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Hatsan Mod 87 Vortex QE

Available in 0.1770.220.25Model 87 Quiet Energy (QE) Vortex Gas Piston w/ Optima 3-9x32 Scope
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Hatsan has finally included their ultra silent QuietEnergy technology to one of their gas piston break barrels. The result is the Mod 87 including both a fully shrouded barrel and an integrated sound moderator. On top of that you will receive the usual high quality additions that Hatsan offers including an Optima 3-9x32 scope, Quattro match grade trigger, SAS schock absorber system to reduce vibration and TRUGLO fiber optic open sights. All in a checkered synthetic stock ready for the elements.

Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle Features
  • Vortex gas-piston powerplant
  • Integral silencer reduces report by 50%!
  • Quattro 2-stage adjustable match trigger
  • 11mm optics rail with scope stop
  • Fixed red TruGlo fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable green TruGlo fiber optic rear sight
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Vertically adjustable comb
  • Checkered grip and forearm
  • SAS (shock absorber system) reduces vibration
  • 7.40 lbs (gun only; scope and mount will add about 1.50 lbs.)
  • Includes 3-9x32 Optima scope and mount

Here are the benefits of a Vortex gas-piston powerplant over a coiled metal mainspring
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Hatsan Mod 87 Vortex QE
19 Reviews
63% (12)
21% (4)
16% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
95% Recommend this product (18 of 19 responses)
By Bill
July 31, 2019
Accurate and quite worth the money. Shipped in 2 days.Staff very helpful.
By Ajay
Accurate, but...
November 21, 2017
This rifle is accurate but heavy (over eight pounds with scope) and not quiet as advertised. Also I don't like the plastic stock, it is rough against my face. The adjustable comb is useless as far as I'm concerned. Gun metal finish is good to fair. Scope that comes with it shows marked parallax aberration and I would suppose not rated for an airgun. I bought this rifle because I was looking for an accurate gun at a good price. It fills the bill for that.
ProsPrice, accurate
ConsNot backyard friendly (still loud). Plastic stock. Cheap scope.
By Jay
Good buy for the money
November 20, 2017
Pretty accurate @ 25 Yards. Needed a good cleaning out of the box,cooking effort is not too bad can be done with 1 hand. The scope is fair @ Best. Going to sight it in @ 50 yes and will let you know the result next week
By Kevin
South Dakota
Not What I was Expecting
November 11, 2017
I read the reviews on this rifle (.22) and thought it was a high quality Air Rifle. I was disappointed in the rifle after receiving it. I ended up returning it.
ProsThe REVIEWS of this Rifle are GREAT! I also got great service from Airgun Depot and a fast refund.
ConsTrigger was wobbling all over the place. Scope was LESS than Worthless (not worth even the cost of shipping). The windage dial on the scope was missing. The overall quality of the rifle was not good. The cocking was rough and the barrel was not even champered where you load the pellet. I can not say how accurate it might have been because I never tested it. Very Disapointing!
By Will
N. Central WA
Loose barrel shroud
September 27, 2017
I bought the.25 caliber version of this rifle. I haven't found very many reviews for the.25 so I want to provide a little more information. I have had this rifle 3 weeks today and have put about 300 rounds through it. After about 200 rounds the barrel shroud came loose allowing the front sight to turn both left and right rendering it virtually useless. I found one other incident of a loose barrel shroud elsewhere on the internet. I scoped this rifle with a Leapers UTG 3-9x40 AO mil dot scope so the loose shroud is not affecting the point of aim. I would, however, appreciate having the option to use the open sights. Yes, this rifle is heavy. Mine weighed in at 9 lbs. 12oz. once the scope was installed. It is a bit hard to pull the barrel down into the cocked position, but I can do it with one arm. I will sometimes use both arms if I'm shooting a lot and I am 74 years old so most of you will do alright. I'm having a challenge getting groups tight enough to suit me at 25 and 35 yards . I'm protecting my Walnut trees from the squirrels so I like to have dime size groups. So far I have used 19.91 gr. H&N Field Target Trophy, 25.39 gr. JSB Match Exact King Diabolo, and 28.24 gr. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. This rifle likes the two lighter pellets the best. I'm hoping the rifle and I will come to an agreement soon as to where POA and POI should be. I'm using every holding technique I know to get on the same page with this rifle.
ProsVery sturdy, heavy, well built rifle. I don't have a chronograph but it seems to have enough muzzle velocity and energy to take care of the squirrels, using the above mentioned pellets. I most likely will not continue to use the heavier pellets.
ConsYou will most likely have to scope this rifle to get the most out of it due to the possibility of the barrel shroud coming loose. Other than that, I'm OK with it.
By Will
N. Central Wa
Loose shroud
September 24, 2017
I have put about 200, or so, rounds through my rifle and the barrel shroud has come loose allowing the front sight to turn left and right . I'm guessing it is from using the full length of the barrel to cock the rifle but I don't know of any other way to do it. It is quite hard to break the barrel but I am able to do it with one arm and will sometimes use both arms if I've been shooting a lot. I put a Leapers UTG 3-9x40 AO mil dot retical scope on it and put the provided Optima scope on my .177 rifle. All this being said, I'm having a bit of a challenge to get this rifle to be consistent with group patterns. So far, I've shot 19.91 gr H&N Field Target Trophy, 25.39gr JSB Exact King Diabolo, and 28.24 gr H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. All of course in .25 caliber. It likes the two lighter weights the best so far. The weight of this setup is 9 lbs. 12 oz. so it's a bit heavy to shoot off hand. I'm hoping I can get the groups to tighten up as I shoot it more. I have been shooting for over 60 years and I've used every hold I know.
ProsExcept for the barrel shroud coming loose, it seems to be a heavy well built rifle. The adjustable cheek rest is stable and works fine. I shot it open sights for about 50 rounds and the fiber optic sights were great to use.
ConsBarrel shroud loose, you're going to have to scope this gun to use it.
By Joel
Sunnyvale, CA
Loving' my mod 87 .22 and .25
January 17, 2017
These rifles are very accurate and hits hard.
By brian
, menoken nd
great gun
October 17, 2016
I was very impressed with this guns accuracy right out of the box with open sights and the H&N Field Target Trophy pellet. The scope is like other people have said not best but I have shot about 300 rounds through gun and the scope is right on. The gun will hit the 1 5/8 inch plates on the Air Venturi Auto-Quad Target consistently at 50 yards. Customer service is also A+ !!
ProsGreat gun at a Great price.
Consadjustable cheek piece moves around when the gun is shot no way to lock it
By Darren
, east Tx.
Hatsan model 87 VORTEX QE .22 cal air rifle; The skunk eliminator!
October 10, 2016
When I ordered the model 87 QE from Airgun Depot, I was a bit sceptical because there were only a couple of reviews on the cool looking fair priced rifle that I personally had never heard of. I quickly searched the net, and you tube to find out what I could. Nearly nothing. Against my better judgement, I ordered the rifle with several different tins of .22 pellets.
The airgun arrived neatly boxed, and plastic wrapped (a little impressed) After wiping off the excess shipping oil, and mounting the included scope I got it sighted in despite the cheap scope. To my surprise, this rifle is absolutely accurate!! I can put crossman premiers all in the same slightly ragged hole at 25yds. At 45 yds the hole is dime sized. that's plenty accurate for me!
I shot two skunks the other night out near the chicken house, both were probably 10lbs apiece. I cleanly dipatched each with one shot each from about 40 yards! If this rifle ever wears out, I'll quickly order another one.
Prosworth the money! nice build quality I don't have a chrony, but this rifle seems to zing the pellets out there pretty fast. guessing 700-800 fps. for 14.3 grain pellets.
ConsYou will probably need to order a better quality scope.
By Kevin E.
Prosper Texas
I got a Hatsan .25 caliber mod 87 Vortex QE
August 10, 2016
I set the scope up at 50 yards and have no problem with it at all hit the target every time right where I put it I would totally recommend it for anybody the rifle has all of the knock down have knock down power down without a problem and .25 caliber against me every bit of 650 feet per second. It's awesome Love It.
ProsShoot accurate man no problems at all love it .25 caliber is the bomb a lot of power 650 fps. with lead pellets. And the QE is quiet as you can get all you hear is the pellet hit the target.
ConsThe only con is the weight of the scope and no AO.
By Chuck
Great Rifle
June 21, 2016
First air rifle I've ever purchased. Bought it to rid my yard of a chipmunk infestation and also to teach my 12 yo son how to sight and shoot with rifle. Practiced with targets first day and could not believe accuracy. Made minor adjustments with sights which are adjustable and simple to use. My 12 year old cannot pump the action on the rifle, too hard for him. He has to shoot from resting position. Rifle is heavy but my guess is because it not cheaply made. Could not believe quality for 200 bucks! By the way, in a few days I eliminated about 15 critters from 15-30 yards away with iron sights. .22 cal. No scope used yet. Would definetly buy another Hatsan!!
ProsWell made, accurate and powerful.
ConsHeavy gun and hard to work pump for kids
By Steephen
best in price
June 18, 2016
Great accuracy, shoots all pellets fine from walmart. use a backstop thicker than a phone book. Backyard friendly, very quiet. Have shot roughly 2 cases and barely any debris in barrel. Works great in combination with a pellet pen. Factory scope is worthless.
By Rodney D.
Battle Creek, Michigan
Great rifle for the price
May 12, 2016
I've had my rifle for about 5 months now and I agree with the other reviews this is a very nice rifle, accurate and well made for the most part, however their is one thing that annoys me about the rifle, it makes a loud pinging noise when its fired, even when cocking the gun you can hear the high pitched tone ringing, this causes discomfort in my head after several shots so that I have to wear an ear plug, also the adjustable cheek piece will often lower itself from its raised adjustment point after several shots. Has anyone else had this problem?
ProsVery accurate, great build quality
ConsLoud pinging noise during firing cycle, cheek piece drops on its own.
By Gary N.
Lake City, Michigan
Gary From mich. Excellent Rifle I Would Recommend this item to a frend
May 5, 2016
This is my first Air Gun. I have had it now for about 3 weeks. I have put about 300 H&N field target trophy pow.22 copper plated pellets though it now. At 50 yards I have put 25 to 30 pellets in a hole the size of a nickel. ( I am also showing what my reset target looks like at 25yds). Both 25 and 50 yds are at same scope setting. I am shocked at how accrete this gun is. I have a crack in seam in front of recoil pad that looks to be a easy fix, so I won't be sending gun back to have fixed or replaced ; due to being so happy with the way it shoots.
ProsShoots very flat has smooth trigger and hits hard.
ConsGun is a little on heavy side to shoot off hand. Have had to use a bench rest to shoot.
By K-man
United States
Awesome rifle!!!!!
April 30, 2016
Sweet rifle, it has all the bells and whistles without out the heavier weight of the wood stock model. I've got 200+ shots though it, the recoil is not bad at all, that SAS system does apparently work. It is not very loud, and the trigger is pretty damn nice out of the box. Only issue I had is the front trueglow element came loose , I just popped it back in and slightly mushroomed the end so it would stay put. I won't scope it as the open sights are really well done and easy to use for 20-30 yard shots. This thing hits hard and will punch thru plywood like it was styrofoam. Unbelievable how inexpensive this model is, I am very pleased and recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a well made break barrel under 200$.
By Matty B.
Dartmouth MA.
6 Stars
April 22, 2016
Everything you want in an air rifle. Heavy but not to heavy, Cleaned barrel is tack driver at 30 yards, Easy smooth cocking for .177 getting the advertised 1000fps with 8.7 grains, Out of my 9 springer and gas piston guns already my favorite. Cant say enough. ......
ProsFor me, no break in period, no barrel droop, nice cheek mount adjustment, QE rules.
By Charles
Bothell, wa
Shoots dimes out of the box!
January 10, 2016
I opened the box and pulled the rifle out, wiped off the worst of the protective grease, and loaded a pellet before adding the scope. I set up my target at 15 yards, eyeballed the iron sites, and hit a bull with the first pull of the trigger!
9 shots later, I had one big hole in the target where the rest of my shots followed the first through the same hole. Extraordinary! And I'm not much of a shot, either.
After attaching an aftermarket scope (UTG Bug Buster) I was hitting bull after bull from a rest at 10 yards (dialing in the scope). I know, at 10 yards I SHOULD be hitting all bulls, but this gun is so accurate I was just punching through the same hole time after time. Off-hand here, I would recommend a longer scope than the Bug Buster. I have a big-azz head and I have to climb up the stock to get a good sight picture with this scope. Great scope, but short! I love gun and scope, but think I may have to get a different scope to really make this gun sing an opus.
Its pretty heavy to shoot off-hand, and the cocking strength is a damn sight stronger than either my Gamo Silent Cat .177 (understandable) or my Beeman .22, but its worth it. Its hard to pull off the bull with this rifle, and the recoil is noticeably less than the Beeman. So is the noise level. I don't have a chrony or a decibel reader, but I am shooting this gun in my garage and it is just a little louder than the cap pistol I banged around with when I was a kid; and it goes through 1 1/4" of plywood with Benjamin 14.3 gram cone head pellets.
THE MOST IMPORTANT detail I want to lay on you is the beautiful trigger on this gun. Cock it, aim it, safety off, and don't touch the trigger until you mean to shoot. I mean it! A small squeeze and the pellet is on its way to the bullseye. Make sure you are ready to shoot before you flick off the safety! And this is out-of-the-box, I haven't (and won't) touched the trigger adjustment at all.
I already mentioned the iron sights, but I want to impress upon you the quality of these sights. It was imperative to me to have good iron sights on my gun in case I have scope trouble. The sights on this are easy to pick up and aim with, and seem to be sighted in to 15 yards out of the box. An incredible rifle for the price, and though I haven't shot any in the $300 range, it is illogical to me that they could be much better (unless they sent a a laser beam to scythe through the squirrel population of Tattoine).
It is an attractive gun, too. Black on black, heavy looking (I like a substantial looking and feeling gun, and this one fills the bill) and rubber butt protector.
Power. Beauty. Quiet. Accurate. What more do you want, homey?

ProsAccurate Quiet Powerful Attractive Great iron sights
ConsPffft! Nuttin'!
By Steve
Denver CO
Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle with Scope
October 9, 2015
This is the first gun I have had since a was a kid, I am now 68. I enjoyed firing a gun as a kid and thought I would pick it up again.
I am only writing this review since this model is new and there are not that many review.

Part 1 I spent a fun 2 weeks reading and watching videos to learn all I could about air guns and trying to find one I would enjoy.
My short list:
Diana RWS 34: The most expensive of the group but everyone seems to have one in their collection.
Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle with Scope: German steel. Fit and finish rated high. Adjustable trigger. Sound reducing system.
Benjamin Trail NP XP2: Rated as a good strong accurate gun
Browning Leverage Air Rifle: Not a break barrel but accurate. Lever under barrel for cocking.

I decided this is what I wanted.
Self contain: That means springer or gas-piston. Later, I decided on Gas-piston as it can be fired without pelt and not be damage, springer can be damage. I thought the gas-piston could be left cock but Hatsan 87 manual say not so.
Cost: Under $300 ( this part was easy, the wife set this price limit.)
Quality: Good to high. Kind of thinking not from China.
Loudness: Low as it would be shot in the basement, maybe the backyard.
Caliber: .22. Old man finger would handle this size better. Than .177
Cocking: I was guessing that 30lbs would be my limit and the max I could do for an hour of shooting.
Weight: 7.5 lbs gun and another 1.5 lbs for scope. 9 lbs max total.
Pelt speed: around 800fps for lead .22 pelts
Sight on barrel so if scope failed, I could still use gun.

Deciding factor:
Diana and Browning are springer.
The Benjamin trail does not have sight on the barrel.
Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle with Scope: Hatsan used German steel and fit and finish were rated high.
High end trigger. New sound reducing system. Gas-piston. Low price.

Part 2 Review: Ordered the Hatsan 87 from Could not find it with out scope.

5 Star Out of the box, first impression: Gun was shipped in a plastic sleeve, sealed at both ends. There were 3 Hex Keys to attach the scope and adjust the trigger and paper work. Scope wrap in bubble wrap.

5 Star Fit and finish: The gun looked good. The machining was smooth. The barrel hinge was tight. Cocking smooth. Pelts went into barrel easily.

5 Star Cocking force: Hard to measure, but less than 30 lbs more then 25 lbs, When I measured got 28lbs and 29lbs a lot but a couple times 26lbs.
1 Star Adjustable Trigger: It could not be adjusted. It was 5lbs pull. Adjusting the pull force screw, did not change the pull force. The pull length screw did not adjust either. I replaced the pull force screw with a longer screw. When I was turning the longer screw in, the gun went off. CAUTION When I was turning the longer screw in, the gun went off. I backed off the screw and had less then 0.5 lbs trigger pull. Lets call it 0.5 lbs to 5 lbs range of adjustment. With the trigger adjustable, it is now a 5 Star trigger.

1 Star Loudness: I do not have a db meter, but it is loud. I called Air Gun Depot asking if I could return the gun for this reason and was told to fill out the form on their site for an RMA. I also ask what other guns I should be looking at, they pointed me to one of the quietest they knew about and it was rated at 84 db. After doing more research, on the net. I found that 84db is still not quiet. I decided to keep the Hatsan 87. If I fired this gun more then a couple times in the back yard I think the cops would be called. It does not appear that there is a quiet springer or gas-piston on the market. I am guessing this gun is 90db.

1 Star Scope: I am rating this scope on this gun. I rated 1 star because it would not focus down to 20 feet and parallax was bad at close distance. At farther distance it did not seem like a bad scope. I am thinking this scope is usable 35ft to Inf. Do rabbit know they have to stay more then 35 ft from the gun? I now know from looking at scope for air guns, that more then half will not focus under 30 feet. I must be missing something.

No Rating Recoil: It had some, I would call it low.

5 Star Accuracy: Old man that has not fired a gun in 50 years and with fuzzy scope at 25 feet could get 1 inch groups. I am sure other could get a lot better with good scope.

5 Star Seller: Air Gun Depot. I was able to reach them by phone. Placed order late afternoon and the gun was shipped the next day. Packaging was good. They were helpful on phone.

Conclusion: If I could have gotten this rifle without the scope and the trigger had the right screws. I would have rated 4.5 Stars, I am taking 1/2 star for it being too loud. After all it is describe as coming with a new sound reducing system. I would buy again but try to get Air Gun Depot to keep the scope and give me a credit toward a different scope.
By josh
Interlachen, Florida
Excellent Rifle
September 15, 2015
I have had this gun for about two weeks now and haven't had any major issues with it at all. It's a little stiff to cock but that's expected. I ordered mine in .22 caliber and when it came it was nicely packaged and secure. When I opened the box the gun was in a sealed bag with light oil in it to prevent rusting on the surface so when I pulled it out I had to give it a good wipe down so I could use it without getting oil all over the place but again not a big deal as I appreciate the thought to keep it oiled up so it didn't arrive with any surface rust. The scope mounted without a problem, but I would suggest using some locktite on it as the gas piston design though not violent has loosened the mount after about 400 rounds. Sighting in the scope was done the old fashioned way because I was unable to get my laser bore sight in the barrel because of the baffles in the suppressor but again not a huge deal to me because it only took me about half a dozen shots at 30 yards to get dead on target and after about 500 rounds now it's still dead on. I would suggest that if you plan to use this airgun to hunt that you consider an optics upgrade because though this scope is sufficient it doesn't have mil-dots so adjustments are done by estimation and it doesn't have parallax adjustment, but it is quite sufficient for basic target shooting and hunting as I've taken two squirrels with the gun both with a single shot and the pellet went exactly where I was aiming. The first squirrel was on the ground about 10 yards and the second was in a pine tree about 30-35 yards up at the top. The cheek piece adjustment is a nice feature and thought the stock is synthetic it's very sturdy. The gun is very quiet and could easily be shot in a back yard without scaring the neighbors, but I would suggest a sturdy backstop as this gun packs a punch. I haven't gotten a chance to chronograph it, but I believe I'm getting every bit of the 800fps that Hatsan claims. The gun does get a little heavy carrying it around out in the field for extended periods, and I'm not sure if this model can take a sling but if so I'd consider getting one for extended hunts.
ProsGun is very accurate. Gun is quiet. Packs a wallop. Comes well packaged. Sturdy stock.
ConsNone at this time.
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