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Springfield Armory M1A, Wood Stock

Available in .177, .22, Realistic Replica with Underlever action
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  • Code: AGD-516910354 · $199.99 · .177 · 1000 fps
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The new Springfield Armory M1A Underlever pellet rifle was developed by Air Venturi and is a very accurate replica of the real thing. Featuring a fixed barrel, this underlever is on of the most accurate air rifles in its class. The weight of 9.9lbs wood stock is identical to the National Match firearm version, which just adds to the replicated design. The rear peep sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and it has a fixed front blade. The rifle is scopable via threaded holes on the left hand side that accepts a traditional M1A/M14 mount. With an extendable cocking lever, the 35 lbs cocking effort is much easier than one would expect and it does not affect the aesthetics of the rifle. If you're looking for a show piece to hang on the wall or an accurate pellet rifle, look no further than the Springfield Armory M1A Underlever pellet rifle!

Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Features:
  • Spring-piston
  • Extendable Underlever for added leverage while cocking
  • Single-shot
  • Up to 1000 FPS in .177
  • Up to 750 FPS in .22
  • Sliding breech cover exposes loading port during cocking cycle
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Fixed Front Sight
  • Windage and Elevation Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Ambidextrous Hardwood Stock
  • Two stage trigger, non-adjustable
  • Manual Safety
  • Recoil pad with rubber insert
  • Anti-bear-trap safety mechanism
  • Faux bolt handle
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  • Manufacturer Springfield Armory
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1000 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Underlever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 9.90
  • Overall Length 45.60
  • Barrel Length 18.90
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Gilberto VillalobosApril 22, 2024




By OsvaldoJuly 10, 2023 Verified Purchase

Looks and feels like the real one. Very accurate and powerful. Easy to set the sights.

The cocking effort is a bit difficult.

By GorkaSpainJune 30, 2023 Verified Purchase

I must say that I had problems at customs in my country, Spain, when the authorities decided to let my shipment through. The maximum power allowed in my country is 24.2 joules, so customs asked me for a certificate from the manufacturer and the exporter/seller indicating the real power of the rifle. Pyramid Air very kindly sent me a document via email certifying that the power was less than 24.2 joules. Thanks to this they released the shipment and today I can enjoy the rifle in my house.

The rifle looks great and feels great in the hands. It is a good replica of a compressed air weapon, it weighs a lot, as much as the real one. As a pro: it has a lot of power and is felt (and heard) when shooting. If you like the legendary weapons that were used in the most famous wars and especially the M14 from Vietnam, this weapon will not disappoint you.

There are a couple of cons that I see, and it is that it does not have hooks for the strap if you want to carry it on your shoulder. And the most important con and that aesthetically would give it a more authentic touch... the magazine. There is no hole to place the ammunition magazine. I don't know if it would have been possible when designing this rifle but it needed it.

By michaelMarch 12, 2023

i currently own an AEA zeus, chambered in .72 caliber and its a monster. with a full fill of air,and the .729 cal 1082 grain slugs,,it will penetrate an engine block! aea also claims it will take down game the size of a water buffalo at 300 yards,,but of course i have never been to africa to put it to the test. and of course you only get 3-good shots on one fill of air.

this is an extremely well made copy of the US-m 14 rifle. looks are right on. they always were a bit heavy and the weight also matches the original.

i would defenitely like to see a " big-bore", version of this air rifle , a pcp version, chambered in at least .45 caliber that can shoot slugs, and have at least a muzzle velocity of, 1,000 fps or more. then it would be an actual air rifle to hunt with. i dont think the air chamber under the barrel or stock would hurt the looks of this rifle much. of course,,i must be dreaming,,,

By WilliamUSAJanuary 9, 2023 Verified Purchase

Join the NRA and support Second Amendment legislative actions for the RIght To Keep and Bear Arms.


Offer a good quality scope mount specific for this air rifle.

By CharlesDecember 31, 2022 Verified Purchase

This is really being petty. I darkened the wood stock a bit darker it looks so much better. BUT, that is only my preference and has nothing to do with the quality of this air gun. It's fantastic.

Weight. looks, handling capabilities, sighting, realism, quality what can I say all Grade A five stars out of five +++++

Would like to have seen a magazine attached, even if not removable for more realistic look.

By DonaldDecember 18, 2022

My US Army M14 had a darker stain on it, so I did a light sanding and hit it with some dark walnut stain. If you thought it looked good out of the box it really looks great with darker stain. I then got a used surplus M14 magazine and disc ground the TOP of of it at an angle because the real M14 magazine does NOT sit perpendicular to the barrel. Removed the spring etc. Placed a wood insert screw ( carefully) in the wood stock and fixed the modified magazine with a long 4 inch 10/24 machine screw. Lower the cocking lever and reduce the magazine length to ensure that it does not interfere with cocking. Make sure to view some real M14 images with the magazine in place to position the magazine in the most realistic position. Drill one hole in the bottom of the magazine. Looks fantastic and removes easily. I like shooting with the magazine in place.

Went through Basic Training with an M14. Totally satisfied with this puppy. Love the realistic weight and accuracy. Your arm gets a workout cocking it and that is a plus ! The 35 pound cocking pull is not a problem especially with the extension. Could not be happier with the accuracy. Great groups after 100 rounds down range. Iron sights bring back memories. Grandkids loved shooting it.

By RobertDecember 17, 2022 Verified Purchase

It is a bit on the heavy side, but not what I would consider a Con. It is a replica. Underlever cocking is nice although it does take a bit more strength on my part than I expected. Positioning pellet into breech/chamber does take a bit of practice.

Nice replica with wood stock. Accurate with adjustable sights. Nice balance. It's weight helps to off-set spring action recoil effects. 0.220 caliber has real punch.

By RobertoDecember 3, 2022 Verified Purchase

If you are into replicas this is one good one.

Very well done replica,love it,right on the money on targets,powerful.

Kind of heavy but aceptable.

By kennyAugust 4, 2022 Verified Purchase

This is my 2nd one. First one was hinky. I didnt like how high i had to raise the rear peep hole post to zero it at 25yds..I Mounted a red dot and cheek riser/rest and its a great shooter now. However its a bit heavy thou. Im tore between the red dot site and the sure steady cheek weld of the open sites of the 2nd one. Ive since found out my first one has issues with saddle fit in the stock. Ive solved most of it but may remove more material for a better fit. LASTLY: keep your fingers away from trigger or cocking release when cocking. When cocking its possible to cock it without the trigger being set and all the spring pressure is on the safety catch! it will not release unless you put extra pressure on the cocking lever...then you can slowly ease the pressure off the spring...unless the trigger catches it, then it will operate normally. Trying to force the safety catch down with the spring pressure on it will at bet bent the lever or at worst break it off at its weld inte

real wood stock. adjustable sights, powerful. Looks and feel like real McCoy. Mimics my 1945 M1 Garand closely

better fake flash hider set screw. OEM is too short...will strip out easy. Fake mag would complement it 100%

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Where can I find the proper scope mount for this rifle? And do you have to remove the stripper clip guide? Thanks. Ernie B.

asked Ernest from USA

Are the SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A PCP Air Rifle, 22 Caliber and The M1 Carbine Blowback BB Rifle made in China? Zabby-Do

asked Robert from USA

This one is an underlever air rifle (NOT PCP) - and yes, made in China. The M1 carbine BB rifle - made in Taiwan

Val from USA

What is the material of the upper stock manufactured from It looks like plastic.

asked Richard from USA

Hey Jim. The last question you answered was that this product was manufactured in China. I would have presumed that but at the top of this site the specs listed the 'manufacturer' as Springfield Armory. That's confusing. Unless Springfield Armory has a factory in China, which I'm not aware of (conflict), that spec is misleading or disingenuous. Can you explain that for me? Thanks.

asked Alan from USA

Will an M6 bayonet fit the bayonet lug on this rifle?

asked John De from USA

There is no bayonet lug on the muzzle


As an old Marine who has trained with both the M-1 Garand, and the M-14 at Parris Island, the top looks like an M-14 with a flash suppressor, and the bottom, stock looks like a M-1 Garand. With a BB loaded magazine it would it would pass more as an M-14. Any thoughts or is it just me. The question is why not one or the other? Why the mix?

asked William from USA

This is a copy of the Springfield M1A, the semi auto version of the M14.

Brian from USA

I need to know if the end of the barrel is a supressor/silencer as I live in NJ and that is illegal to possess. If it is not I will be purchasing the rifle.

asked Michael from USA

the muzzle break at the end of the barrel is just for looks it is made of plastic and has nothing to do with silenceing the rifle.

James from USA

No not a suppressor strictly a plastic muzzle break but it is just abit percieved quiter than my .22 cal ruger max break barrel

Norbert from USA

well it looks like it is finally here, has anyone tested it yet? is it as claimed?

asked James from USA

The first rifle I received was faulty. The anti bear trap lever wasn't connected and it had loose parts rattling around inside. When operating the cocking lever it felt like gravel was in the mechanism. Air Gun Depot quickly replaced it with a different unit. The one I have now cocks smoothly and everything works well. The trigger is a bit rough but tolerable. I've shot 14.4 grained domed pellets( .22 caliber) that chronographed a consistent 775 fps. wad cutters 750 fps. The scope mount from my M1A National Match fits but I believe I will leave the iron sights on for now. Pretty satisfied for now. Mike

Michael from USA

Suppressors/silencers are illegal in New Jersey. Is that a suppressor on the end of the barrel thus rendering the gun illegal in new jersey and making me a class D felon? If not then I will be ordering one. Thanks in advance, Mike

asked Michael from USA

its just for looks , make of plastic,

James from USA

Not a suppressor strictly a muzzle break, non functioning and really for looks

Norbert from USA

Will it be compatible with a surplus M14 flash hider?

asked Connor from USA

Pyramid Air does NOT have the scope mount.

Ernest from USA

only in the looks dept. its made of plastic, and no ports

James from USA

i tried fitting my spare and no joy without modification

Norbert from USA

How does a scope attach? It looks like a special side-mount is needed. Where does one acquire the scope mount?

asked Craig from USA

it requires the M1/ M14 mount , bet it at pyramid air

James from USA

I'm using a standard m1a/m14 mount they have it set up exactly the same but you need to use non see thru rings or the scope will sit to high for a good alignment

Norbert from USA

can you put a scope on it ?

asked Lisa from USA

it requires the M1/M14 mount from pyramid air

James from USA


Mark from USA

has anyone done a hands on shooting of this when it was at shot show and has anyone heard if the delivery date has changed. does anyone know who the manufacture is . any help would be great.

asked James from USA

The M1A will be released in Aug/Sept. It is manufactured in China.

Mark from USA
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