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Crosman PFAM9B BB Pistol

Available in .177
Sale $122.99
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  • Code: AGD-39637577 · $122.99 · .177 · 400 fps
Estimated in stock date is 07-03-24
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The Crosman PFAM98B Blowback BB Pistol is perfect for practicing your handgun shooting skills, considering its full-auto and blowback features. The full metal frame and slide offer realistic weight and the comfortable checkered grip will leave you wanting to shoot all day.
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Blowback action
  • 20-rd BB magazine
  • Full metal frame and slide
  • Realistic look and function
  • Velocities up to 400 fps
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 400 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Action Semiautomatic/Full-auto
  • Barrel Style 0
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 2.44
  • Overall Length 8.50
  • Barrel Length 0.00
  • Loudness 1-Low
  • Magazine Capacity 20
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety 0
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By ScottNovember 11, 2022

Licenced beretta umarex is better from fit to finish to function. I am glad to have it for comparison, knowing what I do about the PFAM9B I will opt for something better.

Heavy, feels like beretta 92ish. Full auto a bonus.

Main thing is safety/selector switch. Too easy to run from safe, clear past fire,(semi-auto) ,directly to full auto. not user friendly for uninitiated or novice plinkers. Massive lettering and labeling on slide...looks bad (PFAM9B) conspicuously printed slide and frame. See other models to find clandestine selector switch...much better.

By DanyCanadaOctober 9, 2022

is really good for plinking !

good feeling with 2 more charger is better (co2 can warmed up)

By steveSeptember 25, 2021

my clip broke and crosman does not sell clips for this gun, so if your clip breaks you are screwed. don't understand why there is not spare clips when they sell the gun. don't waste your money. i will always check from now on if they sell spare parts for the gun i buy ! Very unhappy!!!!

Fun to shoot,

broke soon after i bought it, need to be able to buy spare clips and speed loader.

By GeraldMay 18, 2021

Don't buy this pistol unless they make a speed loader for it cuz they won't stand behind their product believe me if I had to do it all over again I would not. Especially after buying Crosman products my whole life that's all I've ever known. And to get treated like this is absolutely uncalled for.

And buying Crosman products my whole life I really got screwed on this one. Have to load the BBS one by one they don't make a speed loader for it I called the company several times and they won't f****** stand behind it. I am flipping pissed. She's going to make a gun like this we either need to make it easier to load or make a speed loader for it. Now you won't take it back. Just because my wife lost the receipt. I think we need to organize a class action lawsuit. You have my email Crosman do something about this problem either give me a different fully automatic pistol give me my flipping money back

Make a speed loader for this pistol or give me my money back and tell everybody else this pistol is a joke the way you have to load it

By JeffUSAJanuary 4, 2021

I am returning for the misinformation provided on the Loudness. My sole reason for purchasing this airgun was to have something that I could use that was under the level of sound of my other airguns.

Heavily constructed, probably very robust in the field. Smooth operation of trigger mechanism and slide on the couple of shots I took. However see below for safety operation.

Inaccurate description on website: Loudness is NOT Low. More in the medium to perhaps medium high level. In comparison to the Weihrauch HW 44 (which is accurately described as low-medium) the PFAM9B's report is 6 decibels louder (recall 10 decibels is twice as loud). The safety is poorly made and doesn't operate smoothly ; however, that could just be a one off for this piece and with time and a little wear could improve. Cannot display sound data since no way to upload sound file.

By JeffOctober 11, 2020

Good feel and fun to shoot just too many negatives that need addressing.

Bought one of these for my son to get the feel of a blowback pistol before shooting my 9mm down the road. Gun had a nice feel and was fun to shoot single and full auto for sure. It was fairly accurate not too loud and the blowback worked as it should. I did have a couple jams and I was using the Crosman copperheads as recommended. The real problem encountered was that the safety was very hard to engage and impossible to disengage. I had to remove the slide and use a small screwdriver to gently push the little ball back against the spring while pushing on the lever to release the safety. This happened twice as we accidently flipped the lever from full auto past single fire to safety. Again had to use the screwdriver to disengage the safety. Poor design on the internal ramp for the ball to move on.

I was very disappointed in the magazine. The Co2 area was fine but loading the BBs was a pain in the butt and can't believe this was made by Crosman. I own several Crosman guns old and newer and was surprised that there was not a notch for the plunger, when pulled back against the spring, to lock in place as all of my others do. You have to hold the plunger back with one finger and load the BBs one by one. I tried the speed loader but it wouldn't work on this mag. And if you fill it with one BB too many the plunger, which is very sloppy in the track, pops upward and jambs against the loading area and won't push the BBs into the gun. You end up shooting just air at that point. The mag is junk and needs minor improvements to make it better. And yes, as others have said, this gun eats up CO2 like crazy because of the blow back. Even more so than the DPMS full auto we have. I sent it back after one day of shooting. Negatives out weighed the positives.

By TobiasOctober 8, 2020

Better than expected.

Looks ,feels,shoots great true full auto.

I wish there were larger cal upgrades.

By Lance 5tiersAugust 24, 2020

the barretta model is effin awesome and have only had a slight issue of cycle when the co2 is getting low

I bought one for the fact that it is a full auto the thing is pretty much a lot of fun as it is heavy and breaks down to feild strip almost as the same to the gun it replicas. the feel is about the same and i found it fairly smooth to operate and function in high fire conditions.

after about 500 shots the thing started to break down in its ability and service and cleaning it was the magazine spring that failed first , and simply it was the major ending of my fun cause its just not as durable in stress conditions the old dog sits as it was the last time it actually fired. all the seals are shot out and refurbishing is not as simple as the manual says also hard to find the right parts and extra mags are darn near non available on the market. so now its just a replica non fire type. I wouldnt buy another because it was done for about a month after purchase.

By JohnUSAAugust 19, 2020

Once accustomed to the sights, I shot this Crosman pistol quite accurately and it behaved predictably. The report is quieter than my other BB pistols, like my Glock 19 and Sig P365.

Overall, this Crosman BB pistol has a good, realistic feel. Compared to other BB pistols (Glock, Sig,..) with a "modern" design, this Crosman PFAM9B is heavy.

To load BBs into magazine is a tedious task! The mag spring can't lock down to load; finger must remain on to hold it. The CO2 depletes after two magazines (of single-shot); typically, it sputters at last shot of mag#2 and depletes the CO2 cartridge. Two big negatives: Loading of BBs, and fast depletion of gas. Front sight not true.

By MarkUSAJuly 10, 2018

Right off the bat - full auto is a blast !! In semi auto nice & smooth. Full auto accuracy 50/50 pending your bb ammo choice & you. Semi mode pretty accurate within 30ft, 20ft I'm getting very good & tight center grouping. 30ft a little more scattered but still good. Blow back feature on this is close to the real thing, weighs in & fires almost like a real barretta. This is one of my favorite blowback bb pistols I own.

Back yard plinking fun & getting anyone familiar with introducing pistol use for 1st timers & not using real ammo

Jammed a bb in the chamber a few times but that was the bb's being used, suggest using better bb's that have constant .177 size. Other than that no neg on this pistol

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The loudness on this pistol is listed as low. Does anyone have feedback on this topic and/or comparison to other products?

asked Jim from USA

Yes, it is lower noise level than Glock19 (NBB), walther PPKS (BB), P38 (BB), sig265 (BB); but not quiet. The level#1 of 4 in noise category seems an accurate characterization.

John from USA

The Crosman PFAM9B is a quiet gun.

Mark from USA

are spare magazines available and what is the difference between that and the Crosman P1 pistol

asked Derrick from USA

We do not have extra magazines.You would have to contact Crosman for availability.

Mark from USA

How many rounds between co2 switch outs

asked Elmer

What is the closest location to a store that carries this full auto pistol? What will be the total cost after tax?

asked Shadow Collins

Where can I find extra clips for Crosman PFAM9B BB pistol.

asked Jared

has a gust

asked Marcelo from USA

How long does a 12 gr. CO2 cartridge last?

asked Don

How long does one CO2 cartridge last?

asked Don

How long does 1 cartridge last on full auto

asked Brian edwards

I bought this Air Gun but not really satisfied with it because it cannot keep the CO2 overnight. Even if you only shot 10 shots... Single shots. The next day the CO2 is gone. Is this normal for this gun?

asked John

Can you please tell me how long does the CO2 cartridge last. Can you keep it for 3 to 5 days and still have the power?

asked Francis Michael

Hi and sorry for my bad English,I have to repair the crossman air pistol for a boy of 12 years old.I need the break out plan of a model PFAM9B crossman pistol for order the right parts.thank you M.O.

asked maurice ouellette

Where can i find extra clips,.

asked Jeff Trischan

Do you have extra magazines for this gun?

asked Richard from USA

When are you going to get more? Plus I would like to purchase a DPMS SBR Full Auto! For my collection. My gmail is [email protected] Thank You, Roger W.

asked Roger C from USA

Dear Sir, I wanna buy this airpistol just for indoor practice and to improve hand eye coordination. My question is.. Is it possible for you to ship it to India (capital city, New Delhi)

asked I SHEKHAR from India

What grips can I use with this


will it shoot semi automatic

asked tom

How light is the trigger pull? My 6 year old son struggles to pull the trigger on the guns he has now.

asked Simpson

Is this pistol' full auto' ? [email protected]

asked John from USA
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