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Gamo Magnum

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The Gamo Magnum air rifle delivers some of the fastest velocities and terminal power available in a break barrel powerplant with the IGT Mach 1 (Inert Gas Technology). With that higher downrange energy, you'll enjoy the ultimate in impact and penetration-ideal for small game such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and crows.

Gamo Magnum Air Rifle Features
  • IGT MACH 1 gas piston (IGT=Inert Gas Technology)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Velocities up to 1650 fps in .177 caliber and 1300 fps in .22 w/PBA Platinum ammo
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 11mm scope rail with scope stop
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 74%
  • All-weather ambidextrous thumbhole stock with black rubber inserts on grip, forearm and cheekpiece
  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT) independently adjustable 1st and 2nd stage, allows you to tailor you trigger
  • Automatic cocking safety system
  • Manual safety
  • Recoil Reducing Rail maximizes scope lifespan with 99.9% recoil compensation
  • Includes 3-9x40 adjustable objective scope and mount

Optics Features
  • 3-9x magnification
  • 40mm adjustable objective lens
  • 1" tube
  • 30/30 reticle with fine crosshairs, perfect for target acquisition
  • 40 ft to 12 ft field of view
  • 3.5" eye relief
  • 21.6 oz
  • 13.5" long
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Wateproof
  • Includes lens caps

Benefits of the IGT MACH 1 over a metal mainspring
  • Large cylinder delivers more velocity and terminal penetration
  • Smoother cocking and shooting
  • Increased precision and speed
  • Less vibration
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Gamo Magnum
17 Reviews
71% (12)
24% (4)
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6% (1)
94% Recommend this product (16 of 17 responses)
By Edward
Augusta, Georgia
Gamo hit the bullseye with this 1
June 1, 2019
I have the Gamo magnum in .22 cal. This gun is a beast! The included scope is nice, but I replaced it with a Leapers 4-16X50 AO 36 color reticle with mil-dots. My longest shot so far is 98 yards and it makes a loud and clear smack on contact. I suggest a range finder for long shots to make better use of my mil-dots. The Gamo red fire 15.4 grain pellets are a killer in this gun. My second go to pellets are the H&N Terminator 16.36 grain. For short distance hunting, I use the H&N Baracuda match at 21.14 grain. I dropped a beaver at 30 yards with no problem. This is a man's toy here and not for the weak. Cocking force is right at 51 pounds and not meant for plinking unless you like to feel the burn from repeated cocking. My lowest FPE was 23.26 with the Baracuda match. I get 28.31 FPE with the RWS Hobby weighting in at 11.9 grain. This is not your average hunting rifle. I suggest a higher magnification on your scope because this rifle really reaches out and touch things. I was thinking of going up to a .25 cal, but there is no need if you use the right pellets in this monster. I am very impressed and pleased with this rifle.
ProsUltra magnum power, well built, light weight and in my opinion,, the ultimate .22 cal in it's price range.
ConsLoud, very loud and very hard to cock ( but necessary for he amount of power produced). No silencer.
Best UsesAll small and Medium size game up to a beaver with a head shot.
By Shazam
Petaluma, California
Extremely powerful, accurate, easy to handle
March 3, 2019
It's so powerful it ruined the scope in less than reason weeks. It's over 27 fpe.
It's easy to handle. Solidly built. The sights are very nice. At 25 yards I made tight groups. H&N Terminator and Crow Magnum pellets did great.
I bought mine refurbished.
It's a bit loud. Mine is 22 caliber. Most pellets do well in the rifle that I have tried. Great for hunting
ProsLight enough to take hunting. Accurate and powerful
ConsVery much muscle necessary to break the barrel open!
Best UsesHunting and target practice. Maybe 25 yards or more for the targets. It does ricochet when hitting targets
By Richard
Kapaa, HI
November 3, 2018
Received my Gamo Magnum .22 four days ago, and I must say that I am thus far, VERY HAPPY with the purchase and quite surprised as well. I am at this point in my life literally addicted to air gun shooting, which at the age of 55 is like a second child hood for me, with the exception now that I can afford to pick and choose what I like purchase.

This is now the 5th air rifle purchase that I have made within the past year and a half. I have been lucky thus far and pleased with all of my prior purchases, yet this Gamo, the second Gamo rifle of those purchases takes the cake in a lot of areas.

The ergonomics of this rifle are amazing, very comfortable feel and weight to it, in all honesty, I was hesitant on getting a rifle with a thumb hole/pistol grip stock variation, I am amazed and surprised on the overall comfort and functionality of such a design. The polymer stock is ideal for toting around in my Mule to drive into my pasture, walking the fence line or running through the brush. Easy to maintain and no need worry about scratching up a nice wood finish.

The power of this air rifle is very impressive. I did not bother to mount the supplied scope to the rifle, yet put on a 4x Center Point scope for the break in period. Within 25 shots, had it zeroed in at 30 yards. My incentive and reason I had gotten back into shooting air rifles simple was a result of my raising cattle and need for eliminating Feral creatures around my cow pasture. Within my area, there are feral goats, pigs, cats and dogs, not to mention Myna Birds, Rats and the over abundant Feral Chickens. Although I have just received the air rifle, have not run even a 100 rounds through it, broken in the air rifle nor learned its strengths and weaknesses, I did manage thus far to nail a feral rooster at 50 yards dropping it where it stood.

This air rifle from what I have seen thus far, likes the 15.5- 18gr variation of pellets best. I like many others, have pretty much bough just about every .22 pellet currently available, with some worth their weight in gold and some just plain useless. Thus far I have gotten very promising results with the H&N Crow magnums, Gamo Red Fire and Crossman Pirahna's. Just a word of caution, particularly for those which are VERY concerned with a loud discharge because of neighbors or in urban areas... do not fire Alloy pellets in this air rifle. I fired a Gamo Luxor Alloy pellet in this thing, it cracked and sounded like firing a .22 LR or Magnum rim fire rifle. Surprised me, hell even laughed and did it a few more times, yet I live in a VERY RURAL area and could give a rip, for those living within a city.. well more than likely someones neighbor is going to be calling the SWAT team on you.

The cocking effort is stiff, yet nothing a healthy individual cannot manage or do consistently for a plinking session. You can tell it is a serious system do to the increased difficulty of cocking compared to my Benjamin Jim Shockey air rifle, yet nothing to make anyone just wanna give up on it.

Damn glad I made the purchase thus far, will mount a bona fide scope on it within a month, the amount of shooting I do daily, should have it broken in within a month.
ProsExtremely powerful break barrel Air rifle, the ergonomics are very good and the trigger is just right, even with factory settings at 3.3 lbs.
ConsThus far I can detect none yet. The only complaint at this point is that with a rifle of this power, the intent that the manufacture has put it out for, is to why they did not mounts studs for a sling? seriously. Over came this with purchasing the Gamo sling buddy, yet a let down compared to my Benjamin air rifles with bona fide sling mounts on it. Important feature while busting through the bushes or disposing of feral creatures. I have read in some reviews that this rifle chews up scopes, am thus far NOT impressed with thee Gamo rail set up for scopes, stop pins and so forth. Will of course monitor the situation of the scope during brake in period.
Best UsesKilling Feral creatures of all sizes without a doubt, regardless of the size. This air rifle may not be some target shooting queen that many are after, yet if you want to dispose of feral creatures, I can tell you right now, this is one solid piece of kit to do so, humanely or not, dead is dead and this thing will do it.
By T S.
Omaha, NE USA
YIPES! Who needs a gym membership with this thing?!?
March 29, 2018
Got the Gamo magnum in .22 from Airgun Depot (it arrived a day ahead of schedule, too) and I have to say: if you intend to shoot this beast a lot, you're going to end up with arms like Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk from the old TV series, if you didn't know.) Cocking this baby is, to put it mildly, an exercise in, well, exercise. This is the only air rifle that I have to cock by using BOTH hands on the barrel. far as performance and so on:

It seems to digest the .22 Gamo Rocket pellets quite well, but I couldn't get much of a grouping because of the insanely unstable homemade tripod I cobbled together; when I could get a stable rest, it seemed to do a good job of putting the shots on the crosshairs for the most part. The CAT (Custom Action Trigger) was pre-set at the factory with not a hell of a lot of first-stage travel, so it was nice to be able to adjust that; the second stage is literally "right there" when you (gently!) squeeze through the small first-stage part of the pull, and the second stage breaks like glass---a VERY crisp trigger break. Very nice.

The only "meh" part is with the scope: it doesn't seem to be as nice and sharp as the box scopes that have come with my two Benjamins, but that's about my biggest concern---and scopes are replaceable, after all. Plenty of power, that's for sure: it's said to be 200fps faster than my Benjamin Trail NP2 of the same caliber, and "Fat Albert" (my name for my Benjamin) has no problem punking out trash pandas (raccoons) with the Gamo Rockets, so the Magnum will undoubtedly be a fine performer too---and at about two pounds less than the Benjamin. Hey-hey-hey!
ProsGood power, not grotesquely heavy, not terribly noisy, good accuracy (better accuracy with a good tripod, because I believe in cheating and taking as much of the human factor out of shooting as I can. Besides, if it was good enough for Colonel Sebastian Moran in "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows", then it's good enough for me.)
ConsYou pay for the extra power by having to work like a Government mule cocking this beast, but them's the breaks. As a wise man once said, "Suck it up, Soldier!"
Best UsesThis is most definitely a hunting rifle, and not something for an afternoon of casual plinking unless you've been on steroids for a while. ;-)
By Brian
Accurate and hard hitting
March 23, 2018
I have the Gamo Air Magnum in .177. This rifle is extremely accurate and hard hitting, consistently grouping in the bullseye of my target set at 35 yards. I have tried many different pellets, and so far have obtained the best results with Crosman Premier Magnum Domed Pellets 10.5 grains and H&N Barracuda Match Domed 10.65 grains. Gamo Rockets, which are typically my favorite.177 pellets, do not perform well in this rifle because any pellet under 10.5 grains tend to fire at supersonic velocities.
ProsThe rifle is very accurate, once broken in, and hits very hard.
ConsThe iron sights are a little hard to get a sight picture with and the optics, while good for a combo kit, could be upgraded to match the quality of the rifle.
Best UsesBackyard plinking, pest elimination and small game hunting are the best uses for this powerful rifle.
By Bobby B.
Jax, fl.
Light and accurate
February 17, 2018
I have a gamo hunter extreme in .177 and it is a lot heavier than this gun. The thumbhole stock is very nice and different from my other gun. Like the extra knockdown power of the .22
ProsStated above
By D C.
Oakland, Ca
I tried to get replacement seals from GamoUSA - They refuse to sell unless you have a Federal Firearms License
June 6, 2017
and they refuse to sell them to me unless I have an FFL license. A Federal Firearms License for some O-rings when I can buy an entire air rifle at Air Gun Depot without one? In effect, no replacement parts are available in the US through Gamo for their air rifles.
ConsNo replacements seals, springs or pistons available through GamoUSA
By Luis S.
College dale, TtN
Owe some never beforeA
June 3, 2017
This rifle is all I have looking fr n have fill all my expertations, I own several air rifles from Rruger to Gamo but like this new rifle nothing like it. Super in accuracy n nothing else to say about the power I bet you hasn't seen anything like it either so give it a try n u won't regret!! Enjoy it!!!t
ProsYou can still use it in your backyard without alarm or bother your neighbor, if he/she is not so picky always point in a safe direction
By Kevin K.
Gamo .22 magnum rifle.
May 30, 2017
Powerful big rifle. 48" long, and pretty hard to cock.overall, very capable. Scope is adequate but needs mil dot. Not too loud, but may be obnoxious for close neighbors. Shoots hard. You will need a sturdy backstop.At 26 yards, will penetrate a half inch plywood board. I really like it, but it takes practice to be accurate, as with all break barrel rifles.
ProsWell made. True glow sights are nice
ConsLong gun. Takes a real effort for stand alone shots.
By jim/ t.
great rifle, should of got one sooner
March 29, 2017

matches up to all the post sofar. l little hard to cock but , should get better as it breakes in, other than that gun shoots as stated, had no trouble getting it sighted in, but would deffinately put better scope on it , u should clean it really well when u first get it , also make sure to lock-tite all screws and tighten with torque driver if u have one. i have had good luck so far , got 3 peskeky squirrls and 4 rabbits and the air field where we land and service the crop dusters air craft.(lost a plane last year caused by them when plane was landing ) pilot was ok just shaken up a bit. if u don`t have one in your line up get one u won`t be sorry .THUNDSER
Prosrifle shoots and works as stated, hits hards with rite load , (would not rec. the use of PBA pellets for anything but fun plinking as speed of pellet and flight are not stable and may go off in adangerious direction.
Consnone really
March 5, 2017
Great gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Charlie
Fairmont, WV
Power, Precision, Perfection
February 28, 2017
Received the .177 version yesterday. Unboxed and scoped it today. Add Loctite to all screws! Swabbed the barrel clean with 8 patches and Birchwood Casey synthetic bore cleaner. Fired 10 JSB Exact Match pellets. Some minor scope adjustments. Within those 10 shots I was cutting holes at POI from 25 yards. Takes a lithe muscle to break open, but at age 59 and with regular use of the Chuck Norris Total Gym, I can do it. The scope is quality, not junk. Don't turn up your nose at it. Master the artillery hold. Refine breathing and trigger control. Using PBA pellets, this rifle CRACKS! It's NOT "neighbor friendly" with PBA pellets. With JSB Heacy Exact Diablo Match pellets it goes subsonic and is "dead balls" every time! You will NOT be disappointed! Am ordering the .22 version now. Be safe! Enjoy!
ProsFit, finish, felt recoil, scope, accuracy, power.
By Winfred C.
Lexington, South Carolina
An Addition to my original review
February 3, 2017
I do like this rifle a lot. However during my original review I was having scope problems and had resorted to using the furnished factory scope. Once I got a high end scope mounted on the rifle the rifle made me aware of serious barrel droop. I kinda knew it was coming as when I first shot this rifle with the factory scope at a cardboard box at ten yards the pellet hit the ground not the box. Uh oh..........but high end scopes do not have the adjustment needed when you encounter barrel droop this severe. So it has taken some varied solutions to keep the scope centered and deal with the barrel droop. I ended up using both a BKL compensate mount and a shim at the rear ring to keep the scope basically centered. However yesterday I did shoot a one hole group at 35 yards with the rifle. So it is very accurate once you do learn the rifle. I would be curious to know if all the guns have barrel droop like Diana or mine is an exception. In any event it has been dealt with and is a very accurate shooter now. Cheers!
By Kit C.
Lexington, South Carolina
Gamo is finally getting it!!
January 18, 2017
I do not work for Gamo, I am just a 62 year old fart who likes to shoot and hunt. I have had many air rifles over the years and this Magnum .22 is a winner. It is a bit hard to cock but fine for a Hunter and is very adequate for a Hunter with PCP velocity and energy. Mine settled in at 845 to 851 fps with the 18.13 JSB pellet and is very, very consistent in that. Accuracy is reflected in this steady punch also as I shoot 3/4 inch groups with it at 35 yards without even trying much. The rifle does not seem to be very hold sensitive, as it shoots the same if you lay the balance point on your open palm, on a sandbag, or shooting sticks. I see no problems with hold. Not sure why, but this was a pleasant surprise.
The rifle does have a minor bit of barrel droop, fine with the package scope as it has lots of adjustment room, not so much with a high power scope as you run out of adjustment so you will need to shim or use an mount specifically for droop.

As for scopes this is a new on also, I have a nice Hawke ordered for it, but the rifle ate two Leapers scopes for lunch. One was the shorter SWAT 3 to 9 and the other was the longer regular size 4 to 12 with weaver rings. The first one lasted about 20 shots and the second one third shot the reticle spun in the tube. But the package scope has hung in there for about 600 shots so far.

Yes Gamo finally gets it, with this one and the Urban PCP those (SNOB) brands have something to worry about. Why pay 700 or more for a rifle that is no better.

And Gamo has a five year warranty, and this rifle is light, it is not a 12 lead weight to lug on a hike, it is actually quite easy to carry with a sling and light enough to make some decent off hand shots.

Oh almost forget, the trigger is great. I just ignore the slack in the first stage, but I call the second stage a two stage, you have to shoot it to understand. You can feel the trigger pull a bit and with just a bit more pressure it fires, you know exactly when it will fire, it is a great trigger when you get a bit used to it.


By James
This thing is a beast
December 26, 2016
This gun is very accurate and very powerful.. It is very fun to shoot. My concern was the force to cock it but after a while you get used to it. I would recommend this air gun as long as sound isn't a issue its not as quiet as the whisper series but as long as you take time and check your shot you only need one shot on small game and varmints. If sound is an issue I would stay with a heavier pellet. I haven't found any ammo it really doesn't like. Ive used Crossman hollow points, pba platinum, skeenco heavy long range, predator polymag and metalmags. When chronographed I get 1250-1290fps on pba platinum pellets and about 970fps running Crossman hollow points. The sound of the pba pellets being fired is addictive as it sounds much like a 22 rimfire being shot.
By Mike
Brookville, IN
It provided what I wanted...
November 22, 2016
I bought my Magnum in .22 a couple months ago. Didn't want to rush into rating the gun without getting to know it. I'm quite happy with it. Plenty of power and the accuracy is not a problem at all. As with all rifles this one has ammo that it prefers over others. You just have to take your time and find the one that's right for your particular gun. I have no regrets of buying this one.
ProsPlenty of power, overall pretty good accuracy. The scope is much better than I expected it would be. The trigger is quite satisfactory. If I the vision I had a few years ago, I may not have installed the scope as the fiber optic sights suited me just fine. It does work well for pest control. For the power I'd call it a decent buy.
ConsI wouldn't really call this a con, but the cocking of this rifle does indeed take some effort.
San Diego, CA
A TRUE MAGNUM! Not for the Weak!
June 23, 2016
The gun actually comes with a one-piece scope mount, not the single mounts that are displayed in the photos. GAMO again exaggerated on their FPS claim. I chrono'd the Magnum with 12.65 gr H&N HP 1002 FPS, the RWS 14.2 gr HP 916.9 FPS, the Gamo 10.85 gr PBA 1094 FPS. So the 1300 FPS is a pipe dream. That being said it is still a very powerful rifle and produces 26.51 FPE. I tested 6 different pellet weights, brands and styles and I found the most accurate pellet (which coincidently works best in all my .22 call Gamo rifles) is the RWS 14.2 gr HP. Right out of the box I shot nickel size group at 20 yards. I expect the accuracy to get better with a further break-in period and a barrel cleaning, if so the accuracy rating should be elevated to 5 stars. This is a man's gun not built for the weak. The power of this gun matches if not exceeds, my RWS 48 and my Remington Thunderceptor. Outstanding for hunting, right out of the box!
ProsI purchased the .22 cal. and the over-all quality of the build is excellent! I own close to 100 airguns and consider myself somewhat of an expert. I specifically own 5 Gamo rifles. The finish (Bluing) on the Magnum is excellent. The CAT trigger is Gamo's best and it can be fine tuned with a simple change of the sear screw. I have all my triggers breaking just less than 2 lbs. The open sights are outstanding and the scope, 3-9x40 (30-30) AO, is one of the better scopes for package deal.
ConsI am 6'-1" 210lbs and work out. I would consider myself way above average when it comes to strength. This is by far one of the toughest cocking efforts of all the break barrels. My Hatsan 30 cal. break-barrel is no more difficult to cock than this. Keeping that in mind I shot over 200 pellets through it right out of the box. This gun is not for the weak. I would shroud the barrel similar to the other GAMO rifles. It would provide a much better grip, then just the steel barrel, when cocking the gun.
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