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Seneca Recluse II Dual Tank, .357 cal

Available in .357, .357 Caliber Big Bore PCP Air Rifle with a 500cc Dual Resevoir
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  • Code: 10092-500 · $699.99 · .357 · 890 fps
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Great for hunting woodchucks, nutria, possums, rats, raccoons, crows and similar-sized pests. If you like to hunt and do it extensively, then the Seneca Recluse II .357-caliber air rifle with a 500cc reservoir will give you lots of shots.

Seneca Recluse II Air Rifle Features
  • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)
  • Single-shot
  • Bolt-action with longer cocking handle
  • Rifled steel barrel (0.3543" to 0.359" diameter)
  • Dual air reservoir (500cc total air capacity)
  • 11mm scope rail (use only compact scopes)
  • 2 power levels (first bolt stop is low power, second is high)
  • Fixed front sight
  • Fully adjustable, removable rear sight
  • Up to 890 FPS with 126 grain slugs
  • Up to 220 FPE with 126 grain slugs
  • Up to 210 FPE (over 500 FPS) with Seneca Air Bolts
  • 3000 psi max fill pressure
  • Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
  • Hardwood Monte Carlo stock with checkered forearm & grip
  • Raised right-hand cheekpiece
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Caliber .357
  • Velocity 890 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.50
  • Overall Length 42.10
  • Barrel Length 21.65
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 1
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 8
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By CharlesJune 14, 2023

I own three of these rifles. A Dual tank Recluse, a Single tank (my favorite) and the .50 cal Dragon Claw. The Claw is a little much for what I need.

I really like these rifles. Most newer rifles look like they come from sci fi movies. I like traditional looking rifles. These have deep bluing and a real wood stock.

Offer tuning. My dual tank makes over 230 fpe. It will fire an 81 grain JSB 1100 fps. Groundhogs hate it. My Single tank was also tuned. It makes the same numbers. They kick tail! My dual is scoped, the single I use the blade and ramp sights. It's a beauty!

By EricNovember 25, 2022 Verified Purchase

If you're new to big air like me, you soon realize this isn't a budget alternative to powder shells. Its a whole different thing, and it's super cool. Get a bunch of good pellets and a compressor if you can. There's some way cheaper budget compressors out there if you can't afford the fancy ones. A hand pump is not really adequate. I filled it one time with a hand pump and then went straight to ebay and got a two hundred dollar pcp compressor. Have fun and don't shoot your eye out kid

This is my first and so far only pcp. I couldn't believe the power that it has. It's too loud for the backyard so I got a donnyfl to fix that, and it does. I've mostly just been sawing a maple tree in half from about fifty yards. I did pop 1 racoon from about 25 yards with a 115 hollow point, it was messy. The chicken coop was between us so I just shot through it, luckily I missed all the welded wire. It got him in the ear and he fell over like a scared possum. It holds plenty of air for my needs. Its definitely well built using good stuff. People trip when I get it out, it's cool looking. It maneuvers well, like a 410 shotgun, sounds like one too without the Donny. Its a little awkward to maneuver with the Donny on it, that thing adds about a foot to the end. I'm not entirely sure that I would buy the same gun again but it's very possible. A texan would be cool, but this thing is half the price and with kill stuff just as dead. Overall I'm happy with it and don't regret the purchase

It doesn't come with a lifetime supply of pellets

By KennethUSAAugust 3, 2018

Awesome gun just got mine I took it out in the back and took 4 shots from approximately 40 yards and had a group of about 3/4 of an inch I love it

It's a little loud might disturb the neighbors

By claytonUSAAugust 1, 2018

Great gun it will take deer also 60 yards To 85 yards lve done it all ready.


Single shot.

By AndrewUSADecember 28, 2017

The Seneca Reluse is a Powerhouse of a hunting airgun consistently blasting the 145 grain Nosler rounds clean through a 3-1/2" wood Beam . It's so powerful it actually has a little recoil. The accuracy using the Nosler rounds is impressive at less than 2" groupings at 50 yards. The dual air tanks give me 3 full power shots for hunting and about 20 shots on low power at the range. The Air Venturi Quiver Mount is a must to mount a bipod and sling. Be Aware that the gun comes with no sling mounts. I have the airbolts but find that the heavier rounds will kill a wild pig dead on the spot if you make a good headshot. The trigger is heavy as the other reviews note but overall the quality is great. It is LOUD. You have to have good neighbors to shoot this in your backyard. Has to be oiled daily if you take it out in the damp woods as I do or it will rust. The bolt is not as hard to cock as in other reviews I have read but make sure to check the tightness of the bolt handle screw as it tends to loosen up. The scope mounts suck but I was able to mount a UTG swat scope using a conversion rail but the scope is more than 2" above the barrel so you have to be aware of your elevation adjustment. Overall I am pleased with the gun especially at it's price point. The stock and finish makes it a beautiful gun. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an airgun for small to medium sized game animals.

Awesome penetrating power. Nice finish and quality. Lots of shots per fill.

The scope rail sucks. The trigger is extremely heavy but breaks clean. The location of the sling and bipod mount is way to close to the stock. Purchasing the Air Venturi Quiver mount gives you a bottom rail to attach the bipod at a reasonable location and allows you to fix a sling where it will be useful.

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What adapter can be used on this rifle for a moderator can the Air Venture adapter work

asked Hushpuppy55 from USA

what is the effective range of this rifle

asked david from USA

I would keep the ranges to archery ranges, so 30 yards and closer.

Adam from USA

How to install the charging handle

asked Dustin from USA

This gun did not come with air pump . I have an air pump but it will not fit this gun secure to get air In The gun. What end piece goes with this gun or air tank

asked Nekia from USA

What hand pump do you recommend

asked Daniel from USA

Do you sell for Brazil?

asked Hugo from Brazil

AGD cannot ship anything to shoots to Brazil.

Adam from USA

What pump should I buy for this rifle ?

asked kenneth from USA

Is this air rifle for deer hunting

asked Paul from USA

Depending on your state laws you can.

Jonathon from USA

Will this gun kill a white tail deer

asked Ralph from USA


Jonathon from USA

Can you get the Bolt kits for this?

asked Mikeal from USA

Can you get the Bolt kits for this

asked Robert from USA

What replacement barrel choke is used for the recluse and what size?

asked Alexis from USA

Can I get a replacement safety pressure release seal?

asked Sadie from USA

What does it come with accessories wise does it come with ammo or a pump of some kind

asked Christopher from USA

No accessories.

Colin from USA

What bipod would be recommended for the Recluse .357 air rifle?

asked Bert from USA

Is it difficult to ship this rifle or others Canada?

asked Joseph from Canada

i tied filling this with a pump but when i tried to disconnect it started leaking from the quick disconnect on the rifle and bled all the air out can you tell me a reason why this may be happening

asked Alexis from USA

The check valve in the air tube can stick. While the gun is still connected to the air supply,with a fill,point the muzzle down, Tap it,fairly hard ,against a hard surface. That should get the check valve to slide into place. Then bleed and disconnect.

Mark from USA

whats scope is recommended for the seneca recluse .35 dual tank

asked Alexis from USA

Any scope will work.We suggest a AO scope 3-9 x or 4-12 x will work very well.

Mark from USA

How long will the air last,, or can you leave the air in the gun,or should you?

asked Thomas from USA

You always leave 800-1000 PSI in a PCP gun. It should be fine for a decade or so.

Mark from USA

How do you air it up, no manual. Can't find a full spot

asked Steven Tolivar

Read the manual, they are available on line .

Colin from USA

At What Range Will it Kill A 150 pound hog how big shot clip

asked robert Erratt

Can you use a manual pump to charge up pressure in cylinders?


Clayton mentioned that he has shot the airbolts with this. I thought you could only do that with the 50 cal.

asked Bob

So this shoots a .357 magnum WHAT? Is it a 10 grain bullet, a 40 grain bullet, a 150 grain bullet? .357 tells me almost nothing when looking at the muzzle velocity which I assume is the velocity you are stating since you didn't even bother to mention that important piece of information. What is the velocity at 50, or 100 yards with this unknown bullet, or BB, or whatever it is you shot out of it to arrive at this virtually meaningless number? There are some people who shoot real guns who might be interested in your products, but not when there are no meaningful numbers given.

asked Edward

This doesnt come with a pump does it? I'm new to pcps about how long would it take to pump this up?

asked Dustin Ritchotte

Can you use an aluminum 3000 PSI tank to fill your gun and if you do how many good kill shot will you get it. I am being told I should get it leave 60 shots that will be moving over 900 ft./s.

asked Matt nelson

Where can I get an adapter probe to fill my Recluse Dual tank gun?

asked Rick

How do you get 3000psi into this rifle?

asked Kelly Reynolds

How many shots per fill are you getting? What psi seems to work best with the recluse for you? And how low do you let the psi run down to before refilling? Thank you

asked SEH

Can this rifle fire lead .357 or 9mm pistol bullets ?

asked Kevin

Can I add a moderator? Which one? I've been thinking to purchase this Recluse Dual tank .357 cal but I do need a moderator to practice on my backyard. I will appreciated your response. Thank you.

asked Alberto from USA

Is 980' fps is that with the heaviest pelt

asked walter from USA
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