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FX Air Rifles

When choosing the right air rifle for your shooting needs, you want an option with a lot to offer. With FX air rifles, you get power and precision with lots of extra features. A favorite in the industry for their innovative approach to longevity and responsiveness, FX air rifles are a great starting point for new shooters while still offering all the thrills a more experienced shooter requires.
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We offer a diverse selection of airguns and rifles from this leading name on the scene. When shopping for any brand of air rifle, there are certain characteristics or specifications every shooter needs to consider first. For starters, the matter of caliber plays a role in the type of shooting you intend to do such as target practice or real game hunting. With calibers ranging from 0.177 to 0.30, as well as a range of velocities, finding the right option is easy. You will also find a choice to be made on the matter of powerplant with options of pre-charged pneumatic or pre-charged/multi-pump pneumatic operations available. You can also find either repeater or single shot options, as well as new or limited refurbished options when shopping with us for FX air rifles. One of the first things you notice with FX air rifles is the appearance. With options ranging from sleek and modern to options in the classic wood grain style, there is an immediate appeal in their visual aspect that draws fans. These air guns are more than just a pretty face however with a range of features made for the shooter looking for performance and power behind every shot. For starters, their Smooth Twist X barrel system is a true innovation worth noting. This system allows you to change the caliber as well as the barrel liner itself to tailor the twist rate and choke based on the pellet. This just one of the many features of this manufacturer that make FX a name worth seeking out for any shooter. Add one to your collection today.
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