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Scope ideas for new airgunners

So let’s dial back the clock maybe 25 years. I had just bought a .22 LR bolt action rifle and I needed/wanted a scope. When I went down to the local sporting good shop about all I could afford was a 3-9×25 “TV” view duplex scope. This was only a couple of steps above what […]

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OH No.. I think I bought the wrong airgun!?

It happens. I mean it really happens a lot. People call me on a regular basis having just bought their new airgun and they are looking to make it do something that it was never intended to do. They want it to shoot farther, harder, essentially they want to turn it up to 11. If […]

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My favorite airguns – PCPs

I’ve already shared with you all what I consider to be some of my favorite spring airguns. Now it’s time to talk PCP airguns. Early on I was a typical PCP “hater” and focused on all the negatives; you have to pump them or supply 3000 psi via a scuba tank, they are more expensive, […]

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My Top Airguns – Springers

I get asked all the time for my “top 5 list” of airguns. I’m not sure that I could pull that off, actually. What I believe I could do would be to come up with some top guns broken into categories, starting with spring powered airguns. A gas ram IS a “spring” First thing that […]

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The cold hard reality of hunting with airguns

Let’s see if this post generates any comments. I’ve taken small game with airguns on and off for many years. I’ve shot squirrels, rabbits, pest birds, ground hogs, jack rabbits, etc. I’ve used everything from .177 up to .35 cal airguns to take all the game listed above. I just returned from a hunting trip […]

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The New Benjamin Armada

Bench shooting is one of my most favorite pastimes. Here’s what I look for in a bench gun. First and foremost is accuracy at whatever range I’ll be shooting. There many standards out there. Given the various limitations at our local range, I mostly shoot at 25 and 50 meters. As I’ve mentioned recently, the […]

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Airgun Bench Rest in your back yard

I love to shoot airguns. Its a good thing, because I do it for a living. There are so many ways to have fun shooting in the back yard with your airgun. You can plink spinners, shoot the new “Pregame” Birchwood Casey targets, shoot plain old paper targets and a lot more. If you want […]

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Maintaining your CO2 and PCP airgun

Maintaining CO2 and PCP airguns is not that dissimilar to maintaining spring and gas ram airguns. There are a few differences and some key details that are very important. In this next article, I’ll walk you through some of the basics. As always, the manufacturer’s recommendations ALWAYS supersede my suggestions. Please ONLY use fuel, ammo […]

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Basic Spring & Gas Ram Airgun Maintenance

What maintenance is really required? This is a topic that comes up very often. In this article I’ll attempt to bring a little clarity to the subject as best I can. First and foremost, if your airgun outlines specific maintenance instructions, then I would recommend that you follow them as prescribed. Airguns such as RWS […]

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Will we ever see another affordable European Springer?

I remember back when the RWS 34 would set you back just around $230. Im sure there are some older airgunners that can remember it being even less, but thats about when I came into the sport. A few years ago, as things always do, prices went up and now an RWS and scope will […]

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