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Colt 1911 A1 Pellet Pistol, Black

Includes Hard Case and two 8-shot rotary clips
  • Code: 8060240 · .177 · 425 fps
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Dimensions of the original weapon were retained. The highly polished and black finish conform to Colt?s well-known standard of product integrity. Worth noting, too, is that every model is made entirely of high-quality die-cast metal which assures precision and long system life. With this weapon, COLT continues its tradition of excellent sporting pistols. The power cocking system guarantees quick, safe changing of the CO2 capsules. Single/double Action. 1 shot cylinder magazine. Post front sight and rear sight with side adjustment, Trigger safety, grip safety. Rifled 5" barrel. This all metal version of the 1911 A1 features a quick loading system, a CO2 loading system and a rifled barrel. This popular Colt model was originally created for the US military.

Colt 1911 A1 Pellet Pistol Features
  • 8-rd CO2 pistol
  • Blued frame & slide ("Blued" is a term that means it was treated with black oxide. The result is a black finish.)
  • Black grips
  • Looks & feels like the firearm
  • Made of high-quality die-cast metal
  • A high-quality piece that will deliver years of shooting pleasure!
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    • ManufacturerColt
    • Caliber .177
    • Velocity 425 fps
    • Condition New
    • Ammo Type Pellets
    • Action Semiautomatic
    • Barrel Style Rifled
    • Fire Mode Repeater
    • Gun Weight 2.40
    • Overall Length 9.00
    • Barrel Length 5.00
    • Loudness 3-Medium
    • Magazine Capacity 0
    • Mechanism CO2
    • Rail No
    • Safety Manual
    • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
    • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage
    • Shots per Fill 0
    • Trigger Adjustability 0
    • Trigger Action Double-Action & Single-Action
    • Use Plinking/Fun
    • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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    By MarkUSAJune 16, 2022

    I waited to review this item after I had an opportunity to put about 300 Pellets through it. I like that it included two Pellet disks with the gun. You can go through 16 shots fairly quickly before needing to reload the disks. I can’t say for sure, but a single CO2 cartridge seems to be able to power the pistol for at least 8 disks. It will shoot more than that, but it seemed to me that power was diminished enough during the 9th disk that pellets started dropping below the aiming point at 25’. It will shoot in Single Action or Double Action mode. For pure accuracy, you will want to use Single Action. While the Double Action takes some practice to get a smooth, consistent action, you can use it for fairly effective Action Pistol style practice. Focus on pulling straight back and keep in mind that in Double Action mode, the trigger pull is much longer than an actual 1911.

    The weight and feel is real close to an actual 1911. I own three 1911’s in .45 caliber and 9mm. This pistol is very close (within an ounce or two) of the weight of two Springfield Range Officers that I own. The sights are fairly true to the original Government Model 1911’s that I carried and shot in the Army before they were replaced by the Beretta. The trigger does take some practice to get used to. You need to pull it straight back. It is a fairly long trigger pull to accommodate the Double Action capability, so any sideways pressure can cause it to start binding up. I didn’t test it in Double Action, but I tested the trigger weight with a Lyman Scale. In Single Action, the trigger is effectively a 2-stage trigger. The first stage, which is almost two stages in itself, is a fairly long pull that weighs out at about 1lb initially and then goes up to about 2+lbs. At that point, you will hit a resistance wall and the trigger break from that point is a pretty clean, consistent 3.5lbs.

    The biggest negative is accuracy. I started by shooting off a bag to determine the actual accuracy. At 25’, shooting at an NRA B-40 target, I noted the pistol shot high and slightly to the right. The sights allow for a horizontal adjustment, but no vertical adjustment. On the B-40, I had to aim at the 4 or 5 ring at the 6 o’clock position to hit the center. I modified the front sight to correct the aiming point and then started practicing. That was when I noticed the second issue – stray shots. Using Crosman “Match Grade” Wadcutter pellets, I would shoot a disk of pellets at 25’ and check my results. I could get shot groups that would tell me if I was shooting left, right, high, or low. But every so often, I would get a single shot well away from the others. Since a pellet pistol has no recoil, I can tell by my sight picture that I am not twitching or jerking the gun. Don’t know what is causing it, but it doesn’t happen too often, so I can live with it.

    By May 4, 2020

    If you have a 1911 and want something to practice with while under quarantine this is a great choice (which was my excuse to buy it.) It is accurate to where it's your shooting that will show in the results and not the limitations of the gun (,unlike every "blow back" example I have tried.) Even if you don't have a 1911 and just want an accurate pistol for practicing shooting fundamentals it's great. The double action trigger pull is terrible but if you are using it for target practice you'll probably be shooting single action like you would on a firearm, so it shouldn't matter. Now if you are someone who thinks the blow back feature on an air pistols is a great, and are willing to give up some accuracy, you probably don't want to spend your money on this. I am getting around 96 good shots out of it before the power drops, with a pause after 40 and 80 when I have to reload the 5 cylinders I have.

    It's well made and accurate, getting 1/2 inch groups at 25ft with cheap Crosman pellets. Mimics a Colt very well in terms of how it feels in your hand and the single action trigger pull, although it may be a little muzzle heavy. The price is also a plus in my opinion if you want a low cost option to practice shooting a 1911, especially compare it to buying a Ruger 22/45 or 22 conversion kit.

    Double action trigger pull is terrible. The initial pull is not that bad with consistent force, but then there is a second stage where the force needed keeps increasing until it discharges. I suspect that this has to do with the mechanics of how it turns the cylinder in the thing, since if you take it out and dry fire it has a nice linear pull. The trigger also gets kind of strange if you have the safety on and cock the hammer to fire it single action, which again may be with the cylinder mechanics and what it disconnects with the safety on. Only other thing I would mention as a negative are the sights, which work fine, but for something in this price range a simple white dot on the front post for additional contrast would have been nice.

    By StuartUSANovember 9, 2018

    As I have not fired this weapon yet I will confine my comments to this weapons Fit,Finish,shipping & handling of this item. First: This item was delivered in a most timely manner a few days at most. It came well packaged, and carefully packaged no damage what so ever. Second:The quality of this weapon for all appearances is superior and gives me no reason to think it will not preform as well as it looks. Third: The fit,finish is very nice it looks every bit of its cost. Forth: I carried the M1911A1 when I served in the Marine Corps and the weapon feels the same as I carried. The “Heft” is right there it comes up on target just like the original and it fits in a repopulated holster I purchased for it just like the original. Fifth: And this is just my opinion. You here people complain about shipping & handling costs. Quit complaining pay the price to have a fine piece shipped to you and go out and have some fun shooting this very high quality weapon. Stuart

    A high quality item

    As I have not fired it yet I cannot honestly comment on that. But I stand by the review I gave it.

    By MichelleUSAJanuary 10, 2018

    This is a very high quality, German made, CO2 pellet pistol, as is reflected by the price. Has nice, rubberized grips and is almost all metal in construction.

    Has a very nice feel in hand and shoots pellets very accurately and hard.

    The CO2 installation system takes a little getting used to.

    By JamesUSANovember 28, 2017

    It's a great gun with a excellent single action trigger. I've not had a chance to test the accuracy of this pistol, but I have done some plinking with it. It gets good mileage out of a Co2 cylinder and has a easy Co2 cylinder loading system.

    Nothing much more to say except I like almost every thing about this Pistol.

    The only thing I find negative about this pistol is the sights. I would like to see a three dot system used, but that is just me. I use acrylic paint to create contrast between the front and rear sights. I paint the front sight orange and the rear sight White. This works quite well for me.

    By RalphUSASeptember 28, 2017

    Pistol looks and feels like a quality airgun. I had to return it and am awaiting a hopeful replacement. When it shot it was great, Friends where impressed with the realism. Rating would be 5 stars if the pistol wasn't defective. My 75th Ranger Son was impressed with the pistol, wish it didn't have defect with magazine rotating and lining up. Customer Service excellent to this point quickly gave Me all info to send pistol back including shipping label.

    Seems to be well made, love the look and feel, a lot of fun when it shot. 5 stars if not for defect

    Defective, doesn't lineup , rotating magazine,

    By MarkUSASeptember 27, 2017

    Bought this pistol as a refurb.. The gun arrived in a cardboard box with two magazines and a users manual. No hard case. I installed a CO2 cartridge and a loaded magazine and fired one shot, single action, at an 8" target at 10 yards. The pellet struck with good force touching the bullseye. I cocked the hammer and fired another round, single action, only to be rewarded with a weak "pffft" and the pellet did not even leave the magazine. I then shot approximately 20 more rounds, double action, with no problem and reasonably accurate results. Then the pistol failed to launch the pellet from the magazine in either single action or double action. I tried 4 different styles/brands of pellets, 5 different magazines and changed CO2 cylinders 3 times just to ensure it was, in fact, a problem with the pistol. The pistol will not function in either single or double action. I visited some other airgun retail sites and read the reviews on this pistol. I found that this is not an isolated problem with this pistol and that the magazine fails to index properly to line the pellet up with the barrel. This problem occurred most frequently in single action but, like mine, also failed to launch the pellet in either single or double action for other owners. One purchaser returned the piece to Umarex only to get it back in the same non-operational condition. I have filled out a "Defective" return ticket on-line for Air Gun Depot to exchange this defective gun for a Crosman 2300T. I have read many good reviews on the 2300T. It is reliable, accurate and it can be easily worked on, modified and upgraded by the owner. Additionally there are many You-Tube videos detailing how to work on the piece.

    Realistic look and feel. Reasonably accurate but I could not get the pistol to fire enough pellets to fully accustom myself to the trigger and sights.

    Based upon all the reviews I have read and my own experience, quality control at Umarex for this pistol is non-existent. I'm sure the reason this pistol was sold as a refurbished piece is due to the same problems I experienced and is inherently faulty and beyond repair. This pistol was defective from the first shot and absolutely useless after approximately 20 more shots. I STRONGLY advise against purchasing this piece either new or refurbished for the reasons previously described.

    By BretUSADecember 19, 2016

    Bought this as a refurb. great price, you cant go wrong with AGD's refurbs. I have bought several and there all in super condition! Its been too cold to shoot here but I put one co2 canister thru the pistol to check it out and I like it alot, very nice trigger good build quality, once you get use to holding in that grip safety its a blast! I also have a Beretta 92 FS and they use the same clips! Very happy with this pistol!!!

    Nice trigger, good build quality, accurate!

    By RobertUSAOctober 10, 2016

    Purchased this as a refurb. Pistol looks new. Grip safety is a bit sticky, but I think it will smooth out. Shoots well if I do my part. Buy extra mag cylinders.

    Well built. Should last a life time.

    Grip safety sticky. Could be particular to my gun.

    By RobertUSASeptember 25, 2016

    I ordered the refurbished model and couldn't find anything that would suggest it wasn't a new pistol. The trigger is incredibly smooth in double action, and breaks cleanly in single action. Buy more clips when you are ordering one to take advantage of the free shipping.

    Well made. Should last a lifetime.

    Considering it is a pellet pistol, it would have been nice if it had adjustable sights. UMarex make it with adjustable sights and call it a Gold Cup!!

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    I can pull the trigger during grip safety engaged without CO2 cartridge. Does the grip safety work ?

    asked VinPham

    Very definitely. I should say that mine does.

    Mark from USA

    Is this gun made by Umarex or Colt?

    asked Jeff

    It is made and distributed by Umarex. The Colt part of the name refers only to the Original Pistol it was patterned after.

    Mark from USA

    This is a real gun and the bullets are made of plastic or metal and the outer covering Is made of metal or plastic

    asked Aryan

    The pistol is made primarily out of metal and has a close approximation to the weight of an actual Firearm. It is a "Real Gun" only in that it is a CO2 charged Pellet Gun. The "bullets" are 4.5mm or .177 caliber pellets.

    Mark from USA


    asked Vincent Sauer I

    Has anyone installed rear adjustable target sights on this 1911A1 pellet yet and where are they available?

    asked BOB

    Hi I'm interested in nickel model. Any info how soon it could be available.? Is this umarex made in Germany? Thanks

    asked Darius

    Darius, Good question. If you are asking about the refurbished nickel model we are not sure when that item will be back in stock. It is hard to really know when refurbished items will be in stock. As for Umarex items being made, there are a few made in different locations- china, Germany, USA. Not sure on this particular item. Hopefully that helps. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

    Scott from USA

    wlll you have this item back in stock ?

    asked Eric from USA

    Eric, Good question. When it comes to refurbished items, we really do not have any time frame for when they will be back in stock. It would be weeks to months before we get any in. Best scenario is to keep checking the webpage and get on the emailing list. Hopefully that helps answer your question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

    Scott from USA

    Hi! Before I order this item, please let me know if this COLT 1911-A1 CO2 is also shipped to CANADA (Montreal). I'm 72 year old and I have also my fire arm licence.Waiting for your answer, I wish you all the best. Alex

    asked Alexander Banu

    Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

    Scott from USA

    Does the slide lock? Also, I was wanting to get a m9 but I kind of want this, do you think I should get it ?

    asked thomas

    No slide does not move. its it not blowback there for the slide does not lock into position .

    Pedro from USA

    Does the slide work as it would on a normal 1911? That is to say does it kick back when you shoot and does it cock the hammer so that it's ready for a second single action follow up shot?

    asked Art

    This pistol is not blow back, it holds the rotary clip in the slide.

    Steve from USA

    Is this an Umarex gun?

    asked Oliver


    Steve from USA

    How is the power on this gun? I have read a few reviews saying that the power is not very good, but frankly I don't want to have believe that. Anyone?

    asked Oliver

    You can judge power by the fps this is ok for an air pistol but to hunt you want at least 450 fps


    I have put this on my chronograph and had it shooting in the low 400 FPS on a 78 degree day. That was with a 6.9 gram RWS hollow point. Great gun!

    John from USA

    Is this gun blowback

    asked Bernardo

    This gun does not have blow back.

    Steve from USA
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