra weight associated with full sized pistols like the 92. A true compact pistol that's easy to handle. It's also a sexy looking beast!
ConsIt does take quite a push to get the magazine to fully lock into position. This is due to the spring tension on the plunger at the bottom of the well. Normally I wouldn't mind, but because the exposed CO2 key at the bottom of the mag is made of plastic I could see this becoming an issue over time. Hopefully with some lubricant and following the break-in period this will subside.
By Andrej
Really great little gun
August 4, 2017
I've put about a thousand rounds through the M84FS now and thought I should come back quickly to leave it a positive review. The thing just feels great in the hands. The sounds it makes when operating the slide release or dropping out a magazine are really authentic. Even just as a replica it is something to be admired. Maybe the one blemish is that the grips are hollow plastic and feel a bit 'toy-like' on close inspection, but the rest of the gun is truly solid.

Anyway this is my first CO2 blowback gun and I have to say the recoil I got off the first few shots on a new canister really put a smile on my face. I was actually laughing out loud the first few magazines I fired through the gun. Really great fun. Adequate power for a basement range. I usually fire from 10 yards, free standing, and the groupings (with Umarex steel BBs) fall within a 4" circle. (FWIW I am not an experienced shooter by any means). Basically the gun's incredible. You can fire 4 magazines from one canister, if you decide to put a fifth one through you will have to operate the slide yourself as the whole thing become too under-powered to drive the blowback mechanism.

Maybe a downside would be the heavy trigger, but I think this is standard for this class of firearm.
ProsBuild Quality Detailed Reproduction Accuracy Nice Magazine
ConsThe trigger pull is quite long The trigger 'break' point is quite heavy
By david k.
This is a nice gun i added to my collection
June 12, 2017
I have always been a Beretta gun fan and this is right up there.
Proscrisp blowback.More of a ''pop'' on the blowback than my other guns.My wife who is not a heavy gun fan likes this one
ConsCheap looking hammer.Plastic and wobbly.Not what would expected from a Beretta.
By Simon W.
One of my Favorites
April 14, 2017
Nice gun, solid, realistic, heavy and shoots well
ProsLooks, weight, branding.
ConsHandle rather thick for the gun size.
By Juan
Nogales, Arizona
Just like the real thing
March 2, 2017
You can't ask for more, the price is fair and you will be getting a 100% replica out of the Beretta 84. It's great for plinking, shooting and we had a cinema project, which these guns came very useful for.
ProsRealistic Blowback, Heavyweight, licensed replica, ambidextrous safety. Price.
By Virgil
Los Angeles, CA
Beretta M84FS
February 28, 2017
Pistol is accurate and the trigger has a nice feel. The automation firing is very quick, but hard to control. You need a stronge hand to control it.
ProsI like the feel of the gun and how closely it looks and breaks down like the real gun.
ConsI have only fired this gun twice and I have not found any problems.
By Rui S.
Beretta M84 Fs a great surprise.
January 14, 2017
Nice gun. Once we get use to trigger.
Very real. You 'll love it.
Pros.Excelent gun Full Beretta marks. Very real. Fun to shioot, good Fps. Good BB groupings.
ConsTrigger "to long" till shoot!
NW Arkansas
A gift
January 1, 2017
This was a requested gift from my grandson who is 14. He loves it, his dad is pleased with the quality and accuracy, and it was a good buy.
By David
Enfield, CT
Nice Gun
January 1, 2017
Very nice gun, fits in your hand nice and feels good shooting. Just wish it had metal or wood grips. Other tha that it's a great gun.
By Bil B.
Beretta M84FS
December 19, 2016
I have purchased a few air pistols from Airgun Depot. All have be excellent . When I received the M84FS I was excited to open it, examine and shoot it. Well I was pleasantly surprised how well it felt in my hand.
I have a sighting set up in my basement and set it up to test for accuracy. Well I didn't have to adjust or compensate for anything, it was right on out of the box. Looks and feels like the real thing ( I have one ) I'm very happy with this air pistol. Already looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks Airgun Depot.
By Tony
Ronkonkoma, NY
Nice Gun For The Money!
April 5, 2016
Has good heft and feels solid and well built. Looks like the real thing and overall finish is very good.
ProsSlide, safety and slide stop handles nicely in the hand. Shoots accurately enough once you learn a sighting orientation. As such, it's not a target pistol by any means but a fun plinker that could hit cans and orange fruit sized targets easily enough. When shooting, gun makes a loud snapping pop and has good blowback action to recommend it. Shoots through five pieces of cardboard at fifteen feet.
ConsThe typical metal top magazines some of these guns come with could use a bit more work on their design. You have to learn to squeeze steadily without stopping the trigger pull or the BB will be pushed out and could cause an annoying jam. The long pull is rough and somewhat of a drawback as it is on my Makarov with the same magazine but you can get used to it. For this kind of money, very few of these type BB air pistols will work smoothly and without incident due to design. A thorough lubing of the magazine injection mechanism helps to smooth out the action.
By William
Reno Nevada
I would recommend this product.
September 30, 2015
Awesome it's my side arm in the house I got the pistol about 2 weeks ago at first the trigger pull was very tight almost like a double click and squeeze to fire but now it's broke in and fairly smooth in seconds at 50 ft I can get 3 out of 5 eyeball bye bye lol awesome product
ProsFeels like the real thing looks and sounds like a real heater craftsmanship on point love it!
ConsTrigger pull!
By Dave
Cedar Rapids
Good Trrainer.
September 25, 2015
First time getting a referb. The gun looks like it's never been shot. Air pistols normally arrive dry. This one was nicely lubed. Feels like it still needs broke in. Trigger has a long pull-up because of the loading system. Release is crisp, but with a heavy pull. Not much weight to it. Don't play with the trigger pull-up, it will load multiple BB's. Not that loud in a basement range. Impact makes more noise than the gun. Easy to field strip, but haven't got into trigger system yet. Fun little shooter. Careful where you take this thing. It looks very real. Don't get yourself shot.
ProsVery real Accuracy OK CO2 efficient. Good basement trainer
ConsHeavy trigger.
By Bob
July 7, 2015
Looks good, feels good, shoots good.
ProsAll good
By john
magalia, CA
October 19, 2014
This is the best BB pistol I've ever played with....I take it everywhere.....I can hit 10 to12 shots at 80 feet on a 2 liter juice bottle out of the 17 shot magazine about 90% of the time.......She feels nice.....everybody I've showed it to thought it was a firearm....3 of my friends own one after shooting mine....shes perfect for carrying when im out quad riding,takes care of snakes and just plinking at 80 to 100 feet is just showing off......this thing is hecka accurate......Im pretty hard to please......Im ready to buy another wont be dissapointed........KJ6NTM
Pros.....Now that I've shot a full 2400 BBs through her and shes just like the day I bought her........I can say...." There built to last"....and now that the trigger mechanism is broken in....Im really impressed......I take better care of this then my real one.
Cons........I waited till I shot this girl over 2400 times....Im on my 2nd 2400 pack.....before I wrote this review.......still cant find anything I don't like.
By Randy
Los Angeles
June 6, 2014
Just got this in the morning mail and I'm impressed. I have other Beretta's but this just fits, even better than the 92FS which is also life size. The aim point is right on at about 3 meters. The ability to take it down and reassemble it is just nearly the same as the real thing. Slide stop locks open when the magazine is empty. Easy to disable by taking the magazine out as the CO2 is missing! Realism is great. An inexpensive replacement for the real thing and nearly as satisfying. This is a good buy. Recommend this one.
ProsRealistic and well priced. Able to disassemble. Locks slide back when empty. Easy to load up.
ConsNone that I can see.
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Beretta M84FS BB Pistol
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 360 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 360 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
    Mag Capacity 17
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