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FX Maverick Sniper

Available in .30, .25, .22
Only $1,799.99
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  • .22
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  • .30
  • Code: AGD-524410729 · $1,799.99 · .30 · 900 fps
Estimated in stock date is 05-01-24
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The FX Maverick Sniper is an air rifle carefully planned from the start to improve shooting performance when using heavier pellets and slugs without losing the performance and accuracy you've come to expect. They did this in a way that is normal for them but still surprising: making their already great innovations even better.

This Sniper version gives you the most power and velocity of any gun in the Maverick line, plus more shots due to the larger 580cc carbon fiber air cylinder.

If you've always wanted more power and more consistent shots from your airgun, you'll be very happy with the Maverick. That's because FX has added their largest ever power plenum, at 89cc, and two externally adjustable AMP regulators, to give you the most stable velocity and power ever, since the first regulator makes it easier for the second regulator to get the correct pressure faster.

The Maverick propels projectiles through the famous Superior Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel and liner system, with the help of improved valving and porting, to deliver shooting muscle no matter what type of ammo you're using. You'll also benefit from the features FX users depend on, like the silky smooth sidelever, 2 stage adjustable match trigger, rear external power adjuster with 7 macro presets and additional micro adjustments, and dual pressure gauges.

The body of the air rifle is durable and tactical, featuring the new FX buttpad, an FX textured AR grip, and the ability to customize it more with aftermarket components. You can also add lasers, bipods, and lights to the three Picatinny accessory rails, and there's a 20 MOA angle to the Picatinny scope rail that will help you with long range shooting.

If you want an air rifle with superior accuracy, two regulators for steady shot velocity, and a huge plenum for powerful shots, buy an FX Maverick Sniper today from Airgun Depot.

FX Maverick Sniper Features:

  • PCP
  • Dual AMP regulators
  • Plenum volume: 89cc
  • Smooth sidelever
  • Max energy*: 71 fpe (.22), 85 fpe (.25), 116 fpe (.30)
  • Max shots per fill: 270 (.22), 170 (.25), 90 (.30)
  • Magazine capacity: 18rd (.22), 16rd (.25), 13rd (.30)
  • 580cc carbon fiber air cylinder
  • Max fill pressure: 250 bar/3,625 psi
  • Superior STX Barrel
  • Adjustable match trigger
  • Picatinny optics rail with 20 MOA tilt
  • 3 Picatinny accessory rails
  • Textured FX AR-style grip
  • Dual pressure gauges (reg. and cylinder)
  • Foster QD fill port
  • Uses standard side-shot magazines
  • 1/2" UNF threaded barrel
  • Barrel length: 700mm (27.56")
  • Overall length: 36"
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs.

* - Max energy when using the FX Maverick Slug Power Kit, sold separately.

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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Caliber .30
  • Velocity 900 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.20
  • Overall Length 36.00
  • Barrel Length 27.56
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 13
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 90
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty
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By DavidJanuary 30, 2023 Verified Purchase

save your money for a while or look at raw look around on the Internet youll see a lot of people are happy to return to FX you see a lot of videos but remember these people are buying them from companies that have gone over them and build them and rebuild them in the rebuilding them theyre not popping them out of the box and put him on YouTube. The ones that she like that popped out of a boxing on YouTube or put together wrong and the barrels are crooked

well i cant say much about it I bought two of them from air gun depot. FX has truly lost the range of quality ,for a little bit. I had to return. Both ones gun was put down completely upside down. There was no way to access any of the one regulator it was just unusable. The second they sent me regulator was accessible both regs.But unfortunately, after about 16 shots, something internal popped and the gun no longer worked. just lucky airgun depot is a good company that worked quickly to resolve the problems. I have nothing bad to say about airgun depot. These are not problems from the store they did not build a gun. They just chose to take the banner of FX and hold it up proudly.

I would change the manufacturing FX to be more on top of their game, and when they send guns out to places like airgun depot who are holding up the name, FX and customers come in willing to spend top dollar actually get a gun they could use not have to return two times and the time of shipping in money and everything and it’s just ridiculous. I think f(x) is just overrated right now. I hope they come back to the top.

By jamesUSAFebruary 26, 2022

Make sure the dealer knows the gun is working properly before it ships this includes a velocity and accuracy test. and make sure all the screws are tight.I am an accuracy addict i have an rti prophet 22 cal shoots like a house a fire!!!

the gun is is well done fit and finish are impecable.

this gun is not consistantly accurant.checked with a magneto sped chrono and getting velocity changes as much as 100 fps.jsb 18 grn pellets 1st reg at 150 second reg at 120 i know the chrono is accurate the volicity changes are regognizable by the sound of the gun three may go bang then a poof with as much as a 2 inch drop from aimed poi i know the gun is capable of match accuracy because when i have been able to get 3 or4 shots with fps variations less than 10 fps i get 3/16th inch cc bullet holes at 40 yds.I paid $1800 for this it should be turnkey out of the box very very disappointed. i hope airgun depot will make right i am a loyal customer.

By jimUSAOctober 21, 2021

If you can find one of these I don't think you'll be disappointed

This is one of FXs best yet. I have the 30 caliber. Sniper and after cleaning the barrel and adjusting the trigger, it only took 3 shots to sight in with the Element titan at 50 yards. The gun can shoot better than I can, the first 4 five shot groups can be covered with a quarter using polymags. I just got a impact m3 in 25 caliber and looking forward to seeing which one shoots better. If I knew the maverick was this good I don't think I would have ordered the impact.

There no cons as far as I can tell

By DouglasUSAOctober 21, 2021

For this price and waiting time, I can get one just as powerful and accurate cheaper with less worries!

Seems to have plenty of shots.nice looking rifle. Havnt tried it yet. 2 regulators?

The price and waiting

By NavarreUSAApril 10, 2021

It takes time to receive the rifle. I ordered mine on 1/4/21 and just received it today.

Beautiful rifle, the build quality is the best I've seen yet. Worth every penny.

Nothing yet.

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Can you shoot slugs coming out of the box? Can anyone answer that?

asked Raul from USA


James from USA

What is the barrel thread measurement?

asked Marc from USA

Is 1/2in

Raul from USA

Are you able switch the barrels to different calibers, 1.7, 22, 25, 30?

asked Latoya from USA


James from USA

I am a left handed shooter will circular mag affect my ability to shoot the maverick sniper?

asked mike from USA

Does the Maverick Sniper 30 caliber come with a moderator? I dont see It as an accessory to buy.

asked Marcus from USA

How many shots can you get out of the Maverick sniper 30 caliber when it's on full power to get 116 foot-pounds of energy

asked Eston from

It depends on where the regulator is set at. The available air for the shot count is from the full bottle pressure and volume to the regulator set pressure and bottle volume. For example, let us say you set the regulator at 150 Bar and you fill your 580 cc bottle to 250 Bar, so the math says: ((250-150-1)x14.504+14.7)x0.00126x580= 2,660 grains of air, and the higher the reg setting, the lower the efficiency of the air, so lets say you get 3 fpe per grain of air, so 3x2,660=7,980 fpe total, now divide by 116 fpe you get 68.8 shots, or 68 good shots, but I highly doubt the efficiency to be that good at 150 Bar. I used 3 fpe per grain air for round numbering calculations to paint a clearer picture of what is going on. a 100 Bar regulator will give you approximately 5 fpe per grain of air, and 1 fpe per grain of air at 165 Bar. This is with full hammer spring maxed, you can always tune it down to get more shots, but less energy per shot. The 89 cc plenum outshines the 72 cc plenum in efficiency advantages in both shot count and energy. In essence, on a full fill you should get 68/13= 5 magazines then it will be time to refill the tank reservoir.

Francisco from

Can the .25 cal be changed to .30 cal with a barrel swap?

asked John from USA

Yes, and pellet probe

James from USA

Does it come with a magazine?

asked Raymond from USA

Yes ! 1 .

Rusty from USA

Does the FX Impact Slug power kit also fit this Maverick?

asked Raymond from USA

No but they do make one for the maverick

Robert from USA

How does one tell the pressure setting for each regulator? The front pressure gage appears to be for the tank. The second gage appears to be for either the 1st or 2nd regulator. Regardless of which regulator the rear gage is for, how can you coordinate the two regulators? Does FX have a liner for heavy slugs?

asked Roy from USA

Matt Dubber from AirArmsHuntingSA on youtube had a great tutorial that showd you how to adjust both regulators.

Navarre from USA

The maverick comes factory with the superior liner which is specifically targeted at shooting slugs... Check out airarmshuntingsa on youtube he did an amazing unboxing review/ walk through on the rifle


What is the best modulator for a 30 Maverick to minimize sound so it can be used without disturbing neighbors?

asked Roy from USA

DonnyFl ronin

William from USA

DonnyFl in my opinion

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